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Enslaved Chapter 45

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Enslaved Chapter 45Quentin Osman rose from his seat and moved nearer. The flesh of the two young bodies joggled and quivered as the girls continued to struggle frantically, but futilely, against their chains. It fascinated him.Hans and Cassim approached with the gags. They were made of spongey black rubber, about the size of tennis balls, with a buckling strap attached. Cassim went round behind Heidi. Like one possessed, the girl twisted and turned her blonde head from side to side, striving to evade the ball-gag now dangling before her. At the same time, she kicked out backwards at Cassim… but her bare feet on his shins could easily be ignored.“Steady there, my pretty,” said Quentin, gripping Heidi by her long hair, forcing back her head.“Don’t touch me!” screeched Heidi, “don’t touch me, you filthy old man!”Then she spat in Quentin’s face.Momentarily, he was startled. Then, wiping away the spittle, he grinned. “You’ll pay for that, a little later, my girl,” he said. “Quite a spitfire this one,” he remarked, turning to Melissa.“Quite… and I like it,” replied Melissa.Then Heidi’s screeches were suddenly shut off as Cassim forced the spongey ball into her widened mouth and buckled the strap at the back of her head. Now there were only snorting-retching sounds and whimpers jetting down the nostrils. They came from Maria too, whom Hans had more easily dealt with. She had hardly resisted at all, seemingly half paralysed with terror.The blue eyes of Heidi and the dark brown of Maria seemed to be bulging unnaturally, brimming over with tears. Casually, Quentin squeezed one of Heidi’s thrusting breasts. It was the first time he had touched her flesh. She felt so warmly resilient, so smoothly soft… so young, so young. Delicious!Only by twisting quickly did Quentin avoid being kneed in the groin as Heidi jerked one limb upwards. Her eyes were blazing with fury.“Seems she doesn’t like those big titties touched,” grinned Quentin.“She’ll have them touched with this, if she isn’t very careful,” said Melissa. She gave her long thin switch a menacing swish. Then she tapped Heidi’s joggling breast-flesh. “How’d you like to feel this across those?” she asked.Heidi cowered back as far as she could. The blazing fury in her eyes had suddenly changed to stark terror.Maria’s head was hanging; she was weeping copiously.“Look at me… both of you,” ordered Melissa.Maria’s head remained hanging… and Hans jerked it up by pulling viciously on her hair. Maria whinnied loudly.“Now listen to me, you two,” said Melissa with calm viciousness… “and listen good. Every word I have told you is true. Now you’ve got to learn to accept it. And learn fast. You’ve got to learn to obey and submit. Two basic essentials for any slave. You’ve got to learn to serve and please me and, above all, your Master.” She indicated the lounging Quentin, back in his armchair. “You’ve got to learn to show respect. You’ve got to learn to feel honoured to serve us. To feel honoured that we deign to notice you… and use you.”The two sets of bulging eyes looked out in utter incredulity.It was impossible to believe the words they were hearing. It was worse than any nightmare either of them had experienced. It was all utterly unreal.At the same time, there indecent nudity and the chains were real enough!“If you do not learn these things… and fast… you will be punished. Severely.” Melissa tapped her switch on her left palm. “Have either of you ever been punished? Chastised, I mean? Nod or shake your head.”Two heads shook. Eyes seemed to say – ‘what an absurd question; how could two privileged young girls like us be chastised?“Well,” continued Melissa complacently, “from now on, you will be. Any rebellion… any disobedience… and you will be thrashed without mercy. If necessary, you will be birched. Or whipped.”Maria and Heidi turned to look at each other, as if for comfort.Their terror-filled, still-disbelieving eyes, met. Neither found any comfort.“Shortly,” concluded Melissa, “your Master and I are going to give you an introductory taste of the sort of thing that is in store for you whenever you rebel or disobey. You will find it painful. Exceedingly painful in view of your lack of experience. However, just remember, it will be as nothing compared with what you can get now that you are our slaves.”The bulging eyes of both had overflowed; tears were cascading down, making tiny rivulets over the rubber ball-gag which half-protruded from each mouth. Maria and Heidi had become aware that this was no charade… no bad dream from which they would awake. They were in the power of some unimaginable forces. Lost beings suddenly shipped to some hideous modern Hell.That realisation was shortly to be strongly reinforced.“Hans,” said Melissa, “be so good as to go to my suite. There you will find my personal slave, Julia. With her arse in the air. On a collar and lead, as the bitch deserves to be. Bring her here, please.”“Certainly, Madam… ” Hans departed looking pleased. He had already caught a glimpse of Julia and would be happy to have a feel of her before he brought her down to the cellar.Julia, he found, was exactly as Melissa had predicted. Hans walked across the room and casually laid a hand on Julia’s bottom. She remained silent and immobile. Then Hans slipped a hand between Julia’s thighs. They parted to permit him easier access. The ‘natural’ reaction of a trained slave-girl. Hans fingered the smooth softness of Julia’s shaven sex-flesh.“Been fucked lately, girl?” asked Hans.“Not… not since I left the ‘Paradise’… Sir… ” answered Julia in a low, controlled voice.“Well, I don’t expect you’ll have long to wait now,” said Hans, giving Julia’s striped bottom a slap before he unhooked her leash from the wall. Then he led her from the room and down towards the cellars. Julia scampered along behind as best she could. Obviously the time had come for her to act as an ‘example’. Julia summoned up her reserves of will and endurance. You have been humiliated so often, she said to herself, what does one more time matter?When Hans and Julia came into the cellar, Melissa had just finished explaining that Julia was a fully trained slave-girl. It was, she assured Maria and Heidi, what one day they would become. After that piece of information, it was indeed a shock for them to see the crouching, naked Julia, led on all fours like an a****l. A cowed, complaisant a****l.“Unleash her,” ordered Melissa. Hans did so. “Now, Hans and Cassim, make sure these two keep looking. Go round behind them and hold them by the hair.”The two assistants took up their respective positions. The two girls gazed straight ahead… appalled and hideously fascinated by what they were being forced to witness.“Show me your bottom, Julia… ”Julia turned, knelt, thrust up her hindquarters abjectly. Melissa indicated the thin encircling weals with the tip of her switch. “Earlier,” she said, “I had to give Julia a taste of the rod. I will tell you why. She didn’t answer me when I questioned her. Not too serious a fault, you might think, but sufficient to earn her these strips. You deserved them, didn’t you slave?”As she asked the question, Melissa lashed the switch across Julia’s thrusting bottom. It gave a tight little squirm.“Yes… Mistress,” answered Julia quickly. She made no other sound.Maria and Heidi looked on in even greater disbelief. How could any woman endure what this one had gone through? And was now going through?It was impossible!“Now a few demonstrations in obedience. Julia… crawl to your Master and kiss his feet…”Julia crawled.“Now mine… ”Julia crawled back, laving her tongue on Melissa’s gleaming boots.“Cassim… step out…”The Lebanese came forward.“Remove that, please…”The white triangle slipped easily away… and the long, thick solidity of Cassim was revealed. The whimpering snorts increased. The eyes looked on with even greater unbelieving horror.“Kiss it…”Julia crawled forward and knelt erect, hands placed lightly on Cassim’s muscular thighs.She kissed lavishly.“Suck it…”She sucked avidly.Cassim was fast coming to erection.“That will do… ”Another slashing cut of the switch across Julia’s bottom. There was now wildness in the eyes of both girls and they tried to jerk their head around. But Hans was now gripping the hair of both. They had to look.“Hans… step out… ”Cassim, half rampant, went back and took Hans’ place. Accidentally, his root lightly touched Maria’s thigh… and she twisted away as if she had been touched by a hot poker.“Fuck her, Hans… ”Hans tried not to show his pleasure too much. It was happening far sooner than he had expected. Before him, Julia had positioned herself in blatant invitation. Head down, bottom up, thighs splayed wide. Hans knelt down behind her, manipulated himself briefly, came to full erection and thrust easily in. His haunches began to move at a steady pace.Melissa smiled at two pairs of eyes filled with shocked revulsion.“Keep looking,” she said warningly, “and note that this slave Julia is not simply accepting Hans… she is cooperating with him. Fully.”This, of course, was true. Julia’s haunches acted and reacted to the thrusts of Hans… and she squirmed seductively, breasts swinging beneath her.Hans began to thrust faster. He began to pant and grunt his pleasure. He was a healthy young man and he had had no sexual outlet for over a week. It was obvious he wasn’t going to last long. Cassim looked on a shade enviously. But he knew his turn would come.Hans came to a thundering climax, jerking in and out fast and violently in the climax. Then, with a little moaning sigh, he sank down. On hands and knees, Julia supported his weight.“Thank you, Hans… ”Hans took the hint and withdrew.“Cassim… take his place… ”Cassim looked rather surprised… but delighted all the same. Julia had remained kneeling invitingly and he quickly took Hans’ place. In moments, it seemed, he was in erection… and then ramming in.“Hans and Cassim are permitted to fuck Julia at any time,” said Melissa, “even though, of course, she is her Master’s property. However, he now has minimal sexual interest in her… ”The verbal and physical degradation of Julia proceeded under the appalled and petrified gaze of Maria and Heidi. The powers that now held them güvenilir bahis seemed even more monstrously evil than ever.How could such things possibly be?The vileness of it… The awful… unbelievable… vileness of it!Cassim, rather more self-controlled than Hans, took his time with Julia. One could see he was relishing this succulent woman to the full. And his grinning delight was uninhibited when the sights and sounds announced that Julia was being brought to a climax. This she achieved in a series of convulsive writhings – accompanied by high-pitched gasps – just before Cassim finally unleashed himself.“Take her away, please Zelda,” said Melissa, when Cassim had finally disengaged.“At once, Ma’am. To your suite?”“Yes… and see that she cleans herself up.”“Certainly, Ma’am… ”Julia… features twitching a little and eyes blankly despairing… was leashed again and led out. She had filled the function required of her, aptly demonstrating to what abysmal depths of degradation a slave-girl could be brought.The lesson, she knew, would have struck cruelly home to those two unfortunate newcomers. So young… so innocent-looking. What an infinite world of horror now lay right before them!Poor, poor creatures… Yet Julia could not find it in herself to feel any great deal of sympathy. In a way, she was glad. Those two newcomers would occupy a great deal of the time of both Melissa and Quentin. Thus the ‘heat’ could well be taken off her.Zelda slapped and jostled her into a shower.There she washed away the sweat and filth of Hans and Cassim. But she could not wash away the recent memory.From what Melissa had said, either of those two lusty young a****ls could have her at any time they cared!“I hope,” said Melissa coldly, “that you are now even more convinced.”Being still gagged, neither Maria or Heidi could make any reply. But Melissa could see by the look in their eyes, and by their cringing demeanour, that the two girls were certainly a great deal more convinced.Julia’s demonstration had worked splendidly!“Are you ready then, Quentin?”“Yes, my dear, if you are.”Melissa signed to Hans and Cassim. “Take them into the Punishment Room,” she ordered.At the words ‘Punishment Room’, Maria and Heidi looked frantically at each other. Then as the two assistants approached, they began to struggle in their chains again.Punishment?What punishment?Why should they be punished?What had they done?They couldn’t mean to beat them… they couldn’t!It was inhuman!This was the twenty first century… not the fifteenth!Maria and Heidi continued to struggle desperately as their chains came off, but they were like babes in arms in the grip of Hans and Cassim. Relentlessly they were hauled to the cellar-door… kicking, kneeing, head-butting… and all to no avail. The pleasure of the two assistants as they grappled so easily with their writhing victims was evident. What a couple of young beauties they were!“Where would you like them, Ma’am?” asked Zelda when the two had finally been carried into the Punishment Room.Melissa considered. “What do you think, Quentin?” she enquired.Now it was Quentin’s turn to consider. “Couldn’t we have them facing each other,” he suggested. “Head to head… like one each at the end of this bench?” He indicated a stoutly-timbered table, rather like a workbench.“Not a bad idea,” nodded Melissa. She turned to Hans and Cassim. “Fix them up,” she ordered briefly. There was no need to give two such experienced assistants any further instructions… and the securement proceeded without any delay or difficulty. For both Maria and Heidi were now weak both from shock and the futile struggles. Their tears continued to flow unceasingly.Stout cords were used to bind the two girls, one at each end of the table. Two timbers were placed at each end of the bench…so that the hindquarters of each girl were uplifted high. The thighs were pulled apart and fastened by more cords to the legs of the bench. It can be imagined how this enforced display of their girlish charms sent both girls into fresh paroxysms of shame and horror!Melissa inspected the work of the two assistants. She admired the tautness of the cords and the tightness of the knots. She appreciated, too, the stretch of arms and limbs… the quivering of strained muscles… the twitch of apprehensive flesh. Above all, she approved of the thrusting outward curve of the hindquarters of both girls… the widened cleft of nates… the tightness of skin over rounded buttocks. She was aware just how such a posture made a punishment all the more effective!Quentin strolled over. “Excellent,” he pronounced, lasciviously feasting his eyes on the ripe, juvenile sexuality so amply displayed.“Not bad… considering we’re roughing it,” smiled Melissa.“Frankly, I rather prefer it,” said Quentin. “Look at the crudeness of those timbers against their flanks. Not too comfortable, I guess.”“I am sure you are right,” answered Melissa, smiling even more broadly. She was thoroughly enjoying herself and the sadistic adrenalin was beginning to flow fast.What shame… what terror… these two must be feeling, she thought, as she examined the two girls. Whatever they went through later, never would they forget the first appallingly traumatic experience.A beautiful thought… Ah yes, reflected Melissa, by no means unhappily, I have been converted into the most thorough-going kind of sadist. And when a woman becomes a sadist, she is prepared to go even further than a man.“I don’t think we will need Hans or Cassim,” said Quentin. Those two have already served well their purpose, he thought.“You may go,” said Melissa. Hans and Cassim bowed and left the room. Having slaked themselves, they were well content… and would be happy enough to rest until their vigour returned. Each was secretly wondering when these two new youngsters would be made to play games with them. Meanwhile, there was always Julia, of course… “Fetch two rods, please Zelda,” ordered Melissa with a calmness she did not exactly feel.Olive-skinned, high-cheekboned, Zelda went to one side of the Punishment Room… where there was a long iron trough fastened to the grey stone wall. The trough was filled with salted water and in it were kept both rods and birches. Zelda selected two rods of similar weight. Each was three feet six inches long and of the thickness of a little finger. In view of the fact they had been kept in the brine they were exceedingly supple. But, also, they were exceedingly hard. In short, in the condition a rod should be to make it as efficacious as possible.Quentin and Melissa each took one of the rods proffered by their assistant.“Thank you, Zelda… ”“Thank you… ”“I think we’ll have the gags removed.”“Good idea… ”“Would you, please Zelda?”“Certainly, Ma’am.”As the soft rubber ball-gags came away, whimpering-snorts changed to hoarse choking-sobs interspersed with pleas. There was no more vituperation. Now terror reigned supreme.“You are both going to be thrashed,” announced Melissa. “Both at the same time. Nothing too serious. Just twenty strokes each. It is just a taste of what can happen to you…”“Stooo… opppp… I… I’ve done n-nothing…” It was Maria’s plaintive plea.Quentin smiled faintly. Maria’s pretty young face was a picture of the most lively distress he had seen for some time. He was torn between looking at that and the curvaceous shapeliness of Heidi’s young bottom, uplifted right before him.“Let me g-go…ooooo… you can’t… you c-can’t… ” the blonde was screeching in desperation.“Are you ready, Quentin?” enquired Melissa. She had already taken up her stance and was measuring Maria’s creamy-white bottom with a rod which swayed to-and-fro with flexible ease. My God, she thought, this is going to hurt! That first time… oh God… oh God… “I’m ready, my dear,” said Quentin. His voice was a little thick, his features were set in a mask of cruelty. Oh what a lovely young bottom it was! His to send into a squirming frenzy of pain!“Ten,” said Melissa. “Then I suggest we change… ”“Very well, my dear…”Both rods rose simultaneously. Both swept down simultaneously. Both bit into soft, girlish flesh simultaneously.Two gasping shrieks echoed round the room… With head lifting back… with mouth gaping… tongue quivering… Eyes starting wide… blazing with disbelief at such pain… With bottom squirming agonisedly… involuntarily… Careless of the scratching of the rough timbers against belly and flanks… A brief glance between Melissa and Quentin. They knew how well they had both struck home. A brief pause. Five or six seconds. Allowing the searing pain to be fully absorbed… Then up went the rods again… Together… Then down… .Sssswwweeee…. cccrrraaaccccckkkkkk!Agony of the flesh!Agony… agony!Squirming agony!Agony that evoked ear-splitting screams… screams that denoted virginity in the world of pain… Screams that said… this cannot be!Impossible!This pain is impossible!Yet it is here… and now!But… oooh… oohhh…impossible!Up went the relentless rods… Down they came… Sssswwweeee… cccrrraaaccccckkkkkk!Agony… agony!Undreamt of!Unbelievable!Yet there… there!Robbing one of breath… of reason… Robbing one of will… Robbing one of all dignity… .Again Melissa and Quentin exchanged brief glances of pleasure. After all, it was only just beginning!This ‘initiatory’ thrashing proceeded with an almost mechanical precision. The shrieking-screams, the frantic writhings, were all to be expected.And made no difference.Except for the pleasure they brought!The features of both Melissa and Quentin were set in a mask of cruel lust. They could have been described as impassive… but the impassiveness was one of brazen sadism. Zelda looked on dispassionately. She had seen and heard so much she had become almost indifferent to human suffering.What now truly thrilled her was enforced lesbianism… .Methodically, mercilessly, the rods of Melissa and Quentin continued to come sweeping down together… Cracking into resilient young girl-flesh… Raising vivid pink-red, twin-tracked weals… Weals which quickly filled into a single encircling sweep of empurpling torment… Agony… agony!Ever-increasing agony!The strokes mounted remorselessly… Eight… Nine… Ten… Melissa türkçe bahis looked at Quentin… and then strode to his end of the table. Quentin walked down the other side.“Aaaaghh…merceeeeeeee… merceeeeeee!” It was Maria shrieking.“Stooo… oppp… stooo… oppp…stoooo…oppppp…”It was Heidi howling.“Are you ready?” asked Melissa.“Yes, my dear,” replied Quentin.And the thrashing was resumed.Of course, by the standards of the ‘Paradise’, it was a relatively mild affair. Yet, for young Heidi and Maria it was an agony beyond anything either of them could have previously considered remotely conceivable.Something quite inhuman… Something quite unendurable… And unrepeatable… However, quite implacably, the thrashing continued to its designated conclusion.“Some smelling salts… and another injection for each, please Zelda.”“Certainly, Ma’am… ”Just as the slave-girls on the ‘Paradise’ had received powerful stimulant injections (to enable them to withstand shock and pain far beyond the normal), so it was with Maria and Heidi. They would escape nothing by fainting. More than that, it would be beyond their comprehension why they did not faint. Only slowly would they adapt to, and become accustomed to, their new powers of endurance. They were powers which would not be at all welcome.The Punishment Room became filled with gasping – choking sounds. With retching heavings. With gasping cries. With moaning whimpers. It was the first experience of true pain for either girl.Quentin ran his hand over Maria’s quivering bottom… feeling the heat of the throbbing weals just raised. Feeling her flinch. Sensing her girlish horror at his touch, despite all the other over-whelming sensations racking her. Quentin smiled and moved on round to Heidi. Her plump young bottom looked equally inviting, striped with weals as it was. Violent lust suddenly gripped Quentin. He could fuck this 16-year-old… there and then… if he wished… Why not?He felt the heat in his loins… But no… no… he told himself, getting a grip on his sudden desire. That would be ****. Simple ****, with the girl helpless. Exciting as that idea was, there were infinitely greater pleasures to be had. Young Heidi was to be trained… so that, ultimately, she came to him, offering that ripe, near-virginal body of hers for his enjoyment. Ah yes, that indeed would be a moment to savour!Quentin moved forward and took hold of Heidi’s long blonde hair, pulling her head up off the bench. Her pretty face, soaked with tears had temporarily become almost unrecognisable. No more than eighteen inches in front of her, Maria’s was equally contorted with pain.“Well, my little one,” said Quentin, leering down, “How do you like the feel of a cane? It hurts, eh? On that soft bottom of yours?”He saw the blue eyes trying to focus through a haze of tears; saw the uncontrollably quivering and twitching of the widely-generous mouth. How ripely pink those lips were! How nice they were going to feel and look when they were around his rampant manhood!“You spat on me, your Master,” continued Quentin, shaking his head slowly. “Naughty… very naughty. I told you you would pay for it… and now you’re going to. Another ten strokes for you, my girl.”Heidi’s features contorted further in agonised disbelief and terror.“Aaaaghhh… n-n-n-ooo… ooo… n-noooooo… ooooooo . .” The plea was a hoarse rattling sound from Heidi’s throat.“Oh yes,” replied Quentin, “a slave-girl does not spit on her Master and not suffer for it!”He released Heidi’s hair and bent and picked up the cane which he had earlier tossed on the floor.“NO… OOO… YOU M-MUSTN’T… I… I C-CAN’T BEAR… ANY… MORE!”Quentin smiled happily. He had heard that often enough before. These young ladies were always surprised, in the end, at just what they could bear!With all the force at his command, he gave Heidi ten more strokes across her already burning-tender buttocks, spacing them at no more than two-second intervals… and driving the girl on to an even greater frenzy of shrieking torment. One which her sister, still strapped to the bench, her face so near, had to gaze upon in distraught, helpless horror.The tenth stroke administered, Quentin cast away the rod again, once more yanking Heidi up by her hair. He peered close into her red-wet face. It was rather like that of a baby which had been left howling for far too long… except for the size, that is.“Listen to me, my girl,” he grated loudly over the choking sobs, “if you ever spit on me again, I’ll take a birch to you… and I’ll have every inch of skin off your backside! Believe me, when I’ve finished with you, it’ll look more like rump steak than human flesh. Do you hear me… do you hear me?”Quentin seemed to have worked himself up into a sudden rage.Heidi could only make incoherent gibbering sounds.“Answer! Answer!” bellowed Quentin. His palm struck Heidi’s face… left and right… left and right. “Answer! Answer!”Heidi began to nod her head wildly.She could not answer verbally, but Quentin had made himself plain.“I think she’s got the message,” said Melissa.“I hope so, for her sake,” said Quentin. He mopped his reddened, sweating brow… slowly beginning to calm down. Why had he snapped like that? It was unnecessary. Quite unnecessary.“What do you want done with them?” enquired Melissa.“Put them in their cells. No Treatment,” replied Quentin. “Let them feel their weals right through the night.”“A very good idea,” nodded Melissa, smiling. “Zelda… will you deal with that?”“Certainly, Ma’am. A pleasure, if I may say so.”“You may indeed,” grinned Quentin… who had already recovered his equilibrium again.And as the hatchet-faced Zelda began to unstrap Maria from the bench, he followed Melissa from the Punishment Room.It had all been most, most enjoyable.But now, for the time being, he felt like having a large brandy or two and a little relaxation.And who better to relax with than the gorgeous Melissa?Melissa… his wife and partner… „NICE?”“Mmmm… super…”Melissa was in Quentin’s favourite position… with him flat on his back on the bed and she riding him. She did it, as she always had done, with such sinuous ease and grace. Yet so, so sexily. Rising and falling rhythmically and at varying paces. Sometimes slowly and silkily. Sometimes fast and squelchily. Wriggling and squirming her superb hindquarters seductively as she did so.Quite, quite marvellous… “Are you thinking about them?” asked Melissa.“Yeh… are you?”“Of course…”“We really made them squirm, didn’t we?”“We did… my dear Quentin.”Oh those lovely young bottoms. So unused to it!”“Oh yes… quite inexperienced…”“Didn’t they wriggle though!”“Quentin… you obviously haven’t a clue what a twenty-stroke caning feels like. Let alone a thirty-stroke…”“I can imagine… ”“It’s not the same.”Quentin grunted happily. “You can’t expect me to have your experience, woman.”“Bastard,” laughed Melissa. Then she quickened her pace a little.“Ohh… you’re a beautiful fuck!”“Are you nearly coming?”“I’m hanging on grimly.”Melissa slowed her pace to that easy-swinging movement of her haunches. Her white bottom jounced softly in the half-light. A delectable spectacle… if there had been anybody there to see it.“I don’t want you to come yet,” she said. “I want to come first… and I want to come twice.”“I’ll try,” smiled Quentin.“You feel very good tonight. Thick and strong.”“Yes… I am that…”“To think that I once loathed you…”“But I conquered you all the same, my Melissa.”“Ahh yes… I suppose so…”Melissa began to pant louder and undulate her haunches faster.“Coming?” asked Quentin.“Yes… ohhh… yes… YES… SSSSS!”Quentin gritted his teeth and hung on, despite the exquisiteness of the sexual pleasure he was enjoying.Melissa slowed her pace, sagging a little. Her breasts dangled soft and lush, lightly pressing upon Quentin’s face.“Good, eh?”“Very,” answered Melissa.Quentin gave her bottom a light slap. “Move it again… now I want to come… ”“Don’t give me orders, you hulk,” she said. “I’m your wife, remember?”“I remember,” sighed Quentin in mock resignation.Melissa began to undulate her haunches again. “Why don’t you fuck one of them?” she asked. “Or both of them. I don’t know how you can resist such young meat.”Quentin grinned. “You’re not all that old,” he said.“Six years older,” she replied. “That’s a lot in a woman. Men of your age love having teenagers, I’m sure.”“Maybe…”“Why don’t you then?”“Are you encouraging me?”“Do you need any encouragement?”Quentin had placed his hands on Melissa’s rising and falling buttocks. How beautifully formed they were! He squeezed them gently and tried to hasten the pace of their movement.“Not really,” he said, a shade breathlessly. The lust was mounting fast in him. He could not hold out much longer.“Well then?”“I’ll fuck them when they ask me. Maybe beg me.”Melissa gave a little giggle. “That could be some time.”“I don’t think so. Anyway, it’s up to you – and the others – to train them to it. Shouldn’t be too difficult.”“You’re prepared to wait?”“A short while… I love the idea of them asking me… ”“Don’t worry, Quentin, I’ll see to it that they do.”“Good… good… ”“Meanwhile… you can always fuck me… ”“Yes… ahhhh… yes….”“Or Julia…”“Oh yes, there’s always Julia!”Suddenly Melissa’s haunches went into a frenzy of motion. And in less than twenty seconds she had brought Quentin to a wildly jerking climax which slaked him utterly.Groaning, he slumped back, eyes closed, arms above his head. Breathing heavily, Melissa lay with her head on his chest. She too felt fully satisfied. Quite weak with satisfaction, indeed.For ten minutes or more the couple lay in contented silence… their bodies relaxed, their thoughts roaming happily.“By the way?” enquired Quentin at long last, “where is Julia?”“Julia? Oh… I keep her in my lavatory when I don’t need her,” answered Melissa.Quentin guffawed. “Really?”“Yes… really. There’s a ringbolt in the wall and she’s chained to it. It’s not too comfortable a place for her to sleep. Still, that’s neither here nor there.”“A very suitable place for that young lady,” said Quentin. “I congratulate you, dear wife.”“She might as well be there as in her cell,” said Melissa. “It’s handier for me.”“Quite so… quite so,” güvenilir bahis siteleri nodded Quentin.Silence fell again.Melissa broke it. “I’m feeling thirsty,” she said.“Well, Julia will get us something. How about some iced champagne?”“Nice. But she’ll have to be unchained. I can’t be bothered… ”“I’ll do it,” volunteered Quentin.“Alright then…” Melissa rolled of Quentin’s hairy body. She was pleased with its new slimness and firmness. It was a credit to her prompting. She watched her husband stride across the room. He was quite some man for one in his early fifties.Quentin went into the bathroom… then into the lavatory which led off it. He looked down at the naked figure there, curled up asleep on the hard, cold tiles. It was incredible to realise that this was the same Julia who had once been his fiancee… who had led him such a dance… who had cheated him both financially and sexually.Yes… quite incredible… He had made her his slave. His cringing, grovelling slave. One who would obey him at the snap of his fingers. One whom he owned body and soul. One whom he could do whatever he liked with… and still have her come crawling and kissing his feet. Or whatever part of him he designated.Yes… oh yes… had truly become his most abject slave!And how delightful that was to know in view of what a basic bitch she was… in view of her former pride, her wilful temperament. In view of the sheer damned arrogance of the woman!Quentin kicked the sleeping figure in the softness of her bottom.With a gasp, Julia started up, eyes fearful… breasts bouncing.“Your Mistress wants you,” said Quentin, grinning down. Oh Julia… oh Julia… he was thinking, who would ever have thought that you would descend to being chained naked in a lavatory? And be kicked into waking by your Master?Julia was now kneeling, hands on top of her head. Still she was struggling out of sleep, her eyes cloudy, her features a little slack. Perhaps she had been having a happy dream, thought Quentin sardonically. Of former days… when she had been in a position to lord it over all and sundry. And had done so. He unfastened the iron collar about Julia’s neck.“Been having a nice restful evening?” enquired Quentin.“Yes, Master,” answered Julia, getting up off the cold hard tiles of the lavatory floor.Quentin couldn’t help grinning at the prompt answer which was so obviously in direct contradiction to the true circumstances. It was, of course, obligatory answer. He noticed the angry weals across the girl’s shapely, bouncing bottom as she hurried from the degrading surroundings in which she was kept and into the bedroom of her Mistress. The bedroom of his wife, Melissa. Oh dear, how things had changed! Not for Julia though. As he followed, Quentin saw her fall onto her hands and knees, hindquarters thrust high, nose to the carpet. This was the posture Melissa insisted upon every time her personal slave came into her presence. So, naturally, it was the posture she got.Quentin returned to the luxurious silk sheets of the marital bed.“Thank you, hubbie dear,” said Melissa with a wicked little grin. “At times you can be a real gentleman.” Then her tone changed to one of harsh command. “Get some iced champagne, slut… and be quick about it! Bring a bottle of Remy Martin too.”“Yes, Mistress… at once Mistress… ” answered Julia, getting quickly off her hands and knees. Her voice was full of cringing submission. There was no longer any hate in it; not even a note of resentment. It was a voice that acknowledged her acceptance of her status as Melissa’s personal slave. There was not an ounce more of wounded pride or rebellion in her. Understandably, perhaps. For not only had Melissa all the means at hand to make Julia suffer excruciatingly at any moment but she had also threatened that, if she felt that her ex-companion’s attitude or behaviour was unsatisfactory in any way, she would be returned yet again to the ‘Paradise’!Julia came back with remarkable speed, setting down the large silver salver with ice-bucket and glasses on one of the bedside tables. Melissa, now wrapped in a lacey, pink negligee was smoking a Turkish cigarette; Quentin, still nude, lay back with his eyes half-closed.“Did you enjoy those two young stallions this evening, slave?” asked Melissa.“Yes, Mistress,” answered Julia, a shade too quickly. Her features twitched.“I thought so,” smiled Melissa. “It looked like it. Put some more brandy in that one, girl… ”“Yes, Mistress…”“Mmm… yes,” continued Melissa. “A couple of nice big cocks there. You know your Master has given orders that they can have you any time?”“Y-Yes… Mistress,” nodded Julia, gulping. “I… I shall be honoured to serve them, Mistress.”Melissa smiled more broadly. “Honoured or not, I know you’ll enjoy it.”“Yes, Mistress… yes…”Melissa knew just how much Julia hated this cat-and-mouse taunting. Just as she had once hated it herself.“Alright, get into the corner, girl,” said Melissa with a snap of her fingers.At once Julia ran to one of the corners on the far side and, with nose right into the corner, adopted the same posture as she had done on entering the bedroom.The couple lounging on the bed, raised their glasses in silent toast to each other. Oh how exquisite were the joys of absolute power over another human being!“Do you fancy that backside?” asked Melissa, after a little while.“Nope,” replied Quentin, shaking his head. “Certainly not at the moment. It’s been used too often by too many, lately, for my liking.”“Yes… I suppose so…” said Melissa musingly.The two smiled at each other, knowing the effect their words would be having. Loving the idea!“I mean to say,” went on Quentin, “Hans and Cassim is one thing but, on the ‘Paradise’, she was offering herself night after night, up on the top table after dinner. No stopping her. Begged for it even. Thought nothing of servicing half a dozen or more.”“Really?” said Melissa clicking her tongue disapprovingly. “Well… she always was a bit of a goer, I suppose.”Quentin nodded. “That’s why I didn’t let her have a fuck the whole time she was being trained…”“Dear, dear!”“Waited until I went aboard myself. Then I gave her those two buck niggers… ”“Very generous of you, Quentin.”“….and, my God, was she ready and eager for that black meat!”“Ah well… some girls don’t know the meaning of reserve and modesty anymore,” said Melissa. Then she clapped her hands. “More champagne, slut,” she ordered.Instantly, Julia jumped up and came running, her superb, creamy-white orbs swinging.But both Quentin and Melissa noted how Julia’s hands trembled as she poured the sparkling wine. Nor were they unaware of the odd tear that, ever and anon, trickled down her cheeks.Their barbed jibes, deliberately wounding, had indeed struck home!Try as she might, to give the impression that she no longer had any pride… nor feelings even… that was a facade impossible to maintain under all circumstances.Julia knew it.And Quentin and Melissa knew it.Once again, Julia was returned to her corner. The sipping of delicious, ice-cold champagne was renewed. A puff of cigarette smoke rose up.“Any instructions concerning those two below?” asked Melissa, after a while.“No, I don’t think so,” answered Quentin. “Not at the moment, anyway. I am sure I can leave things safely to you and your assistants. I’ll just drop in from time to time, to see how things are coming along.”“Just as you like,” said Melissa. Her expression was like that of the cat which had just swallowed the cream. Oh how she was going to enjoy herself!Finally assuage all old wounds!“What about Hans and Cassim?” she enquired.“What do you mean?”“I mean… how far can they go?”“Oh… all the way, my dear. Oh yes. I want those two little beauties properly trained up. Tamed first, then trained to please me. As I say, I want them begging for their Master’s favours.”“I’ll see that they do, Quentin,” replied Melissa, her lovely features seeming to take on a sudden hardness. “Oh yes… I’ll see that they do!”It was Quentin who had ordered: ‘Let them feel their weals right through the night.’ And that is precisely what Maria and Heidi did.Maria had twenty to torment her… But her younger sister Heidi had thirty… Each girl, in the darkness of her cell, naked and chained, sobbed and sobbed her heart out. Shocked beyond all understanding. Riven by terror. Racked by incessant pain. It was all so unbelievable! Utterly unbelievable!Maria sobbed in defeated despair.The memory of those assaults upon that servile woman-creature burned like a constant brand. How could such things be permitted? Be possible? Surely no woman could ever degrade herself so utterly! Oh dear God… to behave like she had done! No… no… NO! She surely must be some sort of pervert who wanted to do such things. Surely… surely… Oh the pain… the pain…Incessant… throbbing… burning… How could any human beings be so vilely cruel?And this indecent nakedness… these chains… the rough bench on which she lay. Oh dear God… how could it all be happening to her? How how… HOW?Yet it was… yet it was…And, deep inside herself, Maria cringed at the memory of those two young male brutes. So obscenely virile. So conquering and violent in their assaults. r****g that woman. Upon orders. The sight and the sound of that was etched vividly on Maria’s memory.She went on sobbing and sobbing and sobbing… Until she fell into a state of exhaustion. One could not exactly call it restful sleep. All the same, it was a release from the overwhelming mental and physical torment. To which Maria, of course, was quite unaccustomed.Heidi sobbed too.But not in the same way as her sister. She sobbed with hate in her heart. With pain… yes, naturally. But with unrelenting hate against those who had treated her and her sister so outrageously.As the weals burned and blazed in the darkness, she swore vengeance. Those monsters… those obscene, cruel, despicable monsters would, one day, pay for this beyond all imagining. Oh yes they would… they would!Bastards… bastards!Bitches… bitches!Even though she was shuddering constantly with pain… sobbing and retching with terror and torment… Heidi kept alive that hate in her heart.It is my one salvation, she told herself.I must not give in. I must not!Never… never! Not to such monsters!She would defy them to the end!And this Heidi resolved, despite all her pain and horror. Oh what a brave girl! How admirable! But, oh dear, how foolish of her!Heidi had a lot to learn..

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