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Exciting Sex….Our gym class was combined with another class for the first week till the schedule could be worked out. It was a very hot September and all of us were dripping sweat and could not wait to wet to the shower.As I was running up the ramp I bump one of the students from the other class, he got offended and slapped me. The two of us started to fight, the coaches immediately stooped the fight separated us and asked us who started it.Neither of us said that the other started it and we both were sent back to the track and told to run four laps than going to the showers. We ran and spoke not to one another as we finished the last lap, we went to the shower.Once in the shower room I retreated to the far end of the shower room and turned on a shower head. Sulking and and angry I lathered up and was about to rinse off, when I turned around to see my adversary tuzla escort under the first shower head. I could not help but stare at his body as he lathered up, his muscles were ripped and tight and as he turned I saw his huge fuck tool hanging from his mid section.I stared too long and was brought back by my adversary calling out ‘WHAT THE FUCK YOU LOOKING AT???’ I looked up as he started to come in my direction, with each step his cock got harder and harder till it was standing straight out from his body.Before I knew it he was standing directly in front of me and speaking in a firm hushed voice ‘I’m gonna make you suck my dick and give up that ass. So now what you want to do fuck or fight.’ And right away he slapped me across the face so hard that I lost my balanced and tumbled to the floor.I started to gather my feet and he said ‘start sancaktepe escort sucking my dick or get your ass beat,’ his cock was staring me right in the face as he move closer. Both his fist were clinched , he lifted his feet and pushed me back against the shower wall.I looked up at him as he took one hand and started to stroke his huge piece of man hood. I got to my knees and open my mouth as he guided his large dick into my mouth. As my lips wrapped around his big cock head he opened his other fist and guided the back of my head to his dick and ordered me to ‘suck my dick good bitch.’I sucked hungrily on his solidly rigid cock head as he worked his dick in and out of my mouth. Just as his penis started to throb, he pulled from my lips with a very loud audible smacking sound. I thought that some one in the gym might have heard the üsküdar escort sound of his dick as it was pulled from my lips.He stepped around me and pushed my head and shoulders towards the shower floor. I lifted my butt into the air as he knelt behind me, I heard him cough and spit and felt his saliva strike me directly on my anal opening.I braced myself as he placed one hand in the small of my back and than his gigantic cock head as it nudge my anus. With a powerful push his cock head popped into my anus, I cried out softly as this monster of a cock entered my anus and my assailant assaulted my butt hole.He worked slowly and purposely at first sinking as much of his dick as he could into my anal cavity till he had seated all of his ten inches of dick into my butt. Placing both his hands on my butt cheeks, this brute fucked my ass thoroughly and shot his load of spunk up in my butt.Once he had filled my anus with his fluid he still grind into my butt hole. Just then a voice called out ‘just what are you two faggots doing.’ I looked up and standing there in the shower room door was one of the school janitors.TO BE CONTINUED….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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