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Eighteen Today

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Today was her birthday. She would be eighteen. As far as he was concerned this was THE DAY. Probably the only shot he’d ever had. If he’d judged her correctly, she would be around to see him almost as soon as she’d had breakfast, greedy for her present.

He’d promised her fifty for her birthday, and she’d want it fast. She sure did like to spend money, and she didn’t seem too particular about how she got it.

As expected, he’d barely finished breakfast when Erica came bouncing along to knock at his door.

“Hi, Peter,” she carolled, “It’s my birthday. I’m eighteen, able to get a license, able to buy a drink and able to vote. I’m officially an adult.”

“Happy birthday, Erica,” he told her. “Your card is right there on the table, waiting for you.”

Erica seized upon the card with delight, ripping it out of the envelope and extracting the money, barely even glancing at the message.

“Thank you, Peter,” she beamed, hurriedly putting the note in her purse.

Peter was prepared to bet that she’d spend it before the day was out. Now was the time to move on her, before she bolted down the street, waving her money and heading for the shop.

Nodding to the note as Erica tucked it away Peter asked her, “Want to play multiply with that?”

Erica glanced at him, a small frown on her face, together with a touch of greed. “How will that work?” she asked.

“I’ll ask you to do something,” Peter said smiling. “If you agree, you get another note. If you don’t, end of game.”

Erica nodded eagerly. How could she loose. She already had fifty, and here was the chance to earn some more.

“OK, for your first task I wasn’t you to take off your top,” Peter said.

He laughed at her startled look, and continued. “I’ve often seen you in a very brief bikini, and I’ve always wanted to get a real view of your lovely breasts. You’re eighteen now, so I can safely ask.”

Erica pondered. “I can get fifty dollars for taking off my top and showing my boobs? He’s seen me near naked before when I’ve been swimming, so why not?” She suddenly smirked, trying not to let it show. “I’ll bet his next request is to flash my pussy. God, he’ll get a shock if I actually do.”

Erica nodded, and reached for her t-shirt. She swiftly pulled it over her head, showing a lovely pair of breasts held proudly before her by a skimpy bra. Turning her back to Peter, Erica politely asked him to unhook her bra.

“It’ll be so much easier for you,” she said, laughing quietly to herself.

Bra gone, Erica turned to face Peter, shoulders back and throwing her breasts forward, smiling happily. Another fifty.

“Very nice,” Peter told her. “They’re every bit as beautiful as I imagined.” He reached into his pocked for the waiting fifty and passed it to her, hand accidently moving on to caress her breast lightly while she put the money away. Erica felt the gentle touch, and also felt little feathers of excitement run through her, starting where Peter’s fingers brushed her.

“Do you want to continue?” he asked, “or is that far enough?”

Erica giggled. “We can continue,” she said. “I can always say no, after all.”

“In that case, for task two, finish undressing,” Peter put forth, waiting to see if his assessment of Erica was correct.

Erica giggled even louder. “I made a bet with myself that that would be your next task,” she said.

“Really,” said Peter dryly. “And did you come to a decision of what you’d do when I asked you?”

Erica nodded bursa escort happily. “I did,” she said, moving her hands to her waist. Her thumbs disappeared into the waist band of her yoga pants and she started drawing them down. Turning, she looked over her shoulder at him, wiggling her bottom from side to side while she slowly pushed the pants down, collecting her panties on the way.

It took her nearly half a minute for that little chore, flirting and giggling all the time, but at last she was standing there nude.

Still giggling she lifted her hand and spread them to either side in a behold gesture, while she slowly turned around. Then her hand was out for the next fifty while her eyes were laughing at him.

Paul handed over the required fifty, and his hand again grazed her breast, sending more spark flying through her. Looking her in the eye, he ran his hand lightly down and brushed it against her mound.

Erica blinked this time. That little touch had added some big fat sparks to the little ones Peter had been setting loose.

“Let me see if you can guess what task three will be,” tested Peter.

Erica was confident. He’d want to touch her now. She wasn’t sure if she’d let him, but another fifty was another fifty.

“You want to touch me now, don’t you?” she challenged, and was surprised when Peter shook his head.

“Close, but no jackpot,” Peter told her. “I want you to sleep with me.”

Erica stopped cold at that one. This she had not expected. She suddenly became acutely aware of her nudity and his masculinity. Those sparks that had flared and died apparently hadn’t died. They’d just been lying low, and now they were all coming back to life.

Expecting an initial hesitation, Peter began to run some extra data by her.

“As you so happily announced, it’s your birthday, you’re eighteen and an adult. It’s a grand way to celebrate. You do realise that men will be trying to bed you regularly from now on? You’re very desirable and have a body that is dead set sexy.”

Erica still hadn’t said anything, but he could tell she was listening. “I’m assuming that you’re still a virgin,” he said with a smile. “Your first time should be with someone who is willing to take time with you.”

Erica pondered. As far as she was concerned, fifty was fifty, and she have to start screwing some time. Peter was nice, so why not with him? She had an idea.

“You’re right about the virgin part,” she said modestly, “so it seems to me that if I sleep with you I’m actually doing two more things. Giving you my virginity and then having sex with you, so really I should get one hundred dollars for doing both.”

“Got her,” thought Peter triumphantly, while he rubbed his chin, considering her statement. He slowly nodded. “You have a point,” he admitted, “so it’s only fair that you get paid for each. So what is your answer?”

“A hundred bucks on top of what I’ve already got. What the fuck do you think my answers going to be?” thought Erica triumphantly. “This was easy.”

“I think I’d like to try,” she said nervously, eyes cast down.

Peter smiled. “Then let’s have a small drink to celebrate,” he said, taking a can of UDL from the fridge. He poured her a largish drink, taking a much smaller one for himself, which he then further diluted with water.

He passed Erica her drink. “It has a bit of vodka in it,” he told her, “but you’re allowed to drink now and I’ve made sure you don’t have too much.”

Erica thanked him and took bursa escort bayan some, liked it and took some more. Awareness of her nakedness and what was to come were titillating her, slowly building up the excitement within her.

Peter noticed that her nipples were now standing out, and smiled at her. She was getting warmed up just standing around naked. He thought she’d be very responsive.

Peter chatted with Erica, discussing her birthday and what she had planned. Occasionally he would put out an admiring hand and gently stroke a breast, or rub a nipple. Once he reached down and traced a finger a little way along her slit. Erica was breathing deeply now, flushed and excited. Time, peter thought, to get the show on the road.

“Come along to my room for a moment,” he coaxed. “We can sit and talk more comfortably there.”

Putting his hand on her Erica’s back he turned and directed her down the hall. As they walked he continued to chat with her, drawing her out and letting his hand drift down until it cupped her bottom. Peter felt Erica give a little wiggle of her bottom against his hand, but couldn’t be sure if it was deliberate or just a reflex.

Moving into the bedroom Erica stopped. “There aren’t any chairs,” she said.

Peter managed not to laugh. “That’s OK,” he said. “We’ll just sit on the bed. Better yet, you can actually curl up on it and I’ll sit next to you.”

Erica giggled and pounced onto the bed, curling up like a kitten. A not very innocent kitten, Peter decided, seeing how she had positioned herself so that the curve of her bottom and pussy were on display. If she wasn’t a virgin I would just jump on her right now and give her what she’s looking for. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know what that is yet.

Peter looked at Erica, smiling. “You do realise that I’m about to take all sorts of liberties with your body, don’t you?” he teased her.

Erica blushed and nodded.

“I’m going to start by doing something simple,” Peter said with a laugh. I want to see how far I go before you react.”

Looking at her eyes, daring her to move, Peter reached over and placed a hand on that nicely displayed rump. Then he slowly moved his hand down and around, until his fingers were running along her pussy, teasing her slit.

Erica’s flush deepened and her breath was shorter, but apart from that she didn’t move, just staying still and enjoying that tempting touch.

Peter laughed softly as he withdrew his hand. “Well done,” he said. “You have nerve and patience.” Now he leaned over and kissed her.

Relieved, Erica started kissing him back. This was something she’d done before. Leaning into his kisses, she barely noticed as Peter gently and skilfully rearranged her position. Now she was lying flat on her back, Peter next to her, kissing her while his hands started teaching her breasts about themselves.

Erica was aware of Peter kissing her, but she was also becoming vividly aware of her breasts. She could feel them getting tight as they swelled slightly at his expert touch, and her nipples were sitting up, begging for some of the attention.

The sparks had gone now from her breasts. Instead little tendrils of heat were spreading out from them, looking to merge with a deeper heat that was blossoming deep in her loins.

Now Peter was moving on, his hands stoking and kneading her pussy, encouraging the fire within to emerge and spread. His hands drifted back and forth, touching her and moving on, only to return escort bursa and touch again.

Erica thought that her whole body was burning now, and she was feeling a terrible need inside her. Something was missing, and whatever it was she wanted it.

She didn’t notice as Peter swiftly divested himself of his clothes, only realising he was naked when she felt his erection pressing against her stomach. It felt right, she thought, as her hands drifted over to explore this new sensation.

As far as Peter was concerned, things were moving too fast. He had thought to take longer than this to prepare Erica, but it seemed that if he didn’t move soon, she was going to jump him and rape him.

Erica felt Peter probing deeper between her labia, brushing past them to tantalise her interior, his fingers acting like pokers, prodding that internal fire to a healthier life. She was gasping now, pushing her pussy up at that touch that teased, wanting. Not knowing what, just wanting.

Peter yielded. He’d have to take her now or lose control of the situation. He hooked an ankle around Erica’s and eased her leg aside, almost shocked with the indecent haste with which she complied. Now he was kneeling between her thighs, coaxing her to hold her lips apart.

Erica reached down, moving her labia apart, exposing her inner self to that cock that was moving towards her. She watched, holding her breath in anticipation as the engorged head pressed down into her. Removing her hands she could see herself close around him, then could see and feel his slow advance into her.

Now Erica could feel him pressing against her hymen. She knew that breaking through could hurt, but she didn’t care. She needed him in her. She thrust sharply upward, wincing slightly as she was penetrated, but then sighing with satisfaction as she felt Peter plunging fully into her, measuring his full length in her.

Peter was startled but amused at the way Erica had handle the breaking of her hymen. “God,” he thought with a laugh. “If I don’t do my duty she damn well will rape me.” Fully within her, he paused for a moment, looking at her excited face. “Let’s dance,” he said, pressing even more firmly into her.

With a natural grace and talent, Erica moved sinuously up against Peter’s downward plunge, instinctively gripping and squeezing, bringing him pleasure with her every move. She felt the fire in her body blazing, and screamed as it burst into a total conflagration after only a few strokes from Peter.

Peter was startled, to put it mildly, when Erica climaxed when he had barely begun the serious work. He stalled a moment, letting her excitement ebb and die away before thrusting hard once more. Then he swore softly, while Erica screamed and writhed under him again.

Peter persevered while Erica climaxed yet again. Then she seemed to slow down a little, giving Peter time to put in the hard yards, hammering hard, hoping that maybe he could climax with her next time.

He could hear her breathing hard, starting to twist under him, and he could feel her initial convulsions starting as he finally reached his own peak and was able to have his own release.

Breathing hard Peter relaxed afterwards, lying on the bed and thinking.

Erica meanwhile was sitting up, bouncing happily.

“That was great, Peter,” she told him. “Can we do it again. I won’t charge you for next time. We’ll say it’s a continuation of this one.”

“Not right now, Erica,” he said carefully. “Why don’t you come round this afternoon and we’ll discuss it.”

Erica felt wonderful. She was eighteen, she had money and she had now had sex. She wondered if any other men might like to pay her for some sex. She’d have to ask Peter about that.

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