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Experimenting with a fantasy.

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Experimenting with a fantasy.My wife(33) and I(32) have recently discovered that we are both very much turned on by the fantasy of sharing her with another man/men. It all started a few weekends ago when her and I were hanging out at home after taking some edibles, I don’t recall exactly how it came up but I was talking about how hot I think she is and how I love the sounds and faces she makes while we’re fucking and how I wish I could see her in action from a different angle. She asked what I meant, like if we were to set up a camera(we already make videos but shot from a first person perspective) or to watch another man fuck her.At the sound of that my cock got extremely hard and I felt a little embarrassed. My hard on was quite visible to her and she asked again; do you want to watch another man fuck me? I swallowed hard, I said “I don’t know? I hadn’t really thought about it before but hearing you say it is making me so fucking hard! Maybe I do? Maybe I want to fuck you with him? Is that weird?”She looked at me for a moment before replying, “I don’t think it’s weird. If it’s something you want to try I will, bakırköy escort I love you.”I told her I loved her too and took her by the hand and led her to our bedroom and told her to strip. She obeyed silently with a small smile on her face. I told her to lie down on the bed as I grabbed a blind fold and dildo from our toy drawer. I slipped the blindfold over her eyes as I began to kiss her and run my hands all over her body.I spread her legs and licked my fingers and rubbed it all over the tip of the dildo before slowly sliding it inside her. She moaned softly as it entered her already very wet pussy. I began slowly fucking her with the dildo as I stroked my raging hard cock. I repositioned myself so I could continue to fuck her with the dildo and put my cock in her mouth. She began moving her hips in sync with my hand getting wetter, muffled moans escaping from her cock filled mouth. I asked her if she liked having her mouth and pussy filled with cock at the same time she tried answer but my cock muffled her response. I asked again at the same time increasing the intensity beşiktaş escort of the dildo fucking her now drenched pussy. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and gasped “Yes! Don’t stop!” Before putting my cock back in her mouth. I told her she was a Good Girl and pushed my cock even further down her throat. We moved in one rhythmic motion, my cock and dildo sliding in and out of her wet holes as she gyrated her hips and moaned.”Are you going to cum on his cock?” I asked her.She took my cock from her mouth and caught her breath, “Am I allowed to cum on his cock? Do you want me to?””I want you cover his cock with your cum, my little slut!” I boomed back.Before I the words had exited my mouth she began cumming. It started low and gutteral before raising in pitch as it intensified, her body shook and through the dildo I could feel her pussy clenching down on the toy. “You’re such a good girl,” I said “You have no idea how incredibly hot and sexy you are!” I leaned in and kissed her deeply, the dildo still burried inside her but now motionless. We continued to kiss deeply and passionately beylikdüzü escort as I removed the cum covered dildo and repositioned myself to enter her. I began fucking her hard, the sound of her wet happy pussy and her loud moans like music to my ears. “Does the thought of being shared with other men excite you babe?” I whispered in her ear.”So much! Does it turn you on too?” She asked between moans.”Yes! You’re so fucking sexy! I want to watch another man fuck you hard and fill your pussy with his cum!” I panted as I continued to hammer her wet pussy.”Really?! You’ll let me have his cum too?!” She gasped, climaxing again at the thought.”Only after I have. Do you want to be filled now?” I asked still pounding away at her wet fuck hole.”Give me cum! Please! It belongs to me! Give me all of it! Please fill your good girl!” She moaned digging her nails into my back and wrapping her legs tightly around me.”Here you go slut! Take all my cum!” I grunted, burying my cock as deep as possible in her pussy and exploding inside her. She moaned loudly in response to my cock emptying my balls inside her. I collapsed next her huffing and puffing.”Thank you for the cum. I love you.” She said softly nuzzling into my neck.”I love you too, you are the epitome of sexy. My perfect slut.” I responded, kissing her deeply. We lied in each others’ embrace silently, kissing and cuddling before falling asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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