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Dressing Room Turnaround

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I sit on the edge of my bed with the note in my hand. ‘Anytime you’re ready you can repay me,’ it read. I am ready . . . I think. I have been dreaming of her, fantasizing about her, longing for her for weeks now. I doubt she’ll even remember me. I think I’ll just go down there. I’ll see if she shows any sign of recognition.

I slip into a royal blue lace teddy. I like it because it accentuates my breasts. The lace stretches tightly across them and creates wonderful cleavage. I slide the thigh high stockings on and clip them into the garter belt. And I put a short little floral dress on that buttons all the way up the front. After looking myself over in the mirror I head out the door.

I am nervous but determined to show her the pleasures she has shown me. I was going to take charge this time.

As I walk into the store I see that she is helping a gentleman with an armoire he is interested in. We make eye contact and I can clearly see she remembers me. I begin to wander around and I see a display that intrigues me. It is silk scarves. They are bright colored and long. They are hung in a group over a porcelain hand. I get an idea and I take a few and lay them over my arm. I keep browsing and find more treasures! I see some wonderful old inkwells. They are dry but the feather pens are still intact. poker oyna I take one of those too. I can hear that they are almost done so I start heading for the back of the store. On my way I see a basket with plastic fruits and vegetables in it. JACKPOT!! I grab the basket and disappear.

The front door opens and closes as she locks us in. I hold my breath as the sound of her footsteps gets louder and louder. I see her now. She has on a black skirt and a red blouse that is unbuttoned just enough that I can see the tops of her breasts. As she enters the room all the way I step toward her.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” I say as I lean in to kiss her.

She kisses back with the passion of ten seas at high tide. I start to lose my control but I pull away.

“I owe you. Please sit down.” I sounded like I was squeaking.

She sits down without a word and I approach her while unbuttoning my dress. She sighs as I let it fall to the floor. I begin to unbutton her blouse and slide it off of her. I reach around and undo her bra. I can smell her perfume and I begin to kiss and lick her neck and shoulders as I slide the bra off and throw it to the floor. Lathing my tongue down to her left nipple I begin to suck as my hand moves to cup and squeeze her right breast. My fingertip swirl canlı poker oyna in circles around the nipple a few times before I softly pinch it. Hearing a moan, my head lifts to see her head back and her eyes closed. I kiss her lightly on the mouth as I switch and suck the right nipple now as I tease and pinch the left one.

I feel her legs start to open and her hands move to the inside of her thighs. I grab the scarves and begin tying one around her right wrist. I feel her eyes on me and look up. She is smiling. I stretch her hand out to the side and tie the scarf to the arm of the love seat. I take another scarf and tie it to the left wrist and tie it to the other armrest. I pick up another scarf and hook it around her knee and draw it up and out to the same armrest. As I do the same with the other knee I see her looking at herself in this splayed position. Totally at my mercy.

Taking the last scarf, I lay it over her eyes. I tie it behind her head and kneel back down in front of her. I like the way she looks all tied up with her skirt around her waist. I am getting wet and really horny. Lifting her left ankle I kiss and lick my way up to the inside of her thigh. I hear her gasp as I pull away. I kiss the other ankle and lick, again, only to the inside of her thigh.

Picking up internet casino the feather pen I begin to slither the feather over her breasts. Her back arches to reach me and I can hear a tiny little moan escaping those sexy lips. I run the feather down her belly and all the way to her ankle. Starting at the other ankle I swirl it all the way back up. She is writhing within her restraints and moaning louder now.

As I ease the feather back down, I graze it right over her clit and dripping pussy. She grunts and pushes toward me. I can’t take it any more so I lean in and lick. A long, wide stroke from the clit down to the honey pot and slide my tongue in. I repeat the same lick several times as she twists and turns. As I begin to suck her clit she starts moaning louder. She is dripping wet. I reach for the plastic fruit and find a banana. I slowly push it into her as I suck her clit. She pushes back at me trying to take more. I begin to slide it in and pull it out. Slowly at first then faster and harder and deeper. She begins to scream and writhe as she pours her sweet juices all over my hand and face.

I reach and untie her hands first; then her knees. She is still in bliss so I let her lie there. I leave her blindfold in place. She can remove it when she is ready. I believe she has fallen asleep. I clean up and get dressed. I leave a note, with my number and address, on the counter that says, ‘Are we even? I hope not Gwen. I’m going home to play!!!!’

Kissing her lightly on the forehead I leave by the back door.

More soon . . .

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