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ESTIM Experiences Ch. 04

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Chapter 04

Estim Experiences and Other Fun

Hello again!

I know I post a lot about this but damn if it isn’t amazing each and every time. Earlier today I had a brief opportunity to indulge myself when I found myself alone so I quickly stripped from the waist and turned on my favorite porn.

I hooked myself up with an electrode at the base of my cock and another around the head, started to ease the power up. I had to concentrate my pleasure. I was on a time limit and I had to make the most of it.

By that time I was ready to cum, I was so fucking turned on. You should know that I was looking down at my stiff cock all swollen and red, precum oozing, horny, throbbing, and the woman on my television urging me to cum, until l couldn’t stop and didn’t want to!

I came intensely. Incredible intense pleasure flowed through my groin area, oh my balls tightened up; I thrust my hips, I spurted, ejaculating, feeling so fucking good! It never gets old!!

Did another repeat of this exercise, (I should say this sexercise), late last night, as earlier in the day I was rushed and although I came powerfully, I was rushed so you can imagine my frustration waiting. I walked around all day latently horny… by the time I was free to play I was so turned on and with new battery for my estim device, well, all I can say is that the sensations of pure pleasure were unbelievable.

45 minutes of absolute bliss, sitting back, legs open wide, naked, just enjoying the constant insistent rhythmic caresses, stroking, feeling a rippling up and own my swollen shaft, and a licking swirling sensation around the head and corona of my dripping prick, followed by approximately 15 minutes of intense edging, moving the power up to the brink and back.

It made me so fucking hard. I love being totally aroused stiff: leaking precum, dripping down the shaft pooling around my balls, constant insistent feeling of impending orgasm.

The stroking sensation, caressing, teasing the hell out of my cock, is so addictive.

I love being naked watching enticing images, fantasizing, focusing, following the constant erotic instructions on the screen and in my headset to a mind-boggling, ball-churning, cream squirting cum load.

I fucking lost it, busting another glorious cum load, spasms of pleasure, shooting gobs of semen all over my stomach! I literally can’t get enough, constantly thinking about doing it, wanting to do it all the time, it’s definitely physical and mental addiction and I love it.

Now for a moment, some information:

For beginners and intermediate users, if you buy a TENS unit they cost about $75-$80 something like that. They come with their own wires and usually with a 4-pack of stick-on electrodes that plug right in with the wires. Smartstim.com has all kinds of sexual electrodes at various prices.

The rubber electrodes are tubular and hollow. With those comes a plastic clip that you slip each end into kaynarca escort to make a loop, after that whatever configurations you can come up with are also very interesting such as around the ball sack, and around the corona, (my favorite) or whatever your imagination can come up with.

I firmly believe if you explore this you will have incredible orgasms.


Last Thursday was basically devoted to sex. I recently joined an ESTIM SKYPE group.

I went on Skype logged in and watched some guys like me, guys who were stimming, getting themselves off as I as I was indulging in some of my own electro stimulation.

I had been basically edging all day on and off, watching porn, talking on the phone, masturbating, lovingly stroking my engorged cock, being naked and aroused. I don’t often have an opportunity like that but when I had the house to myself for almost 12 hours I said to myself “I’m giving myself as much time as I want”. Quite honestly it was glorious.

I really learned a lot about things, about myself and got really excited ebbing and flowing with the intensity of my arousal. Finally during this glorious estim fueled SKYPE session, watching several guys stimming and being watched, and from watching some really hot women masturbating themselves and showing off their hot, sexy legs big titties and pussies and assholes, I ultimately made myself squirt again! It was the most glorious sensation after almost six hours of continuous masturbation and edging, phonesex, Skyping!

Oh my God I was just ready to burst. as usual, and believe me it never gets old, I felt that familiar tugging sensation, big build-up and amazing pleasure is my cock erupted and spurted it all over me, which left me weak in the knees for over an hour.

Some of the best sensations are the ones I’ve already done although there’s an electrode that I definitely want to get. I have seen it in use on videos; I am of course referring to an anal probe.

In the videos that I have seen it the electric pulse causes your rectum to contract rhythmically, hugging it, bumping against your prostate, and it’s guaranteed to blow your fucking mind, judging from the amazing groans of pleasure and ecstasy in the videos have shone. I will share more when it happens.

Lastly (for now)

Recently I have started masturbating online with a buddy. We found that we had the same basic taste in porn. How it started was one day by calling a chat line I frequent for free phone sex, we connected by chance the first time. We talked a bit ad realized we both liked the same stuff, and were both members of the same online site. So this day, after seeing that he was online on our favorite porn site, and knowing he would also be on the chat line, I wanted to reach out and connect.

I called the line, and found him and sent a connection request. After we were connected we chatted for a moment, and then we selected a video to watch together orhanlı escort on our computers and masturbate to at the same time.

This time I had decided to use my fleshlight, and so lubing up my stiff cock, I lovingly caressed myself. I teased the head of my engorged dick between incredibly realistic pussy lips of my fleshlight, feeling the textures that they put in those things. I lay there stroking up and down on my sensitive hard cock, as I watched some incredibly hot porn with my horny friend.

We masturbated together and watched some really hot women masturbating themselves, and showing off their hot, sexy legs, titties, asses and pussies. We watched women getting themselves off, and who love to show off, women that love the idea that they are being watched and that people like us were masturbating to them!

I was so hot playing there, knowing he was doing the same, watching the same thing, and jerking his hard stiff dick too!

One video was particularly great, showing about 60 minutes of multiple sessions of a self-filmed amateur woman masturbating herself, having genuine orgasms, expertly edging herself and sharing her erotic intimacy with the world.

“Oh look at her fucking swollen lips!” he exclaimed in my ear, as she was spread open close up, sensuously diddling her stiff clit.

“MM, I know!” I responded, moving the fleshlight slowly up and down my stiff meat. I let out an involuntary groan of pleasure, as the toy rubbed me just right. (For those who do not know, the orifice of a fleshlight can be ordered with different textures inside. Typically the first 2-3 inches are smooth, and further in the texture (mine is like a threaded screw-like texture) is varied depending on your choice.)

Anyway it intensifies your sensations in wonderful ways.

Back to the story: As she got more and more aroused she started to use various toys to stimulate herself. Finally she grabbed a big fat dildo and slid it easily into her wet cunt. She moaned lustfully as she did this and my buddy, ‘Mike’ gasped loudly, and I could hear the rhythmic slapping and wet sounds of him jerking off furiously!

“Stroke it man! Look at that, look at her fuck herself!” I cried, my own hand flying the toy up and down my aching dick.

“Feel it! Doesn’t it feel awesome? I’m so fucking horny!” I continued, moaning.

I could hear him getting more aroused and moaning.

“Good girl,” he breathed, “Yeah, work that pussy, Jay, I’m so fucking close! Are you?”

“Oh yeah,” I answered, my cock responding to his urgency. Having seen this particular one before, we both knew it would not be long before she came, and that would be our trigger.

“Slow down a bit, Mike, like me, make it last. God my cock feels so fucking hard!” I said, stroking slower, but with longer luxurious motions. “You KNOW what’s coming up!”

“Yeah…” he sighed, “I love doing this, and I’m so close I have to stop. Man my cock is twitching tepeören escort and leaking out so much precum!”

Now Mike is a real ass man, as am I for that matter. The girl in the video obliged us just then by turning over, with her fat dildo still in her, and lubed up her pink asshole, quickly, and with a well practiced finger, inserted it in her ass to really get her butthole ready. Finger-fucking her tight asshole, she moved the dildo in an out of her pussy a few strokes.

“Here it cums buddy!” I moaned with excitement, “Watch… can you stroke again?”

“Yeah, I’m ok,” he said. I heard a distinct catch in his voice though, HE WAS CLOSE. So was I. And then it started. A visual counter started on the edge of the screen, from 20, counting down.

She reached off screen and took a thinner dildo, and pushing it up into her crack, again expertly thrusting it into her willing butthole. HER moans we so fucking hot. Faster and faster she went, fucking both her holes. Mike and I were moaning and babbling words of encouragement.

“Yeah, fuck it! FUCK, fuck your ass baby, God I’m stroking so good!” he said, or words to that effect.

My own responses were even more simplistic: I was feeling an incredible pleasure mounting. I cried out my excitement.

“Fuck, fuck it oh fucks! God! It feels so good, oh I wanna cum. I want to CUM!” as the counter steadily came down.

Our moaning masturbating girl was crying out in ecstasy as her orgasm hit, her pussy juice leaking, she did an amazing turnabout, and facing the camera now with her beautiful silky wet thighs parted, pulled the dildo out of her pussy, with one hand and instantly stroking her clit frantically, squirted out a huge wet stream of clear nectar. Her swollen pussy contracting with a true genuine pulsing orgasm!

“I’m cumming!!” I yelled, my cock swelling incredibly, as I came, ejaculating what felt like a stream of cum into my sextoy. Mike was also moaning out his lust!

“Me too, oh God! Ahhhhh!! I squirted all over my stomach!”

“OHHH!” “Do it, Man! Work it out like me! Don’t stop!” I cried out, my own cock still pumping out more cock juice. It was outstanding and felt amazing!

After while, when we could focus, as my breathing slowed back to normal, and my heartbeat slowed down to normality. As I slowly milked the last of my spurt out of my balls, I sighed out.

“Wow”, breathing deeply. “That was intense!”

“Yeah, Jay”, Mike breathed, his breath catching in his throat, “that was fucking HOT, my cock is drained!” We agreed to do it again as soon as possible.

My jack off buddy and I have done this many times since and get off together while watching select porn and edging. It was so fucking hot to be getting off with somebody else, watching the same hot fucking videos that I love getting off to.

The idea that he was really were turned on by the same things and we were getting excited, and we were stroking ourselves and encouraging each other at the same time was so fucking hot!!

I’m getting all horny about it thinking again, I hope this made you horny.

Bust a nut for us! I’m gonna have to masturbate soon!

Stay wet, stay hard! Stay horny!

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