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Executive Sweet: 6 Part Two

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FridayLast night’s rebellion from Giselle was still fresh on Ted Havlicek’s mind as he exited his private elevator from the tenth-floor suites to the back hall that lead to his office at Havlicek IT Solutions. His secretary must have radar because his intercom buzzed as soon as he opened the door. He keyed the button.“Mr. Havlicek, Mr. Michaels has called twice this morning. Do you want me to get him on the line?” Charlene asked.“Actually, I think I’d like a minute to clear some things on my desk. Thank you, Charlene; and if you could manage it, I’d like coffee also,” he said putting his valise on the credenza and then taking his chair.His hand immediately went to the computer mouse, and he scrolled to the Giselle cams. It was nine-forty and she wasn’t in the office yet. He scanned the other cams, garage, second-floor elevators, front entrance; there was no sign of his novice Executive Sweet siren. He had things ready for when she arrived. At the moment he needed to respond to Michaels who had great expectations and little patience for the work that needed to be done.Charlene came in with a mug of coffee and set it on his desk. “Mr. Michaels is on comm Ted,” she said with a smile.“Get ready for the explosion,” Havlicek quipped. He noticed his secretary had worn a familiar outfit; dressed like his new protege, she displayed her breasts in an unbuttoned suit vest and micro mini skirt. She had accessorized her apparel with tan stay-up stockings and red peep-toe pumps. “Did you alter your style a bit, Baby-cakes?”“There’re some new dress code changes being tested and I’m showing my support,” the secretary nodded at the desktop computer. “Do you want me to stay?”Ted shook his head no and motioned for her to go, then he clicked the mouse for the incoming call.“Malcolm how are you?” he said.“Havlicek! What the hell is going on with the girl?” Michaels yelled.“First off, please keep a civil tone of voice. Second.”“Did Turnbow quit last night? I saw the video, what the hell happened?”Havlicek picked up his coffee and took a long drink, perfect Charlene, he thought. “One. She is not a girl, Michaels. You are getting an intelligent sophisticated concubine, not some junior intern crawling around on her knees. Two. It’s a normal reaction that I expected to happen. I coaxed her into our game with the promise of mind-blowing rewards, both sexually and monetarily.  To be honest, it’s better it happened now than a week from today.” “Are you saying you saw this coming? Why didn’t you do anything?” Michaels complained.“I did do something; I tested her. I pushed Giselle to a limit. I think I’ve reached her, unlocked a secret door. She has willingly and eagerly let me in.” Ted took another long drink of his coffee. “If I’ve succeeded, she’ll be back on the program this morning. If I’ve failed, I’ll recruit the blonde secretary.” Or maybe my own, he thought.An icon flashed on the Giselle cams and Ted clicked to open the app. Giselle was walking in from the garage. The facial recognition program had picked up her image as soon as she got out of her car. “Michaels, if bahis siteleri you click your mouse on the garage cam, you’ll see for yourself.”Ted sat and enjoyed his coffee while Michaels cued his computer. When the wealthy CEO finally spoke again, it was just what Ted needed to hear.”Keep her on the program, whatever it takes. I will personally guarantee another $10,000, but I want her signed by next Thursday, latest.””Give me until next Friday. I’ll give her the signing bonus numbers first thing this morning,” Havlicek said. She’ll get a different bonus later this afternoon, Ted thought, his cock responding at the idea of today’s task and Giselle alone with him in the supply room.********************Too much awaited on Giselle’s desk that morning, still, she was in no rush to get to work after her little night of rebellion and debauchery. Louie had been a very satisfying reward for two days of sexual tension; the last time she’d seen her one-chance lover, he was with another girl who’d come to the bar looking for him. Lucky Louie.Of course, there had been an e-mail from Tom. Part pleading, part demanding, he tried to flatter her; rationalize his actions, and bring her back to the program. She had a task that afternoon, and he wanted to talk when she got to the office. He’d either be pissed or send her flowers, she should probably prepare for the former.The only instruction he gave her on dress code today was to wear high-heeled sandals. There was still one of her vested suits left that she had altered; it must have been the last that she worked on Monday night. Instead of the vest, she selected a strapless demi-cup bra from her drawer. After a liberal application of glitter gel, she put the lacy lingerie on.The closet yielded the last sheer blouse she owned; she had already snipped the buttons from it. It slipped on easily, hung loose and open, her nipples visible over the top of the demi bra. When Giselle pulled on the skirt it was at least an inch shorter than her others; even riding as low on her hips as possible, her pussy peeked conspicuously from underneath. She topped it with the suit jacket, unbuttoned, of course; its length just managed to cover her in the front. Micromesh fishnet stockings complimented her black strapped sandals.The morning e-mail had mentioned one surprising thing, Tom had gotten her a reserved parking spot right across from the entrance to the bridge over to her building. As Giselle bent over into the driver’s side door to retrieve her valise and portfolio of manuscripts, she noticed the security cam pointed directly at her naked ass, which was another reason for dressing the way she had.How many in the building were watching her on their desktops this morning?  She had begun the week by walking bottomless to her car, she ended it by carrying her jacket and walking into the Havlicek building flashing her breasts to all the people arriving for work that day.*****************“Giselle,” his voice came over the intercom still distorted by the audio filter.“Tom,” she answered then waited. There was a moment of awkward canlı bahis siteleri silence before he broke it.”I like the stockings, they’re really hot.””Now Tom! Don’t get personal.””You are trouble, you know that? You didn’t respond when I needed to come with you last night.”  “I wasn’t really in the mood; my day started out crazy and then got even more so,” Giselle said frustrated with this man and his maddening games.“Communication is important, we’re at a critical stage and things are only going to get harder from here,” Tom tried to remind her.“Listen to yourself,” she scolded him. She kicked her chair back from her desk, let the ceiling light illuminate her naked upskirt for his under-desk cam, “Communicating is important, but you refuse to drop the audio filter. Then, you played remote control sex toy with my pussy all day Wednesday and left me wanting. I waited in the office for an hour and a half and there was no word from you.” “I’m not in the habit of explaining myself. I was occupied elsewhere after work,” Tom’s voice said.“Too bad Tom. I would’ve done anybody last night horny as I was,” she shot a look of steamy anger at her screen. “You know what? I don’t feel like explaining myself today either. And you’re starting to sound like my ex-boyfriend.”“Stop trying to get personal. Have you read your e-mail this morning?””No, I don’t even have my coffee yet,” she answered.”Alright. I have two things to tell you. One: you earned two demerits.”“Two? Why two?” Giselle was a little miffed.“One for refusing to com and the other for not sending me your panty at the end of business. You didn’t wear one apparently.”“I did wear one. Something happened; the elastic broke and it came off.”  “It just came off. And you didn’t think to pick it up?”“There was a rush off the elevator, and I got caught in it. I didn’t react quick enough.”“Is that how it happened?” why was she lying? he thought.“Yes, that’s what happened. Why would you ask that?” Giselle wondered what Tom was getting at. He couldn’t know how her panty got ripped away in the crush of the elevator. Could he? “How many demerits do I have?” she asked as a distraction.“Three now. You can do extra credit today and get rid of one.”“I’m not sure I can do anything today. You know I still run a department, Tom. I have an employee resigning, we have to reassign all her work, her authors are going to freak,” Giselle asked. “I have two meetings before one o’clock today.” “This won’t interfere. Anytime you want to lose one demerit you can go topless for that day. That would include if you needed to leave the office.” “That will give the staff something to look at,” she stripped out of the sheer blouse, leaving her breasts exposed in the demi-cup bra. “Is this good?””Uhm, yes it’s very nice. The other thing is Michaels instructed me to offer you a signing bonus if you start next Friday. Carter and Mortenson are in on it also.”“A signing bonus for what? Agreeing to the contract now?” Giselle sounded interested. She crossed her leg over her other knee, allowing a more open display of her pussy.“Friday, canlı bahis the end of next week. It’s executive pay grade money.”“Dollars and cents please?”“The number on the contract is six figures, the signing bonus is thirty-five K; all on deposit in the account you draw your salary from. I get fifteen thousand if you sign,” Tom’s voice informed. “That sounds nice. I can get a new condo,” Giselle said, fantasizing. “And a new car.”The money is all there; I can show you the number and password for the account. You’d have a debit card and a huge expense account.””I guess I could take a few demerits for that. What about the other two points?”“I have a homework task for you to do on the weekend. You’ll have fun with it, I’m sure.”                                                       *************** Her secretary walked into the room and stopped short in front of the desk. “So, topless day is a thing now?”“It’s entirely voluntary,” Giselle said, “I need to talk to Hannah later this morning, I want you in the room also.”“Hannah will like that.”“I will also need Jennifer’s resignation paperwork, the request for a new hire form, and I’m promoting Hannah to assistant manager.”“Hannah will like that also,” Denise responded.“And check my contacts list to see if you can find Ed Sommers at Midsummer Woods Publishers in Metairie, Louisiana”“Is that near New Orleans?”“Yes, their company used to be a subsidiary with ours, then their owner Captain Pocket took the company solo. Oh, and I’ll want to Skype with him when you get the number.”“He’ll probably like that.”The meeting with Hannah went as well as it could. Hannah took her t-shirt off, and the mood changed. Denise and Giselle outlined what Hannah would be doing with Jennifer’s assignments. After a while, they broke up and went back to work. It took her secretary some time to get the info on the other publishing house, then Giselle’s desktop chimed.“Ed? Hello how’s New Orleans?” she said and folded her arms under her half-naked breasts to push them up more prominently.“Sorry, your voice is familiar, but my screen hasn’t opened yet.”“It’s Giselle Turnbow, from Bookings and Reeder.”“Giselle! Wow, how are you? It’s been what four years?”“I can’t believe you remember. I was such a ditz, trying to do everything that summer and getting nothing right.”“Actually, you were a ray of sunshine. Cap still talks about you. You called on a really crazy day.”“Ok. It’s been crazy for me lately too. What’s your crazy?”“We just landed our first sale to a movie production. It’s a new author, Danny Blackthorn and guess who falls in love with his book?”“Uh, I don’t know?”“Sasha Scarlett.”“The red-haired bombshell of the Cosmic Comic Galaxy? That Sasha Scarlett?”“The one and only Sasha Scarlett; she’s bonkers for the sappy romance genre. We’re teleconferencing right now. I had to leave the meeting to take your call.”“Well, let me make this worth your while then. Did you push the video icon yet?” “Ok, here we are. Giselle! Oh my god. Are you at work today?” Ed said, amazed at the appearance of this bare-breasted beauty on his computer.“Yes, I’m in my office here in Atlanta. Why, something wrong?”“It’s just your tits are. Whoa. Let me start over,” he blurted out blundering. “I can’t tell you what it’s like to see you. I’m intoxicated by your beauty.” 

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