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Erica, My College Virgin Pt. 02

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I recommend reading part 1 first, to give context. Thank you so much for reading!

I was titillated by Erica’s confession. She came across as such a “good” girl. Hearing about her boyfriend the summer before we met, and what they did really surprised me. I had worked several weeks just to feel her up over her clothes, and Tim, her boyfriend, had done that in just a couple.

Anyway, we were now well into our spring semester of our junior year. We had gotten engaged over the Christmas break. I guess a girl allowing you to rim her got me to pop the question. In all seriousness, I had planned this beforehand, obviously. Being able to rim Erica was just icing on the cake. We continued our make out sessions, involving oral sex, fingers and tongues. We had progressed to removing a lot of clothing too. It was not unusual for us to make out in just our underwear, with Erica usually being topless. However, I was worried about getting her pregnant because I had heard that even semen on the outside of the vulva could get her pregnant. So, I was content to “hover”, our term for dry-humping, with our underwear on.

Soon, the final exams were done and the semester was over. Erica returned to Ohio and I went home in Florida. I did fly up to visit her over the summer and we had a great time of dry-humping, fingering and sucking.

It was now our senior year. We were going to get married after we graduated, but had not set a date. I now had an apartment all to myself…previously I had two roommates although I did have my own bedroom. This of course allowed us unequaled privacy, which we took advantage of.

One evening, we were in my small living room watching SNL, or something like that. It did not take long and soon we were making out on the living room floor. Clothes began to come off and soon we were in our underwear. Erica was on top of me, grinding her panty clad pussy illegal bahis against my hard cock. Then she surprised me by taking my shirt and blind folding me. I could not see her, but I could certainly feel her. She reached down and pulled my underwear off. My hard dick sprung up, pre-cum leaking from the tip. She then got back on top of me and ground her panty clad pussy against my exposed cock. It felt marvelous…simply marvelous. I was dripping pre-cum like mad. I thought “this might be it…she might put me inside her”. She continued to ride me until she climaxed with a loud moan.

She lay on top of me for several moments then I felt her move down. She took my hard cock in her hand and used her other hand to smear pre-cum all over the glans and shaft. Then I felt her tongue on my tip. She took me into her mouth and moved her mouth up and down while stroking my shaft. The eroticism of the entire night was too much…her rubbing her pussy against me exposed cock, with only her thin cotton panties between us…and I erupted in her mouth. She stopped moving her mouth but continued to stroke my shaft as I released. Like a good girl, she did not let a drop escape and swallowed it all.

Later on, she was at my apartment in the afternoon and we started fooling around. I don’t know what got into me (I can rarely control myself once I get really horny), but I started playing with her exposed tits. I licked and sucked them, then rolled them between my fingers, gently pinching them. Then she did something amazing…her breathing became more labored and she said “I’m coming!”. This was amazing. I had not even touched her pussy. She came from me playing with her tits alone.

The capstone of our senior year happened in the spring semester. We were at my apartment and again, fooling around. I was naked, laying under her and she was again riding me with only her panties on. Her knees illegal bahis siteleri were pulled up around my stomach in the classic “cowgirl” fashion, but she leaned onto my chest. She then whispered in my ear “I can’t stand not to have you” and she pulled her panties to the side and grabbed my dick and put it at her entrance. She then moved her hips down and took me inside her pussy.

We were virgins no longer.

She rode me hard, moving her hips up and down, making her pussy slide on my shaft. Soon she was moaning hard and she collapsed on my chest and ground her pussy against my cock and pubic bone. She came hard on me and it took every ounce of will power not to cum in her. She was not on birth control and we did not have any condoms. In full disclosure, I pretty much laid there and let her ride me. I was trying not to come! I must say I was surprised that she did not wince or whimper when she took me inside her. I thought her hymen was still intact. (see the story “Erica’s Hot Summer” for more details)

I was dumb-struck. I had just had sex for the first time. I had felt the inside of a woman with my dick for the first time. We laid next to each other for some time, taking it all in. A mix of emotions were running through our heads…love, guilt, excitement.

We did have sex one more time before the end of the semester. It was pretty much the same. I did not have any condoms (I was too shy to buy some or go to the university health center and get the free ones). I even suggested using saran wrap! She declined, naturally. She rode me, I tried not to come, and she orgasmed. It was much more erotic than my writing, but this is the gist.

We set a date for our wedding. September. It was right before I was to go on active duty and seemed like a logical date. We had a wonderful wedding. A church full of well-wishers, a fantastic reception at her parents’ canlı bahis siteleri farm and the promise of our honeymoon. We stayed at the reception for several hours and then the limo showed up to take us to the airport hotel in Columbus. Our honeymoon was to be a cruise to the Bahamas and we had an early flight the next morning so we stayed at a Hilton at the airport.

Frankly, we were exhausted. I had a late night the night before carousing with my best man and groomsmen. She also had a late night hanging with her maid of honor and bridesmaids. We got to the hotel around 9PM and checked in. Once in the room, there was only one thing to do. Erica excused herself to the bathroom and I lay in bed with just my underwear on. After what seemed an eternity, Erica came out of the bathroom. She was wearing a sheer white chemise with matching, sheer panties. I could see her nut-brown pubic hair under them. She climbed in bed with me and finally, I felt the freedom to ravish her. She was on the pill now so we had that freedom. Her top soon came off, and then her and my bottoms. I was on top of her, kissing her deeply when she said “let me get on top of you…I think that will work best.”

I rolled off her and she got on top of me. Her gorgeous 34-C tits were hanging in my face. She then grabbed my penis and positioned it at her entrance. She seemed to whimper as she took me into her. I do not know if she had tightened up over the summer or if she was just doing what she thought she was supposed to do…that is, act like it hurts even though we had sex before marriage. I would like to say it was an extremely erotic time, but in the end, we fucked with her on top, riding me cowgirl style. I took her nipples into my mouth, licking and sucking them. Soon, we were at our climax, and her pussy clenched my cock as she came, spasming around it. This was too much, and my cock erupted inside her for the first time, shooting my semen deep inside her, coating her cervix and vaginal walls.

After awhile, she rolled off me. My cock was wet with our mixed juices. We snuggled together and soon fell asleep.

We had an early flight…

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