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Author’s Note: I figure I will never be able to write as well as Colleen Thomas or Babylez, (I HIGHLY recommend them) but I think women in the lesbian genre are pretty awesome, so I wanted to try to write a piece. If you’re looking for a whole lot of in-your-face sex, you probably won’t want to read this. Hopefully someone in Literotica Land will get some enjoyment out of this little ditty, but if not, sorry.


Diane Armstrong entered the locker room at the student Rec Complex and rounded the corner to reach her locker. She was surprised to find a young blonde whom she hadn’t seen before nearly naked at an adjacent locker. She gave her a half smile and perfunctory greeting, set her Head racquet down on the bench and started to spin the dial on her lock.

“Excuse me, but aren’t you Dr. Armstrong?”

Diane turned to the young woman a little surprised and said, “Yes I am. Have we met?”

“Well in a way. I am taking your ‘Intro To Psych’ class.”

Being the first day of class, it was easy to understand why Diane couldn’t place the young girl’s face. That and the fact that although Georgetown University had a reputation for small classes, her Intro class was so popular with the students that she filled the largest hall in the Intercultural Center with 150 students.

She was caught off guard when the young blonde approached her with outstretched hand, dressed only in small cotton panties.

“I’m Julie Summers. I’m a freshman from Kentucky. I really enjoyed your class this morning and look forward to the rest of the semester.”

Diane shook the young teen’s hand surprised by the firm grip. “Thank you Julie. It’s nice to meet you.”

Diane had gone through an early marriage right after she finished her undergrad degree at Pfeiffer University, a tiny college in North Carolina. That is when she discovered that sports took the place of an unsatisfactory marriage and sex life, which added muscle to her lanky 5’10” frame. When she reached 175 pounds of solid mass, and achieved her Master’s headed for her PhD, her husband decided he was interested in a more malleable woman, who worked harder on her femininity. In other words, one he could control and one who would live her life through him, and would sit around and worship him during every waking moment. After two years, the divorce produced more of a sense of relief than one of loss, and they parted fairly amicably.

Something about the short blond struck a chord with Diane. Suddenly she was instantly drawn back to her freshman year in High School when her cousin had spent the summer with her family. Rachel was the same age as Diane, but there was no real family resemblance. Diane was tall and dark, and Rachel was a petite gymnast, who was all of 5′ and 102 pounds. Diane judged Julie to be around 5’2″ but packed a little more muscle at perhaps 110 pounds.

Rachel and Diane had shared a bed for the Summer, and what started out as a thigh or calf occasionally touching, graduated to light kisses, then more probing deep kisses, and towards the end of the Summer, each satisfying the other orally.

Diane looked at the broad eager smile and sparkling blue eyes of the little blonde still shaking her hand and was instantly brought back to those nights of quiet passion as she and Rachel tried to hide their activities from her parents.

As Diane’s eyes moved lower, they came to rest on the young teen’s small but firm breasts. They were perfectly shaped, about the size of two ripe oranges, with small pink nipples poking out prominently. She had been going to the gym daily for the past ten years and although she admired a nice female body, none had made her heart race since Rachel… until now. The feelings were unusual for her and uncomfortable, so she quickly broke the handshake and turned back to unload her gym bag.

Diane removed her shirt and hung it in her locker just as her cell phone went off. As she reached for it, Julie stopped and stared, mesmerized by the taut forearms and thick biceps of the young professor. Though not a map of striated veins, and ripped muscle of a bodybuilder, Julie could was in awe of the broad shoulders, rock hard abs and full pecs encased in a light green bra. Diane didn’t go in for weights, but strove for 100 pushups, 200 sit ups and an hour of swimming in the morning, to go with her constant tennis matches, which were her first love. She took part in a “ladder” at the Rec Center, where anyone could challenge anyone above them, and being the woman’s champion, she had an endless number of challenges. Although it wasn’t a coed ladder, she was constantly taking on male challengers eager to defeat her, but no one to date had come close.

Opening her cell phone she discovered it was Susan, her opponent for the morning.

“Hi Susan. What’s up?”

“Oh Bummer….Well take care of him. I’ll just go for a swim and we can play next Saturday.”

Julie couldn’t help but continue to stare as Diane held the phone to her ear, making her large bicep clearly noticeable.

“Okay. poker oyna Talk to you later. Bye.”

Diane snapped her phone closed and tossed it back in her gym bag, clearly frustrated.


Julie watched as Diane slid the skirt over her thighs and calves and her eyes grew even wider. She had never seen a more beautiful or well developed woman, and her eyes traveled over the flaring bronzed thighs, down to gently bulging calves.

“Um, did your opponent stand you up?”

Diane gave a wry laugh. “Yeah, I guess she did at that. Her four year old son has been vomiting and has a 102 degree fever.’

“You really look like you wanted to get in some tennis. I have my things in my locker, so I would be glad to fill in if you would like to play a match.”

Diane once again surveyed the young teen’s body. It was clearly evident she was in incredible shape, but Diane didn’t see how she could develop much power in her strokes with her short stature. She had been looking forward to a workout though, so she agreed to a match.

Julie’s tennis attire consisted of a pair of light blue shorts with a matching sports bra. The shorts came to just below her navel and for some reason Diane was fascinated by the belly button ring with 3 small glistening emeralds arranged in a line.

Diane dressed in a more conventional once pieced white outfit with skirt and a scoop necked front and back top.

They exited the locker room and entered the courts, surrounded by a quarter mile track. Being Saturday, most of the courts were full, but they moved to court 6 which Diane had previously reserved.

They spent twenty minutes warming up and hitting balls back and forth, then it was decided that Julie would serve first.

The first serve surprised Diane by going wide to her forehand and had to be at least 115 MPH. Diane barely got a racket on it, and it was 15 Love. Julie changed up with the second serve sending a slow slice with wicked spin into her body. Diane was getting frustrated after sending it into the net to go down 30 Love.

Diane sent a vicious return on the next serve which caught the side line for a winner and she thought she was back on track at 30-15. Julie then sent another rocket down the center and Diane couldn’t touch it, bringing it to 40-15. Diane stared in amazement at her young opponent, wondering where the power was coming from.

She vowed to herself to bare down and the next point was a war of wills which lasted for a good minute and a half, with both fit athletes covering and using every inch of the court. Tiring of the lengthy rally, Diane decided to put her away and lined up one of Julie’s lobs for an overhead smash. The ball went long by a mere inches, and Julie was up, 1-0.

After the changeover, Diane powered an equally wicked serve, but with lightening quickness, Julie was able to reach it and make a return. Diane was able to rush the net and put it away with a volley, but on the next point, Julie sent a fierce backhand down the line for an outright winner. The game progressed and Julie tied the scored at deuce, making the woman’s champion work for every point she got. After another lengthy rally, Diane finally got the advantage, then put everything she had into the next serve, which Julie fortunately put into the net.

The grueling match continued and the score reached 6-6 and Diane had the first serve of the tie breaker. After an incredible effort, she was able to hold serve and go up 1-0. Her lead did not last long as Julie handily won the next two points on her serve. Diane was able to tie it up on her serve, but on her second serve, Julie won the point, giving her a mini-break and a 3-2 lead, with the serve back to the young blonde. She easily held serve, making it 5-2. Diane was able to hold and bring it to 5-4, but now Julie held the set in her hands with the next two serves. Once again Julie caught the corner with another blast for an ace, brining it to 6-4. She took a little extra time before delivering the next serve with a huge amount of spin, causing Diane to send it into the net, giving Julie the first set.

Diane was in shock. She had not lost a set in her three years at the University, yet she was thoroughly handled by the petite blonde teen.

Feeling that her reputation was at stake Diane once again took to the court and began serving for the second set. She held serve and surprised even herself when she broke Julie to go up 2-0. Both held their serves for the rest of the set, but Diane’s early break allowed her to win the set 6-4.

The third and deciding set was equal to the first set in its intensity with neither warrior giving an inch. Once again they found themselves in a tie-breaker, but this time, Diane was able to secure a mini-break, and finally win the set and the match at 13-11. In all of her days of tennis, no one, man or woman had come close to pushing her the way that Julie had, and her fondness and admiration only grew as a result of it.

Julie charged the net canlı poker oyna as her last shot flew wide, but never lost her beautiful smile or energetic bounce.

“That was incredible Doc. You can really play! Since I hate to lose, you have to give me a chance to get even.”

“Maybe some other time. I’ve had enough tennis for the day.”

“Oh I wasn’t thinking of tennis. How about a race? One lap around the track. Are you on?”

Diane, never one to back away from any competition, agreed. They set their racquets along the wall, and headed to the start of the track. Diane watched as Julie squatted down into a three point runner’s stance and she had to admire the view of Julie’s upraised buttocks. Diane moved up beside her and got in a similar stance.

Julie looked over and said “One two three go…agreed?”

“Fine with me.”

At the word ‘Go’ Julie was off like a tiny rocket. Diane figured that her long stride would allow her to easily defeat her young foe, but Julie was powerfully pumping her arms and legs and pulling away, so that at 100 feet, she was at least three body lengths ahead of her and continue to extend her lead. Diane pumped her arms faster in the home stretch and gave it all she had, but Julie was able to cross the finish line at least 30 feet in front of her and greet her with a happy dance as she crossed the line.

Diane gave her weak high five, accepting her defeat, then was surprised when Julie suggested a third and deciding competition to decide the day’s champion.

Diane laughed and said, “You’ve got to be kidding. Arm wrestling?”

“I’m not kidding. What’s the matter?….Chicken?”

Diane smiled and shook her head at the crazy teen as they both moved to lie down on some mats used for pole vaulters to land on. They lay facing each other and locked hands, with Diane’s large fingers nearly making Julie’s small hand disappear.

Julie tried to cheat with a quick “Go” and attempted to take Diane’s hand down when she was unprepared to start, but her effort barely moved Diane’s strong arm. Diane merely held Julie’s hand perpendicular for about 45 seconds as she almost felt sorry for the little competitor, straining with all her might, turning her face beat red. At about a minute, Diane felt it was time to end it, so she exerted half an effort and calmly put Julie’s hand to the mat.

Julie pounded the mat and blurted out, “Shit, shit shit. I thought I had you there for a minute.”

Diane laughed and said, “Yeah you really had me worried for awhile.”

“Actually I knew I didn’t stand a chance but I just had to try.”

“Why is that?”

“Well… The truth is, I have always been fascinated and maybe a bit obsessed by muscles and I just had to find out how strong you are. My girlfriend in high school threw the shot and discus and was incredibly strong too, but I think you would kick her butt without any problem.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence. What do you say we hit the showers, and I can give you a ride back to your dorm if you want.”

“That would be great. Do you want to meet for tennis again tomorrow?”

Something told Diane she needed to put the breaks on this relationship, but she agreed to play again tomorrow as they headed toward the locker room.

Diane slowly stripped and put a towel around her torso. Julie shucked off her sweaty clothes and merely draped the towel around her neck as she led the way into the showers. Diane was amazed by how at ease Julie was with her nudity. She seemed to have no idea of how provocative she was as her perfectly rounded hips swayed seductively with each step she took.

Julie calmly hung her towel on a hook, started the shower and began lathering up her hair. Diane watched the small fit body as she went from her hair, to lathering her buttocks, then soaped up her breast and blond pubic hairs. Once again she felt her heartbeat increase as she watched the soapy suds glistening on the blonde’s young alluring body.

Julie suddenly turned and made eye contact with Diane, causing Diane to quickly turn to the wall but she knew she had been caught in the act of admiring the young beauty.

Diane could feel Julie’s eyes on her as she almost shyly lathered her own hair and body. She quickly rinsed and grabbed her towel to return to the locker and dress before the blond teen could tempt her once again. No matter how she tried to frame or deny it, she found herself very attracted to Julie, and the thought was unsettling.

She dressed as fast as she could, and when Julie returned, in all her naked glory, Diane quickly removed herself to go blow dry her hair at one of the dryers on the wall. Julie soon joined her, still topless in just her pair of panties, so Diane quickly excused herself and told her she would wait for her in the lobby.

The trip back to Julie’s dorm was rather quiet and although Julie could sense that something was up and Diane was deep in thought, she was able to remain upbeat as she said goodnight and entered the dorm.

“See internet casino ya tomorrow Doc.”

“Yeah, see you then Julie.”

As she watched the cute blond nearly skip into her dorm, she pounded the steering wheel with her fist and began to drive home. The whole way home she was berating herself for what was happening with Julie, and it didn’t stop after she entered her condo. She angrily threw her gym bag on the couch and tossed her keys on the coffee table then she grabbed two handfuls of her hair and pulled as she let out a groan of frustration.

She paced back and forth in her living room as she punched a fist into the palm of her other hand. Fifteen minutes passed and the tension only grew. Finally she reached a decision that something had to be done and picked up the receiver and dialed the phone number that Julie had scribbled on a scrap piece of paper. Julie’s cute unmistakable voice answered on the third ring.

“Hi Julie. It’s Diane.”

“Yes, I had a great time today too. I’m afraid that I have some bad news about tomorrow though. I fell and twisted my ankle when I got home this evening.”

“Yes, I’m fine other than that, but it’s swollen and turning blue, so I think it’s a bad sprain and I won’t be able to make it tomorrow.”

“Yes. I’m taking care of it and have ice on it now.”

“Thanks Julie. You enjoy the rest of your weekend too, and I will see you in class on Monday.”

“Right…bye,” and she slowly replaced the receiver, not feeling a bit better than before she had made the call.

Sleep came slowly to Diane and she woke up twice during the night and no matter what she did the following day, she couldn’t get the picture of Julie’s provocative young body out of her mind. That, combined with the war she was having with her feelings, and the fact that she had feared confrontation and told Julie an outright lie, were turning her into a total wreck.

Sunday night didn’t turn out any better as Diane once again tossed and turned. She was never so grateful to drag herself out of bed Monday morning and head off to her swim before class started.

The swim went fine, but class with Julie sitting in the first row was a far greater challenge. Diane was able to lecture and avoid eye contact with the young beauty, but as the others exited the great hall, Julie hung around and approached her.

“Hi Dr. Armstrong…. I thought it would be best to address you like that unless we are alone.”

Diane gave her a weak smile while busily organizing her notes, and said, “I thank you for that. It is probably wise.”

“I was wondering Dr. Armstrong if perhaps you would like to have dinner with me tonight.”

“No!…Um, I mean, sorry but I can’t. I’m busy this evening.”

“Oh. Well…OK. Maybe we can plan another tennis match on Saturday then?”

“Gee Julie. That would be nice, but I’m afraid my weekend is already pretty well booked.”

It was the first time that Diane had seen Julie look almost crestfallen and it hurt like Hell.

“Okay Dr. Armstrong.”

She watched as Julie gathered her books, then headed towards the door, where she stopped and said, “I’m glad to see your ankle healed so quickly. Take care,” and she was gone.

“Shit.” Up to that point, Diane had completely forgotten that her ankle was supposed to be in dire straights.

She shoved her materials into her briefcase and slammed it closed as she wondered how she could be totally screwing up her own life, and quite possibly the life of a young woman who seemed to care about her very much.

Diane dragged around her office for the rest of the day, slept fitfully and didn’t even bother going swimming the rest of the week. On Friday, when she got to the reception area to check her departmental mail, she had a shock. There amongst the other standard University mail was a withdrawal slip with Julie Summers name on top. Diane felt like someone had given her a blow to the stomach, knocking the wind out of her.

In a haze, she moved to her office, just reading over and over the name; Julie Summers…Withdrawal.

Diane managed to teach her Cognitive Development and Abnormal Psych classes to finish the day, then returned to her office to once again stare at the withdrawal slip. She reached for the phone and picked it up three times before she finally dialed the number and heard Julie answer.

When Diane introduced herself as ‘Doc’ and got a weak “Oh hi” in return, the pain cut through her like a knife.

“Julie, if you aren’t busy I was wondering if you could meet me at the Tombs for dinner.”

Diane wasn’t prepared for the hurt and venom she received in response.

“If this is out of a guilt trip for turning me down the other night, I don’t need or want your charity Dr. Armstrong.”

“Julie that isn’t it at all. We need to talk, and I would also really like to see you.”

“Well, I guess I can make it. I’ll meet you there in a half hour.”

“Fine. See you then.”

Both arrived right on time and met outside and headed down the stairs to the popular underground campus restaurant.

They were shown to a table and both ordered iced tea then the waiter disappeared to give them time to look over the menus.

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