Oca 05

Dreaming of a white Christmas Ch. 04

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I saw Danni and Jack to the door, where Danni held onto me a bit more than usual for our hug.

“She seems like a nice girl.”

“Yeah, she is.”

“You take care though, she may just be looking for a free ride.”

“I know what you mean sis, but if I’m honest it was a bit of a struggle to get her to come here and she seems convinced she’s going to find another place before Christmas.”

“OK I trust your judgement but take care.”

“And you Sis.”

“Tell me one thing though.”

“What’s that?”

“Is Freddy yours?”

I half laughed, “Hah, hah. Not unless I got her pregnant when she sold me some ham at the deli counter.”

I hugged her a bit more, kissed cheeks and shook hands with Jack.

“Thanks again for the help in the garage Jack.”

“No worries mate, take care.”

I watched them get into their car and closed the door.

Back in the lounge I found Angie feeding freddy. “Is that what she thinks?”

“What’s that?”

“Freedy’s yours?”

“She asked.”

“Sorry Terry.”

“No worries. You hungry?”

“A little, I don’t want much though.”

I prepared a couple of plates of buffet style food with hot sausage rolls, pizza and salad bits. By then there was no sign of Freddy and we settled with one of the talent programs on TV.

“Terry. I really need to know what I’m doing here.”

“Well you can’t stay at yours, can you?”

“No. but why have you taken me into your home, what are you getting out of it?”

“I’m getting n… expecting nothing out of it but I couldn’t see you struggle there.”

“It’s still a bit weird for me, I’m not used to anyone doing anything like this for nothing. Especially as you know my… er… situation.”

“What I see is a young girl, a single mum, made homeless through no fault her own.”

“That wasn’t what I meant.”

“I know I’ve only seen you a couple of times but I’d like to call you a friend. As to what I’ll get out of it…”

I took the empty plates to the dishwasher and returned with some cakes and clean plates.


“Aaahh Pink French fancies my favourites when I was little.”

It disappeared before I sat back.

“So what will you get out of me? Can I have the other pink one?”

“Course you can Angie, help yourself.”

I offered the plate then chose a yellow cake for myself.

“I’ll get the enjoyment of helping you and Freddy, I may have the fun of sharing Christmas, if I’m really lucky and I really don’t have any expectations but if I’m really lucky I may have a little nibble on a nipple.”

“I can’t make any promises on that I’m afraid, deffo not until I can build up a stock of milk.”

I took her now empty hand, lifted it to my lips and kissed her fingers then replaced it on her thigh. I gave it a little squeeze before I removed my hand.

“Thanks.” She gave my thigh a couple of taps with her fingers. “Thanks Terry.”

Cakes and tea finished I cleared the dirty crocks away, returned to sit and Angie promptly moved towards me.

“May I?”

“Cuddle? Of course, get comfortable, make yourself at home.”

Angie twisted round to place her head on my lap.

“Is this OK?”

I immediately got an erection and Angie squeezed my leg just above the knee.

“Sure, it’s fine.”

Five minutes later she was sound asleep.

I watched to the end of the stupid talent güvenilir bahis crap and even argued with the judges then surfed for a while.

Bang on 10:00pm, two squeaks then crying. Angie sat bolt upright.

“Oh sorry Terry.”

She rubbed her face and she was gone.

I watched the news followed by the local news, there was a two minute slot about the flats fire and the experts had ruled out foul play but looking at the video footage it wouldn’t have surprised me if the building were demolished. The weather followed, Monday was looking like another good day, still quite warm for the time of the year.

“Did I miss it?”

I looked towards the hall. “Miss what?”


“I can wind it back, the flats were on.”

I pressed reverse on the remote, Angie sat at the opposite end of the sofa and lifted her top off over her head.

“Come on, there’s some left.”

Angie put a cushion on her lap and patted it.

Quick as a flash I turned and found a nipple in my mouth and the unmistakable taste as the milk squirted. I was vaguely aware of the sound of the news and weather and Angie talking about the flats but I was in heaven for the few brief moments that the milk lasted for.

I just laid there, looking up at those two brown mounds of joy sporting chunky black nipples and further up the evidence of a smile. I could have stayed there forever but I also knew I had a really early start and had to get up at 5:00am, I was also feeling tired already.

“As much as I’d like to stay here, I have to get to bed.”

“Mind if I join you?”

“I’d like that please.”

Angie went up to check on Freddy, I switched everything off and locked up, had an extremely fast shower and found my bed. Angie slipped in beside me a couple of minutes later. With her head on my shoulder and a hand on my chest I felt my cock rise and my eyes close.

05:00am. The alarm sounded loud, piss, rinse hands, start running hot water in the basin, downstairs kettle on, bread in the toaster, upstairs quick wash and shave, grab clothes, downstairs make tea, butter toast, dress, eat, drink, clean teeth, go. Car clock showed 05:22.

05:45 I was ten miles from home and it occurred to me I hadn’t seen Angie.

I got to where I was to work in plenty of time to start at 08:00am, working from the photos and drawings I’d been sent I estimated it would take around six hours so quoted for a day. I knuckled down and much to my surprise instead of stopping at 10:00am for a break with my colleagues I made the decision to continue and by the time they returned from their break I had packed up and was on the last bits of paperwork.

By 12:30pm I was home with the kettle on and getting a little concerned that Angie was not there. 13:00 or thereabouts I stepped from the bathroom naked from my shower and as I’d been thinking about Angie I was sporting a boner.

“I think we should do something about this.”

Angies words took me by surprise as did the way she started wanking me.

“Oo this is nice Terry, first time it’s been like this.”

“Ohh, oom, yes. I. I was er, thinking about you’oo.”

“This is for me?”

“Oh yes, I… oohf… I missed you.”

“So you missed me and you decided you wanted to fuck me?”

“A, n, b, er, y, n, d.” I stuttered

“And do you want me to rub my big milky tits across your body.”

“A, hhhh.”

“That’ll türkçe bahis be a yes then babes.”

She did, started fully dressed then removed her jumper, a new one from yesterday, then while rubbing across my chest she reached behind and the next I realised her bra had gone, fuck she was good at that. The tight white T-shirt seemed to hide nothing then hid even less as it rose up over her head and disappeared as her long black curly hair tumbled back into place.

I felt the soft smooth skin of her back as I pulled her in snug to me and ran my hands up and down, the firm mounds of her breasts burrowed into me, arms circled my back and squeezed. I felt my cock had settled and being hugged in a nice warm place, I tried a little thrust.

“Whoa easy tiger, not so fast.”

I hugged tighter and kissed the top of her head.

A whisper: “Close your eyes.”

I obeyed and felt my self being directed and turned, little feet shuffles, more turning, moving forwards and backward, side to side.

“Keep them closed.”

More moving around. I imagined we were on a dance floor somewhere having a smoochie dance to some imaginary music.

“Keep them closed.”

Angie moved from me and started wanking me, oh so slowly.

She stopped wanking.

“Trust me. Slowly sit down.”

Angie held my erection tight as I dipped down to find the bed.

In her normal voice: “Keep then shut tight.”

There was a sudden movement where I felt I was flying backwards, my eyes opened but the hand across my face prevented me seeing anything. I felt the bed hit my back and head, I felt weight on my chest, I felt weight on my stomach, I felt weight on my legs, I felt weight around my cock and that unmistakable feeling of a hot hand slide… no wait that’s not a hand. I felt the unmistakable feeling of being fucked, slowly up and down on my very hard cock.

Oh boy, Angie was good at this, I couldn’t keep up with the sensations as one moment there’d be weight on my chest then I’d feel just her nipples tickle me especially on my nipples and I’d feel something similar happening on my thighs and all the while the slow bobbing on my cock and the hand across my eyes.

I remembered my niece when she had a black boyfriend, actually he was as ugly as shit and a real arsehole who thought he was Gods gift and kept telling everybody, and especially her, how lucky she was to be going out with him – yeah as if! Keep up Terry I told myself, I remembered her saying: ‘once you’ve had black there’s no going black.’ A sentiment that I could wholeheartedly repeat at that moment in time. I stupidly also hoped Angie didn’t end up in the same place as my nieces boyfriend; prison for drug dealing.

Angie was whispering loads of little sillies, some questions which I mostly answered yeah or yeah yeah yeah to or little statements telling me what she was doing or going to do.

Suddenly she felt like an octopus and seemed to grip me all over and the sensation of flying happened again, I came to rest face down on top of Angie to hear the words in a deep menacing voice:

“Do me deep and grind.”

I found my hands and knees and started humping. Her legs, which were wrapped around my thighs, pulled hard. The same thing happened with her arms round my back which meant she was hanging on me.

“Just deep and grind.” In the same gruff voice.

I lowered her and put lots of weight on our groins güvenilir bahis siteleri and screwed round in circles, judging by the contortions on her face and the actions in her hips and fanny and the stifled humming sound until she relaxed I’d say she enjoyed her orgasm.

“Roll over for me Terry.”

She laid on me and I tried to hump again.

“No wait a minute.”

Well that’s like filling a dogs bowl with meat and forbidding the dog to eat.

“No let me calm down first.”

I was laying there with a really pretty girl, forty years my junior laying on me with my solid cock stuck up her twat and I was champing at the bit to release my little swimmers right up her.

In desperation I started a very slow movement, very slow like a count of five or more.

“That’s nice Terry.”

After a dozen or more of those slow actions Angie sat upright, still kneeling over me, lifted her arms high and crossed her hands behind fer neck, stretched her chest forwards and made a groaning sound.

Typical male, I just had to grope her tits and went to play with her nipples.

“Sorry not just now Terry.”

Angie held my hands to her breasts.

“Not my nipples, I’ll be feeding Freddy soon.”

Still holding onto my hands she started grinding against my crotch, it was the first time I’d really noticed the contrast between my almost pure white body against the lovely even tone of her brown skin and I felt good, good about the colours, good about the way she was grinding against me and dare I say it good that she was staying with me.

I pulled my hands and Angie came with them then I felt her weight as I let her right down to lay on me, I moved my hand to hug her and we kissed, big kisses, tongues, lips, the lot and then holding her firmly I raised my hips to arch upwards and fucked hard. Angie held on firmly to the back of my shoulders as we kept kissing and her knees gripped hard onto my hips and waist.

Fuck this girl was good and much to my surprise I lasted a long time, well you do as you get older, long enough that she had another orgasm and called out a few time in her gruff voice:

“Ohhhh yooooou.”

Angie was right at the end of her orgasm as I started cumming and I know she wanted me to stop but that wasn’t happening, I kept on until I’d finished and we held very tight to each other.

Her gruff voice sounded very shaky; “Ohh’hh’hh Ter’ryee’ee’e.”

“Oh my God, that was sooo good Angie baby.”

We continued kissing as we calmed and relaxed, I felt my cock go soft and slip from Angie but I didn’t notice the lack of wet stuff dribbling down.

The kissing slowed and Angie spoke odd words between kisses:

“Would… you… mind… if… if…”

I was waiting for the big question and my sisters warnings flooded into my head.

“if… I… I… went… to…”

My sisters warnings were screaming very loud.

“to… the… loo.”

I laughed, so hard I saw Angie bouncing on my belly.

“What’s funny?” She was also laughing by then.

“I had no idea what you were going to ask then, and all sorts of problems went through my head. No of course I don’t mind.”

As Angie got off me my cock had room to drop and it felt strangely heavy, I watched her attractive arse walk away and again admired her lovely even dark colour. Then I looked down and found a very respectably filled bright green condom. I mentally calculated I was about Angies age when I last used one. In those days we had a choice of natural or black.


I hope you enjoyed this, please no comments about editing unless you are offering to help.

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