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Embarrassed Nude Female – Part 2 of 2

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Recap So I had begun to fulfill my wife’s ambition of becoming an Embarrassed Nude Female by exposing her firstly to strangers passing by our window at night. I then took her to the beach to expose her to the elements and finally I had tricked her into walking through a valet office totally naked. This is how that weekend concluded… Saturday Evening – Room Service I had decided that a hotel just out of the city would do for this evening, as it would be very unlikely for us to run into anyone that we knew. We were both getting hungry so I told my wife to have a shower then we would get something from room service. She immediately stripped off and jumped into the shower. I phoned down to reception and ordered our meals and was told that it would be approximately twenty minutes. I entered the bathroom and enjoyed the view that my wife was providing. By speaking to her and aiding her wash, I had managed to keep her busy until the knock on the door of room service. I handed my ankara travesti wife a white t-shirt that I had packed; it was mine, so it was plenty long enough to cover her body. I shook my head as she reached for a towel; I wanted to wear this t-shirt. A grin spread across her face as she realised what I wanted to happen. “Just coming!” she shouted to the room service delivery boy. She accepted the white t-shirt and pulled it over her soaking wet naked body. The material instantly became transparent and everything of my wife’s was on show. Clinging to her curves, it stuck to her legs and ass, showing her neatly trimmed dark bush through it as well. “Act like it’s covering you and that nothing is out of the ordinary,” I instructed her, “I will stay here and watch you.” My wife walked over to the hotel room door and casually opened it. “Sorry, I was in the shower,” she told the young man as he pushed a trolley into the room. I saw the smile grow on his face as he passed my exposed ankara travestileri wife. He left the trolley in the middle of the room and turned to leave. “How much do I owe you?” my wife asked, in a hope to turn him to her once again. “Nothing, miss, it will be added to your bill,” he answered as his eyes scanned every inch of my wife. “Just give reception a call when you are done and we will collect the trolley.” My wife thanked the man and closed the door on her first up close and personal embarrassment. She laughed and screamed in excitement as she burst through the ajar bathroom door to hug me. “What’s next?” she asked. That Night – The Hotel Bar I had told my wife that we were going for a drink that night and that she was to wear a black sheer top that I had packed for her. The material was just dark enough that it was only see through with the correct lighting. After a few drinks to loosen the inhibitions, we sat in a booth in the hotel bar. The booth was travesti ankara top lit from spotlights that were just bright enough to show how transparent her blouse actually was. We sat for a few hours letting the bar full of individual men try and subtly glance at my wife’s breasts. The air conditioning within the hotel was just on the right side of cold to harden her nipples, causing them to push against her top. I made sure that I was the one to the drinks every time, leaving my wife alone in the booth for as long as possible each time. I came back with only a drink for my wife and told her that I would be back shortly. I slowly walked up to our room and waited, watched some TV and waited some more. Around thirty minutes had passed before I decided to go back down to see my wife. She was still sitting in the booth when I arrived with another round of drinks for us, her breasts still showing beautifully through her top, except now there were two men sitting in the booth on either side of her. They had clearly had a few drinks and fancied their chances with a woman showing off in a hotel bar, maybe thinking that she was a prostitute looking for clients. I rejoined the table and passed my wife her drink.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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