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family TrainingI had just turned fifteen, school was almost out for summer and I was right in the middle of puberty. I jacked off every chance I got. I was laying on my bed with with a throbbing hardon a bottle of hand lotion and an image in my mind of the woman at the bank. I was just about to squirt the lotion on my hand and rub one out when my sister burst into my room and jumped on my bed and said that she needed to talk to me. My sister was s*******n, about five foot tall. She was a cheerleader, nice boobs, long black hair, great body, very good looking and very smart.She wanted my help and had a deal for me that would help the both of us out and benefit the both of for the rest of our lives. Her name in Meagan and Meagan told me of how about three weeks ago she had been at this party and met this sarıyer escort guy she really liked and ended up having sex with him. It was awful as she did not know anything about sex. The boy never called her and she was really hurt. So I wanted to know what this had to do with me. Meagan had decided she needed to practice having sex so she could get good at it, and she thought that I would make a partner to practice with as I would need practice too. She was thinking that we could both experiment and what not and fuck all the time and then when we got with other people we would already know what to do. I was not too sure about fucking my sister but then again, it is only sex. We are not trying to have babies or anything. Meagan esenyurt escort then said that it would be better to to have sex with a real person than jackoff all the time. I thought for a minute then told Meagan I liked her idea and lets do it! Meagan said that was great and then asked if I had ever had sex and I said no. So she said lets start now as mom and dad were out shopping. Meagan pulled my sheets back to reveal my hard cock. It was about six inches, she grasped it in her hand and felt my balls. She examined it closely and then put her mouth on it. I had never had anyone touch my dick before and this was great. Meagan rolled her tougue around my cock and sucked softly on it. I exploded and flooded her mouth with jizz. Meagan swallowed it and looked up avrupa yakası escort at me and smilled real big. I told her that was great and she agreed with me. My dick was still hard and she climbed up and pulled her t-shirt off. Her great body my cock get harder and hurt. She stradled me with her pussy above my cock. She slowly lowered herself down and my dick slid into her pussy with ease. She told me my cock felt good inside her. She slowly worked my cock with her pussy. I could not believe I was having sex with a real woman. I soon felt my balls burning with a large load. Meagan kept slowly working my cock with her warm wet pussy. I pushed deep into her and she tried to push down on me and I let loose of a huge load of sticky jizz deep in her cute little snatch. She came at the same time I did and then collasped on top of me with my cock still in her tight cunt. We had sex all the time, we were like rabbits. We could not get enough “practice”. School would soon be out for summer and our dad would be going overseas for his job in a few weeks. Meagan and I were planning on having plenty of time to practice sex. Part 2 coming soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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