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Family Stan – Kelley Chapter 2

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Family Stan – Kelley Chapter 2–This is the second in a series of stories about a Widowed father and his only offspring. If you don’t like family taboo, stop here and go read someone elses story. If that intrigues you, then you may want to start with the first story, but I think you will get the jizz…I mean gist of what’s going on if you just start reading now! Enjoy!!!———————————After having his daughter, Kelley brought home by a police woman after she was caught doing “lewd and lascivious” acts in a public place, Stan had sent her upstairs while he poured himself a drink and tried to sort out what to do. The girl was the spitting image of her mother at the time they had married. Stan had been watching her, yes, watching her like THAT for years. Pretty much since her Mom died. That was 12 years ago. She was now 20, in college. She also was a virgin, though she had obviously learned to enjoy sucking cock!He looked at the clock. He had sent her upstairs 35 minutes earlier. He still had no idea of what to do. Whatever else, he had to talk to her. Maybe that was all that was needed. Or maybe she would tell him what she thought would be appropriate punishment. He poured himself another shot of 140 proof whiskey and went upstairs and knocked on her door.”Come in.”Stan opened the door and stepped into her room. She was sitting cross-legged on the bed. She had showered and changed clothes. Her blonde hair looked dark, still damp from the shower. She had put on a tankini with dainty spaghetti straps. It hugged her every contour. He did not fail to notice her contours. The tiny power blue cotton shorts could probably have been worn as panties! He took a deep breath and walked over to her desk chair and turned it around to face his daughter.”So you want to tell me about what happened? The police don’t think that this was the first time this has gone on and I believe them, so…. What the hell is going on?” He did not raise his voice. He even thought he did a fairly decent job of keeping the anger out of his voice.She did not say anything, but just stared at her father for a moment. Then matching his tone, she said. “You should know, Dad. I know you have to be every bit as frustrated as I am. I am 20 years old and I have never let a man do more than rub my clit. No guy has even fingered my cunt. I don’t want a lover. I don’t want a boyfriend and I sure as hell don’t want to get married. I am simply frustrated. Some of my friends are too, though almost all of them have been fucked numerous times. So a couple of months ago, we went out to the old park and…We blew a couple of guys off. I’m not sorry that I did, any more than I am sorry for letting you sit in that chair and beat off looking at me all of these years.”Stan had been building up steam. How could she be so reckless?! What the hell were you thinking? A guy could have killed you or beaten you or…. He had taken his breath to begin to unload on her, when Kelley’s words hit him right between the eyes. “You!…. You, hold on. You knew I was….””Probably not every time, but most of the time. I kept hoping that you would, you know. I kept hoping that one night you would just do it. Amy’s brother showed me his dick when I was 12 and he was 13. But when I saw yours… I knew what I wanted. I wanted a man. I didn’t want any of the boys in school, and most of the girls regret giving it up to whoever they let fuck them first. Most of them knew it was not love. It was just a fuck in the dark. I watched you looking at me, wanting me, being so tender and careful and…. I have been so frustrated for years.”Had Stan not had a couple of shots of liquid courage he may have been able to come up with something to say…maybe, but probably not. He sat there trying to work through that his little girl had seen him…. He was a monster to have let her see his lust for her! No, no he was a monster for looking at her and wanting her, letting alone many times he had…. No words came. None at all.And then she sat up straight staring him in the eye. She was smiling at him in the sweetest way. And then he watched as she shrugged first one shoulder and then the other out of the thin straps of her top. She looked down at her breasts, and then back up at her father as she slowly rolled her top down off of her breasts. “I know you like my tits, Daddy. They look like Moms. I bet you want to suck on them don’t you?””Oh, my God, Kelley. I can’t…. You can’t. please…..”Kelley rolled forward and crawled to the edge of the bed and stepped down. She moved slowly so that her father could drink in every movement, every ripple of her flesh, every sway of her breasts. She stepped down onto the floor and casually made her way to stand right in front of her father. Her own gaze slipped down and saw the familiar bulge in the front of his pants. ‘Tonight is the night’ she thought to herself, ‘tonight I get to have that cock!!!’ She stopped in front of him. Her tits were there in his face, almost literally. “You want to suck them Daddy. I want you to suck on them too. I want to feel your lips on them!”He put his hands on her hips. Only the thin cotton separated his fingers from her warm flesh. He wanted to touch her! He wanted to taste her!!! Hell, he wanted to throw her down on the bed and fuck her right then! “I can’t baby. It…It isn’t right.”She smirked at him and walked over to her dresser. “What’s the matter halkalı escort Daddy? Are you afraid you will lose control? Are you afraid that you might do the deed with me? What if I could guarantee you wouldn’t?” She looked back over her shoulder at her father. His cock was making a huge bulge in his pants! She made certain that she turned enough so that he could see the profile of tit. She knew that her Dad loved sneaking peeks at her puffy tits! Unlike most of the girls at school and even that she had seen in college, her breasts were nice and round and then the areolas stood out a little more, instead of lying smooth to the front of her breasts. Several girls had told her she was lucky that their boyfriends would kill for them to have tits like hers. Judging by the way her father’s eyes were glued to them, it was more than boyfriends that wanted them!!!”How… how do you intend on …. We can’t, Kelley. This is wrong!””Even if I handcuff you to the gym machine in the basement. I could let you see all of me then. That’s what the guys in the park like to do. They like to sit in their cars and watch as I touch myself. Daddy, it turns me on knowing they like looking at me. I could almost cream right now thinking about you watching me….” She pulled out a pair of handcuffs from her sock drawer and another set with a longer chain as well and turned to face Stan. “Please Daddy? I just want to show you what I was doing. It was not really that bad.”She pulled her top back up over her tits and put the cuffs back in a sack in the drawer. She walked back to her father and took both of his big hands in hers. “Dad, you have sacrificed so much for me growing up since Mom and Kevin died. You never complained, but I know it couldn’t have been easy. But I’m not a little girl anymore. I’m a woman. I know what I am doing. Trust me.” He let her help him to his feet and as they walked out of the room she picked up her goody bag out of the dresser drawer and headed for the basement hand in hand.Stan walked over and sat down on the Power Stack weight machine that they each used. He watched the lithe form of his daughter walking across the room where she picked up a bar stool and brought it closer. She was right. There had been several opportunities both professionally and relationship wise that he had passed up so that she could have a stable home. He had not even really given any of it a real sniff because she was his priority. And she was also right in that she was definitely not a chi1d! She almost seemed to float across the rubberized flooring in this part of the room. The fact that she was not wearing a bra did not seem to matter as her breasts defied the laws of physics and gravity and float above her flat, toned abs. As she bent over and took off one of her shoes and then the other the swell of her hips left no doubt that she was truly all woman and ready to be treated as one.The swelling in his own briefs definitely reminded him that he was also all man! All of the secret thoughts, desires and fantasies he had tried to suppress as he had watched her over the last few years overwhelmed any hesitations he had had before.”Come on, Dad” Kelley said as she turned and looked at him. “At least take off your shorts and shirt! It isn’t like I haven’t seen you sitting at breakfast in just your underwear.”She was right, but Stan had always worked hard to keep himself…situated so that if she started to arouse him he could at least make an effort to not make it obvious. It was already obvious now. He could feel the small wet spot that his pre-cum leakage had already smeared into the fabric of his briefs. He tried hard to remember if he had on dark blue underwear (that would conceal any wet spots) or the light gray. It really did not matter if things went as he anticipated though, so he stood up and dropped his walking shorts to the floor and then put them over the fixed arms of the dip station and then laid his shirt over the arm as well. The briefs were dark blue!!!She walked over and handed him the handcuffs. “Put these on your right wrist. I will fasten the other one after I do the ankles.” She then wrapped the padded cuff around one ankle and then, after passing the chain behind the seat post did the same to his other ankle. Standing up, she locked the handcuffs to his other wrist, wrapping them behind the narrow seat back.”Dad, don’t worry. Boys have been trying to look at my tits since they were little more than tiny ski-slopes with coat button ends. I know you like looking at them too. When I was first entering high school I remember looking toward the house and seeing you at the kitchen window looking out at me. I remember undoing my straps, ‘so I wouldn’t have tan lines. You stood there at the window for a long time, but I also remember that the dishes were all still dirty when I went back in to get some water. I think that was the first time I remember getting wet and excited from showing anyone my body.”Kelley stood in front of her father, feet spread apart almost in a challenge stance. She moved her weight from foot to foot and then even began swaying her hips in an erotic slow tease. She pulled her hands up to her hips and leaned forward a little. Her full boobs swayed and Stan noticed that the vague bump of her nipples was becoming more prominent. And then she brought her hands up olgun escort and gave her breasts a couple of nice squeezes. “Do you like my titties Daddy? It’s okay. You can say it out loud. I have known for years and it turns me on.” She pulled the fabric down and kept her hands over her tits; squeezing and kneading them. “So do you want to see them?””Yes. God, Kelley, I want to see your tits!!” His voice was quiet but the tension of his desire was obvious.”Mmmmmmmmmm, that makes me wet Daddy!” She stepped closer until her knees were touching. She leaned forward, offering her nipples, first one and then the other as she continued to slowly dance to non-existent music. Stan found himself leaning more and more forward toward the temptations. “Do you want to taste my nipples, Daddy? They are getting all long and hard wanting you to pay attention to them.” She stepped back and pulled her shirt up over her head and tossed it onto the stack of her father’s clothing. His greedy eyes flowed all over her flawless flesh! Her skin moved over her ribs and he could see the muscles in the center of her stomach give and then tighten as she turned back to him. He wondered how tight her muscles lower on her core would be….”Stick out your tongue.” She ordered her father. He did and she quickly brushed first one nipple and then the other over his tongue! His hot breath, saliva and then cool air of the basement made her nipples stand out even more and Kelley felt her pussy begin to truly leak. It had been exciting earlier because of the danger of possibly getting caught. But this…this was something altogether different. Her heart was pounding like the war drums of an African cannibals on the war path! She was on the hunt and it was an adrenaline rush like she had never had before. Soon her Dad was eagerly sucking on first one than the other breast and they were oh so sensitive! She began to wonder if a woman could orgasm just by having her tits sucked on!! She straddled her father’s knee and slid her knee up his thigh. She held his head to her nipple as she moved to the point where her knee touched his crotch. To be specific, when she heard him moan into breast she knew that the hardness her knee was touching was indeed his cock!! She smiled down into his face as he stared up into hers with a hunger. She felt him pulling against the handcuffs as she helped him press his face into her soft flesh. “Yes, that’s it! Suck me Daddy. Grind your cock on my knee!!!”She was so close to cumming when she pushed back from him that her head spun a little. She laughed as he gave a little cry of frustration as she backed away from him and did a pirouette. “Now, now, you don’t have to be like the guys in the park, Daddy. You can last a lot longer than them, and I want you to last for me. You do want me to be happy don’t you?””Anything, baby. Whatever you want me to do!” Stan’s voice was someplace between begging and placating. He wanted her and it was plain, it was very nearly a need at this point.Kelley giggled and then turned away from her father. Bending over at the waist, she leaned over and touched the floor with the palms of her hands and smiled around one side at her father and gave him a wink! She looked like an obscene exclamation mark in Stan’s eyes! Then she reached up and slowly began pulling her tiny shorts over the swell of her hips!For over a decade, when “the urge” to go out and have a good fuck hit Stan, he had turned to porn and a bottle of lube. For the first time in that same length of time, he had deprived himself of being with a live, naked woman; one that was intent upon having sex with him. Now it no longer mattered that Kelley was his daughter, he wanted to do nasty things to her! Correction, maybe even MORE now he wanted to do terrible things to Kelley! He wanted to run his tongue over her puckered brown eye. He wanted to bury his cock in the wet thick pussy lips and pound his hips into her sweet ass! He wanted to feel those legs wrapped around his hips, and feel her lower herself all of the way down onto his cock!!!She rolled her thong panties down those same long legs and then spread her feet a little further apart, choosing now to look back at her father from between her knees. “Am I as pretty as you thought I was Daddy? I keep everything shaved clean down there hoping that you would like it!” She wiggled her tight ass at her father and giggled.”Oh fuck, Baby girl! I’ve changed my mind. Unlock me and I will give you what you really need!”Kelley stood up and turned to face him. She could almost feel the heat of his gaze, blazing their way over her curves and plains. She pretended to think about it and then wagged her finger at her father as she slowly walked back toward him. “No, no you told me you did not want to lose control and do something bad to me. You made me feel bad for craving sex with you.” She stopped and bent over, putting her forearms on his shoulders and basically shoving her young firm tits in his face. “You said you didn’t want me to take your cum because that would be wrong.” She whispered. “You weren’t even certain you wanted me to show you what I was doing in the park with those other men! But I am going to show you! I am going to drain your big thick cock and drink every drop of your cum down into my tummy…. And then, şişli escort I am going to suck you hard again and I am going to do things to you….” She pulled his face to the side and licked up the side of his stubbly cheek.She sank down onto the balls of her feet and looked straight at the straining cotton trying to control his throbbing cock. He could not help himself. Stan moaned and slid his hips an inch or so further forward. There was a small voice deep inside of him telling him to stop. It did not matter to him. It could have deafened him in his ear and he would have ignored it. Looking down into those brown and green eyes he saw the warmth of sexual desire that burst into flame in his own being the ultimate need for sexual release. Nothing could stop this train wreck now!Kelley reached forward and tugged the outside bands of his shorts down. Stan raised his ass up as high as he could to help her! She giggled again and looked up into his eyes. Her voice was all his little girl. Her eyes and her body were all a woman completely foreign to him and oh so desired by him!!! She worked the briefs to his ankles and then slid up between his thighs. She took hold of his cock at the root and moved him slowly side to side. His nut sack was already pulled up tight into his hairy nest and she did not seem to give it any thought. Then she ran a finger across the pee slit of his glistening round knob and then stuck the finger in her mouth and sucked on it. “Mmmmm, Daddy, you taste good!””Stick my cock in your mouth and you are going to get more than you can swallow!””Promises, promises,” she took and lightly ran her finger over the sensitive frenulum under his cock and watched his eyes glaze over as she slid the nail around the ridge of his cock. “You have no idea of how good a little cock sucker I have become!!!” His only response was a low groan and to slide his ass even further forward on the seat of the machine.Leaning up she began by licking long slow strokes up the length of the underside and sides of his cock as she stared into his eyes. After about every other trip up his cock, she slid the tip of her tongue through his slit, collecting all of the new pre-cum that was now beginning to accumulate faster and faster. Finally she said in her sweetest, most innocent voice, “I think you’re ready to cum now, aren’t you?” She rubbed the flat of her thumb in a circle on that sensitive spot just beneath his now purple and throbbing cock head. “Do you want me to suck you?””Oh god, yes.” he uttered.”Beg for it Daddy; tell me exactly what you want!””Oh fuck! Oh, suck my cock, Baby! Stick it in that mouth of yours! I want to cum in your mouth and on your tongue…. Fuck, Kelley, suck my cock please!!!”She smiled up at her Dad and pursed her lips and then pushed the tip of his dick, directly into the center of her lips. She did not just let him in. She smeared his tip over her lips and flicked the tip of her tongue out a couple of times and flicked his cum slit. Finally she relaxed and let his throbbing golf ball sized head slip into the wet warm confines of her mouth. She swirled his glans with her tongue, one way and then the other and then sucked on the whole knob as she slowly took some of the shaft into her mouth. He was big!!! In fact, when she wrapped her fist around the base of his shaft like her friend Brenda had taught her to do, she could barely touch her lips to her index finger!!!His shaft was hot in her hand and as the tips of her fingers touched his tightly wrinkled scrotum she could tell he was very close to losing it! She smiled. She wanted him to cum. She wanted to make him cum hard and roar!!! She had plans for this evening and this was only the start! So she swirled her tongue around his cock and began making the slow jacking motion, squeezing his cock in her fist. She could feel it throbbing and tightening. She felt him straining against his bonds and then the first salty hot jet of man jizz filled her mouth coating the entirety of her. She fought to swallow even as more and more cum pumped up and out of his long neglected dick and into his sweet little girl. She looked up and his back was arched, eyes closed as at that same moment a roar tore through his body. She wanted to giggle but he was still pumping even more cum into her mouth! It was more than any other man of any age had unloaded into her before and she began to worry that she might choke trying to drain him!Then he suddenly collapsed back into the seat. Almost immediately, Kelley felt the rigidity of his manhood began to give and continued to watch his face as a smile crossed over it. She thought it was the most handsome smile she had ever seen! She kept her lips wrapped around his relaxing cock, trying to swallow all of the cum that still coated nearly all of her mouth as she waited and watch his face. Finally he opened his eyes and looked down at her. She pulled back and let his rod fall from her lips as she smiled back up at him. She made a show of swallowing once more and then opened her mouth to show her father that it was all gone and then she giggled.”Wow!!! I don’t think I ever came like that before,” he said with a completely spent voice.”Is that good Daddy?””Oh Baby, it was beyond perfect!” Stan could feel his heart pounding like it did when he finished a hard workout at the gym. His body was covered in a fine sheen of sweat and his head was spinning off of its axis!Kelley smiled up at her Daddy and was genuinely pleased with everything. She walked back over to her ‘goody bag’ as she felt her father’s eyes upon her. “I’m glad you liked that, Daddy, because I am going to like this a lot!!!—————————Things are far from evening…. And their new relationship is just beginning!!! Read on, and please leave a note and a vote so I can also get my jollies!!!

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