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EROTIC FANTASY ISLAND – CHAPTER 15CHAPTER 15Adam had a similar experience as Tami. In Adam’s case, though, the couple was a bi-sexual lesbian couple. They were both high-powered business women. One worked in marketing and the other in customer service in different markets and companies. They both had an interest in dogs, and being the driven women they were in public life, they were open to experimenting, also. It was the reason they chose to come to this resort over others that were available. They felt that at most resorts they would have been constantly fending off advances, often quite crude and forceful, from men. This resort they felt might be able to better focus their specific exploration interests.Adam was in the fenced-in play area for the dogs, which was attached to the runs of the dog kennels. They now had five dogs including Thor, but excluding Wolf. Wolf and Preta spent little time at the a****l complex unless Annie was there, but they would rarely be found kenneled. The only time kenneling might happen for them is if Annie just couldn’t have them with her and usually she left them in the cottage, if it was going to be a matter of only hours. Amy had gained their trust, but she had not yet mated with either one of them. In fact, nobody but Annie had mated with either one. In the case of Preta, the women weren’t anxious, but they were curious as they overheard the sounds of Annie mating with them.The women were Kathy, a tall, slender, blonde who was a marketing executive, and Sarah, a medium height, slightly overweight, brunette who was a customer service manager. As Adam gathered up the five balls into his hands, he spotted the women coming down the path which only led to the complex. He placed all the dogs into a sit position, then heaved all the balls over the heads of the dogs and watched them spin around, chasing after whatever ball caught their eyes. It never ceased to interest anyone who watched the maneuver to see that a couple dogs might chase the same ball, leaving another forgotten. The chasing was competitive, but did not result in aggression. Often it took one of the humans to retrieve the forgotten ball in order to start the game over, again. There was one larger ball intended for Thor, but it seemed just as likely that he would return with a smaller ball while one of the other dogs struggled to return the ball too big for its mouth.The women saw Adam in the fenced area and bypassed the complex entrance and wandered over to stand at the fence and watch the game. Adam nodded to the women, making small talk as he continued the game for a few more throws. He then told the dogs “Enough!”, turned his back to them while the dogs ran off to find something else to occupy some time. Adam quickly appraised the women, not in the sort of way that a man might regard a woman with a personal conquest as motivation, but in the way necessary to consider what their interests might be.These women were very comfortable in themselves and their sexuality and bodies. Both women were completely naked, except for leather sandals on their feet. The only jewelry they wore was a plain silver ring on the ring finger of their right hands. Their left hands were bare of rings. Adam noticed immediately that their hands frequently touched, fingers intertwining as they stood next to each other. When one leaned into the other to say something, they usually touched a shoulder, arm, or back. These weren’t friends, the female part of two couples, these were lovers.Adam walked up to them, standing on the other side of the fence from them. Adam was wearing only the wrap around his waist and the collar. The woman noticed the collar and his name on it. “Adam?” He nodded.“How can I help you ladies?”Kathy was the more aggressive and dominated the interaction. “We’re interested in trying the dogs.” Suddenly, her confident air evaporated and blush took hold of her face and upper chest, her arm u*********sly went across her breasts. Now shyly, “We were talking to a couple on the beach who were here. They said that the experience was great. They couldn’t stop talking about it, so we … we decided we’d try for ourselves before we thought too much about it.” Her companion didn’t try to make eye contact and was partially behind Kathy at this point.Adam smiled and put on a casual attitude to try to establish a comfortable interaction over an awkward topic. “Are you comfortable exploring this with me? I can assure you that I am qualified, but I could find one of the women to assist you, if it you would be more comfortable.”She looked at Adam, measuring him against his words. “You’ve had personal experience or you have observed and are qualified to assist? Sorry, I don’t mean to be challenging, but …”Adam put up his hand, “Please, don’t apologize. Some women come and are already experienced, but most are not. We know that most will be curious and, if not their first time, they will be relatively inexperienced. Dogs are a favorite for the first time because everyone loves and is familiar with dogs. Other a****ls then fall into categories of a****listic, kinky, or extreme. Yes, to answer your question, I have personal experience with dogs and have been trained to take dog cock in the same way as the women have. The only difference is that I have not taken the knot, yet.”The women were silent for a moment, as if Adam’s words were slowly soaking into their brains. Then, almost in unison, their mouths dropped open. “Oh my god … you mean … you did? Oh my god … no, no, I wouldn’t take the knot there, either.” Sarah was vigorously shaking her head, too.Adam laughed, “Well, thank you. Glad you don’t think I am a wimp.”The women were indeed now comfortable. It became even clearer to Adam that the women were a lesbian couple and their wish was to both experience a dog at the same time. They envisioned that they would be facing each other so they could touch and kiss. Adam assured them that it was reasonable and easy to establish. They agreed that they would follow his guidance as long as he agreed to stay flexible if they expressed a particular desire along the way. Adam had them lay down, brought the dogs out, and allowed them some time of experiencing the dogs licking them. They expressed the feeling of exposure as they lay with their legs spread while dogs licked their pussy with Adam watching. Adam assured them, his attention was more on them achieving the pleasure and experience they sought than it was watching their bodies. He did confess, though, that their bodies were pleasurable to watch. This brought giggles from the women, but Kathy had more in mind for balancing the exposure scales. And soon, Adam was removing the waist wrap at their insistence. After both attained an orgasm under the dogs’ tongues, Adam moved them into pleasuring the dogs. He reminded them not to excite the dogs too much; they wanted to experience the dogs mounting them and tying with them. Adam moved the women into position so their heads were nearly touching. The dogs found their own way to the women’s asses and were quickly on top of them. During the ensuing moaning and groaning of the dogs frantic humping into them, Adam was surprise to hear Sarah demanding him to kneel down between them. It wasn’t even a request; she told him. He could see where this was going, though, and was not reluctant to comply. He knelt down and found his hardening cock quickly engulfed by Sarah, Kathy licking and kissing the base of his cock and shaved balls. His cock was being passed from one to the other, each one fully engulfing his cock into their mouths and to the entrance of their throats. He wasn’t sure what he would expect from lesbians, or if it would be prejudicial to assume anything, but they were very skilled in sucking cock.Adam could tell when they both became knotted and when their second orgasm hit them. Both of them discarded his cock as their bodies shook in response the pleasures their bodies were reacting to. That didn’t last, though. As soon as they could recover enough, they were again sucking his cock deep and hard. They continued while being knotted, passing his cock from one to the other. He didn’t last long. As he spurted his seed, they didn’t shy away from it, either. Each fought for a taste and to take some into their mouths.Adam silently vowed to recreate this experience with the women of the team some time.* * * *The morning of the third day into the week and Sylvia was leading a meeting of the directors and managers in the administration building. By all reports and comments from guests and staff, the week seemed to be going excellently. Sylvia wanted anadolu yakası escort everyone to keep the focus on. This is the first tour of guests and it is the time when the glitches and lapses in training can show through. This initial week, however, is also very critical with the invitation to include original guests. Even they, though, have reported good impressions.As the group was rising from the conference room to return to their areas of responsibility, Sylvia motioned to Annie. “Annie … Amy … a word. Close the door, please.” We looked at her quizzically. Everything seemed to be going so well by all the reports. Sylvia indicated for us to sit down and Sylvia moved to be on the same side of the table, a move to make the meeting more informal, less authority driven.“A guest has submitted a challenge to the resort a****l group. Your group. It would have been easier to manage as a single guest or couple, but it has seen the light of day, so to speak. Other guests are aware of it. Maybe not as a challenge to the resort as much as an idea that has become very popular. There are now a lot of guests who think this ‘challenge’, this suggestion, would be a wonderful exhibition.”Amy, “I don’t understand. Someone is challenging the a****l group? Why? For what purpose?”Sylvia gave a nervous chuckle, “I talked to the originator to find that out. I approached the couple out of curiosity to understand the expectation, if not the complete motivation.” I raised my eyebrows. “They were here during the first visit. Despite our bringing them back to make amends, they still don’t believe that the resort is improved. Despite everything they can see and what the other guests are saying about the resort, they …”I slouched back into my chair. “They want to punish us. If that means giving us a challenge they don’t think we can fulfill, we will be exposed. Something like that?”Sylvia chuckled, again. “Pretty much, yeah What they want is a bestial demonstration, but on a grand scale. They want a b********y orgy of a****ls and your staff.” That didn’t seem too bad. The entire staff had been with dogs and there were enough of them. Sylvia must have seen the relief on my face. “There’s more. Just so it isn’t too easy. This involves your entire staff and the a****ls involved must be different species. No more than one of any type of a****l.”I shook my head. “Sylvia, I’m the only one who has mated with all the a****ls. I don’t know …”Amy was quiet for a moment, then, “No, you were gone for a while, remember? Dor experimented with the goat. She didn’t find it great, but not a big deal. Adam has been with a dog. If you could …” Her eyes brightened. “Let’s go talk to the others. Sylvia, don’t worry. We have this. I know it.”Amy called the others and had them meet us at the a****l complex. We sat in our loose circle and the challenge was laid out to the others. Amy took up the idea of Dor doing the goat since she already had. Adam doing a dog. She looked at me.“Annie, if you could do that horse, the one you already mated in the village …”I was deep in thought now, too. Amy’s confidence was getting the creative juices going. “No. Not just mate with the horse. We’ll make a statement with this that will be undeniable. I’ll come in belly-riding.” They all looked at me. “Think about it. They think they can get us with just a requirement that we are all being mated at the same time. Let’s give them more. A presentation. A skit like thing.”Adam asked, “What do you mean? Like a play we act out? Yeah, we make it more dramatic than just a demonstration of fucking a****ls.”* * * * *All the guests are assembled in an outdoor theater put together with urgency during the day. The theater, of sorts, consists of tables and chairs around a large circle so that all tables have a good site line, nobody having to look around or over someone else. Overhead are strung lights to provide much of the lighting in the center, a few spotlights spread around the perimeter for additional lighting focus. Despite having a couple guests wanting to mate with the dogs, we managed to put together a script for Sylvia to read from and to organize how we were going to present our little play. As the time approached, we were assembled outside the circle and behind a barrier in order to suddenly appear and walk through the guests with our assigned a****ls. We hoped it would work as effectively as we had planned for it to.Sylvia walked out into the center of the demonstration area. She was well lit by the lights and looked nervous. She had a wireless microphone that would amplify her voice from speakers arranged around the area, all taken from the resort club. She was wearing her normal outfit which was white shorts and blouse and casual sandals.“Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Again, thank you for choosing our resort for your week. This is an unscheduled presentation, the idea suggested by one of you and supported by many others. Since the idea seemed to be so widely supported by you, we agreed to the idea. The a****l group not only thought it was a good idea to show the types of a****l mating possible, they took the idea a few steps further to present what you will see in just moments. They hope you enjoy what they have put together for you tonight.“Imagine yourselves no longer at a resort with cocktails, tables and chairs with electric lighting and comforts of civilization, but instead you are spying in some way on villagers deep in the jungle. These villagers live a simple life, uncomplicated by technology, geopolitical struggles between regions or countries, or the constant drive for success that our capitalistic systems create. These people are driven by simple, basic, and generationally supported traditions of their society. Imagine a people, these villagers you will soon meet, who live off the bounty of the jungle, its plants, its a****ls, foul, and fish. These people live off the jungle and its a****ls, but they have learned to rejoice and celebrate and be in harmony with the jungle. They live from experience learned from generations of survival in the jungle to not waste, abuse, or take for granted the abundance of life and bounty the surrounding jungle provided for them.“Imagine that these people, many generations ago, struggling in the jungle to survive. Isolated from the world, not knowing what was outside their small sphere of experience, the jungle is not providing for them. The a****ls seem to have left them. Survival simply on plant life will not be sufficient. Do they leave the only land and surroundings they have ever known? Do they have to reduce the number of their people, slowly reducing until they cease to exist as a people?“Imagine that resurrection for them comes in the form of a woman, a stranger, an outsider who is not of these people. That she comes to the village, naked and simple like them but not like them. That she comes with a****ls, domesticated a****ls that can once again be raised and used to support life, but also wild a****ls of the jungle that can be hunted and that maintain the cycle of life needed for all creatures.“Imagine that these villagers learn from this strange woman that bounty of the jungle will not come and be maintained by worship, creating a deity to appeal to; instead, they learn from the woman’s example and apply it to their lives, to pass that down to following generations, and that their isolation allows that behavior to be passed from generation to generation until the details of that woman long ago is blurred by time, but what the people learned long ago remains strongly in their tradition.“Now, imagine that what these people, these simple, isolated, jungle dependent people, had to learn and adapt into their life was to give to the a****ls. But, not just to give their respect and recognition in the cycle of life, but give from their beings, their bodies. What they needed to give to the a****ls was a place in their sexual relationship with life. She taught them that mating was more than the production of young and the next generation. She showed them that mating between a****l and human demonstrated a long ago relationship that has been lost. This strange woman who appeared to the village at their time of desperation had an ability, a communion with a****ls that would be beyond what the villagers could expect to achieve. She had the ability, an a****listic relationship, that she could commune with even the wild a****ls. The villagers, she instructed them, should demonstrate their relationship with the natural world only by mating with domesticated ataşehir escort a****ls.”As Sylvia unfolded the story, the guests whispered and commented between themselves, seeing a story unfold, about to be put into physical demonstration, a demonstration that would provide a context around the activities the night was supposed to include.“Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the villagers and their celebration of life.”There was polite applause, conditioned by anticipation of what might follow. The setup talk made us more nervous as it focused everything back on us to a higher expectation of performance and presentation. If I was feeling this pressure, I was sure the others were, too. I looked to my left where Adam was waiting. I bent over, found a pebble, and threw it in the brush near him. He looked around and saw me waving. He smiled. Adam was to be the first to go out. We had discussed what he was going to do with the dog. We had our disagreement. I wanted him to be safe; he wanted to make the presentation memorable. I blew him a kiss and an encouraging smile. We were all committed at this point. Then, I heard Sylvia’s voice over the speakers, again.“What kinds of a****ls might we expect the villagers to have available to them at that time in the jungle? What kinds of a****ls might they have mated with in their celebrations? Dogs, certainly. But, dogs like we know and love as pets today? Probably not. Their dogs were probably closer to being wild, more likely used for security and hunting than as pets.” Adam walked out from behind the circle of guests. He was naked, barefoot, and his entire body was coated with a dark brown body makeup. Alongside him on a leash was Wolf. His black fur alongside Adam’s darkened skin, his penetrating eyes looking from side to side as they passed between the guests. That drew a gasp as the people on the far side saw them first. Adam had picked his location of entering carefully, seeing where Kathy and Sarah were located, the lesbian couple he had helped, hoping for a friendly reaction as he prepared in his first fully public exhibitionistic sexual act. As he approached to pass by the table of the two women, Sylvia continued, “Men? Would men have also participated in this ritual tradition? Then, as now, only a special man.” Almost as if to reinforce what Sylvia had just stated, the two women reached out to touch him as he passed, Sarah from where she sat, Kathy by standing and reaching over her partner. It was a striking image as they walked through the ring of guests and into the center area, the black wolf-like creature with the demonistic eyes alongside a completely naked Adam whose entire body was darkened a deep brown. Adam led Wolf around the inside of the circle, allowing all guests a good view until he took his place directly in front of the table with Kathy and Sarah. He looked at them and was rewarded with nods and smiles of support and assurance. He didn’t waste any time now, the others would also need to be brought out and timing was important. He kneeled and patted the ground in front of him, wanting Wolf to lay on the ground. Wolf was a stubborn a****l, fiercely independent, and not inclined to cooperate with anyone but me. We knew this, though, and were prepared. I jumped onto the horse I held at my side so Wolf would be able to find me. I gave him a hand signal we had practiced, but I was still more nervous than not about the odds that it would work. He was still more of a wild a****l.Adam repeated the motion on the ground for the benefit of the guests, but Wolf had his eyes fixed on me. With a sigh of relief from me, and I am sure Adam and Sylvia, Wolf pranced back and forth in front of Adam, his eyes intent on the man, but finally settled down on the ground. Even the crowd released a collective sigh when he did. Adam then put a tentative hand on Wolf’s shoulder and stroked him. We had practiced this during the day, but anything could happen with an a****l like Wolf. Soon, Adam had moved to touching the sheath and the exposed cock, then lowering his head to take the exposed portion into his mouth. With Wolf’s head relaxed on the ground, I saw Sylvia take a deep breath before beginning, again.“On your tables are loose-leaf binders. Inside are photographs of the a****ls and their erect penises for your reference during the presentation tonight. As each person and a****l partner are brought out, please feel free to refer to the photos … image how each different kind of penis must feel to the human involved.”There was a brief flurry of activity as people pulled the binders between the two people occupying the tables, then flipping them open to the first page, which showed Wolf and his reddish dog cock complete with knot. There were comments shared quietly as their attention was again drawn to Adam who was just rising from his efforts with Wolf. When Wolf rose, it was clearly visible to most that his cock was now well out of his sheath and jutting out. Adam took the position on his hands and knees. Again, there was a collectively held breath as Wolf jumped on top of the man and began humping. Adam follow procedure and helped the dog enter his ass, which we had liberally lubricated prior to him going forward.The sensation must have been crazy for him as he cried out as the cock pushed through his tight sphincter and into his ass. He was mating with an a****l, but this time he was doing so publicly, an exhibitionistic act in front of people he didn’t really know. It was going to be the same for everyone else, too.“Yes, dogs … certainly, dogs would become a common mating partner, even if not a house pet like ours, they would have been trainable and responsive. But … what other a****ls would the villagers have been caring for in their lives back at that time? Your attention to Dor …” Sylvia held out her arm in the direction Dor was waiting. See too emerged through the tables leading a goat with a rope around its neck. She, too, led the a****l around the inside of the circle before taking her position. People noticeably were turning the page to now reference the goat penis. Dor, also, deliberately dropped to her knees and began working the goat’s cock out of the sheath. When she was mounted, a muffled exclamation moved around the circle as now two of the group were mounted and being fucked.Tami, too, drew exclamations when she emerged with the llama on a rope. People openly talked about the a****l and debated about the woman doing it. She did, though. But, it was when Amy came out leading a nervous hog that the entire area went quiet. That is, everyone but the three people and a****ls inside the circle in the act of mating. Amy looked nervous. We had discussed her doing the a****l earlier in the day, but we finally decided it was best to let her experience it the first time in front of everyone. The reaction was sure to be exceptional. And, she was a tremendous sport for volunteering.When the hog mounted Amy, the grunt she released was clearly heard by everyone, the guests with ringside seats and everyone behind the scenes assisting with the production. In fact, most of the resort staff was s**ttered around the fringe of the area to watch. This was something none of them wanted to miss.“You might be asking yourselves about now; if the villagers could manage such mating with these a****ls, what of the one who introduced this ritual, this tradition to the people? What of Celina? What indeed. You would think that such a woman skilled and experienced with a****ls would somehow exceed in her mating what ordinary man or woman might do. I wonder …”I was busy as Sylvia was delivering those comments, but I heard them. The “I wonder” was her cue to leave the center area in search of me. She arrived to me just as I was getting into position with the assistance of several others who had worked with me in practice several times earlier in the day. When Sylvia arrived, she was already stripping out of her clothes and walked right up to a man and woman who had acted as make-up artists for the others. They went to work quickly, covering Sylvia’s body with the same dark brown coloring. When the man hesitated at her breast, she chuckled and looked the young man directly in the eyes, “Don’t hesitate now, dear boy. I would look quite silly with white breasts.” He was blushing, stroking the color over the breasts of his most senior boss.When Sylvia was ready, I was, too. She took the reins to the horse in one hand and held the mike in the other. She led the horse to just outside the circle. The people on the opposite side saw us approach ümraniye escort and the attention of the others moved like a wave in the stands of a football game.Sylvia walked the horse through the tables and it was then that a gasp, a cry, and exclamations started with the two tables we passed between and quickly spread around the circle as we entered it.“Ladies and gentlemen … allow me to introduce Celina, the woman, the legend, who brought the tradition to the village. Celina, this strange woman who wandered into the village that day, was in fact white, not like them, at all. Not like them in many ways, certainly. But, especially, her capability for mating with a****ls.”At that moment, shifting the attention of the guests from Sylvia’s words back to him, Adam shrieked, then released a long, low, mournful groan. He had decided and accomplished taking the knot into his ass. Several people cried out, but Adam held up a hand to acknowledge the concern but indicate that he was okay. This was what Adam and I had argued about. He wanted a dramatic addition to the show. Taking a knot vaginally could be related to by the women guests … anally? He felt this would put to rest the challenge to our team. In response, privately with staff members, I arranged for ice water to be ready to assist in separating them later.In moments, the attention was brought back. Sylvia, too, was now naked, make-up covering her body with the same dark brown color. She led the horse, the horse I was underneath, the horse I was belly-riding. By the time we had only reached the edge of the tables, I was already moaning and gasping from the movement of the massive cock inside with every step that the b**st took, even at this careful, slow pace that Sylvia tried to maintain. I had learned that the early stages of belly-riding were some of the most intense and painful. I was confident of my uterus expanding and my internal organs shifting to allow the length of the cock to slide inside me, but it always took some moments for my body to fully adjust to the intrusion of this cock, not unlike anal sex that the asshole needs some adjustment to comfortably accommodate the penetration of a cock or dildo inside it. I also learned that a first orgasm on my part allowed the subsequent time to be much more pleasant as the orgasm stimulated my uterus to expand and adjust easier.For this activity, we chose not to apply the concoction the villagers used to prolong the horse’s climax. This was about a dramatic conclusion to the show. I cried out as the horse was led into the inner circle and I felt my body quake against the restraints of the harness and my contact with the horse. I was only vaguely aware of the activity around me as Sylvia led the horse, and me, around the inside of the circle. As my orgasm subsided just a fraction, however, I was again aware of the sequence of activity that we had planned.At the sound of Sylvia’s voice resuming, I dropped my head searching and found Amy as we came up to her. “Amy”, Sylvia continued, “tell us, dear, what are you feeling with that hog on your back and his peculiar cock inside you?” This was a planned shift. The hog was so different when I had experienced it and we knew that the guests would find the image of the hog penis intriguing. One of the staff, also with make-up on his naked body, took the mike from Sylvia and held it down to Amy whose upper body was pressed to the ground. At first there was only grunting and gasps heard from her. Then, “Oh … my … god! It … it’s … it’s like a … a whirling whisk inside my pussy! It is whipping around inside me … touching me everywhere. It’s hitting … hitting my cervix … oooooooooooo … staying at my cervix … now … now it’s feeling at my opening … pressing at the opening … opening me!” A gasp went around the circle, again. People weren’t sure where they wanted to watch, anymore. Everywhere around the circle, humans and a****ls were mating and going into orgasm. “Oh … oh, oh, oh … oh, he’s … he’s inside me, inside my womb!” Another gasp went around the circle.Just then, in anticipation of that comment, there was a rush of a body approaching me. Dor. The goat had climaxed with her earlier and she had been biding her time licking and sucking the cock clean, waiting for this moment. She handed the rope to the one of the staff who was waiting for this moment. Dor then rushed over to the horse, took the reins from Sylvia, a handful of the horse’s mane, and leapt on top of the a****l.This quick shift caused another conflict for the guests, adding something else to shift their attention and more confusion over what they watched. We had decided that Dor had a good ability for bareback riding and was comfortable doing it. We gave her practice with this horse to see what she and he could be expected to do. It was going to be dramatic for the guests … and me.As Dor leapt onto the horse, it moved suddenly, as we expected from previous tries. It caused me to cry out repeatedly as the horse pranced and shifted until Dor got control of him. Even though her gaining control was quick and seemingly instant, the effect on me of the cock ramming into my insides created an instant stimulus that had me once again near orgasm. She pranced the horse around the inside of the circle and by turning my head I found that all of the mating had ended for the others except for Adam who was still hopelessly knotted to Wolf. And, Wolf didn’t seem at all happy by that. They were ass-to-ass and Adam was being yanked backwards by Wolf. I managed to point to Adam and Tami and Amy moved to quiet Wolf and sooth Adam. At the same time, a staff member appeared with a bucket of ice water and slowly poured it at the junction of the two. Wolf didn’t like it and I doubted that Adam did, either.But, my situation required my attention as Dor trotted the horse, then suddenly stopped it and moved into the dead center of the circle. The stop had jammed me onto the cock, but I knew that was only the beginning of the climax … mine and the horse’s … and the show.Dor waited a moment, the horse anxious, moving forward and backward, jerking me on his cock in the process. Then, I saw Wolf moving and knew Adam was free. Dor moved the horse at that moment, having been waiting for that final member of our group to complete their mating demonstration … final, that is, besides me.She moved the horse forward several steps, then backward. Each shift caused me to cry out. I could feel my own orgasm ready to burst over me, again. I could also feel the horse’s cock swelling the first pulse of his pending climax. I reached back and touched Dor’s leg, our signal. The horse bounced. Once, then twice. Each time I cried out, “Yes! Yes!!”Then, Dor managed it. The horse reared up on its hind legs, its front legs seemingly pawing the air. I orgasmed as I fell further onto the cock, jamming the head against my insides. I cried out, gasped, groaned and moaned. All seemingly in the same breath and moment. The horse, too, whinnied and jerked its body, even while in the air. He came, spurting into my body. Spurting his voluminous amount of cum into my already stuffed pussy. Spurting his cum into me where there was no place for it to go … but back out of me. And, it did just that. Each huge spurt of his cum, seemingly a fire hose of cum forced into my body with no place to be with his huge cock stuffed inside, squirted out from my pussy, forced out around his cock, spraying in all directions around it.When the horse was done and I was limp, the team eased the harness off the horse and me off his cock and slowly lowered to the ground. I heard the quiet. There was a hush over the guests and staff alike. As the team assisted me up, an applause started quietly, but rose in intensity quickly. The applause was followed by the guests coming into the center to thank us for the show. It was then that the two women, Kathy and Sarah, approached Adam standing next to me.“Adam, that was amazing! The entire show, but you … my god … knotted in the ass? That must have really hurt. As the woman said, ‘only a special man’.” The woman looked at me, but then addressed Adam, again. “After what you did for us earlier, leading us through our own experience with the dogs and now this, you would make two lesbians very happy and honored, if you would join us in our cottage tonight. We would both really like to thank you.”Adam looked at me and I nodded, taking Wolf’s leash from him. “I’m the one the one who would be honored. I will join you there, let me clean this off my body, first.”They each took an arm and pulled him away, “And spoil our fun? We’ll clean it off you …” I smiled as I watched him leave on the arms of two lesbians as he walked delicately with an unusual stride. I was feeling the same way and felt horse cum continuing to leak from my open pussy as I stood holding hands with Amy and Tami, my feet separated for comfort. Yes, quite a team we make …* * * CHAPTER 16 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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