Mar 31


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We’d just finished a nice long fuck, me and my girlfriend Luna. I’d ridden her from all different angles for at least a good 20 minutes, waiting to hear her moans reach that familiar pitch. I figured I was being a good boyfriend by waiting until my lady had her orgasm to enjoy mine. But, in the last few weeks, I’d been growing suspicious that Luna was keeping something from me. It all started when I read a book called BONK: THE CURIOUS COUPLING OF SEX AND SCIENCE by Mary Roach. Not only does Ms. Roach provide evidence that very few women ever cum from getting fucked, but she provided a clear, scientific guide to knowing if a woman’s had an orgasm: the color of her pussy! Maybe I’m a little paranoid, but when I read in GQ magazine that 100% of women have faked orgasms at least once in their lives, I began to wonder if my sweet, shy little Luna was keeping something from me.

Not that we don’t have a close relationship. Even though Luna is Chinese, she’s 24 and has had a few sexual partners before me, so I didn’t feel like I had to be supercautious about making sure she was comfortable and happy. I assumed she would just tell me. Besides having some experience, Luna is gorgeous, 5-9 with B-cup breasts that look heavy and full on her slim frame, long slim legs to wrap around me, and a beautiful confident smile. Sexy girls aren’t shy to tell a guy what they want, right? Um, right! Maybe.

Anyway, so I had this doubt, and I was determined to put it to rest. With my mouth nuzzled against Luna’s cheek and my arms around her I whispered, “did you cum?”

“Hm? Oh, yes. Didn’t you notice? I came. “

“When did you cum, baby?”

“When you were fucking me. I came really hard, you didn’t notice?”

“Nuh-uh, I didn’t notice.” Using the back of my hand, I gently stroked the curly soft fur between her legs, “are you sure you really came?”

“What do you mean? Yes, I’m sure. You don’t believe me? Come on, stop that, stop touching me.”

“Stop touching you?! Stop touching this pretty little pussy? Why would I do that?” I rested my warm palm full on her mons and squeezed very very gently, massaging downwards. I don’t know why Luna shivers when I do that, but she does. Her cheeks got pink and she looked down at the pillow next to her.

“Why do you think I didn’t cum? “

I shifted my position so I was perpendicular to her, with one arm and my torso draped across her thighs, and my other hand still rubbing and petting her mons. I kissed her thighs, saying, “because I didn’t touch your clit, and I didn’t notice you touching it either.”

“But… Oh, no, it doesn’t matter,” she sounded lame, like a kid caught in a dumb lie, “no, I came. I did.”

“You came just from me fucking you?”

“Yeah. Didn’t you want me to cum?”

“Of şişli üniversiteli escort course I do. I just don’t think you did,” and then I parted her thighs, and took at look at her pussy. A freshly fucked pussy, dripping wet and relaxed, is a beautiful thing to see. The only problem was that this pussy’s color looked very familiar. Before we fucked, I gave Luna a nice handjob to get her interested, and I noticed then that the very center of her pussy, her little hole, was dark pink, and the outer lips were lighter, warmer pink. Her clit hood was dark pink but the clit itself, erect and begging for attention, was so light pink it was almost white. And there it was again, swollen and excited, and everything the same color. I was furious!

“A-ha! I knew it! Your mouth can lie all it wants, but your clit tells the truth! You didn’t cum!”

“What?” and then Luna got quiet, and she bent in half to look at herself, “is there something wrong with my pussy?”

“Not wrong at all, but it’s telling me you didn’t have an orgasm yet.”

“But… not really. Really? Really?! Oh…. How can you tell?”

“So you admit it!”

“Well…. I mean…. I’m sorry. It’s not that you weren’t doing it right….”

“God damnitt, Luna, why didn’t you tell me?!”

“Because I was shy! I mean it doesn’t mean it didn’t feel good, it’s my fault I didn’t cum.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, it’s not your fault. Well, it is, you should be telling me what you want. Why didn’t you just touch yourself?”

“I thought you’d be embarrassed, like I have to touch myself because you can’t get the job done.”

“Fuck no, I want to see you do that. That’s so sexy, a girl making herself cum. I’d like it a lot more if you’d tell me what to do.”

“I’d like that, too.”

“How many times have you faked it, Luna?”

“Um…. A lot. Like…. Like, most of the time.”

“Jesus Christ! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I said I was shy! Don’t yell at me. I’m sorry. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

“Did you fake it with other guys?”

“Yeah. Yeah, a lot. I mean I really love how fucking feels, it just doesn’t make me cum. I asked my girlfriends and they all said the same thing. They say they fake it sometimes, too, and then just touch themselves after their boyfriends cum. Or they make their boyfriends touch them before they fuck, or go down on them.”

“Which I do, all the time.”

“But I’m too shy to tell you what to do.”

“Baby, if you don’t tell me, I just think I’m doing everything right. You have to tell me. I tell you how I like you to suck me off, right? And I tell you how I like you riding on top of me, so why can’t you tell me what you like?”

“I’m sorry. I’m just taksim anal yapan escort shy. I don’t want to be, like, really bossy or greedy.”

Luna’s thighs were still spread, and I leaned forward and kissed the cupola of her clitoris, whispering, “I want you to be greedy. I want you to want to cum so bad you force me to do just what you like. “

Luna lay back down, and she reached over for a pillow, handing It to me. With her eyes shut, still blushing, she said, “put this under my ass, to lift me up.”

I did.

“Come up and lie on my right side, and put your left arm around my shoulders.”

I did that, too.

“Rest your hand on the top of my pussy and then move your middle finger down onto my clit. Like, not from the bottom up but from the top down, yeah, like that. Oh, I’m shy.”

“Don’t be shy, princess. Teach me how to make you cum. I want to watch you cumming on my hands. Tell me what to do.”

“Your finger is right on the top of my clit now, move it just over to the right side, right there, on the side of my clit, yes, there, good, and rub in a little circle, oh! Gentle, gentle, good, like 20% gentler, yes, yes…”

I could feel my dick getting hard. The sight of Luna turned on, and knowing it was absolutely genuine, made me feel so close and plugged into her. If I hadn’t been trying to get her to cum I would have just fucked her again.

“That feels really good, in little circles on the right side, that feels really nice.” She kissed me and sucked on my tongue while I rubbed.

“You’re the sexiest fucking girl in the world, Luna,” I said, and she squirmed happily and started rubbing her nipples, “I’m gonna make you cum on my fingers just like a high school slut in the back of her boyfriend’s car. I’m gonna have you riding my hands to make yourself cum. Look at how slutty and sexy you look. You like what I’m doing to you?”


“Then tell me.”

“I love the way you’re playing with my pussy! Oh, fuck, please, put your fingers inside me, like… Oh, two fingers, just a little, good, and curl them upWARDS! YES! Yes, right there, fuck me with your fingers just like that.”

“Do you want my other hand on your clit?”

“No, not yet, I just want to feel you fucking me, not too deep yet, that’s perfect, oh god, I love your hands, I love what you’re doing, don’t stop please, please. I want you to suck on my nipples. Now, one more finger, please. Oh! Jesus Christ, that’s perfect.”

These were things Luna never, ever said while I was fucking her. I couldn’t believe it. Even when I gave her handjobs in the past, I’d never used more than two fingers because I didn’t want to stretch her out too much or hurt her. But her pussy was a lot more taksim bdsm escort elastic than I gave it credit. She still felt super-tight, but she was stretching to fit the tips of four fingers into her now and was in total ecstasy. I guess all that stuff I heard about girls’ pussies getting slack from fucking is just bullshit.

After a few minutes of fucking her with my curled fingers, I felt a sudden warm gush of liquid and looked down to see what looked like water coming out of her urethra, just above her pussy hole. She squirted! Luna didn’t even seem to notice, but she kept yelping and cooing and demanding more. The squirt, like I’d seen in pornos, was clear and watery, but it smelled sweet and fresh, nothing like piss. I couldn’t help bending down to try a taste. Sugar water and pussy. That’s what Luna’s squirt tastes like. I licked her clit while fucking her for a few minutes, suckling it in the way I know she likes, until she said,

“Please, I want your fingers on my clit again.”

“Do you want me to fuck you, too?”

“No. No, I don’t think I can cum with something inside me.”

This final admission was a blow to my pride. My dream that a girl could cum from getting it just right from my dick was shattered. But I still remembered that Luna had said fucking felt good. It just didn’t make her cum. And, hey- that handjob I was giving her felt fine to me, so what if it didn’t make me cum? I could take care of that later!

I was sure I was rubbing her clit too hard, but she was gripping my arm and panting, her face all squinched up so cute and focused. She seemed to get very close and then back down a few times, and she said, “oh, no, it’s taking too long.”

“I don’t care if we’re here all day, baby, I love this.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t you fucking dare say you’re sorry, you say that one more time and I’m going to turn you over on your tummy and shove my cock right in your ass.”

“Oh! Oh, God, you’d do that?”

“I would. I’ll get my cock all nice and wet in your pussy and then I’ll pull your asscheeks apart and fuck your tiny little asshole until you can’t even sit up.”

And that was what did it. Luna’s core muscles tightened and her legs drew up, she grabbed for me and held me tightly, not breathing, then exhaling long and deep and shuddering again. I remembered her doing a similar display the second time we had fucked, when I’d gone down on her, and a few other times. I assumed they were really strong, exceptional orgasms. I was amazed to discover this was Luna’s typical orgasm behavior. Amazing!

She shuddered every few seconds for a while after that, kissing me and calling me a sex god. Me? A sex god? I didn’t even use my dick! For all she cared, it could have been sitting in a box on the shelf, and she would have been just fine.

“I want to fuck you,” I admitted. I was afraid she wouldn’t want it, or would be bored by my inadequate dick. Instead she grabbed it with both hands and climbed on top of me, grinning.

“Oh, good, I love something fucking me right after I cum, my pussy’s so sensitive, it feels SO good!”

Live and learn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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