Haz 01

Face Killing

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Face KillingI stared, desperately hoping time travel would soon become possible. Alas as the most amazing thing neared me I knew I would not get to take back my mistake.I was the most popular girl in school. However also extremely horny. So I cheated a lot. Big whoop. I remember my last cheat. Dan Stall. He had been a nice guy. 6,0 and a Baseball and rugby player. Unfortunately he didn’t have the reputation that my fuck buddy Max did.Max was a basketball player. He had a nice cock and made it seem like any man could last THAT long in bed.I had just come back from the movies with Dan and I was doing my classic prick tease. I felt his hand slide up and down over my pussy as he inhaled as much of my magnificent DD cup twins. He worked his fingers deeper into my cunt. Tonight he thought he was going to take my virginity. I however had actually lost it at age 14. I was 17 then. Then his mouth clamped down over my womanhood and I humped myself up and down on his face after orgasm after orgasm gushed over his face. He reached for his belt.“No. I’m not ready Dan. Not yet. Kay?”Dan looked extremely put it out and I could understand. It was like saying to a c***d have a lollipop. Then you made sure they couldn’t taste it somehow. But hey. lordbahis güvenilirmi I had just had the best pussy eater now I was about to have the best fucker.I watched as Dan left out the door his boner already losing its strength. As soon as the door was closed and locked Max sprung out of the closet, like a snake on a rodent. In an instant I was riding him like he was Seabiscut. His cock was so fucking huge. I unlike many of my fellow sluts have the outstanding ability to squirt. He buried his face into my bust and he squeezed my ass cheeks while simultaneously lifting my up and down bringing myself to a rolling continuous blissful orgasm. I felt Max ready to blow. Despite his capability to hold out for 15 minutes at a time, I can be pretty arousing for a horny teenage boy trapped in a closet watching me grind over another hunk.I hopped expertly off his manhood and opened my mouth. I like blowjobs.But I love facefucking. You see blowjobs require work. But with facefucking you have control over a man without working. And since my gag reflex is 100 percent under control…He cums in rivers down my throat.Max was perfectly under my control as he pounded my like he would a bell. Thrusting himself til his lordbahis yeni giriş delicious fruit of his loins spilled into me…‘I love facefucking.” I grinned at him and he grinned back Then a squirt of liquid hit his face. I turned and the liquid hit my face. I saw no more.I awoke handcuffed with my arms raised and forced into a kneeling position. The same position I had been facefucked in.Two girls held me: Then entered Dan Stall. Dressed in latex underwear and nothing more he had the air of an evil perverted king. I went berserk. Emotion just emotion poured out of my like Water over Niagara Falls.Je silenced me as the girls clamped their long red nailed hands over my throat. I had great fear now.“You love facefucking huh Samantha. As do I. You see that was all I ever wanted from you. But you had to bang another man. You wouldn’t even let me show you my cock. But now you have lost everything you ever wanted and I will gain what I wanted. Just ask Mya.”I turned shocked to find my friend Mya staring hungrily at his underpants. Mya seemed hypnotized. I screamed at her to let me go. She slapped me and glared at me like it was my fault she had lost precious seconds from gazing at Dan’s black undergarments. lordbahis giriş Dan walked with swagger towards me then he pulled on straps either side of his hips and the underwear fell free.It was the biggest cock I had ever seen: Roughly 13 inches and three inches thick. I wondered where he had gotten it. Then I realised he was half Brazilian half Kenyan. “He motioned a signal to Mya. My massaged her slutty looking hand over my throat. I immediately felt my muscles in my throat relax. I then noticed a camera on a tripod not five feet away. I tried to scream but my jaw and throat muscles were relaxed to the point I couldn’t even mumble. Dan stared at me emotionlessly then uttered five words; “let the face killing begin.”I couldn’t even comprehend those words before his hands had wrapped around my head and my mouth had wrapped around his massive cock. He pounded faster than Usain Bolt running the 100 m dash. His strokes more powerful than Arnold Schwarnegger could make. I couldn’t breathe for the cock was restricting every entrance and escape for oxygen. He pounded not tiring for half an hour not cumming just forcing me to suffer and not think.Then he sat cross legged on my shoulders putting his entire weight on my shoulders and forcing his balls into my relaxed jaw. He continued to thrust as (amazingly) his balls and dick expanded in my mouth. He came but did not stop the pounding.I then saw myself as if from another body sorry for backstabbing this amazing creature. Sorry for every sin I had done. But then I saw black.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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