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Family Essence – Deviant – Pt. 01

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Author’s Note:

Hi, this is a bit unusual for Literotica from what I can tell.

Each ‘part’ will be uploaded to Literotica after it’s been completed and edited. But each part will contain several chapters as its uploaded elsewhere. Each part will contain smut, but it’s not the major focus. This is a story of incest, yes. And it’s a sister-harem story. Yet there will be a lot of other stuff too. There will be some kingdom building, some fighting and powering up and yes, there will be smut.

And I intend for there to be many parts.

If for some reason, you want to skip straight to the smut, those chapters are marked with XXX.

Hope you enjoy my first story on Literotica.


…Family Essence-Deviant (FE-D) Synopsis…

Darren is returning home to spend Christmas with his family when the world changes around him. The neighborhood he grew up in is swarming with monsters, the sky has changed and his family suddenly has magical powers. But unlike his sisters, who all have magical badass powers, Darren’s powers only heal and purify. As if that weren’t enough, one of his abilities only works on his sisters. And then, only if he fills them with his seed.

Even as Darren struggles to accept his powers, the new world won’t wait.

The monsters are coming, and unlike with his sisters, it won’t be a pleasant experience.

…Chapter 1, Home for the holidays…

I had a pretty normal life before I received my system. Was almost ready to graduate from an engineering course at college, had a steady girlfriend and a part-time job I didn’t hate.

Then I went home for the holidays. Good ol’ Token’s Point. Average population just north of a hundred thousand. Just big enough to get lost in, if you’re trying, but not so big you’d stay lost. I’d always loved my hometown, though a lot of that was actually due to my family. My hard-working single mom and four younger sisters. Despite most of us not having the same father and being their unofficial babysitter for most my life, somehow, I don’t hate them. Most of the time.

This year, as I return home for the holidays, I’m especially looking forward to it. Somehow, mom’s managed to squeeze in five whole days where she isn’t working. Which means we can spend some quality time as a family.

When I drive my clunker up the driveway, my eyes take in the monster house that we’ve called home my entire life. Unlike the houses around us, that are mostly colour variations on the same theme, our house is old. And not just old. Distinct. It’s three stories, with one of those towers in the corner and everything, like it wants to be a castle when it grows up. Not that the house hasn’t been renovated over the years. The giant garage is evidence enough of that. As I stare at it, I can’t help but admire how well the solar panels were integrated into the style of the house. Mom’s position at her construction company did help with the renovations.

A garage that’s currently occupied by my sister Madison’s mustang, leaving me to park outside. I don’t even have a chance to get out before my youngest sister explodes through the front door, her pink hoodie and blond hair flapping around her as she races over.

“Hey Bethany,” I say with fake nonchalance as I turn towards the back door of my car, pretending not to notice the outstretched arms seeking a hug. Yet she isn’t to be denied, tackling me from the side and nearly knocking me over. “Damn kid, you’re starting to get some heft.”

I can practically hear Bethany rolling her eyes as she replies, “I’m not a kid, Darren.”

“Still not allowed to drink,” I point out, blowing the loose strand of her blonde hair out of my face.

“Yeah. Cause state laws are stupid. Eighteen’s old enough to vote, why can’t I drink?”

Shrugging, I turn to give her a proper hug, hoisting her up as I squeeze her tightly. “I don’t make the rules, kid.”

This time there’s no response as she hugs me back just as hard. After half a minute, I finally slacken my grip, waiting the few seconds before Bethany does the same.

“How long you back for?” Bethany asks, grunting slightly as I hand her the box full of my already wrapped Christmas presents.

“Two whole weeks. I was thinking that after Christmas, we could hit up a couple movies. I’m kind of behind. You know, that whole exam season thing.”

“That’d be awesome,” Bethany says, choosing to ignore the path stone’s we laid out to avoid tromping on the grass to trek across the green space. While she’s forging her own way, I look down at those same stones. Inlaid along the sides of the path are each of our personal ‘key stones’. Mom’s always kind been into geology. When we were younger, one of her favourite ways to have us spend time together was to take all five of us out to some remote corner of the state to go exploring. Usually there’d be some interesting geological feature there that drew her interest.

And to keep us interested, each trip, we were told to seek out and find güvenilir bahis the most interesting rocks we could find. I’ll admit, it didn’t always work. More than once, I’d just find one that was kinda cool, then spend the rest of the time playing with my sisters. Who could be a pain, but were usually more interesting than a bunch of rocks.

“Hey bro,” Madison’s voice calls from the direction of the garage. Looking up from where I’d been daydreaming, staring at the path inside, I glance over to find the eldest of my little sister’s wiping grease from her hands. Hard to call her little when we’ve shared the same class most our lives and she’s only a couple inches shorter than me, but still. “You’re early.”

“Wanted to miss traffic,” I say, dropping my bags then stepping forward holding my arms open for a hug. Which Madison answers, her wavy red hair brushing my cheek as she grips my side lightly with her elbows, keeping her hands fully disengaged as she dangles the rag behind my back. “How’s the mustang?”

“Still ‘in progress’,” Madison replies, though there’s a smile on her face as she pulls away. A smile that reaches all the way to her bright green eyes. “Now that mom’s letting me take a gap year, I’m finally making progress. Smitty’s might not pay amazing, but getting parts for cheap is great. Plus Melinda says she’ll take me on as an apprentice.”

“You thinking of becoming a fulltime grease monkey?” I ask as I grab my bags, holding the door to keep it clean of her grungy hands.

“Ha. Can you imagine what mom would say if I became a mechanic.” Shaking her messy mop of red hair, she heads straight past the entrance for the kitchen, not bothering to take her shoes off. Rolling my eyes, I don’t follow her lead, setting my bags down by the door as I set my shoes on the rack by the door. A rack Madison and I built together years ago as part of our first woodworking class. It’s even mostly level.

“Mom would probably disown you. Or congratulate you on disarming the patriarchy. Hard to say,” I reply as I hoist my bags, looking up the wide staircase leading up to the second level. A beautiful open concept design. Too bad the bathrooms are as small as the stairway is big.

“She’d probably disown you first. You’re the one that got me Bee!”

“Bee?” I ask, delaying my ascension as I peer into the kitchen where Madison is flicking water from her hands while hunting for a towel.

Apparently giving up on her quest, she ambles toward me, her hands now clean as she reaches out for another hug. “You know, like in the movie.”

Chuckling as I set down my bags once more, I pull Madison into a proper hug and this time she lets out a little squeal as I squeeze her tight, lifting her up. Then she squeezes me back, and is able to squeeze hard enough to make me wheeze slightly. Which only prompts me to squeeze her even harder. We keep escalating until she pats me on the back, signaling her surrender. As we let each other go, I stumble slightly as my vision gets a little hazy. Which turns into a full-on trip when she steps on my foot with her work boots. We end up collapsing atop my luggage as I let out a rather undignified yelp.

A moment later, Madison sprawled atop of me, I hear Bethany’s voice from the living room. “What’re you two… doggy pile!”

Before I’m able to get a word out, I feel all my breathe pressed out of me as Bethany slams on top of Madison with full force. As I’m recovering, Madison is already turning on Bethany, their wrestling freeing me from their weight enough to witness Bethany’s red face as Madison tickles her into submission. Extracting myself, I grab my bags right as Bethany manages to reverse the situation, managing to extract a gasp from Madison. Escaping up the stairs with my bags, I can’t peel the smile off my face as I head to my old room.

It’s good to be home.

…Chapter 2, The Texts…

Walking down the hallway towards my old room, I’m interrupted by the older of the twins, Sawyer, storming out of the bathroom ahead of me. She’s wielding a brush full of dark brown hair, only wearing her bra and panties as she charges into the door next to mine. A sight I’m mostly inured to after years of living with my sisters. I hear my other twin Kaylie yelp as Sawyer yells, “You used my brush! I wanted to have my hair done.”

Kaylie’s reply drifts to my ears, causing me to pause, “It’s not gonna matter. He won’t care.”

“But why my brush?” Sawyer asks as I stomp down the hallway, trying to let them know I’m there without intruding. Their voices cut off as the door to Kaylie’s room slams closed. There’s some muffled noise from behind the door as I open the door to my old room. While I’d expected mom to turn it into a guest room or something, she’s always refused the suggestion. All of us would always have a room in her house. It’s weird, looking at the bed, which seems so small. The twin is long enough, barely, but I already know I’ll miss being able to sprawl out. I’m also going to miss having Jen flop güvenilir bahis siteleri down on top of me.

Thinking of her, I reach for my cellphone to send her a text, intending to let her know I’ve arrived safely. But when I do, I notice I have several unread messages. Flipping my phone open, my eyes narrow as I begin to read.

Jen: “Hi Darren. So, I don’t have a good way to say this. But I think we should break it off.”

Jen: “I know we’ve had lots of fun together. And I really like you. But… I think you need to see a therapist. Choosing to go home to your sisters every damn month? And now going back for Christmas instead of coming with me to Hawaii? I wish you were here, but since you’re not… well, I’m still young. And I want to have fun while I’m here. If you’d come with, then we could be doing it together.”

Jen: “Anyway. Hope you have fun hanging out with your sisters instead of your totally hot ex-girlfriend.”

I plop down on the twin bed, reading through the texts several times as my head spun. I knew she was upset. But I thought we’d talked about it. And it’s tradition. Our family always spend Christmas together. And it’s not like I was trying to exclude her. I invited Jen to come along. Her decision hurts more than I thought it would. I didn’t know if she was the one, but we had fun together.

Sitting there, I end up staring at my phone for a long time, scrolling up and down. Long enough to have a knock come from the open doorway. Looking up, I find Madison leaning against the frame, her eyes locked on my tightly held phone. “Bad news?”

“I… uh… Jen…” I start, but then turn away when I realize my vision is getting blurry.

“Hey. Hey,” Madison says, plopping down next to me as she wraps her arms around me from behind.

I don’t respond, just sitting there as Madison holds me in an awkward backhug for a minute. Then another set of footsteps echo across my room as Bethany sits down on my other side and joins the hug. She’s not as polite as Madison, taking my still unlocked phone and reading the messages.

“What a bitch,” Bethany declares, deleting the messages before going into the contacts. Before I realize what she’s up to, she deletes Jen’s contact info too. “You’re better off without her.”

“I still have stuff at her place,” I say, a chuckle escaping me despite my tears. “And it’s not that big a campus. I’ll need to talk to her again.”

“Whatever. You can just get her number from your history or something. But seriously, couldn’t she have broken it to you in person, at least? Bitch,” Bethany says, giving me another hug.

“Language,” Madison says from my back.

Bethany pulls away, squinting over my shoulder at Madison. “Seriously? You’re ten times worse than I am. And you should’ve read what his ex-girlfriend said to him. Breaking up because he wanted to come home to spend time with us instead of going to Hawaii.”

Madison releases me, and I can’t help but feel a little sad to feel her go, but then she’s sitting beside me, holding me hand. “Fine. You’re right. She is a fucking bitch. Happy?”

“Very,” Bethany hums as she hops up off my bed, handing me my phone. Then she looks at me again, her smile slipping. “Well, okay. Not so much.”

“It’s fine,” I reassure her. Though I still feel an ache, my sister’s efforts have helped. It’s good to have people who care about you.

“It’s not fine. It’s better than fine. It’s great,” Bethany declares, placing both hands on her hips. “Now you don’t have to feel guilty about being here with your amazing sisters instead of some bitch who doesn’t appreciate how great you are.”

“Yeah. We are pretty amazing,” Madison agrees, squeezing my hand.

“Eh, you’re alright,” I reply, smirking at them, earning myself a soft punch in the arm from Madison.

“Jerk,” she says, rolling her green eyes as she stands up.

“Remember, we’re here for you bro,” Bethany says, patting my cheek as she leans closer, her blonde hair falling in her eyes as she bonks my forehead with hers. “We all love you, you doofus.”

Patting her cheek back, I reply, “Love you too… kid.”

With a final eyeroll, Bethany flips her blonde hair as she raises her nose in the air, “You wish I was still a kid. I am a woman now, and don’t you forget it!”

Snorting, I can’t help but chuckle at the way she’s posed, her hand on her hips. Then she drops the pose, asking, “Feeling better? Want some grub?”

“Yeah. I could eat,” I reply, then look towards my stuff. “But I should shower first.”

Bethany takes a step forward, taking a long sniff.

“Uhm?” I ask, rubbing my armpit as she steps back.

Tilting her head back and forth for a second, Bethany gives a shrug. “You smell better than Madison.”

“Hey!” Madison protests, throwing one of my pillows at her.

Laughing, I push Bethany towards the door, herding Madison with her before they can start a pillow fight in my room.

Accepting her defeat, Bethany steps through the door, pulling iddaa siteleri it most of the way closed before pausing. Her smoky emerald eyes meet mine, a single strand of blonde hair dangling there as she gives me one last smile. “But seriously. I promise we’ll make you forget about her.”

“Thanks,” I say, returning her smile as she nods and pulls the door closed. Then I flop back, my hand dangling off the side of the bed as I stare at the ceiling. Maybe it’s a good thing the bed is smaller. Won’t feel as empty without Jen.

Shaking my head, I don’t let myself dwell on that thought, pulling out a change of clothes before grabbing a towel from the linen closet. As I’m reaching for the bathroom door handle, Kaylie steps out of the bathroom. Her dark hair is dripping wet, and she has a towel wrapped around her upper chest with a few inches of her smooth skin showing between the towel and a pair of skimpy black panties.

“Darren?” She asks, stopping in front of me, her brown eyes peering into mine.

“Uh, yeah?” I reply, keeping my eyes fixed to hers so I don’t linger on anything I’m not supposed to.

“Is everything okay?” She asks, stepping closer to me as she lets the towel drop. Now, I’ve seen her partially undressed before. But I haven’t had her still wet body pressing against mine in a hug without so much as a bra on before. And that’s the exact scenario I’m in now, as Kaylie presses herself against me, squeezing me tightly. For the first time, I feel myself growing excited by my sister’s touch as the scent of her strawberry scented hair fills my senses.

Even as I shift to not poke her, Kaylie says, “Bethany told us what that bitch did. I’m sorry.”

“Not your fault,” I reply, deciding to ignore my growing shame to instead return the hug properly.

“No shit,” Kaylie says, leaning her head on my shoulder. “But… it kinda is.”


“Cause if you didn’t come to visit us, you’d be off having fun in Hawaii,” Kaylie states into my shoulder, her near whisper sending pleasant shivers down my spine.

Shaking my head, I attempt to pull back from Kaylie to look her in the eyes, but she keeps me locked tight. “It’s not your fault I love you.”

“Hmm. I think I deserve at least some of the credit,” Kaylie says, releasing me enough to slug my shoulder and meeting my gaze. Which I’m careful not to let dip low.

“Sure. Some, maybe like… a tenth?” I say, smirking at her.

“Why did we even want you go come home?” Kaylie asks as she pulls away, not even trying to hide herself as she reaches for her towel. This time I’m unable to turn my eyes away as her soft tits hang exposed. I can’t help but notice that even in the middle of winter, she has tan lines. When she straightens, my eyes are locked on her face, and she’s blushing slightly. But she still doesn’t move to cover herself.

Before I can comment, Kaylie leans forward, giving me a peck on the cheek thrusting her towel into my arms. Then she spins away, striding to her room with more of a shake to her ass than I think I’ve ever seen before. It’s a little awkward, and probably not as sensual as she’s trying for. Which only makes it adorable. Pausing at the door to look over her shoulder, her eyes lock onto mine once more with a giant grin. “Shower’s all yours.”

And then she’s gone. And I’m left with an uncomfortable erection.

Not the first time one of my sister’s has put me in this state. But it might be the first time it felt like it might’ve been intentional. Not wasting time, I grab a spare towel and take the one she just gave me into the bathroom. It’s still wet and smells faintly of Kaylie as I lift it to my nose. The same strawberry shampoo. Stripping down for the shower, I bring the towel to my nose again. And while picturing Kaylie’s ass, I rub one out, right there. It’s one of my fastest ever.

Instead of the shame I’ve felt when I thought of one of my sister’s in the past, I feel… relieved. And excited. Maybe Kaylie only wants to flirt, but if so… well, it’ll be fun. And if she wants more, well, we’ll need to talk about it. Even as I’m thinking about Kaylie, and the idea of having her join me in the warm water of the shower, I manage to cum again. Once I’ve finished my shower, I get dressed in jeans and my old t-shirt with the saying, ‘please wait, sarcasm loading’ on it. A gift from Madison a few years ago.

Even as I finish dressing, there’s a buzz, a flash of pink light filling my vision as all my senses go numb. When it fades, I find myself sprawled on the floor next to the toilet. I squint and reach behind the toilet, grabbing the empty toilet paper roll and putting it in the paper bin as I stand up. Looking in the mirror, I don’t see any head injuries as I rinse my hands before leaving my room. Weird. There’s no half-naked Kaylie standing in the hall this time, and I shake my head at the slight disappointment I feel as I head downstairs. Right as I’m at the bottom step, Bethany comes around the corner from the living room.

“Oh, Darren, good. Did you want to go out or stay in?” Bethany asks with a giant grin, her blue eyes sparkling.

“I was thinking we could get pizza and watch Firefly,” I reply, following her into the living room. “Haven’t seen it since summer.”

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