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Family Life – The Sequel – Pt 1

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Family Life – The Sequel – Pt 1David turned the car off the road, through the tall granite gate posts and past the sign that read, “Golden Lawns Luxury Retirement Home.”The first time David saw the name he thought it was pretentious, but now, today, with the bright sun shining, he could sea a golden shimmer on the extensive lawns leading to what had once been a large stately home. In fact he recalled how many years before he and Dan had carried out some work in this very building. They continued along the winding drive, passing people walking in twos and threes, enjoying the fresh air. Some of them waved to the car as it passed.“You really didn’t have to go to the expense of this place,” Mary said, “one of the cheaper places would have done.”“If l had my way you wouldn’t be going to any of them Mum,” he replied, “but as you are determined, there is no way you are not getting the best, the firm is going well, we can afford it easily.”“I couldn’t stay with you any longer,” Mary said, “don’t get me wrong, you and Heather have been great, l love you both, she is a fantastic wife and mother, you are so good together. But the boys are off to University soon, and Sian will not be far behind, then Heather will be spending more time travelling with you and l would go mad rattling around in that big house on my own, you know me, l need company.”“You need cock you mean,” he laughed.“Shut up,” she punched him lightly on his arm, laughing, “what an outrageous thing to say to your mother.”“It’s true though Mum,” he said, “you know what you’re like if you’re not getting regular sex, that’s why you sold up in Spain after Dan died.”“Yes well the boys from the village were very good,” she said, “but they were always going to get bored with shagging an old lady eventually.”“So you decided to come back to the one fella who never gets bored fucking you.”“You make me sound awful,” she said.“You know l love you Mum, and Heather does,” he replied.“I know sweetheart,” she said, “but l liked this place as soon as l saw it, l know l will be happy here.”“Well l hope the men here know what’s about to hit them,” he laughed, “don’t be too demanding Mum, from the look of a few we’ve past, you could end up shagging them into a coffin.”David pulled into the car park. “I’ll come in and get you settled,” he said, “but l can’t stop long, l’m taking a load to Italy tomorrow.”Since taking over the haulage company from Jed, David had taken it from strength to strength. They now had a multi million pound annual turnover with several major contracts stretching all over Europe. The success had been in no small way thanks to the efforts of Heather, it had proved very lucrative to be able to sweeten company executives with a wild night of sex with his wife in order to settle a contract.“Surely you can stay for a quickie before you leave me,” Mary said.“Since when do we do quickies Mum,” he laughed.“Oh l remember one in particular,” she giggled.David knew immediately the incident she was thinking about, it was when they were both taking the train to Cheshire for one of their visits to his Aunt and Uncle. Mary had been leaning out of the window of the train, waving to his father who was standing on the platform. David had been standing behind her, he had lifted her skirt and slipped his cock into her cunt from behind, his mother not showing any sign of what was happening as her son gave her a few quick thrusts before filling her with hot cum.“God that memory takes me back,” he laughed, “it was a good job you didn’t have panties on that day.”“I never wear them when you’re around,” she giggled, pulling her skirt up and opening her legs to reveal her shaved cunt. “Come on,” she said, pushing her skirt back down, “let’s get me settled in then you can fuck me before you go.”David was always amazed at his mother, nearly seventy years of age but still mad for sex. He had to admit it was doing her good, not only did she look at least ten years younger, she was bright and intelligent and fully in charge of her life.Once inside, they were greeted by a very efficient, totally characterless woman, who obviously knew that David was footing the bill so made a big show of fawning over him. Once she had booked a Mary in she showed them to Mary’s suite of rooms.“Good god,” Mary said once the woman had left them, “now there’s a woman who needs a good stiff cock up her arse.”“Just like you,” David laughed.“Only l would welcome it,” Mary laughed, turning her back to him. “Unzip me,” she said.No sooner had he unzipped her dress, she shrugged it off her shoulders, allowing it to fall at her feet. Then she quickly removed her bra, tossing it aside before turning to face him, totally naked.“I thought you were in a hurry,” she said, “come on, get undressed, you’re not fucking me with your clothes on, l’m your mother, you could at least make an effort.”“You’re crazy,” he laughed, quickly removing his clothes.“Now make it special,” she said once he was naked, taking hold of his cock and leading him into the bedroom. “This could be the last cock l have for a while so make it good.”She climbed onto the bed, lying with her legs spread wide.“Which hole?” He asked, kneeling between her legs.“Cunt of course,” she said, “let’s be normal for a change, you always fuck my bum these days.”David lifted her legs onto his shoulders, she reached down, guiding him to the entrance of her cunt. He lowered himself slowly, sliding easily into her warm, wet body.“Mmmmm, that’s good,” she sighed as he came down on top of her, his cock buried deep inside her.David felt the muscles in her cunt contracting, gripping him in a vicelike hold. He lowered his face until it hovered inches above her.“I love you Mum,” he said, kissing her, first gently, then lowering himself, his tongue entering her as she embraced him, wrapping her legs around him, her cunt milking him.They stayed, locked together, Mary giving a moan as he started to move inside her, his hips drawing back slowly before driving back in again.Mary’s nails dragged down his back, digging in deep as his movements increased.He worked himself inside her gently rotating his hips and humping against her. Then he settled back on his haunches, changing the angle. His hands went to her breasts, kneading them gently, rolling his thumbs over her nipples.“A woman your age shouldn’t have tits as good as these,” he said, tapping lightly on her nipples, watching them harden.Mary looked up at him, she was never happier than when her son was inside her. She saw him looking at her breasts, she had seen that look in his eyes so many times, she knew what he was thinking.“Go on then,” she said, “l can see you want it.”“Are you sure?” He said.“Of course l am,” she replied, “you know l love it as much as you.”“They are still so full,” he said, “after all these years, and the punishment they’ve taken, but they still have a firmness to them.”“Thank you,” she said, “l’ve always been proud of them, even the boys in Spain said they were beautiful.”Suddenly David swung his hand, striking her left breast with a firm slap. Immediately he felt her cunt contracting on his cock, she let out a hissing sigh as her back arched. Quickly he followed with a second blow to her other breast, both blows hard enough to leave a redness on the tender flesh.“Oh god yes,” she hissed.David saw the trembling in her tummy, then felt the heat of her juices flooding over his cock. He repeated the blows, alternating left and right, then pinching her nipples, pulling and twisting them.“Oh Jesus,” she cried as another hot flood flowed down her cunt.David rammed his cock into her, twisting her nipples again.“I thought you wanted it gentle this time,” he smiled at her.“You know me better than that,” she smiled up at him.Two more slaps followed, bright red patches now appearing on both breasts.“You’re going to miss this,” he said, “l can’t see any of the old fuckers who lived her having the energy to fuck you properly, let alone give you the treatment you love.”“It’s not a prison,” she said, “l have the internet, and l can go out when l want, l’m sure l can find what l need, l can always go dogging if l can find someone to take me.”David pushed her legs up over her head, now he was on top of her. He pulled his cock out of her cunt, it was slick with her juices. As if by a will of it’s own, the head of his cock rested against her anus.“Does my baby want to fuck his Mummy up her arsehole?” She smiled up at him.“Fucking whore mother,” he said as her crashed down on her, his cock driving full length into her bum hole.“Oh god, you bastard, you beautiful bastard,” she cried out as her whole body went into convulsions.At the same time David came with her, his cock pumping jet after jet of hot spunk into her belly. He ground himself down on her, humping himself hard into her, he felt her nails digging in to his buttocks as she tried to pull him in deeper. She shuddered again then fell back, her body heaving.David rolled off her, lying on his back. Mary rolled above him, sliding down the bed so that she could take his spunk covered cock into her mouth.“You are such a dirty slag,” he said.“Mmmmmm,” was all she could reply, then releasing him for a second she looked up at him. “It always tastes better once it’s been in my bum,” she said before taking him back into her mouth again.They lay together for a few minutes before David pendik escort stirred. “I have to go,” he said, rolling off the bed.Mary laid back, looking up at him. “Thank you,” she said, “that was lovely.”“I love you Mum,” he said, hurriedly dressing. Once he was dressed, he bent over her to kiss her. “I’ll ring you later to see if you’ve settled in,” he said.“Don’t worry about me,” she replied, “l can feel l’m going to be happy here.”Once David had gone, Mary decided to shower before going down to the restaurant for the evening meal. She new she could have meals brought to her suite if she preferred but she wanted to be as sociable as possible.Mary had made two day visits to the home previously, and due to her natural outgoing nature, she had already made friends with two women roughly her own age. As she entered the dining room she immediately saw both of them sitting at the same table. Mary was pleased to see that there was a third place set at the table, she saw both women waving to her, indicating the extra placing. She made her way over, both women rising to give her a hug and a welcoming kiss on the cheek.Esme was the older woman, an attractive seventy year old, slightly on the plump side of trim, she obviously had money judging my the understated, expensive clothing she was wearing.Joan was sixty seven, the same age as Mary, she was tall for a woman, nearing six foot, again smartly dressed on her athletic frame. Mary had learned that she was an ex professional athlete who had competed all over the world.“We saw you arriving,” Esme said, “was that your son, the one with the haulage business?”“Yes,” Mary replied.“He’s a good looking chap,” Esme said, “l’ve seen the name on the back of lorries, there seems to be a lot of them on the road.”“Yes,” Mary said, “he joined the company when it was just starting, the original owner treated him like a son, then , when he retired, he sold the business to David at a very good price. David developed the business from there, he has two depots in this county and three dotted around Europe. He still drives himself, in fact he’s off to Italy tomorrow, his wife does all the office work, planning jobs and securing contracts, she is very good at negotiating.” Mary had a little smile to herself wondering what these two women would think if they knew that Heather’s usual negotiating position was on her back with her legs in the air.“You must be very proud,” Esme said, “our family are into crisps and peanuts, my son took it on, he’s the third generation. Joan here used to be married to a Greek shipping tycoon.“Yes,” Joan laughed, “until the randy bugger fucked off with his twenty year old secretary, still l screwed him on the divorce settlement.”They talked extensively through the meal, Mary found them both very easy to get on with, she liked the way they both called a spade a spade and were not afraid to use flowery language to do it. By the time thy all decided to move to the bar, she felt totally relaxed with them.They sat at a table, after a few moments a very handsome young man approached them and asked for their order, they each ordered wine, Esme signed the tab.“Don’t bother,” Joan said, she had seen Mary eyeing up the young man, “that’s Julian, he’s gay.”“Flipping heck Mary,” Esme laughed, “you haven’t been here five minutes and you’re looking for talent already.”They all laughed.“Can’t afford to miss an opportunity at our age,” Mary said, “from what l’ve seen of the male residents they haven’t got a good one between them.”Both of the other two burst out laughing.“Oh l can see we’re going to get on well,” Esme said, “you’re funny.”“I’m horny,” Mary said, “well….most of the time anyway.”“Well l shouldn’t really say this,” Esme said, “but l have a visitor every other Friday, l could ask him if he could fit you in on another day.”“Esme!” Joan said, shocked, “you never told me, l thought he was a relation of yours, do you mean you have been…..you know.”“He’s my son-in-law if you must know,” Esme said, “l don’t care, obviously my daughter doesn’t give him enough, if she can’t satisfy him she shouldn’t complain if l do.”“And do you satisfy him,” Mary smiled.“I haven’t had any complaints so far,” Esme giggled. “Anyway Joan, don’t you come all puritanical on me, where do you slink off to every Tuesday afternoon, you’re always flushed when you come back, don’t tell me you’re just jogging.”Both of them looked at Joan, she made an attempt to stare them out but gave up after a few seconds.“It’s that young lad, Jason, that helps out on the gardens,” she said, “we meet in the boat house every Tuesday.”“Oh you lucky thing,” Esme said, “he’s gorgeous…but he must be young enough to be your grandson.”“He’s twenty,” Joan said defensively. “No wonder you’re flushed, is he good?” Esme said.“Very good,” Joan replied, all three of them bursting out laughing. “He wasn’t very confident at the start, l like my men to be confident, l’m strong willed myself and l do like a man who can take control.”“Oh me too,” Mary said, “l’m not one for love making, l like a good old fuck.”“Oooo stop it,” Esme giggled, fidgeting on her seat.“You’ve said that yourself Esme,” Joan said, “what about that time you told me about in Jamaica.”Esme blushed bright red. “Joan!” She said, “l told you that in confidence.”“Oh come on,” Mary said, “l do love a nice juicy fuck story.”“Language Mary please,” Esme giggled, “we really shouldn’t be talking like this, it must be the wine, we’re respectable women.”“Oh come on,” Mary said, “it’s only a bit of fun.”Esme gave Joan a look.“Go on, tell her,” Joan said.Esme took a few moments then seemed to settle her mind. “I suppose l have to now,” she said finally.“Wait,” Mary said, “we need more wine.” She signalled to Julian who came straight over, he asked if they all wanted another glass of wine. ‘Bugger that,” Mary said, “bring the bottle.”All three of them laughed together as Julian fetched a freshly opened bottle. Mary signed the tab. ‘Right,” she said, pouring each of them a glass, “spill the beans Esme.”“Well it was a few years ago,” Esme began, “my husband had booked a holiday in Jamaica as an anniversary present, one of those luxury beach lodges, it was beautiful. Believe it or not, l had a decent figure in those days. Anyway, we were on the beach, l was wearing my bikini when Jack suggested l go topless, l had never done that before and at first l refused but l had had a couple of cocktails, there was a bar on the beach and Jack had kept ordering refills. The barman, Leroy, was a gorgeous hunk of a man, he only ever wore a pair of Bermuda shorts, he was tall and muscular and his skin was so black it was almost blue, he had these long dreadlocks which only made him look more handsome.Esme had emptied her glass, Mary topped her up and motioned to Julian who brought another bottle. “Go on,” Mary said, “he sounds gorgeous.”“Oh he was,” Esme replied, “anyway Jack kept on that he wanted me to take my top off, in the end l turned over on my tummy and removed it. Then jack said l was a prick tease because l didn’t have the nerve to show my tits properly. He had never spoken to me like that before and although l was shocked, l suppose the cocktails were having an effect and l lost my temper a bit and l got up and ran into the sea, l knew my boobs were bouncing about but l didn’t care. When l came back, l could see the bulge in Jack’s shorts and it made me feel good to know l could turn him on, so much so that when Leroy brought more drinks, l didn’t make any effort to cover up.”“I bet he liked what he saw,” Mary said, “l used to love showing my tints when we lived in Spain.”“I admit l did feel good,” Esme continued, “especially when Leroy was staring at my boobs, then, when he placed my drink on the table beside me, he suddenly put his hand on my boob, he started squeezing it gently and teasing my nipple, he told me l had beautiful tits, l was shocked but my head was spinning, l looked at Jack, expecting him to react but l could see he had his hand inside his shorts and he was playing with himself.”“Oh l bet it was his fantasy come true,” Mary said.“I suppose it was,” Esme said, “although he had never said anything to suggest that before. Anyway, l was drunk and when l looked at Leroy l could see this big bulge in his shorts, then, before l could do anything, he pulled down the front of his shorts and his cock sprang out.”“Oh yummy,” Mary said, “l do love a big black cock.”Esme gave her a shocked look. “Really Mary,” she said, “you mean you’ve…?”“Plenty,” Mary said, “my Dan loved watching me being fucked by big black cocks.”“Oh sexy,” Joan said, “l’ve only ever had a couple but they are special aren’t they.”“Was he big?” Mary asked.“Bigger than l’d ever seen before,” Esme replied, “don’t get me wrong, l was no angel when l was young, l was known as a party girl, but l had always been faithful to my husband.”“What did he do?” Mary asked.“He just sat there grinning,” Esme said.“Typical,” Joan scoffed, “these men who long to see their wives shagged by a black man.”“Did he?” Mary said.“Yes,” Esme replied, “before l really realised what was happening he had taken off my bikini bottom and he was inside me.”“Good was it?” Mary smiled.“Amazing,” Esme replied, “l couldn’t help but react, it felt like a tree trunk inside me.”“Did you cum,” Mary said, feeling kartal escort her own juices beginning to flow.“Almost straight away, and that was rare for me,” Esme said, “then he started shagging me and l came again, by that time l didn’t care. I was in multiple orgasm, l have no idea how many before he came.”“This is the best bit,” Joan giggled.“Don’t say that,” Esme said, downing half a glass of wine.“Come on, give us the real juicy bit,” Joan laughed.“God you make it sound so sordid,” Esme complained.“Oh no not me,” Joan laughed, “l think it’s perfectly normal to lie on the beach and let some strange black man stick his dick up my pussy.”Esme giggled, turning to Mary. “Well the thing is, once he’d cum, he stood up, that was when l saw three of his mates standing there, before l could say anything the next one was inside me.”“Oh god l’m jealous,” Mary laughed, “did they all fuck you?”“Two of them did,” Esme replied, “the other one put his cock in my mouth.”“Oh yummy,” Mary laughed, “getting fucked both ends is beautiful.”“We sound like a right gang of sluts,” Joan laughed.“I’m so pleased we are all together on the top floor,” Esme said, “there are only four suites up there, number 3 is empty, Yvonne was there, she is a retired actress, she has gone to live with her son in California. If you ask me,” she dropped her voice to a whisper, leaning forward, “there was more to that than meets the eye, the way the are always touching each other, l wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t some funny business going on there.”“Oh Esme,” Joan said, “ignore her Mary, she’s got this thing about that sort of thing.”“I’m only saying they were very close, sometimes too close,” Esme said. “Don’t get me wrong, “ she continued, “l know these things go on, and l don’t judge, let’s face it, most of us girls have had Uncles or Grandfathers with wandering hands when we were younger, and sometimes it goes a bit further and as long as it’s consensual well that’s okay l suppose.”“Really Esme,” Joan laughed, “it sounds like you have some experience that you’ve never told me about.”Esme blushed bright red, “Oh…l think l might have had too much to drink,” she giggled, “what about you Mary,” she said, “what’s your opinion.”Mary wasn’t sure how much she wanted to tell them so early in their friendship, she just smiled and said, “Like you, as long as no-one gets hurt, l don’t see the problem.”Joan looked around, noticing that Julian appeared to be closing up the bar. “Why don’t we take a bottle upstairs and continue this conversation up there.”They all agreed, collecting two bottles of wine and headed for the lift.They all sat around the lounge area in Mary’s suite, all her personal effects had been moved in a few days before.“You have a better view than me,” Esme said, “your son moved quick to snap this one up before l could.”“David does a lot for me,” Mary said, wondering whether she should tell them of all the things her son did for her.They carried on their conversation, getting more and more risqué as the wine flowed. Mary went on to describe the poolside sex parties that she and Dan had hosted in Spain.“You have lived an exciting life,” Esme said.“My Dan always said l was sex crazy,” Mary laughed, “when the young lad who came to clean the pool started fucking me, Dan arranged with him to bring some of his mates along.”“Wow, how many?” Joan giggled.“There were six of them but they didn’t all come every day.” Mary said.“Every day!” Esme laughed, “you mean some of them came every day?”“Yes,” Mary replied, “there was always at least two of them.”“What did your husband think of that?” Joan asked.“Oh Dan wasn’t my husband,” Mary replied, “well he was almost, we did go through a marriage ceremony but then l found out that my divorce hadn’t been properly finalised, then my husband drank himself to death before we could sort it and we never got round to it again, but Dan loved watching me with the boys, sometimes he would join in.”“Bloody hell Mary,” Joan said, “l thought l had done a few things, but nothing like that.”“What’s your story then,” Mary said to Joan.“Oh pretty tame by your standards,” Joan said, “ l suppose the most exciting was when l was young, starting out in athletics. My coach used to massage me to loosen up my hamstrings.”“Oh yes,” Esme said with a knowing wink.“Oh it was perfectly innocent at the time,” Joan said, “l always had my t-shirt and shorts on. Anyway, one day he must have applied too much oil and as he pushed up along my thigh his hand slipped and went up the leg of my shorts.”Both Esme and Mary smiled at each other.“Oh he was full of apologies, but about a week later he said that he had learned that it was beneficial to massage the top of my thigh and that it was better if l took my shorts off.”“Mmmmm,” Esme said, “likely story.”“Well l didn’t think, after all he was my coach, he did ask if l wanted my mother to be there but l didn’t want to make him think l didn’t trust him. Anyway, nothing really happened the first couple of times, then he started moving to the inside of my thigh, then parting my legs a bit. To be honest, l was quite enjoying it, l started fantasising that he fancied me and it made me feel special.”“How old were you?” Mary asked.“I was eighteen by then,” Joan said, “but l looked a lot younger, l always had difficulty in age grade competitions, they always thought l was too young.”“How far did he go?” Esme asked.“Eventually all the way,” Joan said, “but that was a while later, see l wasn’t used to being touched down there, whenever a boy took you to the pictures you knew there was going to be some fumbling but it was always strictly top half only, not that l got asked out often, l was a late developer, my boobs were little more than pimples until l was sixteen, at eighteen l was only using an A cup bra, l didn’t need that but my nipples have always been sensitive.”“What happened to him?” Esme asked.“Oh he was doing it to other girls as well,” Joan replied, “some years later they complained to the police, l was asked to give a statement but refused, l didn’t want any publicity, the press are always going to find out no matter what they promise, anyway he got sent to prison.”Mary looked at the other two. “So what do you do for relief now then.” “What do you mean?” Esme said.“Well…for sex,” Mary said, “what do you do, are there any men here that can get it up or do you use toys?”“Toys?” Esme said.“Yes, vibrators, dildos, things like that,” Mary replied.“Well no,” Esme replied, “l’ve heard of them but l wouldn’t know how to buy one, and certainly not what to do with it.”“I had a small vibrator once,” Joan said, “l bought it in Thailand but it stopped working after a week, it didn’t do anything for me.”Mary stood up and walked into her bedroom, when she returned she was carrying a silver metal brief case type of thing. She placed it on the coffee table, flipped the catches and opened it.“Oh my god!” Esme said, looking at the contents.Inside, in separate compartments, was a selection of sex toys, including vibrators, dildos, a butt plug, various nipple clamps and other items that looked equally intimidating.Mary looked at Esme. “Get undressed,” she said.“You’re joking,” Esme laughed nervously.“I’m serious,”Mary said, “get undressed.”Esme looked at Joan as if for support.“Looks like fun to me,” Joan said.“This is weird,” Esme giggled as she started unbuttoning her blouse. She removed it, followed by her skirt, then stood there as if uncertain what to do next.”“All of it,” Mary said, “completely naked.”Again Esme looked to Joan but it was obvious she was getting no support there. She reached behind, unhooking her bra then hesitated a few seconds. She gave a resigned sigh, then removed it, tossing it onto the sofa. “There,” she said.“Very nice,” Mary said, “nice and big and heavy, they sag a bit but nothing wrong with that, men that like big tits accept that they will sag. Now the panties.”Esme gave another sigh of resignation as she hooked her thumbs into the waist of her panties, pushing them down. They dropped around her ankles, she stepped out of them and picked them up, tossing them onto the sofa.As Esme stood there, Mary walked around her. “You’re good for your age Esme,” she said, “ not a lot of spare flesh but just enough, a nice bum, good tits, yes, very nice.”Esme wasn’t sure whether to accept the compliment or not, it felt totally strange being assessed by another woman.“Sit in the armchair,” Mary told her.Without thinking Esme obeyed.“Now sit back and throw your legs over the arms.”“I can’t do that,” Esme protested.“Do it,” Mary insisted, “l want to see your cunt.”“Mary!” Esme shouted, “that word.”“What, ‘cunt’ you mean,” Mary replied. “That’s what is Esme, it’s a cunt. That is what the men will call it so get used to it.”“What men?” Esme said.“The ones that are going to fuck you,” Mary said.Joan gave a burst of nervous laughter.Mary picked up a medium sized vibrator from the case, then knelt in front of Esme. “Now open your legs,” she said.Esme was fighting every emotion that was coming from her body, she had never felt this much sexual excitement since that day in Jamaica. She knew she shouldn’t do as Mary was telling her but couldn’t resist the desires that were building in her body.Mary picked up each foot in turn. Esme gave no resistance as her legs were parted maltepe escort and d****d over the arms of the chair, leaving her vagina totally exposed.“That’s better,” Mary said, looking at Esme’s cunt surrounded by a thick mat of dark hair. She switched on the vibrator, softly stroking it along the length of her labia.“Ooooo,” Esme cried as the first vibrations fluttered through her cunt.“Just relax,” Mary said, teasing her with the vibrator, using a feather light touch, watching how Esme’s cunt reacted. She parted her labia, seeing the nub of her clitoris nestled. She brought the tip of the vibrator to lightly brush against Esme’s clit.“Oh Jesus, what’s that,” Esme cried as she jerked upright. “Oh shit!” She cried out again as Mary touched her sweet spot again.Mary saw the clitoris react to the stimulation, saw it swell, she couldn’t resist it. Putting the vibrator to one side, she placed both hands either side of Esme’s vagina, using her thumbs to pull open her labia. Immediately she covered her friends vagina with her mouth, flicking her tongue over her clitoris before taking it between her lips and sucking it.“Oh my god!” Esme cried, the thought of what Mary was doing, plus the sensation that fired through her body caused a violent surge through her, causing her to shudder from top to toe. Joan stood beside her, smiling down as her hands went to Esme’s breasts, kneading them softly then gently tweaking her nipples. “Nice?” Joan said, hearing the hissing intake of breath from her friend.Mary continued to suck on her swollen clitoris, Esme involuntarily raising her hips to meet Mary’s demanding mouth. Mary moved her mouth away, sliding two fingers into Esme’s cunt, applying the vibrator to her clitoris with the other.“Oh my god!” Esme cried, “what are you doing to me?”Mary began working her fingers, curling them under her G-spot as the vibrator tormented her clit. Her fingers began to work furiously, at the same time Joan began pinching her nipples harder.“Oh my god…..what’s happening…..oh my god no….. l can’t do that…..no……no…..n..yes….oh god.”Jets of liquid erupted from Esme’s cunt as Mary took her to her ultimate orgasm. Jet after jet, as Mary worked her fingers, jet after jet firing onto Mary’s face, into her open mouth.Esme stared between her spread legs, horror on her face as she saw what was happening, but unable to stop it, not wanting to stop it. Finally her whole body shuddered before collapsing back into the chair, totally spent.Mary pulled away, a satisfied smile on her face as she watched Esme still shaking with the aftermath of the biggest orgasm of her life.“Oh god,” Joan said, returning to her chair, “you have to do that to me some time soon.”Mary went to the bathroom, using a towel to wipe Esme’s fluids from her face and breasts. Then she returned to her chair, drinking half a glass of her wine.“What are these all for?” Joan said, reaching for the case containing the toys.“Depends on my mood,” Mary said. She picked out a long slender one with a bulbous end the size of a small egg. “That goes right up my bum,” she said.Esme gave a gasp, she had been trying to sort out all the emotions running through her head. “You don’t mean you put that up your….well your…,”“Bumhole,” Mary answered for her with a laugh. “Of course l do Esme, the orgasms can be quite intense, you get a different type of orgasm up there.”“Oh my god,” Esme said, “have you ever heard of such a thing Joan?” She said to her friend.“Well l have heard of anal sex,” Joan replied, “but l’ve never seen it, and l’ve certainly not done it.”“Of course not,” Esme said, “l thought it was only men who did that, you know those….what do you call them….queers, it’s the sort of dirty thing they do.”“Good god Esme,” Mary laughed, “you need to get into this century, it’s becoming very fashionable, like cock sucking used to be, now everyone does cock sucking.”“Well l don’t,” Esme said, “if my husband had ever suggested l do it l would have cut off his thing with a kitchen knife.”“What about you Joan?” Mary asked, “l bet you’ve sucked a few.”“My coach always wanted it,” Joan replied, “but to be honest, on the circuit, once l started seriously competing, there wasn’t much time for sex, mostly it was girls together, there were a few lesbians on the circuit and one or two were always trying to catch you in the shower.”“Did you enjoy it?” Mary said.“Sometimes,” Joan replied, “there was one, she was very famous, she does some commentating on tv now, we were close friends for a while.”“You mean you had sex with another woman?” Esme said.“Don’t sound so shocked Esme,” Mary laughed, “you can’t deny you enjoyed what we just did.”Esme went bright red, suddenly realising that she was still naked, she folded her arms over her breasts.“It’s getting late,” Mary said, “do you two want to leave it there or stay the night?”“I don’t know about you Esme,” Joan said, “but l wouldn’t mind staying the night, if that’s what you want Mary.”“Oh l never refuse the chance for a bit of fun,” Mary smiled, “what about you Esme, it’s a big bed, it will be fun.”“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Esme replied.“Why ever not?” Mary replied.“Well it’s what they do,” Esme said, “you know those butch women, lesbians…we’re not lesbians.”“I fucking hope not,” Mary laughed, “l like cock too much to be a lesbian. Don’t be daft Esme, it’s just fun, you enjoyed it didn’t you?”Esme went bright red with embarrassment.“Suit yourself,” Mary said, “come on Joan, let’s have some fun. It would be nice if you joined us though Esme, if we’re all going to be friends we can have so much fun together.”Mary and Joan went into the bedroom. Joan wasted no time getting undressed, lying on the bed with her knees bent, thighs parted.“Both of you are going to have to have your cunts shaved,” Mary said, “fellas like smooth cunts these days, makes you look younger.”Esme stayed in the lounge, still trying to piece together in her brain what had happened. She suddenly realised that she was still naked, then felt a thrill in her body at the thought of being naked with other women. She thought of what Mary had done, immediately feeling a warm glow in the pit of her stomach.She could hear the unmistakable sounds coming from the bedroom, she knew what Joan was experiencing and another flow of warmth travelled down her body. She looked at the case lying open on the table, there was a selection of different sex toys, things she had never seen before but had no doubt what they were used for.There was one with a label above it, it read “Rabbit.” It looked strange to her, it was shaped like a penis, but near the base there was a spur, shaped like a little bird. She realised that the main part was supposed to slide inside her vagina. She picked it up, noticing a switch at the base. She flicked the switch, immediately the whole thing started gyrating and vibrating. She quickly switched it off again.She heard Joan cry out in orgasm. Without thinking, she placed the tip of the vibrator against her vagina. With very little effort it slipped inside. It was bigger than her husband but not as big as she remembered those black men years ago. She felt that little bird coming into contact with a sensitive area at the top of her vagina, that same spot that Mary had concentrated on. She was amazed at how comfortable it felt inside her. Her fingers located the switch, there was also a little knob that she presumed controlled the speed. She turned the knob to what she presumed would be the minimum, then switched it on.Immediately it started a low hum and a gentle vibration. There was also an undulation inside her as if the thing had a mind of it’s own. Esme gave a gasp as the first faint tremors rippled through her body.She could hear Joan crying out next door, her cries only heightening Esme’s passion. She reached for the little knob, turning it slightly. Immediately it responded, not only did the gyrations increase in speed, the little bird resting against her clitoris sent shock waves through her body.“Oh yes Mary, oh my god yes!” She heard Joan call out, she felt her own nipples hardening. She couldn’t resist the temptation to turn the knob again. This time it felt as if the thing was alive inside her, it gyrated violently, the little bird vibrated hard against her clitoris. She felt her orgasm coming. Her back arched off the chair as her thighs clamped together, increasing the effect of the vibrator. “Oh sweet Jesus,” she sighed as her orgasm burst and she felt the flood of heat flowing down her body.The machine was relentless, her thighs clamped it in place as it carried on, stirring her inside, sending shockwaves through her body. Her second orgasm followed, she saw flashing images before her, colours changing. She felt as if she was about to pass out.Involuntarily, her thighs clamped tighter and another orgasm rocketed through her. Her body thrashed and as it did, her thighs parted and the vibrator slipped from her vagina, still vibrating and gyrating as it jumped around on the carpet.“Are you having fun?”Esme looked up, seeing Mary stood in the doorway. Suddenly she had lost all her inhibitions, she didn’t care that Mary saw her sprawled with her legs wide apart, in fact she felt the thrill of exposing herself.“Why don’t you come through to the bed,” Mary said. “I’m tired, Joan is shagged out and it looks like you’ve cum enough times for one night.” She walked over, picking up the vibrator and switching it off.Mary took Esme’s hand, helping her rise. Esme went meekly hand in hand with Mary, knowing that she wasn’t just passing through a doorway to the bedroom, it was a doorway to a whole new life and she felt excited at the prospect.

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