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FAMILIES VACATION GOES BLACK::CHAPTER 2Part 2== Chapter 2 Time passed and passed and passed the big grandfather clock down in the living room clanged 9 o’clock:: 10 o’clock:: 11 o’clock:: then 12 midnight. Isabell snuck from her room to theirs and opened the door and came in and went over to the two girls and said come on we must go now!! And snuck out of the house not making a single noise!! But also getting up and sneaking about was Maryellen herself and snuck down the hall and opened the door ever so slightly to peek in on Irene and her husband seeing they both were sound asleep. So she derived Irene’s pussy was much better now and herself tip toed out of the house and headed right for that same massage room that the girls had already secretly made arrangements to meet Louie, though Isabell knew damn good and well Bull was going there to!! And snickered to herself at which one of these angels with her was going to get a completely even larger black cock tonite Bull was just that!! Hung like a damn Bull!!They arrived at the massage house and opened the door and went inside and Isabell knew all to damn well exactly where that lamp was and found it and got it lit and the room suddenly was light enough to see in and there before all their eyes was Louie for damn sure but standing there with him was Bull!!It suddenly dawned on both Stephanie and Maryanne there Isabell wasn’t lieing to them at all!! And when both girls saw Bull there it didn’t take them long to know they both were about to be fucked by one or the other and neither of them could take either one!! Isabell just snickered as both huddled up to each other shaking and frieghtened as hell being here in this place and two huge ass black men in there for one reason!! To Bred Them!!! Like their mom had gotten that day!!! Isabell this whole time now saying; “Scardy Cats” “Scardy Cats” “Scardy Cats” “Didn’t know that I teased you two into this!” Both pleading to be let go and they was just k**ding and teasing Isabell who they thought was the “Scardy Cat” to!! While all this was going on the girls now totally huddled up in a far corner of the room so scared they both were shaking to death that Maryellen was coming down that path to and saw the light of the lamp on in the massage room and was gleefully glad that one of the huge black men was in there and she was going to get fucked really good tonight!!And hurried up to the door and opened it and entered only to have a whole damn room nearly full of 3 girls and two huge black white women breeding Bulls!!Now everyone was scared!! The girls in the damn corner huddled up together and fearful of their lives and their little pussies!! Isabell scared as hell that her damn Mom had barged in and caught them all here!! And Louie and Bull scared because they could get whipped damn near to death for this!!But Maryellen was mad as much as suprised these two little barely budding into womanhood had come here for the sole purpose of getting their little white pussies torn totally apart by what they didn’t know were some of the plantations hugest Black Breeding Cocks not only for white women but their Black women as well!! And decided to teach these two and that damn daughter of hers a complete lesson!!And had Bull grab Isabell and she and Louie went and got the girls out of the damn corner and brought all three right up to the two Massage tables. Maryellen now quick to notice that these two girls were not filled out womanly enough for hardly any cock let alone the two huge ass cocks in this room tonite!! But lessons are learned hard!! Best taught hard!! And damn well wicked!! AS she told Bull and Louie to hold all three girls and shoved little Maryanne over into Bulls huge ass arm as he grasp her like nothing at all his Big Black arm totally comsuming Maryanne’s very small petite frame from shoulders past her slim little hips!! His whole arm was as big she was!!Stephanie faired a bit better but still with Louie having now gotten her in front of his huge ass body and both arms over her shoulders and had her trapped like a fly in a fly trap!! And said hold them still and I’ll be right back!!Isabell was not as scared as the other two girls though no doubt Bull was absolutely huge compared to her more filled out womanly size which made her absolutely fear Bull because she knew he had twice the damn size cock Louie did!! As Maryellen hustled away closed the door and put the outside locking pin through double holed rings and locked all in the massage room and hurried off and went and awoke good old Aunt Esterr who came to the door and saw it was Maryellen and said what you need me for this time of nite Mistuss Maryellen?Ain’t no babies bein’ born or none of that so what’s the emergency you be a needin’ me for? Maryellen said oh there’s no emergency Aunt Esterr I just need you to gather up all your Breedin’ supplies and come with me!! Now Aunt Esterr was the one who tended to all the young Black girls that were deemed prime for breedin’ by the Huge Black Bull Breeders mainly Louie and Bull!!Aunt Esterr got as much pleasure gettin’ all these young things ready for breedin’ by the Bulls and loved to watch them get their pussies tore apart by the Breeder Bulls huge cocks!! So she cheered right up figuring somehow a young one had growed into prime breeding stock but she was puzzled because as yet there weren’t any ready for such. A few in the year to come would, but not right now!!As she went to her cubbard and pulled her always ready bag for such things and followed Maryellen back to the massage room that also was the Breeding Room!! Stood behind Maryellen as she pulled the pin and opened the door and she and Aunt Esterr came back into the room. The two sisters had absolutely no idea who this big black woman was at all, But Isabell knew and knew all to damn well what she’d come in here for!! And knew from sneaking her ass about and looking through those little windows into kaçak iddaa here just how damn Brutal and ruthless Aunt Esterr could be when given the task to get the black girls ready for being Bred by the Breeder Bulls! Now she to was scared to death!!As Maryellen walked Aunt Esterr right over to Stephanie first and letting her look her size and build over, and then over to Maryanne and let her look her size and build over as a big ol’ smile came on Aunt Esterrs face seeing this one!! Oh it showed beyond a damn doubt she was prepared and ready and had a complete total evil desire to get at these two fine young ones and better yet that they were totally white!!Aunt Esterr just stood there looking the two fine morsels over, and her soon to be pleasure of getting them both ready and primed up for a good pussy tearing fuck by the two bulls already in the room holding them!! As Maryellen said; “Well Aunt Esterr what you be thinking of what it would take to get them ready?” Aunt Esterr just reached black arm out and then and there grabbed first Stephanies little titties squeezing them and then pinched her now hardened nipples and said well thisun’ gonna’ be not to much trouble as she shot her hand down and grabbed Stephanies barely hairing pussy mound and used her finger to feel all up into her tight little labia through her nightgown!! 19yr old Stephanie pleading and crying oh please ddon’t do that to me!! Making Aunt Esterr smile ever more evily at knowing this one was just budding out good!!Then over to Maryanne she went who was trying her best to get away but Big ol’ Bull had her wrapped up tight with his big ol’ huge Black arm.Maryellen said; “I’ll take her now Bull and grabbed her by the arm and right in front of her and holding her little arms back behind her as Aunt Esterr reached right out and grabbed her barely even budding out little tiny titties and toyed with them admiring how her nipples seemed to be really puffed out and how they felt long and like carrot sized from her tiny tit flesh!! Then moved her hand down and felt her pussy and hardly any hair on it at all and how puffy and swollen her pussy lips were and sealed together damn tight, and how her little clit swelled right out as she toyed with her and said well Mistuss Maryellen thisun’ gonna take a lot of doin’ ta’ get ready!!As Maryellen looked At both Bull and Louie and said get their little asses on the tables right now!! And Bull you put that little slut bitch of mine on her own table and I and Louie will get both of these one one table because the two of them will fit perfectly on one table and put one on one end and one on the other will be fine and plenty of room left for Aunt Esterr to do her work gettin’ em’ all three ready!!Isabell as badly pleading out now not to let Aunt Esterr near her got shot down quick when her very own mom said; “You little bitch your the one that thought this up so your damn well gonna’ join’ the party!”It was no trouble for either the huge black men to toss their girl onto the table and hold her ass there squirming and fighting without a problem!!Now Maryellen on the other hand had a bit of a fight from feisty little ol’ Maryanne but Aunt Esterr stepped right in and grabbed her legs and she and Maryellen tossed her like a sack of taters up on the table her sister was already on at the other end!!It took Aunt Esterr no damn time at all to reach up and grab the thick heavy leather straps from the ceiling 2 on each end and grab first Isabells ankle and pulled it up fast and quick as can be getting the loop over her foot and secured at that ankle as it pulled tight as can be from her fighting it like hell. Then the other one went high into the air and secured just as fast as the other leaving her there her legs both spread open as wide as can be her fighting against it all and long Straps were pulled out from the other end and her arms were wide apart above her head and secured at her wrist just as her ankles were!! As she twisted and fought against her restraints pleading oh no please Momma don’t make me do this!!Stephanie was next her skinny thin legs were no problem at all For Aunt Esterr to pull up high and got the strap over her ankle in a heartbeat and spread her other leg out marveling at how this long legged one stretched out far better and more complete and had it secured in nothing flat. Then pulled her thin arms up above her head and both her long arms reached the tables edge on both sides and made her really tied out!!Then to poor little 18yr old Maryanne who was much shorter than the other two and so much smaller and it took nothing to get her little legs up and into the straps and spread wide apart as little Maryanne could stand due to her much smaller size, and the same for her arms and she was pulled tight as can be apart!!As Both Maryellen and Aunt Esterr admired their handiwork watching as all the girls twisted and fought against being tied spread eagled this way and Aunt Esterr really cherished seeing little Maryanne pulled wide open and spread eagled admiring that she was pulled so spread eagled she couldn’t fight much at all!!Maryellen looked at both Bull and Louie and said you two get out of here and if you say one word I’ll have you both lashed till your backs bleed!! And both of them swore they would never say anything about this ever and left out of there in a heartbeat!!Aunt Esterr kind of questioned why Maryellen sent their two biggest Breeding Bulls away and she told Aunt Esterr they had nothing to do with little scheme her bitch little daughter had set up for the other two girls, so no need for them to be punished unless they said a word about this!! As Aunt Esterr said; “So what we gonna’ do with these three ourselves?” And Maryellen replied oh just don’t you worry Aunt Esterr they gonna’ get em’ a fucking tonight alright!!As Maryellen looked at Aunt Esterr and said which one we start on first? Aunt Esterr said; “That youngest kaçak bahis one gonna’ be the hardest ta’ get worked up good and proper so we better start with her!” So both women went over to little Maryanne and stood at her spread out legs and looked at how she had pajamas on and not a nightshirt and ask Maryanne where these two from anyway? Maryanne said well don’t really know but they all dress weird so they got to be Yankees from way up north somewhere!!Aunt Esterr just reached right up and grabbed her pajama bottoms right at her mound area and pulled back hard and fast and the waist immediately came swishing right down over her little hips and that tiny bubble butt of hers and right up to her calves in an instant. but that didn’t make her totally nude where she wanted for she had on little pink panties that made her look ever more a delicious little morsel to Aunt Esterr who just reached right up and grabbed them and yanked them up to her pajama bottoms and pushed them all up high as they’d as they’d go stretched out tight at the crotch area and now nearly to her ankles.And boy howdy did Aunt Esterrs mouth water now!! For before them was this peach fuzz covered swollen out mound the lips not even as yet fully developed but that little clit of hers was rock hard and poking right up out of those tight little thickly mounded up lips of hers!! And Aunt Esterr was licking her lips and said damn Maryellen thisuns just my kind of ripe right there!! MMMM she’s gonna’ be so tasty and sweet and just a hint of salt!!! Damn I can’t wait!!Then leaving little Maryanne naked from waist down they moved up to her head and Aunt Esterr saw the buttons on her nightshirt and reached right out and unbuttoned ever one of them and pulled it free and there her tiny barely sprouting little tits were the thick long finger like nipples up above her barely even swelling up mounds and Aunt Esterr imediately said damn those the finest damn growing out titties I ever saw!!! Poor little Maryanne felt like she was some damn gourmet meal before this woman!! and shook all over in complete fear as she heard her talking about tasting her pussy and sucking them titties of hers!!!They moved over to Stephanie now and disrobed her marveling at her long lanky legs and arms and her firm almost muscled belly and removed her bra and two perfect little mounds of tits were standing firmly up two nice cherry sized nippled atop them. Her tits not even good hands full as yet. And then they whisk her red panties off and there before them was a partially blonde haired covered mound and long petal like lips adorned it and her clit shaded by the lips. Aunt Ester again licked her lips and no doubt she was going to eat this one up to!!Now over to Isabelle they went and pulled her long nightgown up over her head and tied it up at her wrist leaving her totally naked before her Mom Maryellen and Aunt Ester. Seeing her near half cantaloupe tit flesh and topped with two nice nearly dime sized nipples, and a full dark brown hairy mound with rounded up lips and her clit buried deep into them at top of her pussy opening.Aunt Esterr saying I knows this ones been opened good cause she been fucking Louie for a while now. And I hope Mistuss Maryellen we gets to let ol’ Bull really make her scream I luvs hearin’ em’ do that!! And since she instagated all this I thinks it’s only right she be tha’ one that has ta’ take him!!So now leaving Isabelle tied up and totally naked Aunt Esterr went back over to Maryanne the smallest of them all in every way there was and again looked her over licking her big black lips and going “mmmm” damn I’ve not had one of these like this in a long while!! Sat her satchel down reached inside and got a weirdly curved up straw like reed that actually was a tiny green piece of bamboo that was about a fingers thickness and certainly honed out smoothly inside as she brought it to her lips and blowed through it Maryanne looking intently at it and shivering wondering just what to hell it was meant for and what she’d do with it!!That only took mere seconds to figure out as Aunt Esterr brought out a bottle of some kind of liquid in it pulled the cork from it and stuck the bamboo straw into it and sucked the liquid into it!! And then and there shoved the end of it right up into Maryanne’s pussy and blew the liquid up into her little pussy!!Making her twist, and turn, and shake, all over against her arms, and legs, so well tied out the only movement was her tiny bodies!! Now screaming out she was on fire inside as Esterr stood right there the bamboo straw removed and watched her writhe and twist and scream out her little pussy was on fire!!Then stood up and went back into that satchel and pulled out another jar this one had a salve looking rub in it and got it out and opened and got a glob of it in her fingers and reached right over and rubbed it on her long extended carrot like nipples as poor Maryanne really began to cry out and began instantly to grunt and breathe out heavy heated breaths of air!! Her long nipples swelled out and up even more as it took it’s affect on them!!Aunt Esterr looked over at Maryellen and said; “Mistuss Maryellen I knoweds you like being with another woman’s and have in the past helped me with some of the Breedins Uns and lets tag team thisun’ and get her juices really a goin’. As Esterr stood and moved down between Maryannes writhing about spread wide open legs and Maryellen had bent down at her now fully swollen nipples and both began to lightly lick at her pussy and tits making the poor gal really sling her head back and cry out not in pain but absolute heated pleasure!!Maryellens mouth now fully engulged her right nipple and sucked and licked it as Esterr had her big black lips totally over the entirety of her small pussy licking through her lips up onto that clit of hers and moaning out “mmmm” as she savored the fine sweet and tasty juices little Maryanne was now giving illegal bahis her!!Maryanne was swinging her lithe little body about wildly as the two women worked her tits and pussy over with their mouths driving her totally absolutely crazy with mind blowing lust and pleasure!! Her little belly swelling and withdrawing back the heat and pleasure driving her pussy wild!! Her long sensitive nipples being licked and sucked making her come unglued as she gave out a loud gruntal moan and began cuming as she loudly sucked heated breaths of total pleasure!! Esterr sucking her cum juices down and her lips totally engulfing her cunt lips as she began driving her tongue up into this tight as hell tiny pussy and making the girl scream and writhe even more as her pussy was being stretched wide out from Esterrs thick tongue and her tits fared no better as Maryellen sucked at them harder and harder and harder!!She flung her little head around and her body really shook and rose and jumped all around her little butt cheeks squeezed tightly and released As you could hear Esterr swallowing them juices of Maryanne’s again and again until at last the she was so drained she just fainted away and Maryellen stopped sucking her nipples and let go with a loud pop off the one she was sucking and Esterrs mouth freed from having engulfed her whole pussy mound up into her mouth leaving her cunt mound and lips all swollen out her clit elongated and shaking about in her pussy lips all of soaking wet!!As Esterr arose saying as she smaked her lips; “Damn that was some fine eatin’!” “I think I’ll take this little thang to my place and keep her a while Maryellen!!” “I can get three good juice swallowins a day from that little pussy of hers!” “And damn she was tight I had ta’ force my tongue ups in her!” “She ain’t never beens fucked Mistuss Mary!” As they looked at her for a few moments passed out and just heavy labored breathing from her first ever mind blowing orgasm and from two women!So now they both walked to the other end of the table and now confronted Stephanie all tied spread eagled and naked. Maryellen saying let’s switch places with this one!! I want me some girl juice to Aunt Esterr!! And Esterr asked her if she wanted her to juice her up first and Maryelen said; “Oh No!” “Let’s get this one without anything and see how she does!!”Esterr moved to her tits and Maryellen got between her long spread out legs and Steph was pleading and crying oh no please I don’t want another woman like that! But they paid her no mind at all and Maryellen sank her mouth and face right into that blonde haired bush of hers and right over her long lips and mound her mouth went sucking the whole of it all into it as Steph really jumped and jerked.As she began eating and sucking and licking her pussy just as Esterr bent her head down and sucked up nearly half her tit into mouth and began working that tit flesh and nipple over with her tongue as Steph thrashed and squelled and began shaking all over and Maryellen was instantly swallowing her cum juices gulping them down in loud swallows, As Esterr’s mouth released her one tit only to suck half the other one up and began working it and that nipple over with her tongue leaving the other one red and swollen her nipple hard as it could be!!While Stephs long legs and arms and her long lithe body shakes and jerked and jumped as the two women worked her pussy over and her tits at the same time!! Until at last her juices slowed their gushing for Maryellen and her body went limp and she passed out from the immensity of the huge powerful orgasms she’d had and quick!!But Esterr wasn’t done with this one yet at all and as their mouths freed from her two pleasure areas, Esterr said; “I’m gonna’ fuck this one Maryellen!” “She primed and ready to be fucked!” As Maryellen was telling her that her pussy was tight but loosened up quickly when she got her tongue working up in her! And that she tasted damn good and she gushed juices into her mouth damn near to much to swallow and keep up with!! That all said Esterr reached into her satchel and brought out big long hand carved from wood dildo that had a perfectly carved out big head on one end with all kinds of bumps all over it and perfectly carved and smooth as could be.As she traded places with Maryellen and had it in her big ol’ black hand and standing there at Stephs long thin legs widely streched open and in the air got it between her them and pushed that head right up into her pussy that her lips swelled out over and swallowed into her opening that was tightly clasping at that wooden dick and she pushed it as far as it would go making Steph grunt out loudly as it sunk into her pussy and bottomed out!!! Her body jerked and shook and her belly quivered and spasmed and she came again right there and then as Esterr fucked that pussy of hers hard and fast as she make her hand go!!While Steph came and came over and over again on that wooden dick until she was absolutely cum totally out! Then Esterr removed the wooden dick from her pussy leaving it gaped open and her lips quivering and shaking and her inner pussy clutching and grabbing at the air!!Both women looking at each other and saying almost simultaneously damn this one luvs to fuck!!They left Steph tied up as she was and Isabelle to and went over and took Maryanne down off her straps and Aunt Esterr grabbed her satchel and had already put everything she’d used back and put her on her shoulder still passed out and left with her!!Well Morning approached and all were waking up back at the mansion now as Maryellen had come back to it and had left Steph and her daughter Isabelle naked and tied up. And began to get things ready for breakfast as Thedford and his wife Irene who was much better now though still walking a bit bowlegged came down and sat at the breakfast table and then George came down and four of them ate as Both Thedford,his wife, and George questioned where the girls were and Maryellen thought up a quick one and said they all had left earlier headed down to the Creek!!What becomes of all the girls? Do the parents go looking for them? That will be Chapter 3 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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