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Subject: Drew’s Day with Dad, Chapter 1 Drew’s Day with Dad Introduction: A bit of a slow start here. Trying to build a back story so that when it gets to the good stuff it feels like it’s supposed to happen. This is my first story for Nifty, though I’ve been reading stories on it for years. It is all the product of my own mind, and as much as I may have wished for it or something like it to happen, it never did. Hope you enjoy. Chapter 1 Tim heard his wife zip up her coat and head toward the back door. When the door slammed shut, he reached inside his briefs and gripped his morning hard-on. Hearing her car start and move down the gravel driveway, his other hand grazed across his hairy chest until it found his right nipple and his body let out a little shiver. She’d be gone until 5pm or later. Now all he had to do was wait. He slowly ran his right hand over his shaft, enjoying the feeling of his hard cock and anticipating what he hoped was about to happen. His balls were hanging low in his blue Fruit of the Loom briefs, and because they were stretched from the number of times his cock had tented them, one of his egg-sized balls slipped out a leg hole. He had put them on yesterday just for that reason, and for what he hoped was about to happen. He let go of his thick dick for a minute and held his nuts. He’d saved up his load all week for today, and he knew he had a good wad of semen saved up. Saved up for his second-born son, Drew. Drew was home from college on winter break. He got home last Thursday afternoon, but it was the events of Friday morning that put all sorts of ideas into Tim’s head for today. That morning began the way it usually did: Drew’s sisters left for high school at 7:45. A few minutes later, Drew’s mother put out her second cigarette of the day, put on her coat, and left for work. Because it was winter, and Tim worked plenty of unpaid overtime in the summer as a machinist, he had to take Fridays off in December or lose them. Not that he minded, şişli travesti of course. His wife had long ago lost interest in anything sexual, and as Tim got older, he found that his sexual tastes expanded into areas he hadn’t thought about before. His Fridays alone were his time to explore some of his tastes in a way that he couldn’t when everyone was around. The Friday after Drew got home from college was very much like any of Tim’s other exploratory days. After everyone had left, he walked from the bedroom to the bathroom for his morning piss. He was wearing the same pair of blue Fruit of the Loom briefs he had on now. They were a few years old, and the elastic around the leg holes was beginning to give. Tim found that often while wearing them, one of his low-hanging nuts would slip out a leg hole and brush against his leg. He’d had the briefs on since yesterday morning, so they were really loose now. As he walked, one of his nuts slipped out, as did his semi-hard dick. He knew no one was around, so he just finished the trip to the bathroom to empty his bladder. On his way back from the bathroom, he sat down on the couch where his wife usually sat. He found her cigarettes and lit one. Taking a long drag, he reached down and grabbed his hardening cock. As he enjoyed the cigarette, he slowly fisted his thick six and half inch dick. Even though he’d been horny as fuck since Wednesday, he held off from jacking off until today, because he wanted to be able to really enjoy a good cum. He looked down at his hard dick, still just pulled out the side of his blue briefs, and enjoyed the look and feel of his cock. He reached his hand up and tweaked his right nipple again, and enjoyed the jolt of electricity that went straight from his nipple to his hard dick. He looked down just as a large drop of precum appeared at the tip of his engorged head. It was time. He took one last drag and snuffed out the cigarette in his wife’s ashtray. Standing up, he admired beylikdüzü travesti how even at age 49 his hard cock stood straight out in front him, jumping with each beat of his heart. He walked from the couch to the bedroom, and when he got to the door of the bedroom, dropped those blue briefs to the floor. He walked over to the bed, slid the drawer open beneath it, and pulled out his latest purchase: a black satin slip. He’d bought it the evening before at the little department store in town. One of the great things about living in a rural community was that everyone knew each other, and that was no exception at the local department store. The clerk who sold Tim the slip, and the panties and girdle he’d bought earlier, thought they were for his wife. She knew his wife personally, and was able to help Tim figure out what size would be right. She had no idea that Tim’s wife would never see the items, or that he was wearing the panties she sold him under his very masculine blue Fruit of the Looms. His dick oozed precum as the clerk assured him the slip would fit his wife and how it was very sexy. She had no idea that his hard cock was squirming in his panties as she winked at him and said how nice it was that they were “keeping the magic alive after all these years.” Tim pawed at his dick the entire 20 minute drive home that day. The pickup had a good-sized glove box, so he was able to stow the slip there until later, when he could bring it in without anyone noticing it. Fortunately, his daughters now shared a car, so there would be no reason for them to even go anywhere near the late-model pickup. He had a bit of an extra spring in his step as he walked in the door that evening, dropping his lunchbox and thermos. Changing into his farming clothes, he remembered he still had the panties on, and gripped his thick meat. Later that night, after finishing tending the livestock, he stuffed the slip inside his shirt, and headed into the house. He took istanbul travesti his dirty work pants off in the back entry as he usually did, making sure the panties didn’t show under his Fruit of the Looms. As he walked into the kitchen, he was startled to see his son Drew standing in the kitchen, chopping some vegetables. “Oh hey Dad!” Drew said, as he turned to face his father. Drew looked him in the eye first, then glanced down to look at Tim’s bulge and hairy, bare legs. He quickly looked back up at his father. “Mom called and said she was on her way home and asked me to get started on some of this prep for dinner. She should be home soon.” “Ok,” Tim said. He was a little distracted by not only the fact that he was carrying a black satin slip inside his shirt, but also by the fact that he just watched his son check him out from top to botTim like a piece of meat. As he walked to the bedroom to change into his sweats, he noticed that he was starting to bone up at how it felt to get checked out. “I better get out of these panties, or I’m gonna go crazy with horniness tonight,” Tim thought as he got to the bedroom. So, he slipped down his briefs, and slid the panties down too. He noticed they were quite sticky with precum right where the tip of his cock had been rubbing on the way home and when he was talking to Drew. He stuffed them under the pillow, slipped the blue briefs back up, and put on his grey sweatpants and sweatshirt. He walked back to the kitchen, and was just grabbing a bottle of beer out of the fridge when his wife walked in. She set down the grocery bags and gave Drew a big hug, having not seen him since Thanksgiving a few weeks earlier. They immediately were engrossed in conversation, leaving Tim to go back to the living room with his beer. He slipped a hand inside his sweats and just enjoyed the feeling of his cock while he sipped his beer and watched the evening news. Drew’s sisters arrived home, chattering like all girls in their Junior and Senior years of high school do. Dinner came and went, and soon Tim was reading the paper and half watching the nightly line-up on TV. He went to bed, and fell asleep thinking about how hot it was going to be when he jerked off in the morning in that black slip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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