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Extreme Passive Lesbian Training

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This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.

WARNING: If lesbian sex, restraint, older/younger, mind-control and humiliation upset you – find something else to read. Some of my stories are/will be way, way over the top.


This work is copyrighted to the author (c) 2017. Please do not remove the author information nor make any changes to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your consideration.


by Rabbit Test 5



Ellie shook herself awake, startled.

“Where am I?” was her first thought. She went to raise her hand to her head reflexively, but found she couldn’t. She didn’t feel like she was restrained. She just couldn’t feel her hand, her arms, or legs to move about. “What is wrong with me?”

Darkness surrounded her. She felt a soreness at the bottom of her nose. Her tongue felt a mild pain underneath. “Was I hit? I don’t remember getting into a fight…what did I do last night?” she tried stabbing through the groggy haze in her mind.

Then she remembered her friend from the party. “I must’ve had too much to drink,” she scolded herself.


And that was it: That was all she could remember. Feeling sorry for herself for flunking out of the Dallas Cheerleaders try outs – “I was so close to making it too!” – she again chided herself. “Why couldn’t I have kicked higher…

“That damn Chelsie Walker… Always Miss Perfect. Always doing the right thing.” Ellie remembered being irked with the woman’s over politeness in the locker room where most girls got catty. Well, of course, Chelsie was going to make it; She had perfect form and a killer body that fit well with the expectations of an adult cheerleader. And Ellie hated that and felt, despite natural selection, those of an imperfect physicality deserved a role in their dreams.

They held a group meeting and several girls including Ellie were told they were done. Ellie commiserated with the girl next to her, hugging and crying. After collecting her things, the now-ex-cheerleader walked out of the training building dejected. A girl who shared her failure was standing outside the entrance.

They talked and Sharon, the girl, invited Ellie to a party “to forget all about this silliness and get back to the real world.”

That night, Sharon met Ellie at her car outside the party house. The girl still remained dejected and ashamed of her dismissal. As they walked up the long walkway to the front door, Sharon took her hand and squeezed it gently, breaking Ellie out of her bad mood, and the women smiled at each other timidly.

Inside, the self-pitying ex-cheerleader began to drink. Caught up in her own depression, she hadn’t realized the party only consisted of just women and girls. And the more she drank, the more she became oblivious to the ass pinches and visions of the lightly disguised Sapphic scenes happening around her.

Finally, Sharon realized her friend had had too much to drink and offered Ellie a ride home…



“Damngg,” she slurred, groaning outload.

It was at that moment Ellie realized something was wrong with her mouth. Her heart rate increased with fright and her breathing went up a notch. Her tongue was stuck to something: Attached to something.

Performing several self-awareness exercises with her face, the woman discovered her aching tongue had something metal in it… a metal ring… in her mouth… a ring pierced through her tongue!

Struggling orally, Ellie discovering the ring went through her tongue just behind the tip – struggled still because she realized it was connected to… something…

Instinctively, she drew her tongue inside her mouth which in turn snapped the object into her lips.

Immediately the contact with the unfamiliar caused her to recoil but her head didn’t move. Couldn’t move. “What the hell!” she thought, and she stuck her tongue out of her mouth to move the object away. It had felt… soft, warm… like flesh…?

Ellie was even more confused.

After about a minute, she came up with a mental plan for assessment. Slowly she brought her tongue back into her mouth until the object barely touched her lips. Ellie breathed in; there was only a faint, but pleasant odor she couldn’t identify. Pulling more of the object in toward her oral cavity, Ellie used her lips to gently probe the mass.

Supple. Warm. Fleshy.

Ellie carefully used the tip of her tongue to probe the connection. The ring connected her tongue to a large-feeling, fleshy bump. As she rubbed her tongue and lips on and around the knob-like bulge – it seemed to expand and stiffen.

“Mmmnnaahh” poker oyna

Ellie froze as she heard a woman’s groan. At the same time the darkness surrounding her grew slightly, gently brighter like a dimmer switch turning up the light intensity ever so slowly and then stopped to where Ellie could barely make out the figure in front of her. As her eyes adjusted to her surroundings… then she gasped and screamed out!

“Nawooo! Ut thu thuck!”

In front of Ellie was the figure of a woman’s chest!

Focusing down her nose she came to the horror that her tongue was connected to the erect nipple of a woman’s breast: She was mouthing a woman’s tit!

Panic ran through her mind. If she could have run, she would have been crashing into the walls to get away. If she could have swung at the woman’s form, she would have ripped the ring from her breast. If Ellie could have so much as been able to back her head away far enough from the mammary, she would have tested the limits of this mystery woman’s stretched out flesh.

But she could not do any of those things. Her head was as limited as a Nascar driver strapped to his seat, as if locked inside a box. Screaming didn’t help; She could hear her cries echo off the room walls, but the only sound returned was a female groan since Ellie’s vocal barrage only sent ripples of vibration from her tongue to the trapped teat.

So, there she was; Connected to a woman’s breast.

Determined not to give in… to who? She wondered…

Ellie kept her tongue hanging out of her mouth. But for how long? A small amount of saliva drained down to the tip of her tongue. Soon she was finding it difficult to swallow and her mouth became dry.

Time seemed stagnant. Ellie had no sense of ‘when’. How long has she kept fighting the urge to recoil her tongue? Was it day? Was it night? Had only minutes passed or hours? The former cheerleader could not tell.

Then she remembered the septum of her nose throbbed. After some more assessment, she detected a small nose ring resting on her upper lip! “What is this nightmare!”

Her tongue hurt as it became more and more dry; She was parched. At times, she felt her mind drifting and her tongue would retract back toward its home, bringing the tit with it like some carnal desire her tongue had to confront her mind as if to say “This nipple is my friend and I can bring it home anytime I want!”

Then Ellie had in her mind, a nuclear option: Bite the breast and see what happens. She didn’t want to do it, and not knowing what was going on with her body, she knew she would be taking a regrettable risk. But if she didn’t try, then how would she know?

The trapped girl retracted her tongue enough to get some of the foreign flesh past her teeth. And then she did it!

In an instant, a knife of pain speared into her brain almost causing her to pass out completely!

At the same time, Ellie had released the tit and she could hear the sound of a woman quietly in tears.

Holy shit! Her mind was scrambled. Where was she. Who was crying? What’s this thing in my mouth?

It took a few minutes for the ex-cheerleader’s brain to normalize.

Well, that didn’t work. She finally admitted to herself.

“Wha ah huck eh ohing o he!” She yelled. And her frustrated cries played in unison with the mystery woman.

Still, she forced her tongue out of her mouth… but it became futile.

Eventually, Ellie, degree by degree, drew the woman’s breast against her lips and then into her mouth where her tongue could rest, her mouth could water, despite her mind repeating the command, “No further!”

But time could no longer be counted. Her mind blurred… her focus faded until her tongue unceremoniously swiped at the nubbin.

It grew.

As if against her will, the ex-cheerleader’s brain tried drawing itself out of the boredom by tempting Ellie’s mouth to instinctively nurse on the breast. Fight it… fight it… she compelled herself, drowning in her limbic system… until… eventually… hungry, and bored… Ellie began sucking on her female captor’s teat.

She had to release her inhibitions in order to free her brain with a task… at first tentatively, then with a passive curiosity, she settled into a lackadaisical routine of actively tugging, flitting, and nursing on the female in front of her.

As Ellie had accepted her present fate, the woman’s moans returned and echoed off the dimly lit, dark, bare, white walls.

Sucking… exploring… lapping… kissing…


The smell of food woke her.

“Where am I?” was her first thought. She went to raise her hand to her head to help clear her brain, but found she couldn’t. She didn’t feel like she was restrained. She just couldn’t feel her hands, her arms, or legs to move about. Then it hit her. It wasn’t a dream.

“My god…”

Darkness surrounded her like before. Ellie recounted her time before she fell asleep confessing to herself that she spent what seemed canlı poker oyna like hours or a day sucking on a woman’s breast. Embarrassment and shame crept into her mind. Adjusting her tongue in her mouth, she discovered she could put her lips together.

The ring was gone!

But a… a… small stud still skewered her tongue. She pondered, “Well, at least I’m not connected…”

Ow! A pain in her nose… under her nose…

Ellie pursed her lips and tried to wriggle her nose and realized the nose ring she’d discovered before was now connected to something… something else…

Fuck! Ellie felt panic again rise inside her. What now!

Returning to the soreness at the end of her nose she realized the nose ring was larger and thicker than the one she’d had on earlier. Will this nightmare ever end?

Rubbing her tongue against the roof of her mouth, her oral flesh balked at the metal post scraping the tender flesh. Wincing, she reflexively scrunched her nose feeling the ring tug against some mysterious mass in front of her. What the hell am I connected to now?

The smell of food caught her attention again; She was so hungry!

Slowly, she squinted her eyes to see what was in front of her, but couldn’t make anything out of the darkness. Tentatively, she leaned her face forward until something cold touched her upper lip. She jerked her head back reflexively before pulling her lips into her mouth to taste the mystery.

It is weird – she thought – what being immersed in darkness can do to one’s senses. Ellie couldn’t identify the taste or smell. She only knew it was food. Moving her head forward again, she was ready for the mass in front of her. After touching her lip again, she stuck out her tongue and gathered a much larger sample specimen and rolled it around in her mouth.


She tasted chocolate – at least, she sure hoped it was chocolate. She lapped another mouth full and determined she was eating chocolate cream – a chocolate cream pie!

The ex-cheerleader directed her nose ring forward to the food and began to gorge on the cream filling.

Soon her nose came up against something solid, but the brunette didn’t care; she was so hungry, she just turned her head left and then right, lapping all that she could before returning to the middle again.

The cream filling in front of her tasted tangier than the pie on her left and right sides. Then she bumped her nose into something soft and a woman’s groan erupted somewhere beyond her and the ‘cream pie’ foundation in front of her briefly vibrated.

A dim light evolved from the darkness in the span of a single breadth, and stopped. Guarded, yet bold, Ellie continued to eat. She began to get down to whatever lay under the chocolate cream. Starting from the sides she sensed… a wall, soft, but firm. Turning her head more toward the center, Ellie’s tongue lapped away the cream pie until there was another audible groan not her own.

Once again, the area around the cheerleader’s face shook briefly, and the dim light got a little brighter.

Although she still really couldn’t move her head much further away or from side to side, what she was connected to continued to limited her to only a couple of inches in any direction.

Slowly, she returned to lapping at the chocolate around her until only what was directly in front of her was left. The center tasted more piquant until quite suddenly, vertical strips of… something… fat(?), … fleshy(?) … became apparent. Still, not realizing what object the chocolate cream was masking, Ellie kept licking.

And with the constant strokes of her tongue, Ellie’s field of view continued trembling, and the dim light progressed in its luminosity… until, not realizing she was keeping her eyes closed while she ate, the cheerleader raised her lids slowly in fear… and horror exploded in her brain!

Ellie was eating pussy: Chocolate encrusted, thigh surrounded, gaping vagina in her face – the cheerleader was pleasuring another woman.

Abruptly, Ellie’s shock transformed into tears.

“What the hell is going on here!” she screamed.

She wanted to slam her head into the sensitive flesh in front of her, but her head could only move a trifle and her frustration only amounted to love taps against the female genitalia. The nose ring joined her to the mystery woman’s clit, now stretched out as if reaching for her affection.

Ellie cried. She withdrew. She lost her appetite, but all was for not.

The chocolate covered sex remained in front of her; Attached to her. With the distant female moans, the room lights did get brighter as if to publicize her embarrassment. With every wag of her nose, the stranger’s clit would weep and mix with the food in front of her mouth.

Shaking her head from crotch-bound-thigh-to-thigh would pull the sensitive organ back and forth, and then to and fro, only exciting her food source.

Hours passed and her weeping calmed into a dejected indignation. If it wasn’t internet casino for the hunger pains, Ellie felt she could have outlasted the female form in front of her; That and her captor’s patience maybe. But the aroma of chocolate, however twisted it smelled mixed with a woman’s pussy secretions, was begging her to eat.

The thigh flesh acted as blinders that drew her vision to the still quivering center: the clit had grown to almost rest against the tip of her nose. Weakening in her resolve, the trapped girl began licking the thighs of the any traces of flavor. Pressing her open mouth against the taut inner, upper leg muscles, she cleaned the supple skin.

Then, with sober resolve – but not defeat! (she convinced herself) – the girl leaned straight ahead and began to eat the rest of the chocolate pussy.

The ex-cheerleader finished the brown gobs and then went in for the details. She let her tongue forage over every bump and crevasse before focusing on the deep hole where she stabbed and rimmed as far as her oral appendage could go inside the chocolate pussy center.

Meanwhile, the crotch on display shook and sometimes jumped, but only as far as the clit-to-nose connection could stretch. Ellie could still hear the heavy breathing and groaning even with the woman’s thigh pressing against her ears.

Ellie was fully buried in a woman’s pussy searching for any nourishment her tongue and mouth could find; the woman’s clit crammed firmly against and even a bit inside the cheerleader’s nostrils.

Suddenly, there was a stiffening of the thighs walls and jamming of pussy into the girl’s face when fluids from inside the woman’s center and around the inner labia fully bathed the connection between the two women.

Ellie swallowed all the cream and lather mixed with chocolate: She even pulled the labia between her lips to get all the slime into her stomach.

As the thigh wall relaxed, the trapped girl couldn’t rest until she finished inspecting the woman’s privates in detail for anything she could ingest – she was that hungry.

Finally, she released her female dinner plate and then sleepily focused on wiping her tongue inside her mouth. Her eyes open, the room bright enough, see stared into the woman’s crotch trying to think of anyplace she might have missed in her oral collection.

Then she fell asleep.


Something bobbed inside her mouth.

“What’s going on?” was her first thought. She went to raise her hand to her head to help clear her brain, but remembered she couldn’t. She didn’t feel like she was restrained. She just couldn’t feel her hands, her arms, or legs to move about. Then it hit her once more – she’d realized she was being groomed to eat pussy. But why?

“Oh my God! What’s in my mouth!”

Darkness surrounded her like before. Ellie recounted the times before she fell asleep. Again, her mind suffered embarrassment and shame. Now, a foreign object rested on her tongue, and her lips were closed. Some syrupy tasting river slowly oozed passed her uvula and on down her throat.

Awake and annoyed, Ellie set out on another reluctant tactile discovery mission. Keeping her mouth closed, she rolled her tongue over the object… and tasted… peppermint!

“OK, so far so good…” she thought to herself.

After some more investigation, she concluded that the object in her mouth was a peppermint lollipop – both lollipop ball and stem seemed made of candy. Still, she wondered what was the catch, and braced herself for anything as she cautiously licked away at the nourishing, sugary treat.

As the lollipop ball diminished, the cheerleader identified a thick string was at the lollipop center.

The candy-ball consumed, the candy ‘stick’ was a sugar-coated-stiff continuation of the string leading outside her mouth.

“Oh Christ,” she thought. “Here we go!”

Ellie moved her head forward…

… and for the first time, she realized that nothing was connected to her nose except for a small ring resting on her upper lip. (She still had the tongue stud as well, though a small one.)

Also, she noticed her head had a little more freedom of motion – she could crane her neck further and turn it side to side. With the string inside her mouth, the girl moved further across the ‘string-stick’.

Afraid to venture further, she bit into the string and pulled more of it toward her.

“Mmmm… Oohhh…!” There was that familiar female groan.

Ellie kept her eyes closed: She didn’t want to see what horrid display might be awaiting in front of her.

Instead, she focused on consuming the peppermint hard candy coating the string.

Another tug, another moan, and the taste of peppermint began to change. The peppermint was still there, but it had some kind of other coating on it making the candy taste a little… earthy? She couldn’t put a word to it.

Still, not bad enough for her to stop getting whatever food she could into her belly, the girl blindly continued. After a couple of more pulls, and moans, the string stopped as if trapped against something.

Chewing her way further forward, it happened.

Ellie’s nose bumped against what she was expecting, and feared – a warm, fleshy wall.

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