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Subject: Dutch delicacy part 7 Dutch delicacy, David’s story Part 7 By Chaim ail Dutch delicacy, is the story of David, who looks back on his puberty from the perspective of a young adult. His development and sexual experiments. Some of them take place before they are sixteen (the legal age to have sex in Europe), but adolescents rarely stick to the law in experiments and meetings. His stories are solo, incest, sex of a young person with an older partner, tenderness and infatuation, hard sex or have elements of role play and power relations. If this is not your thing, just do not read, if you are curious his story is recommended. The next morning I woke up with Tom. Justin and little Brian were still asleep next to us. I felt warm and cozy. We hadn’t bothered to put any underwear on after all the sex we had in this great play room of Justin and his son Tom. I saw Brian wriggled his bottom and pushed it backwards against Justin, his hand slipped around his waist and down over Brian?s belly, and began to stroke his skin. In seconds Justin had his fingers around his boy cock and was wanking him. I felt it a lovely sight, better than before, I was comfortable with the fact they had a good time together. I was sure Justin’s hard man cock knew where to go, he was pushing it in, right between his bottom cheeks, coming to rest against his tight boy hole. I saw on Brian’s face Justin entered his sphincter. Brian wriggled from side to side, enjoying the feeling and resting his blond head back on his powerful shoulder. I watched them and slowly wanked myself with my hand. Brian’s mouth opened as he moved with Justin’s fuck. He groaned in silence as Justin fucked his boy hole harder and harder. Justin was deep inside him, covering his mouth with his hand to keep Brian’s cries down. I saw him pushing back onto his cock. I wanked watching their hot action. Suddenly I felt lots of warm slipperiness between my fingers, I was cumming hard. The thought of Justin squirting his man cum deep inside my little brother made me start to cum. I made a mess, but I didn’t care. Tom whispered to me, “Go take a shower, David.” I looked over my naked shoulder at him. He looked so handsome and great, and my insides nearly flipped over. He watched his dad doing Brian with me and his teen cock was rock hard. I nodded and made my way, with legs trembling, to the toilet-shower attached to this play room. The shower had a sliding glass door drawn across it to divide it from the toilet itself. I stepped into the shower, the glass door sliding the behind me, turned on the water and started enjoying the cool water on my body. I was lost in my early day dreams as the door was ripped aside and there was Tom staring at me. Tom looked powerful with his erection straight forward between his legs. In reflex I tried to cover my cock, but his hands came across and Tom grabbed my wrists. He held my arms wide apart and he said with a smile, “Never cover yourself up in front of me,” he let my wrists go. “Turn around, buddy,” he whispered. I turned around. He was obviously enjoying the sight of my naked white bottom. I heard him mutter, “Oh yes, Daddy was right, you have a great butt, made to be fucked,” Tom’s two hands started caressing my butt cheeks. I tried to move away and felt a sharp smack on my butt which made me gasp. Tom stepped into the shower, closing the door. Two hands went around me, feeling my body up and down my sides until my eyes were closed in ecstasy. He pulled my hands behind my back and moved the up till my hands touched my shoulder blades. I could feel his hard teen cock. Tom’s other hand wandered over my nipples and he started to play with them. It felt hot and made me horny! Tom said, “You need my cock, don’t you? You need my seed in your tight butt hole, as your breakfast.” I nodded and groaned softly, “Yes, I need your cock.” Tom’s hands came across and I saw him turn off the heat on the shower. Immediately a very cold stream came down and he forced me to stand facing it. The cold water cascading down my front and causing me to gasp. “Yes, wake up, Buddy, this will be your day!” Tom’s hands meanwhile had gone to my smooth chest. He didn’t waste time, grabbing my nipples and pinching them hard. I was wriggling and bumped my butt against his hard teen cock. Tom pulled me close. I could feel his cock right up between my butt cheeks. “I will fuck you! Yes, I will fuck you hard an deep. That’s right, my beautiful friend. I love to take your ass.” as he pushed my upper body against the shower wall so that I had to put my hands out against the wall. As I did so, Tom put his cock right up against me my sphincter and pushed. An electric feeling went down my legs as I felt my hole opening up to him. It hurt a little, but felt great! I kept gasping as he pushed and pushed, right up inside me until I seemed to be completely filled up. Tom started moving against me. In and out, in and out… Suddenly I knew he had opened me up all the way and he made me happy. I wanted him to fuck me, more and more! He got faster and faster, pulling my nipples, scratching my back, finally grabbing my cock and moving it up and down. I heard and felt Tom cum deep inside me, just as I came myself. I felt his spunk shoot into me as my spunk jetted out and hit the wall. I heard his groans as I gasped for air and crumpled down on my knees to the floor. “Well done Buddy. I loved it! Don’t clean your filled hole. Leave it there, let it dripping in your boxer shorts, let everyone see what a wonderful slut you are. A wet spot will upset nobody and be proud gaziantep escort I filled you up.” I was totally satisfied and didn’t argue his somewhat strange request, I felt his slut, deeply fucked in the morning. What a great start of the day! We hugged and got dressed on our boxer shorts and as he predicted, soon felt a big wet spot at my butt. Tom slapped my ass as we heard Justin yelling, “Boys, come to breakfast!” We went upstairs from the paly room to the big kitchen. As usual, his Dad was making breakfast. Brian stood next to him, my little brother was naked and vulnerable this way. He was totally smooth and I guessed Justin shaved his body. I walked to Brian and hugged my little brother, he looked so happy. Justin kissed me and said, “Good morning! That’s right David, Brian is one of us now. He is naked and shaved, the way I like him to be.” Justin looked at me, “Those shorts are useless for you too. Although you have a nice wet spot on the cotton covering your beautiful ass. Can see that my son has done his duty this morning and provided you with his morning load. ” He laughed, “Just look at your little dear little brother. Yes, I also filled his little tight ass this morning, like father, like son! You are a happy couple of brothers to stay with us. Underwear is not allowed around here and being or special guests you have to stick with our rules.” Justin smiled at us. Justin was only wearing a pair of tight black boxer shorts. Tom touched my boxer shorts and simply said, “You heard Daddy, take them off.” I did, although for me it was still strange to be naked like that, sitting at the kitchen table with Tom and his Dad, who were both in their boxer shorts. Tom didn’t strip his boxer shorts off and it suddenly had a deeper meaning, as if Justin and Tom were our superiors, our hosts, they were top and we the younger ones, their guests at the bottom. I smiled in myself, that was actually true. After while I didn’t care anymore. I began to enjoy it and to be naked. My teenage cock would harden and then get soft, it didn’t seem to bother anyone. “Looking good, boy” Justin said that as he looked at me, still naked walking around in their kitchen to get the milk. “You like all this?” Justin suddenly asked me. “What?” “Being like this, naked and among us.” “Yes sir” I said, my cock stirred thinking of us, Brian and myself being naked and available, it was hopefully a good start for much more today. I looked at Brian it became clear to me that Justin wanted to keep him naked and shaved to make it clear that my little brother was his boy. We had all weekend to play by the rules while staying at Tom’s place, that was fine with me and I could see Brian loved it as well. Justin asked Tom and me, “You boys have a nice night?” Tom had wagged his erection in his boxer shorts. Justin smiled and stretched his muscular body, “Well we had a very good night,” didn’t say anything more as he lightly ran his fingers from Brian’s neck down his chest to his balls and cupped them. He looked straight at me and said to Brian, “Yes boy, you know what you are supposed to do.” Without question Brian kneeled and lowered Justin’s boxer shorts and took Justin’s cock in his boy mouth and sucked his cock that lay on top of his balls. Justin watched me, his son’s best friend, seeing his little brother reveal a part of himself he didn’t know. I guessed they had a special relationship now, Brian being his little boy, submitting himself totally to his strong Daddy power. I wondered what happened between them. “Can we do this all weekend?” Brian asked in a whisper. Tom answered him by putting his mouth back on Justin’s cock. I moved over and the two, shivers of pleasure went through my body. Justin touched my cock and slapped it playfully. Soon I had a boner. “Yeah, guess so.” Justin said and we laughed. “I’ll get us all breakfast, but there’s one thing we should talk about” I didn’t know what Justin was about to say. “Since there are only us men, well boys here, and this place is totally private, it’s time to relax and just be ourselves. Tom and I are the hosts and can do what we want, but be prepared to see us often naked.” Tom looked at his Daddy and at us, Brian was still sucking his Daddy’s hard cock. Of course, he hadn’t said anything like that to us. Justin put his arm across Tom’s bare shoulder, stroked his boxer briefs, “So, Tom?” Tom hesitated for a little while, he left them in place, in a way he stepped in his Daddy’s world, and at the other hand created a strange distance between us. “Please, boys, for you no modesty for you. In fact, you should check each other out. Tom you help them.” Tom moved to us and put his hands on my cock, while his own teen was beginning to grow. “There, that’s better son, I love the sight of horny men.” Justin smiled, “Now go have fun and breakfast will be ready soon.” “What about you?” I asked, “I’ll take my time, maybe I fill Brian’s mouth with some healthy protein.” Justin said. “Don’t worry, you get your share.” I said, my eyes met Justin’s. Our smiles communicated and Justin stroked Brian’s blond hair . I stared at his cock moving in and out Brian’s wide open mouth. It was bigger than my own or the other two and wet. “Don’t worry boys, enjoy the sensations, the freedom and the intimacy. There will be some changes I want to discuss with you, but everything we need for one hell of a weekend is here. We won’t have to go out.” Brian sucked him, of course, but he felt only pleasure in his warm sucking mouth. Brian enjoyed the feeling of the hard suriyeli escort cock in his mouth. He was on his knees and sucked him while Justin stood. My kid brother looked so obsessed with sucking that it hadn’t occurred to him that Justin would cum so soon. Justin held his head as the warm cum shot deep in his mouth. Brian gladly swallowed all he could, but some cum ended up on his lips and chin. “Good boy!” Justin said as he pulled back his boxer shorts and sat down next to Tom at the breakfast table. “Join us boys,” The boys as he put it, revering to Brian and myself. “No worries, no clothes, no strings attached, just do what you want to do. As you play it by the rules everything will be exceptional good for all of us.” Justin’s hand rested on Tom’s lap. “Nice boner,” Justin complimented him. Tom loved the bluntness of his Daddy, nobody had talked to him like that before. Tom opened Justin’s boxer shorts fly and let his cock appear, it was still wet with cum and saliva. “Wow, Brian did a great job on you” Tom said and reached out for his own cock, but stopped. “It’s ok, go ahead” Tom touched his cock. It dribbled out some pre-cum and without urging from his Daddy, Tom looked at me and said, “Come over here in front of me and get on your knees and suck my cock. My Daddy wants to see how well you suck.” I got on my knees, took the base of his cock in my hand and licked on the head of his cock. He said, “Yes David, eat my cock. Take that whole thing in your mouth. Show Daddy how you like to deep Throat my teen cock.” I loved it when he talked like that. Being dominated made my cock hard as a rock. I sucked on his cock, taking in more and more of his cock each time I went down on it. Finally I had the whole thing in my mouth each time I sucked him. I was sucking and slurping on Tom’s cock and playing with his balls. Tom said, “Oh man that’s good, David you suck really well. Reach over there and play with your little brother’s boy cock, he served my Daddy well.” Brian was pushed to me by Justin and I reached over and took his boy cock in my hand and stroked it a little. I moved my hand up and used my thumb to spread the pre-cum oozing out of his cock all over the head. Brian took in a deep breath and said, “Ohhhh.” I stroked his little erect shaft with my hand as I sucked on Tom’s cock. Suddenly Tom stopped my sucking and said, “David, Brian is gonna shoot. I want you to suck him off, before you go on,” I moved over in front of my little brother and played with his smooth balls for a while, and I took them in my mouth and sucked on them as I ran my hands up and down his smooth boy legs. I wanted as much of my brother as I could get. I used my tongue and licked up the length of his cock on the underside, and licked all over his cock head sucking up the pre-cum. I closed my lips around the shaft of his cock and went down on him until his shaved smooth base and just held myself there. Brian grabbed my head in both hands and said, “Oh brother, this feels great.” I pushed back against his hand and started going up and down on his cock. Brian took that for a while, and then he held my head still and started humping me in the mouth. He yelled, “I’m coming,” and tried to take his boy cock out of my mouth. I was having none of that. I just clamped my mouth around his cock and he started shooting cum in my mouth. I swallowed his boy load and took the next load. I used my tongue to lick off his cock as I let it slip from my mouth. Brian said, “Wow, David! That was so good. You really took my cum and swallowed it.” Justin watched us and said, “David, will suck you anytime I want him too. Just ask for my permission and I tell him when and where and he will be there to service you. Now finish sucking Tom off, David, make my son happy.” I moved, on my knees, back over in front of Tom and said, “May I suck you off now?” Tom said, “Yes cocksucker, finish me off.” I took his balls in my hand and started deep throating his cock. I sucked lightly and fast. Tom leaned back and muttered, “Oh David, eat me, suck me, blow me cocksucker,” as I serviced his teen cock. I liked it! Tom laid his hands on my blond head as it went up and down on his cock giving him pleasure as the need to blow his load built up. I could feel his body tensing as he wiggled his hips and I increased the suction on his teen cock and the speed with which I sucked. Tom pushed his cock up in my mouth and yelled, “Oh yes! David! Yes!” as he filled me up with his cum. I immediately started swallowing and made sure that I had his cock deep in my mouth so that I could swallow it as soon as it came out of his cock. Then I cleaned the cum off of his cock as I released it from my mouth. Tom said, “Thanks cocksucker.” In a strange way I felt proud. Justin and Brian took off somewhere and I helped Tom wash the dishes. We talked and joked around, “Where’s Brian and your Daddy?” I asked. “Probably fucking upstairs,” I said then realized what he had said. Tom was becoming as dominant as his Daddy, he knew more than me, was in a way in charge. “Lucky bastards, my Daddy enjoys your little brother. We should go to the bed to relax.” Tom said, his hand patted my butt and my cock responded. “Good I see you like that” He said. We went to the play room down stairs and he ordered me, “David, take position on your back, just do it, I’m horny and want to fuck you!” I lay on the bed with his legs to my ears as ordered. My butt and ass open and exposed for him. He moved behind me and soon I had my legs around rus escort his waist. Tom’s cockhead slid up in between my buttocks and I gasped as I felt the spongy glans pressing against my tender sphincter. “You feel that?” Tom said, “It’s going up your ass and will change your attitude. You asked for it, Daddy was right.” Tom pressed in, shifted slightly to aim his cock with my asshole, and with it firmly in place, he shoved. I groaned and he shoved again, and this time he got the entire cockhead into my ass. I yelped out. “Shit! Fuck!” and Tom shoved again, and this time his cock slid into my ass. He began to fuck me, his cock sliding in and out of my hot open hole. He moved his cock in and out of my butt, and as he did, he said, “Come on, David, you got my cock in you, now. And it’s going to stay inside you until I’m finished. I make the rules now, you will accept my power.” and he bobbed my ass hard and fast now, driving his dong in and out of me, watching my face, maybe looking for any sign of resistance. I didn’t fight against him, just I curved my body with him. “Getting into it, David?” he guessed. “Let’s roll you around,” Tom said. His knees were getting tired and he wanted a different position, “Okay, David, onto your stomach.” Tom’s cock fell out as I obeyed and got onto his hands and knees. Tom knelt down and pushed his cock against my asshole and as he did, I moaned, but he didn’t try to get away. Tom leisurely fucked my ass. “Shit, I’m about to come!” Tom said as I felt his climax getting close. I felt that his dominant energy boiled up in him along with his climax, the two sensations hit us, heightening the sensations. He hold back his drive to possess me! I felt a delight that this was getting even better with Tom, my submission and eagerness to please my buddy converted into pleasure, I was getting him now. Yes, sir, I was getting Tom’s cock and passion, his drive for me and it was good! Good, damned good, better! My ass was clinging to Tom’s massive teen cock that was slowly sliding in and out of me. “Fuck me, Tom. Fuck me!” I begged and Tom obliged. “Oh, my god, David!” He snorted out as his cock exploded, his teen cock ejaculating a flood of hot jizz into my violated ass, and it felt good, it felt damned good! I groaned and Tom panted as his flow eased, his body exhausted, and Tom looked at me, “You came, didn’t you?” Tom said in wonder. “I fucked your butt and you came!” I just panted, unable to speak. “You like it, don’t you, you are really my sub boy now, my buddy and fuck toy, you got it?” The cum practically covered me as I couldn’t aimed my sperm spewing cock. “You two finished yet?” Little Brian stuck his head in the room. “Yep, you next?” Tom said with a smile. Brian bounded on the bed next to us. “Why not?” and kissed my lips. He was about to suck the sperm spitting cock he saw on my belly. Tom stopped him. In a flash little Brian was on his back, while Tom grasped his hips and fucked my little brother like a puppy with his rock hard teen cock. It went on for some minutes, and they surprised me. Immediately, Brian arches his back and groaned as his ass is filled with Tom’s cock. His hands clutch his ass cheeks and he pulled on him to get him deeper as his mouth gaped wide open in a soundless moan. Tom positions Brian’s legs over his shoulders and pumped fast and hard. Both moaned loudly. I saw Tom’s ass muscles flex as he pumps into him. The sight was extremely erotic and turned me on. Tom reached down and kissed my kid brother deep as he continues to fuck in and out of Brian’s tight ass. He will be shooting his thick cum into his Brian’s ass very soon. I knew that Tom couldn’t never hold out long with a tight ass. Tom did it, to keep his Daddy’s fuck boy happy. I heard Brian moan beneath him. I saw Tom’s balls on his stomach and knew that after this ass fuck, Tom will be draining his balls probably in my mouth. Well, I would take all his cum with pleasure. Suddenly, the moment of truth arises and he arches his back and roars into the air. Brian clutched him and drew him close as wave after wave of pleasure hit Tom. His second load of hot semen shot from Tom’s cock, into Brian’s tight ass, making each thrust much more slippery. After what seems like an eternity, Tom collapsed on top of Brian, with his now softening cock slipping from his young ass with a wet sound. Thick white cum leaks from Brian’s ass onto the black rubber sheets, staining them. Both lay in one another’s arms, caressing and kissing as Tom came down from his climax and rebuilds his strength. “You three are hornier then I thought” Tom said, “Clean your little brother, David.” I jump on top of Brian and lick and clean every inch of his smooth body. Tom looked at my boner and smiled, “Cum on his boy nuts. You’re going to cum on his nuts then lick them clean.” The pressure of having them, Tom and Brian watch me beat off slowed down my orgasm. I liked to cum best while I’m getting fucked or have cock in my mouth, but I shot a big load after jacking for a couple of minutes, then came down off my horny high. Even after everything, I was a little embarrassed to lick up my own cum now from my little brother’s balls. Tom said, “Lick it up David. Suck the your cum. Some of your cum may have dripped down to his ass hole and combined with my own cum. Lick that clean like you did his balls and bot cock. Go back and forth and get every drop of cum.” I did, and Brian loved it. “And it’s only morning, we have all weekend” Brian said nuzzling my flaccid cock then putting it in his mouth to slowly nurse on it and indeed the weekend had just begun. Comments and suggestions are welcome at: ail Thanks everyone for your mail! Depending on your suggestions I will continue this story. 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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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