May 15

English as a Second Language Ch. 06

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Big Dicks

This is part six of our story. While it can be enjoyed individually, reading previous chapters may help you to get to know Margot and Jay better. We join our story in progress – Margot has fallen madly in love with Jay, and has embarked on her sexual awakening as his submissive. After a mildly eventful road trip, the couple settles into their hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia, for a relaxing weekend…a note, dear readers this chapter is based on true events, and our characters are more truth than fiction.


Ljubljana was a delightful city, small but historic, scenic, and well cared for. A perfect retreat for a long weekend. As they checked into their hotel, they initiated what would come to be a ritual for them in all their future travels abroad – christening the hotel room.

Jay closed the door behind them – alone at last! Their car ride had been incredibly sexy, so much so that Margot still had dried cum in her hair, and on her face and chest, from two men. He was dying to take what he needed from her. She was wearing a skirt with stockings that pulled up to her waist, and stood in front of the bathroom mirror topless, removing both makeup, and residual sexual fluids from her face with a skin cleansing pad. Jay slid up behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist, and looked into the mirror, meeting her eyes.

“I love you, my darling.” he said once more. She never tired of hearing it. “You look so beautiful, and so young, without your makeup.”

“Puszika, darling” she replied, and made a kissing face into the mirror. She rarely believed him when he complemented her beauty, but she believed he meant it. His hands felt the warmth of her stomach, and traveled all over her, as he then gave her a light back massage. Running his hands up and down her waist, he eventually began kneading her breasts. They were perfect to him and he just couldn’t resist. Her chest was a little sticky, a token of their recent adventure, and a gift from a young highway patrolman. Jay felt this, and his blood rose further. Margot felt the effect pushing against her ass. She looked in the mirror and smiled pendik escort at her man, knowing it would not be long now. Her pussy had been dancing in the car, and while she had taken each cock into her mouth. She could feel how wet she was and wanted Jay to feel it as well.

Their eyes did not separate, and Jay let out a growl, as he placed his left hand on the back of her neck, pushing her down onto the sink. His right hand went up her skirt. How high did these stockings go?! He found the top and began pulling them down with insistent need. They came down to her thighs, and her panties came with them. She pushed her bare ass back against his crotch.

“Stay” he said, as he released her neck and unbuckled his belt. He let his jeans drop to his knees only, and entered her pussy, grabbing her hip for leverage with one hand, and returning the other to the back of her neck. She was relieved to have his cock inside her once more, after just a couple days missing it, and loved the feeling of being both positioned for his pleasure and controlled. He grunted and thrust hard, driving her thighs against the edge of the sink. Luckily, he had already cum in her mouth earlier so he could make this last for them both.

Two of Margot’s unique qualities that Jay always enjoyed were her persistent wetness, and love of anal sex. Her fluids generally provided lube for any occasion, and facilitated easy access to her ass, as he desired. Their first anal adventures found her very tight. She had little experience with anal sex but had fantasized about it regularly. After the first day, they had worked to train her ass to accommodate him as needed. Both of these attributes ensured that Jay fucked Margot’s ass at some point during every sexual escapade. It was just so easy and pleasurable for them both. On top of all of that Margot had no hang-ups about a cock moving from her pussy to her ass, back and forth, or even to her mouth afterward. During sex she just loved turning her brain off and enjoying the acts, though she found them shameful in the past. This relationship was freeing her of that shame. As Jay had realized escort pendik these things about her, he always reminded himself to never ever let her go – she was just too perfect for him.

His preferred position to fuck her ass was not from behind, but rather as she lay on her back, and he desired this now. He pulled her up from the sink, and they both duck waddled out of the bathroom with all their clothes on. It would have been a hilarious sight if anyone else had been present! Jay casually tossed her to the bed, onto her back, and lifted her legs up together, as he stood next to the edge. The stockings still joined her legs together, so he placed both legs over one of his shoulders, and reentered her cunt to moisten his cock for her ass. He leaned over her, pressing her legs back against her chest, and enjoyed the tightness of her as he held her legs together. After this brief pleasure, and allowing her juices to run down her, he removed his cock and placed it at the entrance to her ass, now well lubricated.

Margot loved the feeling of Jay’s dick as it insisted on pushing its way inside, gradually. She was once ashamed that she fantasized about such things, even avoiding toying with her ass while masturbating. How far she had come in such a short time with this man! Now she was glad that she made ass play a part of her self-pleasure, as it made moments like this very fluid and natural, and not at all a difficulty.

Jay reveled in her tightness and whispered dirty things to her as his dick disappeared over and over inside her.

“Do you enjoy my dick in your ass baby? It looks so good going in and out. I wish you could see it.”

He was looking down and saw her gorgeous bare pussy above where his cock was pushing in and out, and was greedy for it as well. He pulled out in a long stroke, and pushed it back home into her pussy. “OH YES!” she cried, as he made the switch from one hole to the other. Hearing her enthusiasm, he began taking three or four strokes in each hole, and alternating back and forth. Margot felt like one of the porn stars she had shamefully watched in videos she hid pendik escort bayan away from her husband. He had no interest in such perversities, so she hid away these pleasures for herself. She always felt something was wrong with her, that she was abnormal for desiring these things, but this felt perfectly right whenever she was used this way. She felt grateful that she had found a mate that complemented her. The feeling was quite mutual.

Jay finally became frustrated with the stockings that held Margot’s legs together, and paused the action to pull them off one leg. They now hung uselessly from the other as she spread her legs lasciviously and put her feet up on the bed.

Jay held his soaked cock and began stroking it directly in front of her pussy. “Finger it” he said, and took her hand by the wrist, and placed it on her pussy. She obeyed, again having a momentary flash of shame that passed. Until Jay, no man had ever watched her masturbate, let alone taken so much pleasure in it. She slid two fingers in, and made a brilliant show. “Your ass too!” he demanded, as his stroking quickened. She followed the path of his cock with her fingers and went back and forth, several strokes in one hole, followed by the other.

At last his brain was overwhelmed seeing how wet Margot was, and how both holes were slick with her juices and so easily entered. His cum splattered forth, all over her hand, fingers, pussy, and ass. Seeing and feeling this pushed her over the edge as well, and she elevated her hips up into her hand again and again until she came as well. She was sure to move his cum into both her dripping snatch and her asshole, placing him where she felt he belonged.

Jay collapsed onto the bed next to her and pulled her to him for a deep kiss. He held her close and looked deeply into her eyes, then touched his nose to hers. Their perversities always dissolved to romance, and vice versa, and this was a hallmark of their relationship in all the years to come. There was a fluidness to this that surprised neither of them – it simply felt like the natural order of things. Margot pulled herself even closer, and buried her face into Jay’s chest.

“I love you, baby” he said.

“I love you, baby” she said.

They drifted off and napped like that for several hours, still mostly clothed, and not unpacked…

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