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Ass Hot

Sam walked into the house, checking from room to room to make sure no one was home. Today was the day. Today he would finally act out on his fantasies. The idea of cross dressing turned him on. To be ‘sexy’. He was only sexually interested in women, but the idea of being sexy like a woman turned him on.  After he was sure no one was home, he went up to the bathroom with his goody bag. In it were all the things he needed. Some things were easier to get, body lotion, bandages, razors and shaving cream, and body grooming materials. Those you could just act like you were really prissy about your appearance to buy. Other things were more difficult. To be specific, clothing. It’s hard to buy girls clothing as a guy. He blushed, placing the items on the counter, mumbling about how they were, ‘for his girlfriend’.  He walked into his bathroom and locked the door. No one was supposed to be home for hours. Taking a deep breath he wrapped his arms around his body, holding himself. He ran his hands down his chest to the bottom of his shirt, lifting it over his head, arching his back ever so slightly. He tossed the shirt to the floor and felt his skin. So smooth and warm, his nipples erect. He ran his fingers over them, gently playing with them. Sliding his hands further down, he undid his belt and slid his pants and boxers to the ground. He was completely naked now, and was shivering from excitement. He ran his hands over his legs. He had a petite frame. His body was small, arms thinner than most men, his legs defined. His stomach was smooth as was his chest.   Reaching into his bag he removed the razor and shaving cream. He sprayed a good amount into his hands and, putting a leg up on the toilet, lathered it up. He slid the razor up his legs carefully, shaving the hair off of them to reveal smooth, sensual legs. When the one was done, he moved to the other. Next his lathered up his chest, shaving off the few hairs that were there. Finally the big one. He had never shaved his genitals before. This was a big step for him. He closed his eyes and lathered up the sensitive area, slowly shaving the hair off, not wanting to get razor burn. He looked down at the finish product.  His body was now bare. He ran his hands all over himself, feeling the smooth unblemished skin. Opening the door to the shower he stepped in and turned the water on. It was steaming hot. He took out the body wash, a sort of floral smell, and washed his smooth body from top to bottom. He took the hair wash and closed his eyes, rubbing it in gently, massaging his skull. Then the conditioner.  He stepped out of the shower feeling refreshed. istanbul travesti Water dripped off of his body onto the floor. He grabbed a towel and dried himself. He squeezed lotion onto his hands in a little ball and coated his body in it. He was so smooth, like a baby. He smiled at himself in the mirror, feeling sexy already. His body was slightly red after the hot shower.   He retrieved all of his stuff and walked naked over to his room where the rest of the change would happen. There he closed the door, making sure it was locked tight. He lit candles, turning off the harsh light, and sealed the curtains on the windows to make sure no one could see him but him.  He grabbed his favorite Jazz album and put it in the record player. The scene was perfect. There he was, beautiful lighting, great music, and a tight naked body.  He reached into his bag and grabbed a little pouch. This sort of covered up his penis. There was a lot of pressure, but it was pleasant, not painful. He slid on a pair of black lacy panties, arching his back and looking over his shoulder at himself in the mirror. He had an amazing ass. Perfectly proportionate with his body. Not to big, but not flat like most guys. He stuck his ass out, which worked with the way he had arched his back. It was an image no man could resist.  He grabbed the skin colored bandage out of his bag and covered his chest with it firmly. Every layer he wrapped it he would add a bit of extra bandage on the front. This raised out his chest, without raising his back out any. On top of all this, he put on his black lacy bra. Now he was beginning to look very feminine.  His hair was only the length of a pixie cut, so he did it like most women in magazines did it. The results looked nice with his body.  He grabbed a pair of solid black tights out of his bag, pulling them up his smoothly shaven legs. They felt amazing on him. How could girls wear these and not be turned on all the time? His erection swelled up to it’s full size, but the covering just compressed against it, refusing to raise out against his black panties, that were smooth all around. This turned him on even more. His legs looked amazing. They were small and girl like already, but now that they were shaved and dressed up they looked even better. His feet were the perfect size for a girl as well, about a size 6 in women’s shoes. He grabbed the gray skirt from his bag, a sort of school girl skirt that rode up just above his knees. It went well with the tights and his almost bare upper body. Right there he wanted to take a step back and have sex with istanbul travestileri himself, but he couldn’t, the only draw back to his fantasy.   The final piece to this outfit, a white dress shirt. He pulled it onto his shoulders, pausing a minute to look at himself in the mirror before buttoning it up. The skirt went up just below his naval, the look of this was so sensual, his little belly button on his tight body was just a slight indent in the sea of smooth skin. He buttoned all of the buttons one by one, working his way up, leaving the top most buttons by his collar bone undone, and tucking the shirt into the skirt. He rolled the sleeves up below his elbows, exposing just enough skin to make you want more.  He inspected himself in the mirror, turning around sensually, moving his hips as much as he could. He wanted to work on his walk and talk. He walked all over his room, swaying his hips subtly moving his legs as best he could. The hardest part was moving his arms. He was so used to tucking his hands in his pockets, or balling them into fists as he walked.  Satisfied that he had the walk down he went to work on his face, using as little make up as possible. He glossed up his lips a little to make them look wet and plump. After this he took his glasses and put them on his face. The image was complete. He was ‘sexy’. You wouldn’t be able to tell him apart from any other girl out there.  Suddenly an idea came to him. He grabbed his camera and set it up to take pictures of him. He positioned it on his desk so it would take pictures every five seconds. He got on his knees on the floor, putting his hands between his thighs and looked up at the camera with a come hither look on his face. Then he bent over his bed and took a few pictures of his welcoming ass. Then he laid down and closed his eyes, raising his legs up and running his hands over his body. After it was over he looked through the pictures, deleting the ones he didn’t want.  He walked down the stairs to get some juice from the fridge. This was tiring work. Big mistake.  He got into the kitchen and bent down to get some juice and someone came up behind him and in a firm tone said, “what the hell are you doing in my house!” He whipped around and saw his sister there looking furious. He opened his lips to speak but she kept yelling. “What do you think you’re doing here? If you’re one of my little brothers sluts you better keep your hands off and go home.” “B,but… I-I-I” “You you you what?” Then she looked him up and down, and with a curious look on her face asked, “little brother?” With this travesti Sam ran up the stairs as fast as his little legs could take him. His sister ran just as fast, and over took him, whipping him around and grabbing his wrists, slamming his body against the wall.  “What the hell are you doing you little perv? I didn’t know you were into this stuff too!” “Wait…. what do you mean too?” “You have to keep this quiet. I mean it won’t come back on me like it would you if you told anyone so I know you will, but I dress up like a guy sometimes. I mean not like that Tom boy that I already am, but I really dress up like one. It’s super convincing.” “Why are you telling me this,” he said with a quivering voice. He had the girl voice down perfectly. “Because, you’re going to wait downstairs in those clothes while I get dressed, and then I’m taking you out with me.” “NO!” He tried to pull away but she held him firm. “If you don’t I’ll tell all your friends just what you do while no one’s watching.” He gave into her and walked down the stairs miserable, waiting on the couch. After 20 minutes down walked his sister, only she didn’t look like his sister at all. He shoulders were full, her hips masculine, the way she walked all hinted that she was a ‘he’.  “Well what do you think?” The voice that came out of his sister’s body was not even slightly girly. She was absolutely perfect. “I think you look so… handsome.” “Alright, we’re going to Brian’s party. You know Brian, from your class?” “No! They’ll recognize me! If anyone finds out…” “Trust me, no one will find out. No one even knows I’m a girl. Even the girls I’ve slept with don’t know,” she winked. They headed to the party and knocked on the door. Sam was fidgeting with his dress And looked around nervously. “Relax, will ya?” He took a deep breath and they walked in. All the kids from his year were dancing around to the music. Boys turned there heads to look at him as he walked into the house nervously. No one recognized him yet. No one was laughing. With that he gained a little confidence and started to sway his hips slightly.  His sister wandered off, grabbing the nearest girl and danced with her. It was so surreal. As he walked he felt something odd. A quick pat to his ass followed by a, “hey baby, what’s your name?” He hadn’t thought of that yet, “Uh, Lily,” he said as he turned around. Then his heart skipped a beat. It was Brian.  “The names Brian,” said the boy, “but you can call me hot stuff.” Sam thought, ‘how the hell does THIS guy get girls. He’s such a douche bag it’s so unreal.’ “Well it’s nice to meet you Brian but,” before he could finish his sentence Brian leaned in and kissed her. It was ruff, and gross. His breath tasted like he hadn’t brushed in a few days, he pushed his tongue against his lips trying frantically to french. Sam staggered back and just walked away as quick as he could, moving out to the dance floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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