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Driving With Cherry

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Driving With CherryCherry was recently divorced when we started dating and her sexual experiences had been limited to her husband (HS sweets, early pregnancy) who mostly did missionary on her except for the one drunken time when he forced himself anally and scared her away from trying it again with him.Cherry was blessed with full round breasts with just the hint of a natural hang (she was 37 after all) and nipples that could poke an eye. Adding this to her long legs, blonde hair, trimmed pussy, and tight buns, she was quite nice to look at and to play with.It was interesting to see her evolution, since at first, sex with her was always a new discovery and a new boundary to be crossed, and although she was willing to learn new things, she was sometimes a little self-conscious and needed a little prodding. Yet as we played, she slowly but surely opened up into a full sexual being. This is one of our stories of her development.As part of her sexual growing up, we got into exhibitionism and playing in public. For these times, I would ask her to wear nice simple dresses, and then as we drove somewhere, to remove her panties and then go places like that. She would blush upon the mecidiyeköy escort request, but it was all part of the game as she knew it was meant to be one of those nights!On this particular occasion, we headed to the Speak Easy in downtown Austin and as we drove on the interstate I turned on the dome light and asked her to push her dress up and to place her legs spread up on the dash. I started to play with her pussy, which was wet already, and I am sure more than one or two cars got an idea of what was going on as they drove by. As we pulled into downtown (I drive a stick), I needed two hands to drive so I handed her a vibrator and told her to keep playing with herself and to keep her legs spread in the dash, while I found a parking lot near the club. She did as indicated and was so wet you could smell the sweet sex aroma from the driver’s seat!Once settled in the club, I asked her to go to the ladies room and to remove her bra and put it in her purse for me. When she came out of the bathroom and came back to the top floor, I could tell that she was feeling a little insecure as her nipples could be seen a mile away in her white cotton dress. She joined me back mecidiyeköy escort bayan in the couch and blushing showed me the bra in the purse (not that I needed proof).So we drank and as we leaned on the couch (surrounded by people) we started to neck and I started to push her dress up so that her legs would be exposed to everyone. Every so often I would slide my hand to her soaking pussy, but whenever she grabbed my cock, I would pull her hand away. We drank for a while, made out like teens and flashed a little and a lot to the crowd and then decided to go home. On the way downstairs, I pulled her into a small hallway (there is bathroom there) and pulled my by now sore and very stiff cock of my pants and told her to give it a long wet kiss. She blushed and giggled, but complied and knelt in front of me and took me all the way in. I caressed her hair and let her do a couple of ups and downs, but I was saving myself for something else so I asked her to stop, and as she came up without letting go of my cock, I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was ready to do whatever I wanted and she needed it as much as I did. And that’s the mood I needed her şişli escort bayan to be in!When we arrived to the crowded but dimly lit parking lot, I walked her to her side of the car (she had not noticed that I had my cock already out), opened the door, and then I held her with her back turned to me and her arms on the door and roof the car. I kissed her neck, reached out and opened the front of her dress to expose her boobs, and then lifted her dress and rubbed my cock all over her smooth alabaster ass and pussy. She got the idea, and with a deep moan and a deep breath, reached behind me, grabbed my cock, and adjusted herself for me to enter her and then we both went wild… so wild that people walked by in front and behind the car and we did not stop, we only slowed down and held still, pretending to be embracing and necking, until they would go away, but I know they knew what was going on. Cherry was dripping between her legs as we kept going, alternating deep slow strokes with fast and furious moves, until finally I could not contain myself and exploded with the fury of a geyser deep inside her soaking wet pussy. At that point I noticed two couples standing by a car on the row behinds and they just grinned and gave us the thumbs up signal as we hurried back into the car laughing and giggling in our drunken post-coital bliss. Cherry was coming along a long way from her repressed married days and there would be much more to experience!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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