Oca 12

E048:Memorial Sunday

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When Emma wakes Sunday morning, her thoughts stray to what happened yesterday.  She still is hurt about the last part of Donald and Connie together.  And she thinks more about Connie using Donald’s shower twice.  Emma has never seen Donald’s bedroom at all, let alone the bathroom there.  She wonders just how well and how often Connie and Donald have been together for Connie to know her way around the house so well.Emma realizes she is feeling jealous, something she has never experienced before.  There has never been anyone in her life to feel so about, and even with others’ accomplishments she is always just glad for them, not feeling there is a competition between them.  This is something new to her, and she really does not want to experience this.Then Emma thinks about when she was with Connie.  She did like the attention paid to her, and even enjoyed giving Connie pleasure in return, but would she ever want to be with Connie again after she and Donald have coupled in front of her? Emma is not sure.  She knows that is what Connie was suggesting when she left, but only time would tell if Emma’s feeling towards her change from right now, not really liking the woman at all.Emma does not know that after leaving, Connie truly regretted what happened.  When Emma turned just her cheek to her when parting, this stung her and made her realize that she had stepped over the line with Emma.  She only hoped that Emma would forgive her in time, as Connie would so like to be with Emma, alone, again.Donald wakes, and pulls Emma to him and kisses the back of her neck.  His hands are around her stomach and he just strokes it moving up to caress her breasts a little.  He does not go lower yet, he still is unsure how Emma is feeling about yesterday.  He will wait for a sign from her before goes further today.“Good morning Emma, did you sleep well?” he asks her.Not turning, but at least pressing her head against his shoulder, Emma replies, “Rather well, sir, and you?”“All right, I did have this disturbing dream that I was in a cave, all by myself, I wasn’t sure how to get out, and I seemed to be searching and searching for someone there,” Donald confesses.  “But let’s not dwell on that, let’s get ready so we can get on the road.”Emma hurries to the tanning room to start her day. After the first few days when a base for a tan was started, Emma only lays in the bed for about ten minutes each morning now, and at a lower setting, just to maintain a healthy glow to her skin, not get so dark that it appears unnatural.Her massage from either Julie or Karen lasts twenty minutes, so she is ready to shower or bathe within a half hour each morning.It might be mentioned here that Donald would tan a little every other day or so when Emma was gone, for the same reason, to keep a nice shade of color.  And he would have a half hour massage after from either Karen or Julie whoever was around.  Yes, he was nude when they would loosen the tension from his shoulders, arms, back and legs.  But after Saturday, he never has ankara escort them give him a massage again.  Something changed for him then, and he now only wants attention from Emma.Donald and Emma shower together.  He is so tender and gentle with her.  He feels like she is a flower made of fine china, so delicate and intricately made that he is afraid he could break her.  Emma enjoys his soothing touch and is soon leaning back against him murmuring softly as he washes her. She then turns to him, takes the cloth and begins to soap and wash him all over.  She spends time stroking and cleaning his cock, and Donald hardens quickly. He is overjoyed as he takes this attention from Emma as a sign she forgives him.  He leans and kisses her deeply, and she returns his kiss in kind.All is well between them again.After he readies Emma, he packs her toiletries to take.  He has already packed suitcases for them both and stocked the van on Friday in preparation for this trip.  He had planned to tell Emma all about it then, so she could look forward to the trip that night, but she came home with her confession from the spa and it changed everything that night.But they are ready to leave now.  Emma in the short khaki skirt and pale-yellow top.  He in shorts and polo top to match hers.  He is delighted to have them wearing matching outfits.  Signifying they are a couple.Donald is changing so much suddenly; yesterday had a huge impact on him too.  Seeing Emma so indifferent, and then somewhat removed herself from him when he was with Connie.  And then what he realizes is a feeling of guilt about what he put her through in the end makes him a little afraid that Emma might be the one to leave him, not him to send her away as she fears. And as Emma has never felt jealousy before, it is since his youth that Donald has ever felt guilty about anything.  So, this is new to him too.Donald knows there is more that Emma must go through to reach the point she needs to be at, but it is going to be very hard for him to make her do so.  Not for the study, not for her to earn more pearls. Today, how he is feeling, he would throw them all at her feet, but because he wants her to blossom to her fullest to be all he knows she can be.Donald tells Emma it is time they get started and walks her down the hall to the garage, his hand back where he likes it most, on her ass cheek.  Emma smiles a little to herself as she feels his hand there.Emma has not seen the inside of the Volkswagen Van and when she does, she discovers that it is a camper, circa the early seventies.  The van itself is powder blue and white, and the interior is all light wood features.  It is in mint condition.There are foldout seats which turn into beds, cabinetry for storage, a small ice box, sink, water storage and pump.  All that is needed for electrical hookup, a laminated folding table, and Venetian blinds for the windows.  Donald explains there is a canopy for the side of the van and a cooking stove also to use outside.  The back of the van is well ankara escort bayan stocked with things they may need.Donald helps Emma into the front seat after she has inspected the back of the van and does give her cheek a spank as he always does, but this morning’s is only a light one.  He is still so worried about how Emma is really feeling.  Again, Emma smiles to herself as he goes around to get in.  Emma does not want Donald to suffer, but perhaps this little while he has will be good for him.Donald pulls out and directs the van south towards the coast.  It is a drive under two hours.Donald begins to talk, he does not believe what is coming out of his mouth.  He has never shared with anyone about this before.  He should just shut up and drive.  This is giving too much of himself away.  But he cannot stop himself, it all wants to spill out of him.He begins, “Emma, you have shared so much with me about your childhood, youth and upbringing.  And things that are important to you, and I realize I have not reciprocated really.”Emma’s ears perk up hearing this.Donald continues, “I don’t know if you know it, but I am from Boston.  I was born there, and until ten years when the Institute relocated to this area I lived mostly in New England.”Emma did not know this, but now she understands how Donald’s accent is rather different than hers and where it comes from.And then Donald begins his story, words just flowing over each other as he talks.  Two sentences in, Emma moves her hand and begins to caress his bare right thigh as the tale of his life is told.I lived with my parents and attended school locally until I was to enter the sixth grade. Then, as was the custom in my family, I was sent to a military academy in New Hampshire from then until I graduated high school.  I had just turned twelve when I was sent.  My father assured me that it was the best thing for me, to make me a man.  He had attended the same academy himself.  I was allowed to return home for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.  It was the best time seeing my parents.  I too was an only child.  My mother doted on me, especially now that I was apart from her so much.  While strict in some senses, wanting me to become the man he envisioned I would be, my father was kind and indulgent to me also.  That Christmas was the best ever.  They bought me so many things I had longed for, a rocket kit, a guitar, so many of the books I wanted, and an adult bike which I could use at school to ride into town.But shortly after another wonderful week with them at Easter I was called to the Commander’s office.  He was somewhat kind as he told me my parent had been killed in an automobile accident.  I went home again, though that house would never be my home again.  My aunt, my father’s sister, was with me throughout the funeral and the week that followed.My things were moved to her house, and the rest sorted and cataloged before the house was put up for sale.  This was after I went back to school.  But then, at the time my aunt moved escort ankara me in with her, she was only concerned with getting me settled with her before I had to go back to school.She had never married but lived in her and my father’s family home after my grandparents died a few years prior.  She was always concerned and nice to me, but she wasn’t my mother, and I now realize I never really returned her love for me.Back at school, I was now different.  When I had arrived in the fall, I had been rather shy and was bullied a good bit by the older boys.  One in particular, who lorded over me and more or less made me his slave.When I returned, I suddenly had more confidence.  I stood up for myself and the others backed off.  There would be more fresh young men to bully in the fall for them.  It helped me build that confidence in part that the will had been read before I had returned, and I learned my parents left their entire estate to me. A fortune really, as both sides of my family had been rather wealthy and had handed much down to my parents, besides the capital my father had built himself.  Realizing the status I now had, and the expectations that went with it, I acknowledge I had to become a man.During the rest of my years at the Academy, while I never had any close friends, most all respected me and I did become my Brigade’s Commander, what was known as the First Captain.  Emma hears the pride in Donald’s voice as he tells her of this accomplishment.  It gives her the start of insight into how Donald became the person she met.  She feels sorry for him about the bullying and losing his parents, but she can sense she should not comment on either right now.They are approaching the beach now so Donald’s story ends, for now.  Emma hopes he will tell her more before the weekend is over.Donald pulls the van onto the beach a bit, near the rest area, but not too close.  There are other vans parked along this portion of the beach already.  She looks out and sees that there are electrical outlets sticking out of the sand near where the vans are parked.  This beach must cater to campers she thinks.They climb out of the van and into the back to start to unpack.  But Donald is a little hard from Emma’s caressing of his thigh for the last couple of hours. He had been so involved with telling her his story, opening to her, that he hadn’t really comprehended how aroused he became.Emma notices too and closes the door behind her when she enters, and comes up to him and kisses him intensely.  She stands so close to him that he feels his hard cock rubbing against her mons, and her breast pressing into him making him long for her so much.“Emma,” Donald starts as he turns and fumbles to turn the bed out, “Would you like to right now?”Emma just laughs and kisses him again, pressing him back down on the now opened bed. She quickly undoes his shorts and pulls them off him.  And then drop her shorts to the floor too.  Not bothering to even remove their tops, Emma is straddling him, rubbing his cock up and down her soaking slit to moisten it.Once lubricated she guides Donald’s prick up into her.  Oh, if feel so good to have Donald there again.  Both feel the same way, it is almost like Donald is home again, where he should be.

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