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FAMILY VACATION GONE BLACK(AWRY)::CHAPTER4FAMILY VACATION GONE AWRY(BLACKED)::PART 4Sometime after arriving back at the plantation house all 4 adults each in their own way thinking and contemplating in their minds the events they had just seen and witnessed::Maryellen wanting to go back to Aunt Esters and get her some of that young hot pussy herself:: Irene wanting to go back,and watch,more depraved things,fuck her damn daughter at Esters, and her other daughter being black bull fucked in the massage cabin!! She was afire with lust, and lust for it all now!!Thedford however was sickened to death by it all!! Having to watch his own daughters fucked by a Black Man, the other pleasured by some damn wild ass creature out of the swamps in the area!! He must get his family out of here!!George just his normal usual self having seen all this numerous times really cared a damn less about it!! Except he sure might like to fuck that youngest one of the newcomers that he’d enjoy!!As all the adults sat at the table in quite solitude and each thinking and planning their own next move. That Isabelle and Stephanie came in fully naked walking a bit bowlegged especially Stephanie who had never had such a big cock fuck her before, cum leaking down their legs, their pussies gaped wide open still, and grabbed towels and ran back out headed to the creek to wash themselves.It was then that Maryellen looked at Irene and said; “Let’s go cool ourselves off in the creek!” Irene fully agreeing with her and they grabbed towels and headed to the creek of so Thedford thought!! George on the other hand knew damn good and well where they headed! Right back to Esters cabin and watch and participate in ever more totally depraved ways of fucking and pleasuring Maryanne!!He knew his wife was an absolute depraved sadistic woman! And looking more like ol’ Thedfords wife Irene had fallen right in beside her!! He knew all these newcomer women were going to become absolute black cock whores. And worse than that deviant sadistic sexual demons!!!Thedford bursa escort excused himself and headed to the barn to see if their damn car would start and get him and his family the fuck out of here. He tried and it did nothing!!George knew his thinking and what he was trying to do, hell in the past this wasn’t new at all for the Dad/Husbands to act this way. Recalling the several other times they all had pulled out that machine and used it to get a family they had spied upon in their inviroment of the so called “future” inwardly laughing knowing this exact family thought the same thing. Yes George:: Maryellen:: yes even little slutty Isabelle was in on it all as well as Esterr and the black men of the so called Plantation!!And this new group seemed to be getting into it rather well except the Dad/Husband!!Meanwhile Maryellen and Irene were headed right back to Aunt Esterrs the so called “Breeder Queen” of it all. And she was one very evil sexually sadistic woman!!Irene thinking as they walked down the very winding dirt path just what Esterr would do next to her daughter Maryanne? Even more so,hell she herself wanted a taste of what those “swamp eels” would do to her tits and pussy? She was now fully herself sexually sadistical addicted to all this!!As they arrived at the cabin and seemed to be nothing at all going on since it was quiet inside Maryanne evidently still knocked out from the mind blowing pleasure those damn eels had given her.Maryellen saw no need to knock and had no reason to, the plan was working so absolutely well!! She had the Mom coming right back to see more!They walked into the cabin Esterr over in a corner at a table mixing something up in a small bowl putting this and that from containers stacked on it and saw Maryellen and Mom Irene come in. Her sadistic mind now planning a whole new experience for both, that hot little thing on the table, and for her mom as well.As Esterr turned towards them saying; “I knowed you’d be back as soon as you could.” “How about a drink bursa escort bayan of some of my best whiskey I makes for us all?”Maryellen excepting a good stiff drink saying she sure needed one. Irene just going along with it all not wanting to be uncordial in someone elses house or cabin as this was the matter.Esterr got a jug of her liqour and grabbed 3 cups and poured them half full of it and slipped some of that “special” just mixed up potion she knew she’d be needing soon and put it in one cup and brought it all over to the gals each one taking one and sipping on this homemade distilled whiskey.Irene stood there sipping hers admiring how this homemade whiskey was far smoother and better tasting than any store bought stuff from home.Then her eyes gazed down seeing her daughter laid out, still fully naked, the slimey juices still oozing a bit from her open pussy her tits were slick with it all as well admiring how her long nipple flesh stood up so proudly and fully from her small tit flesh the nipple still dark red and swollen. Damn it made her shiver thinking about it all!!Esterr and Maryellen both catching on quick as they saw Irene standing there looking at her own daughter laid out on that table and oozing the juices of the pleasure the eel had given that tight little pussy of hers and the same for those absolutely unbelievable shaped titties of hers never having but very few times seen such huge puffy nipples like this pretty thing had.Now Esterr said; “I know you want some of that yourself and soon you gonna’ git’ it!”But I think what needs to be done here and now is for you to go over there and suck on them titties of hers and then eat that fine tasting pussy of your daughters and bring her around, so we can pleasure her a whole lot more.Irene looked at both Esterr and Maryellen in total dismay of what Esterr was requesting her to do!! As she told them she couldn’t do that to her own daughter it just wasn’t right! But Esterr told her; “So it’s not alright for you to suck her titties escort bursa and eat her pussy; But it is alright to come right back here to see her pleasured before your watching eyes?”Irene glued to looking at her daughter having finished her drink now feeling a bit fuzzy headed and worse than that she was getting hot and absolutely turned on as could be now.Esterr just grabbed her by the arm pulling her over to the table and forced her head down right at those long standing up slime covered nipples of her daughter and said suck them and clean them up and then you gonna’ eat it all outa’ her little pussy to!!!Irene put her mouth over her daughters long nipple flesh admiring that it was long enough it went halfway onto her tongue and began sucking it tasting the slime the eels had left sucking at that tit nipple flesh now her daughter instantly grunting and twisting her little body about in pleasure of it as she cleaned the one and sucked the other just as much as the first leaving them slime free but wet from from her saliva on them.Then moved down between her legs seeing how bruised and swollen her little lips were and up into her pussy as she began to lick all the slime and girl juice from her daughters pussy and lips sucking the slime and juices out of her as Maryanne really grunted and moaned now bringing her legs up to near those tits of hers and holding them wide open with her hands allowing her mom to get at her pussy better!!Loud slurping sounds filled the room Esterr cheering both of them on as Maryanne was pleading and begging her mom to eat her pussy!! Suck it all out of her!! As she had yet another orgasm filling her moms mouth with her girl juices!!Aunt Esterr and Maryellen both now had a new plan for these two. As they strode where the Irene was eating her daughters pussy and both leaned to her and said on either side; “You ain’t been fucked or pleasured today yourself have you?”In fact Irene hadn’t and she sure was juiced up and ready! After watching Isabelle and Steph take on two huge black cocks, and now here and previously watching Maryanne get those swamp eels pleasure, and now herself eating her pussy to yet another powerful orgasm. Hell yes she was horny as can be!!!! CHAPTER 5 COMING SOON:::

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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