Mar 31

Exactly What HE Wanted

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I have quite a story, but first a little background. I promise to try and be brief.

We were at my husband’s annual Christmas Party. It was the usual “swine fest” with the snobbish wives in tow. The food was always good and the music decent so I actually looked forward to going each year. This year was a little different.

For about 6 months my husband had been encouraging me to wear sexier clothing, lower cut blouses and higher skirts. Tighter jeans and open toed shoes. I equated all of that to a mid life crisis, so I went along.

After spending more than I thought he would on more revealing clothing for me, he started acting a little strange. He would encourage me to flirt with other men to see if he could get a lower price, better deal, or a free drink here and there. I honestly do not know why, he made $300K last year. At first I thought it was petty, childish and unneeded. He persisted. So, again, I played along.

I have to admit, it did feel invigorating to capture the attention of younger men at the time and have the influence over their thoughts and the outcome.

This went on for weeks and my husband was relentless in the pursuit of this. He started keeping score (for me) and made it into some sort of sport. As I said, I did enjoy it, but felt it was completely out of character for him.

A few weeks before Christmas we went out for dinner and he said nothing about trying to get a free drink. Our food was perfect and the service was top notch. I was wearing a low cut black dress with Italian stockings and high heel shoes. Nothing really spectacular for where we were eating, but I did notice other men glancing at me. My husband noticed it too. He said nothing. I said nothing. I did enjoy it.

On the way home my husband asked, “Did you notice that guy at the bar in the blue shirt staring at us?”

I played dumb. “No … But I did notice the waitress seemed to like to listen to you more than me.”

I was trying to deflect.

I HAD noticed the younger gentlemen in the blue shirt “eye-fucking” me from across the room on several occasions.

“I think she was just trying to get a bigger tip.” my husband replied.

I smiled at this gest and reached out to his thigh.

“It was very crowded in there, I am glad we got a table when we did.” I said.

My husband turned and smiled at me.

“I felt a lot of eyes on us in there.” He said.

I cleared my throat, “Out of towners and last minute travelers I am sure.”

We rode the rest of the way home in silence. Something seemed off.

My husband had a last minute trip out of town a few days later. I was on Christmas Break from the university, so I stayed home and prepared for the holidays.

I sat down at the computer to draft our News Letter and the computer froze up.

After several hours I decided to call my sister, an IT Professional.

With her help, I found a 3rd profile on our home computer that had several different articles, links to porn sites and links to a variety of alternative sex web sites for Cuckolding.

I did not delete anything. I thanked my sister and kept the call short because she was busy.

My husband is a creature of habit and always uses the same password for his accounts. Now that the computer wasn’t acting up, I was able to navigate his alternative account.

I found a yahoo email account where he had been messaging a few people about the sexual act of cuckolding. I went into the SENT Folder and my eyes popped out of my head. The things he wrote upset me at first.

Then I got a chat request from one of his contacts.

I declined it.

I got an email. “Answers on how to move forward”

I opened it.

“SON OF A BITCH.” I said out loud.

At first, I was upset and distraught. One could even say pissed off.

I read the email and my own husband had been “setting me up” for months. The sexier clothing, the flirting and the shoes.

His leaving the table or taking a long time in the bathroom. Sending me to get a table so others could see me arrive alone.

I read most of this with my mouth open. I was in a little bit of shock.

I got another chat request.

I opened it.

“Get-HER-there” popped up and asked:

Did you read the email?

Do you have any questions?

How is your progress coming along?

I logged in as my husband (yes, dishonest I know ..)

Yes, got the email.

Many questions

Progress is slow but promising.

Get HER there replied:

Remember why you started. Remember all the things we discussed. It takes time but it will be worth it when things shift. Just remember, this IS Pandora’s Box. Once its open there is no turning back.

I played along.

Why would she want to do this? That is my biggest sticking point right now.


Because she has the supportive relationship she wants and the encouragement to sleep with other men with your knowledge.

My mouth popped open and I started to laugh.

“Holy SHIT” I thought şişli rus escort to myself.

I replied:

She has been flirting with other men. She has been quite successful at it. A few nights ago we went out to dinner and I caught several men staring at her. She noticed them too.


That is excellent!!

Does she know you want her to have sex with other guys?

Enjoy the dating scene again and then come home and tell you all about it?

Does she know that you have been jacking off in the shower while fantasizing about it?


No … she does not know any of that.


Its time to crack that egg Brother. You will never become the Cuckold you want to be if she doesn’t know that she can act on these impulses without consequence.

Remember, she is going to be upset and her FIRST response is going to be that you have found someone else or want to find someone else.


Ok .. I will try.


You will DO. You need to do it this weekend, before the big Christmas Party. Then take her out to one of those New Years Parties where you stay in a hotel. Its the perfect set up.

Me: I don’t know. Its a huge step.


Have you had her watch any of the videos? The scientific ones where psychologist speak and provide theory along with proven results?

Me: No. There is never a “good time” for that kind of thing.

Get-HER-There: Make the time my friend. You could be watching your wife ride a strange cock on New Years Eve, screaming at the top of her lungs as she has orgasm after orgasm – while YOU WATCH.

Get-HER-There: Remember that fantasy you posted? Climbing over this hurdle is one step closer to making that happen!! Think of her, all the cock she has been missing out on since you started beating off in the shower instead of fucking her. YOU NEED TO MAKE UP FOR THAT … She will thank you and you will be closer in the end. TRUST ME. I do this for the women and for the men that want this to happen.

I sat in awe of these words. My husband told me he had ED and did not want to take any of the medications for it because of the side effects. To replace that, we got a dildo and changed our routine to where he eats my pussy and uses the dildo on me.

“That RAT Bastard” I thought to myself.

Me: I will make it happen SOON.


Tell me why.



“Oh FUCK” I thought to myself. I wanted to disconnect but I didn’t.

Me: Well, my reasons have changed a little .. but for ALL the reasons I have told you AND because I want to watch her.

Get-HER-There: Not good enough.

Get-HER-There: If you want her to cuckold you, you are going to have to convince her that this idea is going to benefit her MORE than you .. and it will, but ONLY if you man up and let your fantasy be known to her. Right now, you are just a shameless wannabe that is jacking off in the shower and letting her wants and desires suffer.

Me: I know ..

Get-HER-There: She wants cock. She NEEDS cock. She needs to feel cum shoot into her and she needs to know that she can satisfy a man. To satisfy YOU, she needs to fuck other men and THAT is never going to happen unless you tell her everything we have talked about. You are just being a selfish prick right now. Grow up and tell her how you feel. Do it soon!!

Me: I will!!

Get-HER-There: She will be upset but it will not last and she WILL thank you in the end. Remember the dialog I sent you in the PDF and remember you have to be convincing, firm and positive.

Me: Okay.

Get-HER-There: You are the last Cuckold in my group to break this barrier. Everyone else that signed on the same day has already told their wives / girlfriends how they feel. One guy is watching his wife in a threesome this weekend!! (That could be you very soon.) Remember your second post to the group? The fantasy about watching her with two men?

Me: Yeah

Get-HER-There: Tell her THIS WEEKEND and I can assure you that by the 4th of July, she will be taking cock in more than one hole … and you will be her biggest cheer leader!! Now go do it!!

Me: YES!!

I closed out the chat session and sat in disbelief. I was mad as hell but I didn’t know at what, or who.

I looked through some of the stories my husband had written. He was very detailed in how he described these fantasies.

I had confessed to him that I wanted to have a MFM Threesome, but I never assumed that I would be able to act on it.

My anger was fading. I found myself getting aroused. The more I thought about it the more questions I had for my husband.

Then it hit me.

I looked at he SENT Folder again and I saw the first post to that group.


He had kept this fantasy alive for 8 months. He DID want this to happen.

I read though some of the articles. I skimmed some of the scientific şişli türbanlı escort facts surrounding this fantasy.

I looked on line and found a LOT of web sites and a LOT of submissions. I focused on stories and submissions from the wives.

I started to realize that I was worshiped by my husband. The more I looked, I realized this was a legitimate fantasy and “condition” that thrived on humility and sexual denial more than sex itself.

I started to lose focus, so I saved ALL of the web sites on his profile and copy / pasted them to a document. I emailed that to myself. I saved his log in information and made a shortcut from my account on the computer. Then I password protected my own account. “I can keep secrets too.”

I logged out of his account and shut down the computer. The news letter would have to wait until later.

“I am still mad, but I am more horney than upset.” I told myself.

I went upstairs and stripped out of my clothes. I laid down on the bed and pulled out the dildo. I was so fucking wet and “ready”.

It was not the same as when my husband used it on me, but it got the job done. In a matter of seconds I moaned out loud and rammed the dildo inside of me, striking my G-spot.

I collapsed on the bed and panted for a few minutes. After catching my breath, I got dressed in a pair of cut offs and a tight tank top (no bra) and went outside to pull weeds from the flower bed. A constant duty of home owners in Florida.

The cut offs were tight on me. With no panties, the seam rubbed on my clit just right. I was getting worked up again.

ALL I could think about was how my husband had deceived me (to an extent) and denied me sexual gratification.

“If ALL you want to do is eat pussy, then I will make sure you drown in it.” I thought to myself.

I would pull a few more weeds.

“I will take so much cock your fucking head will spin.” I thought to myself.

I just kept thinking about fucking every man I knew. Every man my husband knew. The more I thought about the vulgar act of fucking, the harder my nipples got, the wetter my pussy got and the more clouded my mind became.

I was almost done with the flower bed when neighbors came by for a visit. Phil and Louise were good neighbors that kept to themselves but always needed to borrow something. Phil had brought by a bottle of Scotch to show some appreciation. As they got out of their SUV, I stood and turned to face them. The look on Louise’s face was of utter shock when she saw my nipples sticking out. Phil noticed but did not point it out, or indicate that he noticed. He DID pull his sunglasses back down as they got closer.

“We brought this by to just say THANK YOU for another year.” Phil said.

Louise was speechless. Phil was speechless after she caught him staring at my body. I chuckled inside.

“Dan is in Atlanta until Thursday but I will tell him you stopped by.” I said.

Phil said nothing.

“Well THANK YOU.” Louise said.

“Sorry to be short, but I am almost done here and then its 5:00 for me.” I joked.

Phil laughed un comfortably. Louise said nothing but looked at my chest with a little envy.

“See you later …” Louise politely said as she pulled on Phil’s arm.

“Oh absolutely.” I reassured them.

I returned to my flower bed and I heard Louise smack Phil.

“That’s right bitch … take notice. I will fuck your man if I want and there is NOTHING you can do to stop me.” I thought to myself.

I stopped working.

“Did I just think that?” I asked out loud.

I laughed at myself.

I finished the flower bed and ran inside. I poured a glass of wine and soaked in the tub. I rubbed my clit while the suds covered my body. I came three times.

I got out of the tub, rinsed off and finished my wine. I checked my phone. Nothing.

I went online and did some research of my own. I actually joined a group and got some pointers and tips on how to proceed. I was still on the fence, but if I was going to move forward with this, I wanted to stay one step ahead of my husband, instead of 8 months behind.

I sat down and made a list of things that would be changing soon.

I disabled the lock on the bathroom door. I was going to catch my husband beating off and punish him for doing so.

I downloaded a tracker on the computer and set up the weekly reports to go to my email only.

I ordered a chastity device, a bigger dildo and the “Accommodator” which is a dildo the husband wears on the chin while he eats the wife’s pussy.

I laughed at this and at myself.

I decided to stop wearing panties around the house and on a few rare occasions outside the house. Something my husband had always asked of me but I never entertained.

I got a text from my husband around 9pm. We called and talked but I acted like nothing was wrong. I kept it short and sweet because I knew he was tired and I was too.

Thursday I straightened up the house a bit, did some laundry and şişli ucuz escort prepared for my husband to “man up” and confess what he wanted in life.

Thursday evening I picked him up at the airport and we went home. We had a few drinks and went to bed.


Friday morning he woke up and went straight to the computer. I got up a little later and made more coffee. He worked in the office for about 3 hours and then was finished for the week.

“Well now what do we do?” I asked.

Dan said, “I don’t know.”

“I could use a new dress for the Christmas Party.” I suggested.

Dan sort of balked at the idea of leaving the house. I could see I would need to be more convincing to get him to go with me.

“We could go to that one little shop by the Cuban coffee shop and get some mid day pick me ups.” I suggested.

Dan was unmoved by the idea.

“Maybe I could flirt with the sales clerk to see if we can get a discount?” I added.

Dan smiled. “Okay, I will go.”

We jumped up and headed for the bathroom. Dan rinsed off in the shower and I made it a point to stay in the bathroom.

“No more jacking off for you asshole.” I thought to myself.

We got dressed and headed out.

I wore a white sun dress with a lacy bra and no panties. I had on sandals and a smile.

We drove all the way to the mall and headed for my favorite clothing store. There were no male clerks working today.

“Bummer” I thought to myself.

I tried on about 8 different dresses until I found one that we both really liked. When we both agreed on the dress, I whispered in Dan’s ear, “It looks this good on me because I am not wearing any panties.”

The look on Dan’s face was priceless.

I changed quickly and we paid for the dress.

“I think I need shoes to go with it.” I said.

We browsed a few shops and but couldn’t find anything. We took a break and got coffee (as promised). I flirted with the clerk. I even got close to him so he could smell me. I KNEW it was driving Dan crazy inside.

We were almost finished with our coffee when we saw a new shoe store in the mall.

We walked over and couldn’t bring our coffees inside, so I made Dan wait out in the breezeway while I shopped.

I was met with a very attentive sales clerk that was a little younger than us. I asked for a few different styles and took a seat in one of the chairs. I could see Dan and Dan could see me. The sales clerk had to face me (with his back towards Dan) and I seized the opportunity.

I scooted outward in my chair and as the clerk brought the shoes back. He kneeled in front of me to help me slip them on. As he guided my foot into the first shoe, I spread my legs open so he could see between my thighs. Inches from his face was my shaved pussy, looking right back at him.

His jaw dropped open and he paused for what felt like minutes. I looked up and saw Dan looking right at us, his jaw open as well.

I broke the silence by asking, “What do you think?”

The clerk stumbled for words and said, “I think that looks really nice.”

I looked him in the eyes and smiled Devilishly.

“How do the shoes feel?” he flirted with me.

“I would like to try on both of them, to see how they feel.” I flirted.

The clerk was mesmerized. I could see that he did not want to take his eyes off of my pussy. That DID make me a little excited.

He tried to reach for the other shoe without looking for it, but he had to pull his eyes away to get it out of the box.

I spread my legs a little further and gave him an even better look. I lifted my foot and let him guide the shoe onto my foot gently. He did so without looking away from my pussy.

I had never been so daring before this.

I looked up and saw my husband staring at us both.

The Sale Clerk was a little red but kept his calm. I looked back down at him before I placed my foot on the floor and stood up.

I walked over to the mirror and looked at the shoes. I loved them for what they were going to represent more than how they looked on my feet. I stopped, turned and walked past the Sales Clerk and stopped on the opposite end of the store. I slowly returned to my chair, right in front of him and sat down.

“Could we try the other pair on too?” I asked.

The clerk nodded.

I scooted forward in the chair and spread my legs giving him a full frontal view of me. I looked over the clerk’s shoulder and watched my husband as the clerk slipped these shoes off of my feet and placed them in the box – a box he had moved closer so he would not have to break away from the view I was giving him.

The clerk rested each of my feet on his thighs as he reached for the other shoes.

My husband’s face was priceless. I watched him more as the clerk as he carefully slipped on the first shoe. With my opposite foot, I gently rubbed his hard on with my opposite foot making certain to keep my pussy exposed for his viewing pleasure. The clerk took it all in stride as he buckled the first shoe and then repeated the gentle movements with the opposite foot.

As he grabbed my foot to slip the other shoe on I looked down at him and gave another Devilish smile.

“I really like the way these look on me.” I said.

The clerk looked up at me and said, “They compliment your features very well.”

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