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Extra Credit

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Extra CreditI stood frozen outside of my professors office, my hand raised to knock at the door. I knew I didn’t have a choice at this point, it was time for me to face the music. In the last quarter I’d really let my focus go, especially in English (usually my favorite subject). I just couldn’t seem to think about work. I kept getting distracted by my professor. Watching his mouth while he lectures and the way he smooths his tie when he’s sitting at his desk. I was supposed to be finishing the final draft of my midterm paper and I hadn’t even started. My heart was pounding in my chest. I knocked softly on the door.”Come in.” he called from inside the office. I slowly swung the door open and peeked through.”You wanted to see me…?” I asked feigning an innocent calm.”Please come in and sit down.” He gestured at the chair in front of his desk. He had been standing behind his desk and pacing while reading what looked like a journal. He closed this presently, and pulled of his reading glasses. “I assume you know why I have asked you here today.” He raised and eyebrow. And I felt myself simply sink into the chair as he walked around the desk.”Yes. I know. I’m terribly behind.” my hands were clutching at my skirt, “I am so sorry I don’t know what’s wrong with me I can’t seem to focus at all in class, and I know my parents will be so upset if you tell them how badly I’m performing…” He stood leaning against his desk patiently waiting for me to dig my own grave, “I… there has to be something I can do. I can’t get a bad grade in this class, my father would kill me!””And what do you propose we do about it…?” He smooths his tie as he asks this question, his bright blue eyes burning into me.”There has to be something I can do…” I lift my head and look him in the eyes, as anadolu yakası escort much as it frightens me to do so, “I’d do anything.” My professor smiles, showing his perfect teeth, “Anything…?” He asks incredulously.”Yes anything.” He is crossing to the door, so I have to turn my whole body to follow him with my eyes.”I think maybe we should start with an explanation as to why you’re so behind in class.” He slips the latch on the door and turns to watch me, “Until this last quarter you were one of my best students, and now your grades are slipping badly. If you can convincingly explain the situation I might consider giving you some kind of extra-credit assignment to make up for the work you’ve missed.” “I…” I swallow as he crosses back to his desk. Now he’s leaning against the desk directly in front of me with his eyes crossed over his striped tie. “I have been distracted.””That much is clear.””I have been distracted by you…” I can feel my cheeks burning.”I’ve noticed the glances… and other behaviors.” He this last part slowly. “I’ve noticed the way you often sit at the very edge of your seat when I am reading a passage aloud to the class.””I… I can’t help it. The sound of your voice, and the way you gesture with your hands when you’re speaking…” I barely notice but my hand has moved from the hem of my skirt up my thigh, “sometimes I-“”Show me.” his voice rings with such clear authority. I can feel myself obeying before I can even think.”Sometimes I rub myself on the edge of my chair while you’re reading to the class.” I push myself foreword on the chair, my skirt sliding back, to reveal a peek of my panties.”And…?””And sometimes I rub myself like this.” and I take my hand and begin to rub ataşehir escort my clit through my panties. I can feel myself beginning to moisten.”Go on…””Sometimes I get so excited in class that I have to go straight to the bathroom before I can go to swap out books for my next class.” I am running my hand over my slit through the fabric of my panties, my legs spread wide so he can watch. I can see a stirring in his trousers. “Pull your panties aside.”I do as he asks, displaying my hairless pink pussy for him. “When I get to the bathroom I imagine what it would be like to be alone with you…” I continue to rub my clit, feeling my pussy swelling with desire, “I finger myself and imagine its your hand” I slide two fingers into my wet pussy.”Come here.” He says gently, unbuttoning his trousers. I move to comply. He pulls his cock out of his pants, and its everything I had imagined. So long and hard, 9 inches at least. I bend over and lick the head of his cock tentatively, staring up into his eyes as I do so. I’ve never felt so alive. He strokes my head lovingly, “That’s right…” He says as I begin to slide my mouth up and down his length, my hand stroking the base of his cock, “I can tell you’ve wanted this for a long time.” He bends down and whispers, “I can smell the sex on your fingers when you hand in your assignments.” He laughed softly then pushing me back. He looks wicked lounging against his desk in his suit, with his fully erect cock standing at attention. He is holding a mahogany letter opener in his hand. “Kneel on the chair with your arms folded over the head rest.”I climb onto the chair and assume the position as he asked, my ass thrust up in the air. I feel him push my skirt back pull my panties down around my knees. ümraniye escort My bare ass feels cold and exposed. He runs the handle of the letter opener down my ass crack and then slowly eases it into my pussy, rocking it back and forth. I feel myself moan deeply.”Oh god…” He pulls the letter opener out of me slowly and runs it back up over my butt smearing my asshole with the moisture from my pussy, before sliding it back into my wet cunt again. “Do you want me to fuck you…” He asks it gently and as he does I can feel his index finger gently probing my butt.”Oh god yes…” I bite my lip as I feel myself begin to cum. He slides the letter opener up and begins to probe my ass with the very tip of the handle experimentally.”How badly do you want me to fuck you…?” I can feel the end of his cock resting lightly against my clit.”I want you to fuck me so so bad…” I hear myself moan, “I want your cock inside of me.” I can feel my pussy spread wide and empty.”I will fuck you… but not in your pussy.” He bends over and begins tonging my asshole, “I want you to wait…” He slips his thumb into my pussy and two fingers into my ass rocking back and forth, until I can barely stand it. “Fuck me professor… please! I need to feel your cock inside me!” My whole body is rocking with the rhythm of his finger fucking. Slowly he withdraws his hand and presses the head of his cock to my asshole, grabbing my hips in both hands he slowly presses his length inside of me. “Oh god yes… MmmmmMmm” I never thought it would feel this good, having a cock deep inside my ass as my empty pussy throbs and throbs. It isn’t long before I feel myself coming again. He thrusts into me deeply until he is about to cum and then he pulls out, commanding me to suck his cock until he comes. “I want you to lick ever drop of cum off of my cock.” He says sternly, holding me by the pony tail. When I have finished he tells me to compose myself and then asks me to leave, when I reach the door I turn and ask.”What about that extra credit assignment…?” He smiles.”I’ll see you at the same time next week, we can discuss it then.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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