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Fancy Dress.

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Fancy Dress.A long long time ago when I had not long turned 18 years old, my local hockey club decided to hold a bit of a fancy dress night to help raise money to pay for a new roof.On the Saturday morning of the party, my friends and I headed into the city centre in the North of England and headed to the fancy dress shop just on the outskirts of the main shopping area. It was a bit of a seedy run down area with a couple of naughty bookshops and a couple of massage parlours. The fancy dress shop was up some stairs between a couple of other shops, i remember there must have been a pressure pad on the stairs as when we walked up a buzzer sounded upstairs.When we got into the shop we were met by a rather camp chap in his 50s who was on his own and much to the amusement of my mates was wearing eyeshadow, lippy and heels.He asked what we were looking for and as we had all agreed beforehand, we asked for pirates costumes.He picked a few outfits from the rails and sent us into the changing cubicles (which were spread around the four corners of the shop floor) to try them on.For some reason, he seemed to take a shine to me, maybe because i was the only one not sniggering at his make up and camp demeanour. He suddenly appeared at my changing cubicle and without hesitation, pulled the curtain to one side and thrust a french maids outfit in whilst whispering ” i think this will suit you better” i smiled and politely declined what was a very tempting offer.”What’s a matter – dont you like it ?” he whispered. Blushing, i replied “yes – but definitely not when my friends are here” he smirked at my embarrassment but also seemed really pleased with himself. He hung the free spin maids outfit on a nearby rail and came to check how i looked in my pirates outfit, all the time getting a bit hands on checking how tight the trousers were, he seemed to sense that i wasn’t upset by this.As we all emerged from our respective cubicles we were more than happy with our choices and made our minds up.I asked when they needed to be returned for and he said if they were returned before the following Saturday, we would get a discount. I stated that as i went to college just outside the city centre, and i had my own car, that i could return all of the outfits on the Wednesday. He seemed very happy with this, and as my mates were all either still in 6th form or working, they were more than happy to leave it to me.On the Wednesday, I finished college just after lunch and drove the 2 miles parking nearby to the shop.When i got up the stairs the camp guy was serving a middle aged woman. he looked up, smiled and told me to hang the outfits up in the same changing room i had used a few days before.The lady collected her stuff and headed down the stairs. As the buzzer sounded the bloke handed me the french maids outfit with a pair of stockings and suspenders and said he would be back in a moment, as he was going to lock up for a late lunch.i quickly stripped off in the cubicle and could not wait to get the sexy outfit on. i heard the buzzer go as he walked back up the stairs and pulled the curtain back so he could see me dressed like a slutty maid.without saying anything he picked a long black wig of a mannequin and placed it on my head. He grabbed my hand and bonus veren siteler walked me over to the counter. He opened a drawer and took out some lipstick and delicately applied it to my mouth.As soon as he was happy with his lippy application, he told me to close my eyes. I felt so helpless and vulnerable dressed like this in front of a complete stranger, but i was so excited and did what i was told. as i did so he kissed me passionately on the lips sticking his tongue into my mouth, i didnt resist and returned the favour. In the meantime i was becoming big and strong under the skirt and as i wasnt earing any underwear, it was all too apparent.After a few minutes of passionate kissing, he told me to lean forward which i promptly did. he nudged my legs slightly apart and from behind, fondled my bum and my balls, gently reaching under and stroking my shaft.This was the very first experience with another man and i was absolutely loving it, i tried to turn around to try and play with his cock, but he just forced my hands back onto the counter.He then got on his knees and started to kiss my bum, firstly on the cheeks but in no time he had parted my cheeks and was starting to rim me (although i had no idea what it was called back then) within no time he was licking and fingering me and i was absolutely loving every second of it.he took me by the hand and we went over to the a door which led to the stock room, he threw some bags and outfits on the floor and made me kneel down. as i did his bulging crotch was inches away from my face, i instinctively unzipped his flies to be presented by lace red panties underneath which were deneme bonusu veren siteler bulging with a hard on.I took it out and kissed and caressed his beautiful cock, licking and sucking like a true slut.Shortly afterwards he produced a bottle of sun lotion and massaged it into my hole, all the time digging his fingers deeper and deeper inside me. He gave me a knowing look and asked ” Are you ready for this? I think you know what is about to happen dont you ?” I just smiled and said “Yes please”With that he ever so gently pressed his massive helmet against my hole and applied pressure in a gentle but firm way.I had previously experimented with various things up my bum before, but this was the first real life cock, i was so excited and whimpered with delight as he entered me.For the next half hour or so, he humped me around that stock room and i have never felt so alive.As he drew near to climaxing, he pulled out, raced around to my face and ordered me to open my mouth.As an obedient slut, i did what i was told and he promptly exploded cum into my mouth and then forcefully held my chin up and grabbed my nose.”Swallow every last drop” he ordered, so as the dutiful cum dump, that’s what i did.After cleaning up and kissing for what seemed like ages, i got myself dressed and prepared to leave.”Same time next week?” he asked, “Definitely” I replied, “see you then”Excitedly the following week, I bunked out of college at lunchtime and headed to the shop. As i excitedly climbed the stairs he ran at me gave me a big kiss and took me by the hand into the back store room in a rush.” I told you she would come” he shreiked as he opened the door and pushed me towards a man sat on a chair at the far end of the room holding “MY” maids outfit and wig.I hope you don’t mind, I’ve invited a friend for some fun today.”Not at all – the mores the merrier” i said as i stripped off as quickly as i could”To be continued ……………………………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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