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Subject: “Enough”, Part Three Hey Guys! This is a story I started in 2012 and I decided to edit it and make it better. The stories I have written in the past year have been hard for me to get past writer’s block and go on with. Not to say they won’t be finished. I thought this would help with my blockage (so to speak). Now remember all the usual stuff, must be 18, blah blah blah…This is Gay Incest. If you are bothered by that what are you doing in this section of the site?? m/m, m/m/m, male family fun, pits, piss, blue collar, if any of this offends you stop reading now. ***Please support Nifty*** They help you get off so get on and donate now!!! www./donate.html Where we left them:: Jeb slid from underneath Cody and turned around. He then proceeded to clean Cody’s cock for him. Then he came back up into Cody’s arms and they kissed. Deeply. Making out desperately. Then they quieted. Held each other. Fell asleep. Twenty minutes or so later Trent came stumbling into the trailer. Feeling pretty satisfied with an ass full of Gus’ cum. He looked around and didn’t see the boys. He knew Jeb was still probably over here. He saw Cody’s bedroom door was open. He went over to take a peek inside. That’s when he saw both of them tangled up naked in each other’s arms asleep. The room reeked of sweat and sex. ‘Well that should put most of my worries to rest’, thought Trent. ‘I guess Gus was right. He’s a lot more like me than I thought. Wonder how much like me though. I’d like to find out’ Feeling exhausted Trent headed to his room. He would think more about this tomorrow. Part three:: Monday morning came and Cody woke with a jolt. He looked at the clock and it was 5am. Jeb was still tangled up in his arms. And his bedroom door was wide open! Shit! “Jeb, Jeb, wake up” he said as softly as he could. “Jeb, don’t you have to work?” Jeb slowly woke. He looked up at Cody and smiled. He whispered, “I could get used to this”. “Yeah, yeah, don’t you have to get ready for work?” Cody asked. “I don’t have to be there till seven. I could go for another round.” Jeb said with an evil grin. Cody shook his head and smirked, “Not gonna happen. Dad is taking the day off and my door is wide open. You better get to your own trailer. We’ll work it out later.” “Work it out later? Like fucking? Or not fucking?” Jeb chuckled. “Not! If you don’t get the hell out of here. But if you behave we can definitely work it out to where we are all satisfied.” Cody said as he pushed Jeb out of the bed. “Alright, alright. I’ll leave. But under protest. You know your dad isn’t going to mind two hot studs sitting down to breakfast with him.” Jeb was pulling on his shorts. “Yeah, maybe, but right now I mind. I gotta get used to this Jeb. I barely have my head wrapped around the naked thing.” Jeb came back to the bed and sat down. He took Cody in his arms and kissed him gently. “I know stud. I’ll back off. It’s your thing to work out. Come over my place after I get off work. I get off at 2 today. My dad isn’t off till about 5. If you can get away that is.” “We’ll see” Cody said without committing to anything. Jeb quietly left the trailer and went to his own. Cody laid there for a few minutes thinking about things and then fell to sleep again. Around 6:45 he woke up to the sounds of both Jeb’s and Gus’ trucks starting up. He heard them pull out and soon it was quiet again. As he was falling back to sleep his dad showed up in the doorway of his bed room. All he was wearing was a mug of coffee. Trent took in the sight of his boy on the bed. Even though the kid was shorter than him he sure crafted a nice body. Took after his old man that way. It was warm in the trailer and the sheet covering Cody only covered his left leg and his crotch. You could still see the depression in the bed where Jeb was. The room still reeked of sweat, sex and cum. Trent felt himself chub up a bit. “Cody, you awake son?” he said. Cody came out of his near slumber and stretched his arms above his head making the sheet fall away from him a bit more. His half hard cock was now sticking out of it. It was a large cock on a man his size. “Good morning dad. How’d you sleep?” Cody was aware he was on display but made no movement to cover himself despite the urge to do so. As he looked over at Trent he could see that he was half hard as well. A thick slab of beef hanging between his legs. The tension all of a sudden thickened in the air. Trent was nervous. Cody could tell. Tables were turned. Cody became a bit cocky. “Slept well, and you?” Trent said. Cody took one of his hands and circled his own chest with it. You know the way you do when you’re flirting. What got into him he didn’t know. But he was feeling really sexy at that moment. He turned his head so that it was nuzzled into his pit on the arm that was still over his head as he stroked his chest and his stomach. Fully aware that his cock was getting harder by the second. He was almost putting on a little show. “I’m still a bit sleepy” Cody answered smiling a bit. Trent couldn’t take his eyes off of the boy. He was the sexiest thing he ever did see. Especially gaziantep escort right now. And just as he was thinking that Cody turned over on his stomach and moved his legs in such a manner that his bubble butt was on full display. Lifted just a bit and his crack slightly spread. Trent’s cock went full mast. “Um..well…alright son. Sleep a while longer. I’ll run to Mickey D’s and get us some breakfast after I shower.” Trent turned around and headed to his bathroom as fast as he could. He had to rub one out now. And then he would be able to drive. While he was jacking in the shower he thought of that perfect ass. Would he ever be so lucky as to get to taste it much less fuck it? He got himself off in a frenzy. He didn’t know what had gotten over him. He never reacted to Cody this way on past visits. It must be because of what he saw last night with Jeb and Cody in bed. Maybe it was because he didn’t know Cody’s preferences before. But Jeb is persuasive. Maybe Cody is just bi. Any hole will do. Well he’ll have time to figure it out. But it’s going to drive Trent crazy in the mean time. After his shower Trent threw on some old gym shorts (His high school gym shorts, maroon and short and clingy. Showed off his bulge nicely. And his ass if truth were told. Trent loved the way they felt. He never wore underwear as it was, especially with these shorts.) and a button up shirt with no sleeves (The flaps of the shirt made the shorts a little more decent. But just a little). He left it open. Put on his flip flops, grabbed his wallet and his keys and he was out the door. Meanwhile Cody got up and found the coffee still on. He grabbed a cup and went to the couch. He was getting the hang of being naked. He was actually enjoying it. He did stink though. But it was a pleasant stink. Pits, sex, sweat. He turned on the tube and sank down in the couch with his feet on the coffee table spread. He was still feeling sexy. He didn’t understand it. Never really felt this way before. Because of his sports he always had those times he felt cocky and somewhat studly. But never sexy like this. It must be his introduction to sex with Jeb. And looking at his stud of a father walking around naked all the time helps too. Cody sat there wondering what got into him all of a sudden. Jeb was one thing but he was actually perving on his dad now. Then his thoughts turned to what Jeb liked about cock up his ass so much. He wondered if he would like it. If it would hurt. Who would he find out with. It’s probably not going to be Jeb. He pretty much claimed to be all bottom (Cody just now understands what that means). Trent was sitting in the truck waiting in the drive thru. All he could think about was Cody’s ass. It just wasn’t right. He knew what Jeb and Gus did. Hell he did it with them. But this was Cody. His own boy. He had to stop this. He didn’t want to ruin it with the boy. He loved him so much and wanted him to be around for a long time. But so much goes on between Gus, Jeb and himself. And now Cody and Jeb. How was he going to keep Cody from everything else. But that ass! He felt himself getting hard again. And these were not the shorts to get hard in. Thankfully he was high up in his truck. Trent grabbed the food at the window and headed home. He parked the truck and headed in. His cock was still half hard but it was hidden better. Cody was probably still in bed anyway. As he went in the door Trent put the bag on the table and then slipped off his shirt. That’s when he looked up and saw Cody on the couch. A cup of coffee in one hand and his other hand mindlessly playing with his half hard cock while he watched TV. His feet were on the coffee table and his legs were spread. Trent could see the boy’s hairless pink hole. He swore it was winking at him. Cody looked up and smiled, “Hey Pop. What’d you get?” Trent willed himself to look away and said as he pulled the sandwiches out of the bag, “Um…well..I got a couple of McMuffin’s for both of us and some hash browns. Just enough to get us going. You hungry?” “Starved” Cody said as he got off the couch and headed for the kitchen. He got right up next to Trent and grabbed a sandwich. Trent could smell the sex on the boy. Drove him crazy. “You smell clean” Cody said. Interrupting Trent’s thoughts. “Yeah, I had a quick shower before I left. Um, you want to hit the supermarket early?” Trent asked. “Sure Pop. After I eat I’ll grab a quick shower myself. I probably reek.” Cody said while lifting the arm with the hand that held the sandwich he was eating. He took a quick wiff of his own pit. “Yep, I reek.” he said laughing. “Awwe, it’s not all that bad” Trent said wishing his face was buried in the boy’s pit. “Yeah, well, you didn’t get an up close and personal wiff.” Cody laughed again as he turned away and headed towards his room. As Cody walked away Trent couldn’t take his eyes off of that ass. Cody’s ass has all of their’s beat even Jeb’s. Cody’s ass is big and round and muscular. It doesn’t jiggle as he walks as much as it commands your attention. You could pry that ass open at the trench and get two hands full of suriyeli escort muscle. And now the boy has no problem showing it off. Which is a problem for Trent. His cock is at full mast poking out of the bottom of his shorts. He didn’t even notice when it happened. Trent finished eating and cleaned up the wrappers. Then he went into his room and got a pair of board shorts to wear. Didn’t want to get arrested at the food store. He put on a tank top as well. When Trent came out of his room Cody was just coming out of his. He had on his own board shorts and was carrying a shirt. The shorts could barely contain his ass. About an inch of his crack was showing. The boy was more and more like Trent than Trent ever knew. “What happened to the other shorts Dad?” Cody’s face looked amused but puzzled. “They are more for wearing around the house son. I think I could get arrested in those.” “Too bad. That would have been a new adventure.” Cody laughed. “Yeah right. And who’s going to bail me out? Remember your mother cut you off.” Trent said back. They both laughed and headed out to the store. For some reason Cody left his shirt off of the ride. Again making Trent dizzy with lust. Once they made it to the super market and parked Cody put on his tee shirt. It had no sleeves and was cut from the pit to the bottom hem on both sides. Showed more skin than shirt. They spent a good hour in the store and stocked up on everything they would both want. Trent gave Cody no restrictions. He never spent money on himself but it was nice to spend it on Cody. Once they were home and the groceries were put away Trent said, “There’s a hidden beach we could go to. Not many people go there. The ones that do like it because of the privacy.” “Oh yeah? Privacy? So it’s a nude beach?” Cody grinned. “Well, yeah. Not really known for one. Locals know about it but it is so off the beaten path that out of towner’s don’t know anything about it. Once you park it’s a bit of a hike. Mostly guys go there. Women don’t like the hike.” Trent said. “So wear hiking shoes?” Cody asked. “Yep. And sun screen.” Trent said with a wink. They packed a cooler with some beers, bottles of water and snacks and grabbed a couple of towels and hiking boots. They loaded up the truck and left. The drive took about an hour. The last 15 mins on a dirt road. When they parked Trent said, “It’s about a 10 minute walk from here. Maybe 15.” And he reached into the cooler and grabbed a beer. By the time they were half way there both guys lost their shirts and Trent had even loosened his board shorts. They were barely hanging off of his ass. Cody stayed behind him and enjoyed the show. They arrived at a sort of cove right on the coast. Only a narrow passage to the rest of the beach was on either side of it. It was a long cove and quite hidden. There wasn’t many people there. Maybe about 15 all together. All men. There was some trees and bushes off to the side before the passages, up on a hill, all pretty private. They found a place to layout away from others but half way down to the water. As Cody laid his towel out Trent dropped his shorts and took off his shoes. Just like he does at home. Cody wasn’t far behind. As stated earlier, he was starting to like the naked thing, but outdoors made it even more fun. He bunched up his cloths into a pillow and laid on his back. He was watching the guys around him. Trent was standing there drinking his beer and looking out into the water before he finally laid down on his towel. As Cody scanned the beach his eyes fell on two guys, probably about 5 to 10 years older than him, laying next to each other. They were on their sides facing each other. One guy had his hand on the other guy’s hip and the other one hand his hand on the other guy’s chest. They started to make out. Slowly at first but then you could tell their tongues were searching each other’s mouth. Cody couldn’t see their cocks but he was sure they were hard. Just like he was beginning to get. Trent looked at Cody and then followed his eyes. Trent started to watch the guys too. He felt a familiar stir in his cock as well. He looked back at Cody and noticed the boy’s cock had grown quite a bit. “You want a beer son?” Cody snapped out of the scene he was watching. He realized he was almost hard. “Oh, sorry Dad, sure..a beer sounds good.” Cody was visibly shaken by getting caught watching the guys. “Nothing to be sorry about son. See.” Trent gestured towards his own cock. Now at full mast. “There is always something hot going on around here”. Trent wasn’t going to hide it anymore. It just dawned on him that Cody was his son. And that Cody was pretty much like he was. Even if they never did anything together at least they could be honest about who they were with each other. Cody stared at Trent’s cock. It looked so hot. Thicker and a bit longer than Jeb’s. Hard as steel. “So they’re turning you on too dad?” Cody asked quietly. “Oh hell yeah bud. Listen. Time to be honest about all this. After seeing you and Jeb in bed last night I’m going to just be honest with you. I like men. rus escort I like cock. I thought you might have figured that out by now. And your being with Jeb helped a lot. I didn’t want to hide who I was all summer from you. I love you so much Cody. I don’t want to be anything but honest with you. I hope you can be the same with me.” Trent said as he reached over and put the palm of his hand on Cody’s cheek. Cody regarded what Trent just told him. His cockiness was gone and a child needing his dad took its place. “I guess I’m more like you than we all thought” Cody simple said. His face longing for acceptance. Trent smiled and looked at Cody and simply said, “That makes things so much easier for both of us. I’ll never judge you Cody. I don’t have the right to. I hope you can find a way not to judge me to harshly as well. You can ask me anything you want as well.” Cody looked at him surprised, “Anything?” Trent chuckled and said, “Yes, anything. Hell Cody, I’m a pig, a bit of a slut and I like beer. What else you want to know?” “Have you fucked Jeb?” Cody asked seriously. Trent, momentarily taken aback, said, “You really want to know?” Cody just shook his head yes. “Well, to be honest, it’s not easy not fucking Jeb. First of all he’s hot. Second of all he wants it so badly. He’s kind of a hot fuck.” Trent laid it all on the table. Cody, surprised at the honesty, just sat there for a moment thinking. Trent all of a sudden had the fear he might have gone too far. “Cody, look, I…” he started. “Dad, It’s ok. I just wasn’t expecting you to be that honest. But, really, its ok. He is kind of a hot fuck.” Cody said with a serious face. Then they both cracked up. Trent grabbed Cody into a bear hug and held him tight for a moment. The heat and the scent of the boy was intoxicating. Cody held on too. Then Trent felt himself chub up again. His hand on Cody’s lower back was sliding down. It got to Cody’s left cheek. He caught himself caressing it. “Oh god Cody, I’m sorry” he pulled himself away. “Don’t be dad. It felt nice. I like being close to you.” Cody admitted. “You do?” Trent asked surprised. Cody shook his head yes and then glanced down to his own cock. Trent’s eyes followed. Cody was hard. And he wasn’t trying to hide it. Cody put his arm back around Trent pulling him back to him and put his head on Trent’s shoulder. Putting his face into Trent’s neck. “I’m being honest dad. I love this. I love how you feel. I love how you look.” Trent pulled him in closer and with one hand on Cody’s back and the other holding him by his ass he hugged him tightly. “I don’t think I’m having many fatherly thoughts right now son.” “Are you saying my father is a pervert? Just like his son?” Cody whispered into Trent’s ear. Cody’s hand went down to Trent’s cock. He was well aware they were at the beach, out in the open, but he didn’t care. “Cody, hold on son, are you sure about this. Once we cross that bridge,…” Trent reasoned. “Dad, you’re pretty much the sexiest man I ever met. Jeb comes in a close second but you still have him beat by a mile. I just don’t care about anything else.” and with the Cody grabbed Trent face and started to kiss him. Forcing Trent’s mouth open. Trent gave in. Tasting his son for the first time. He was overwhelmed. They fell onto their towels and felt each other all over as they kissed. Trent targeted Cody’s ass. A finger going down his trench. Finding his boy cunt. He teased the opening in circles. Trying to find a way in. He pulled his face away from Cody and said, “This is what I would be after. That ass has me completely insane. Is that something you want to give up?” “For you? In a heart beat. But not here. I’m not ready. Jeb told me about maintenance. And you’re big. But yes. I want it. I want it from you. I want your cum inside me. Is that too much? Is that bad?” They held each other for a while longer without saying a word. Not even kissing. “I couldn’t bare to lose you son. Not for sex. But I want you just as bad. Breeding you would be a gift.” As they caressed and looked out into the water they couldn’t help but to look over and see that other couple. They were in a 69 now. No one even batting an eye. One guy was on his back and the other one was over him. Then they fell over laughing. Quickly they gathered their stuff and started towards the path to the parking area. “Looks like they are in a hurry to get home” Cody observed. “So am I. You?” Trent said. “Will I get to be close to you like this at home?” Cody asked. “Closer” was all Trent said. Cody stood up and put on his board shorts and started folding his towel. “Let’s go old man. I want to snuggle on the couch.” Cody, with his arms full, headed towards the path. Trent hurried and caught up with him. Look for part four soon, I will revisit other stories and add to them when I figure out where they need to go. Thanks for reading!! Some other stories of mine: http://www.//gay/incest/searching-for-my-identity/ http://www.//gay/incest/when-dad-got-out-of-prison/ http://www.//gay/incest/wildcat/ http://www.//gay/celebrity/lust-in-space/ https://www.//gay/incest/runaway/ https://www.//gay/incest/Trailer-park-heat/ *Please support Nifty*, donations are needed to keep this service going. There is nothing like this out there and it would be a loss to let it go. Anything helps. Go to the Nifty main page to find out more!!! fty/donate .html

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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