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Ellie woke in the mucky aroma of last night’s cigarettes and hard, oh so hard cider. Her musty hair clung to… “whose pillow is this?” she thought. She shot upright, constrained and trapped in sheets she did not recognize. “Whose room is this?” She gazed at the dark blue room with Aztec frosting-white crown molding. “Is this a man’s bedroom? How drunk was I?”

Her fingers pulled at the boa-constricting fabric. “Oh dear lord I’m nude.”

She fell out of bed and, somehow, involuntarily managed to take the covers with her, which luckily worked in her favor.

She tip-toed across the peculiarly neat bedroom. “Must be a gay man’s bedroom…. Oh, no, I slept with a gay man.”

A chest-lurching crack of pipes sounded down the hall. Running water noisily surged through the old Victorian home. She crouched and crawled the wood floors, nails anxiously clawing the boards, so that she could poke her head into the hallway undiscovered.

Steam rose beneath a door at the end of the corridor. The source of shower racket reverberated off newly painted walls. Plastic overlay floorboards, and a few packing boxes crowded the corners and entries of several rooms with wide-open-look-in-here doors.

She paced past a living room with several tall-backed comfy chairs wrapped in plastic and an overly… hairy rug of some sort. “Is that yak?” she thought.

The living room had an unblinded balcony with square window-walls and a dark mahogany spiral staircase, leading to the… first floor? She couldn’t remember anything about this house or its owner, and the lack of blinds uncomfortably exposed her to whomever may be looking through the windows.

With a deep breath and moment of silly hesitation, she begrudgingly opened the bathroom door. A rush of steam slapped her in the face.

“Hey! Good morning!” said an excited, unfamiliar voice.

Ellie stood dumbstruck while her poker oyna eyes adjusted to the smog. She could hear a glass shower-door creak open and soft pattering footsteps. Gentle, wet, feminine lips licked and massaged her own. “Good morning,” they whispered into her ear. She shivered as tip of tongue and frame of mouth prodded and teased her neck. Long, thin fingers slowly freed Ellie from the ravel of dark-blue bedsheets, and a warm, welcoming body crept closer to her own.

Awed, Ellie’s hands caught the base of the woman’s hips and traced the cradle of her ribcage. They braved the overwhelming, blood-rush, dizzying steam and dove into an electrifying hug. Ellie fish-flopped to the floor. Sparks and dots flew before her eyes.

“Ellie! Are you okay?”

A whip of familiar blonde hair smacked Ellie’s face.


“Yeah, whom else did you expect?” Shannon said a bit miffed.

Ellie launched her face into Shannon’s mask of surprise. Tongues passionately tangled. They clung to each other as if luging for Olympic Gold.

The bathroom door opened. Light and fog outlined an illegible silhouette.

“Who’s that?” Ellie asked.

“Lauren. You remember Lauren right? If not, I’m sure she can remind you.” A wicked grin crossed Shannon’s lips as she tugged Ellie’s jaw for an addictive nip and nibble.

“Let’s take a shower,” Shannon coaxed; although, Ellie didn’t need much bribing.

Watching to see what Lauren looked like, Ellie realized she did know her, at least from Shannon’s photo albums of archery, camping and racing. Shannon’s blonde hair contrasted so beautifully with Lauren’s red, Ellie would gawk over the photos while Shannon was in the restroom…. This must be Lauren’s house.

Crooning, Shannon and Lauren herded Ellie to the shower, an astounding glass room with a drain in the middle. The shower was lighted so that Ellie could finally canlı poker oyna see. Which was unnerving in terms of self-awareness and seeing EVERYTHING reflected in the glass walls. But Ellie didn’t have time to be self-conscious. Lauren’s hands clasped their mouths together; and, Shannon dropped to anal-tongue penetration, erupting a series of chirp-chortling gurgles from Ellie’s throat. The resulting onslaught had Ellie face-down on the tiles with Shannon anally dilating her, while saying spiritedly-motivational phrases such as, “Squeeze tighter!”

The crunching orgasms were so “hallelujah high-pitched,” Lauren was forced to retreated to kissing Ellie’s neck. During the apocalypse of blissful eating and penetration, Lauren disappeared. When Shannon finished with a big grin on her face and Ellie had enough energy to look up, she noticed something… impossible to overlook.

“Is that a crossbow?” Ellie asked Lauren.

“It is a crossbow…. Well, was a crossbow. But see, I punctured this dildo with a metal rod and reinforced the action in the trigger. Then locked the release and replaced the spring with my secret.. mechanism, and fastened the crossbow to a leather-platinum strap-on holster.”

“So what does it do now?”

“It pumps the fuck out of you.”

“Does it ever stop?” Ellie asked, observing the steel was quite hunt-ready.

“Only when I release the trigger.”

“It’s completely safe.” Shannon said.

Then again Shannon’s idea of safe was a bit… overtaking.

However, Ellie had no complaints or resistance so long as her enervated body didn’t have to move. Which it didn’t.

Shannon sneakily slid under Ellie’s propped body, serving as both a cushion against the tile and restraint to hold Ellie’s tired hips in place. The two soothingly caressed, kissed and spread Ellie into REM-like submission.

And then it happened. ARMAGEDDON. internet casino Battle weapon met orgasmic plunger in such a way that the Big Bang occurred in-reverse and then fast-forward in slow-motion as a result of Ellie’s orgasm. The vibrating buzz of the “arrow”, turned dildo, relaxed the entry of Ellie’s anus to such a miracle that she felt no pain. There was no resisting total takedown, especially when it felt as if she’d been gassed with sleeping gas and massaged, full-body, in an emergency space pod soaring through intergalactic time-warps. The domino orgasms could not be counted.

Lauren’s reaction was exhilarating as she felt the vibrations of the beast on her clit. Ellie passed out. Lauren, lying on her back in exhaustion, felt the immense prowess of her partner, Shannon, leap onto her crossbow and take them for an unforgettable ride.

Waking after several minutes of impenetrable blackout, they lay motionless trying to speak. When words finally did arrive they were airy with throaty whistles.

“Wow. Thank you for coming home with us last night or this would never have happened!” Lauren said. Her chest heaved in delightful exhaustion.

“I’m sorry. I don’t remember how the sex was last night, but if it was like this, I probably lost some brain cells in the blackout.” Ellie said, the moan and groan of disappointment echoed in her chest. She yearned desperately to remember every second of their erotic ventures.

“Oh, we didn’t sleep with you last night! You were drunk!” Shannon burst into laughter. “We took you home from a house party we’ve no idea how you got to. Just saw some guy hitting on you. Lauren lived close by. Thought it was safest to bring you here. You were really out of it. Peeled your clothes off as soon as you entered the house.”

“We sat on the couch all night chatting about how cute you are.” Lauren said.

“Didn’t think you’d hop in the shower with us.” Shannon turned hysterically red as Ellie’s jaw dropped.

“I’m glad I did.” Ellie said.

Shannon and Lauren giggled gratefully and pecked Ellie’s cheeks as a serendipitous smile commandeered her lips.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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