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Big Tits

I lay my book down with a sigh. It can’t seem to hold my interest tonight. It is a good book but my thoughts keep drifting to you. I miss you more than words can tell.

I am laying with my stomach presses against my bed. My legs are spread a little. My pillow under my chest as I use my elbows to prop me up. I can feel the soft cotton against my bare skin. I lay my head on the bed as I think about you and all the fun we could have.

I daydream that I am laying on top of your sexy body. I start kissing your soft lips. Feeling you kiss me back passionately. I slide my hands over your hard chest. Your hair is so sensual against my palms. Then I find your nipples. I take them between my fingers and pinch them a little. Then I pull them a little roughly. They are so hard now.

I kiss your collarbones. Then I kiss my way down your chest to your nipples. I kiss your right nipple first. Then I take it in my hot mouth and I run my wet tongue over it. You moan in pleasure. I slip my hands under your back and pull your chest escort bayan closer to my face. I start sucking on your nipple gently at first, then harder. You wiggle under me and I can feel your hard erection against my stomach.

I kiss my way over to your left nipple. I look in your breathtaking brown eyes as I flick your nipple with my tongue. I can see the intense pleasure shinning in your eyes. I slide down your body. My breasts caress your skin as I do. You can feel my hard nipples travel down your body. I kiss all the way down to your stomach. At your bellybutton I stop. I kiss it. Then I slide my tongue inside. I wiggle my tongue a little then I start tongue fucking your navel. Your groans are getting louder now.

I can feel your hard cock resting between my soft breasts. I slide my breasts slowly up and down your cock. I love the feel of you fucking my breasts. I can feel the moisture just pouring out of my cunt. I kiss your bellybutton again then keep traveling down.

I finally reach your groin. tuzla genç escort I kiss the skin around the base of your cock. Then I run my tongue around it. I make sure not to touch your cock. I slide my tongue under your full balls. I massage the skin under your balls with my tongue. I look at your face and I can see you are in ecstasy. I smell the musky scent of your arousal. It sends waves of electricity through me.

I run my tongue over the underside of your balls. Then I slowly take first one then both in my mouth. I moan as I do. I love to feel your balls filling up my mouth. I just hold them for a minute. They are so heavy with your cum. I look up at you and we lock eyes as I start sucking. I run my fingernails lightly up and down your chest and stomach as I start sucking harder. Your eyes are glazed over. I work my tongue into your balls while I suck. I am sucking you like I’m trying to suck the cum straight from your balls. My fingernails never stop moving along your chest and stomach.

I let your tuzla kendi evi olan escort balls slip out of my mouth. I raise my head and lick your cock. My tongue slides all the way from the base of your cock to your head. Then I drag my tongue back down to your base. I do this all the way around your cock. I kiss the head of your cock. Your precum covers my lips. I open them and slip just your head in my mouth. I taste all your sweet juices.

Finally I can take it no more. I grab my dildo and slide it in my wet cunt. I tighten my muscles around it as I ride it. I think about riding your cock. I can feel your cock throbbing deep in my tight pussy. I lean over a little so you can suck my nipples. The way your goatee rubs my breast drives me wild. I ride your cock harder. So hard that the bed is shaking.

Your cock swells in my cunt as my orgasm builds. Your cock starts positioning my pussy faster. We cross over the brink at the same time. As you erupt in me, my pussy floods your cock with my juices. My cum soaks the sheets as I collapse on my bed. I slowly pull my dildo from my cunt. I lick my toy off thinking about how good our juices taste when I clean your cock with my tongue.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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