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Enjoying a black guest at home

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Enjoying a black guest at homeA few months after moving to Savannah, I finally met Jamie, one black guy who was a close friend of my husband at their office.Victor invited his friend over. Jamie was a nice guy, funny and handsome; a handsome huge black man…I had fantasized about him before meeting this guy; because Victor often talked about him. Now I finally had him hanging out in the living room and chatting with my loving husband.After dinner we all were having some drinks. I excused myself and went upstairs; so I could get into something more comfortable. I changed into a tight jean skirt with no thong at all, a short white tank top and some sexy black stilettos.I returned to the living room and they were talking about soccer…Feeling a little bold I decided to sit down next to Jamie this time.As they kept talking I could not help but think of my fantasies about this black man. I just wanted him so bad…I scooted closer to Jamie and very softly I rested my hand on his knee. Nobody reacted as the guys continued talking about soccer.After a couple minutes I moved my hand slowly up his thigh. bahis firmaları Pretty soon I was slowly moving my hand up and down, but smoothly…Victor did not seem to have a problem although he had seen me be flirtatious and even cuddly with other guys before. Feeling secure I started edging my hand closer to Jamie’s crotch.When I finally grazed the edge of his bulge he jumped a little, but barely enough to notice. With the next stroke of my hand I moved it over his growing tent. I could feel that he was only semi hard…I continued this motion of running my hand on Jamie’s thigh and ending on his crotch each time before moving it back. Both guys were trying to pretend nothing was happening and Victor kept glancing down at my hand. But he kept quiet and I took this as a signal of encouragement to me…It was not long before I was rubbing Jamie’s crotch over his jeans. For me it was so hot being openly naughty that I could feel my cunt getting soaking wet. I could not take it anymore and just started to undo his jeans. I had them open in seconds and then pulled out his black dick. As I kaçak iddaa expected, it was a huge thing. He was already up to eight inches and I could see it was still somewhat soft. I leaned over and started sucking his black cock. Victor and Jamie were no longer talking at this point. My lovely husband was completely silent as his black friend started to moan in pleasure. Jamie quickly became fully erect and now it was nearly nine inches long, harder and bigger than my husbands.It was much thicker too and I loved the glistening of its black skin.After a few minutes I got up off the sofa, facing Jamie. I glanced back at Victor, who was now smiling and having a hand on his crotch. I pulled off my tank top and removed my tight skirt as Jamie pulled down his jeans to his ankles. I then stood naked in front of him; just standing on my sexy black high heels.Then I straddled onto his lap and grinded his hardened dark cock against my pussy lips. It felt good, as I felt my cunt getting wetter.My vagina was so wet that his hard dick was easily sliding between my pussy lips. Then I positioned myself kaçak bahis over it and slowly lowered down onto his black cock. It was so big I could feel as he stretched me as he went deeper. Jamie then put his hands on my hips and slowly started to fuck me. I was completely oblivious to Victor at this point. Only a couple minutes later I came quickly onto his cock, moaning loud and closing my eyes as I felt that intense orgasm…Jamie just kept fucking me and soon he began to pick up the pace. I felt as he pounded the full length of his cock deep inside me. He moved faster and faster as another orgasm started to build. My whole body shuddered as I the second wild orgasm burst through my body. At the same time I could feel as he shot his warm semen deep inside of my womb…Afterwards Jamie said it was getting late and he had to leave. Once he was gone; Victor told me he had enjoyed watching me fuck his black friend. I noticed he still had a huge tent under his trousers; because he had not jerked himself as I rode Jamie’s dick.I stood up and walked to the stairs, sensing Victor’s eyes looking at my naked body; which had some streams of fresh cum running down my legs. I turned to my beloved hubby and told him my cunt was sore; but my tight asshole still needed some care…Victor smiled and followed me upstairs…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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