Ağu 04

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 03

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Shortly after I arrived at the office Monday morning, Bill came by my cubicle and said he needed to talk to me during lunch. He offered to buy my lunch so we could go offsite and have some privacy.

“No need to buy me lunch, Bill. I feel like I’ve already been paid.” I smiled broadly.

“Great. Whatever. I’ll come by here and get you when it’s time to go. We’ve got some stuff to talk about.”

Thankfully, the morning wasn’t busy. I was distracted by Bill’s insistence that we had to talk about something. I hoped I hadn’t done something seriously wrong during the time I had his wife to myself.

When lunch time rolled around, right on schedule Bill appeared at my cubicle. “Come on, Brent. Let’s get out of here so we can talk.”

I locked down my computer, got up and followed him out to what I assumed was a new car. Once inside I asked when he found time to shop for a new car.

“Dude! This is Jen’s car! I don’t know what the fuck you did to her, but the interior of my car will have to be shampooed and fumigated before I can drive it again. Jen stunk of piss, shit and god knows what else. Not only that, but when she got out to go back into our place, I found a huge wet stain on her seat. I made the mistake of putting the windows up and when I opened the door to get in it later, I practically gagged. What the fuck did you do to my wife?”

I started to explain about the things that happened in the men’s room but he interrupted.

“Once I got her inside I knew I needed to get her cleaned up before letting her get into bed. Besides the horrible piss odor, her hair looked like it was glued together in clumps and what little makeup that was left was smeared all over her face.”

Again I started to say something, but Bill continued his tirade.

“I had to practically force her into the shower and wash her myself, and even then, she kept trying to grab my cock and shove it into her. When she wasn’t able to do that, she’d bend over and spread her ass cheeks and dare me to fuck her in her ass. And that thing was just nasty looking! I couldn’t believe it when I saw cum ooze out of her – I thought it had all soaked into my car’s upholstery. bingöl escort I made her squat over the drain and push it out. What I didn’t notice at first was her hand underneath her catching it as it came out. After she caught it, she tilted her head back and let it slide out of her hand and into her mouth! What the fuck, man?”

Just as I was about to speak, he continued again.

“I finally got her washed and dried and put her into the bed, and she asked me where the ankle cuffs were. When I told her there weren’t any she said her wonderful captor had some and if I didn’t get some soon, she’d just have to go back to him. I assured her I’d get the cuffs this week and she said I ought to invite her captor over to show me how it’s done. I told her she was delirious and needed to get some sleep. Luckily, she fell asleep in a few seconds.”

I got one word out and Bill interrupted.

“Wait, there’s more of this shit. I was awakened a few hours later by her tongue wriggling up into my ass and her hand stroking my cock! Ordinarily I’d welcome this, but we’d only been asleep for maybe four hours, if that, and she started on me while I was still asleep. Jen’s never done that. Plus, I’ve always had to talk her into rimming me. Anyway, I let her keep going a while before I pushed her onto her back so I could fuck her. By the time I was into position she’d pulled her knees up to her shoulders and she asked me to give it to her in her ass. I was about to do that when the image of your dirty, old cum oozing out of her flashed through my mind. If I’d watched you fuck her I’m sure I would’ve fucked her right after, but something about the sight of it grossed me out. Probably the first round of stench I suffered because of it. I don’t know, but the point is, I couldn’t bring myself to put my cock anywhere near her ass hole. Not only did you fuck her up – you fucked me over!”

“But, Bill!” I quickly said, but was interrupted before I could get another word out.

“Oh, there’s more, dude. When I wouldn’t fuck her, she grabbed my hand and tried to get me to finger her. So, I usually like to finger her with two fingers, but she kept saying ‘more, bitlis escort please.’ I thought she meant more force, but no! She wanted more fingers and she wanted it rough! Well, I wouldn’t give her more than two and she started whining about how she’d do her Kegels so she’d stay tight for us. Us? I thought she meant she and I, but she meant you and me, and I’m pretty sure she meant mainly you. What the fuck? You ruined my wife! She’d rather be roughed up by you than have normal sex with me! Now, just sit there and listen, Brent. Later in the day I walked in on her while she was using the computer to browse online sex toy stores. She wasn’t looking for just a simple vibrator or even a rabbit. No, she was looking at big dildos. Huge dildos! She’d made notes on a legal pad that listed item numbers and their dimensions and the smaller ones were marked out. I asked what she was doing and she said she was looking for a second or third for us. I asked what that meant and she said a second cock for when it was just she and I fucking, and a third for when her captor was with us. Another mention of including ‘her captor’ in our sex life.”

“Well, Bill…” I got out no more before being interrupted.

“While she was talking I saw her clenching her butt cheeks. I asked what she was doing and she said she was doing her Kegels and planned to do them all day and every day so she’d stay tight for us. Again with the ‘us’ comment! Well, I just walked away after that.

Later I accidentally walked in on her while she was sitting on the toilet taking a piss. That wasn’t so odd. I’ve done that occasionally. But she had her thighs spread wider than normal and she was pissing onto her fingers! She looked up and when she saw me staring at her, she smiled and then put her wet fingers into her mouth! I just stood there in disbelief as she sucked on her fingers and then rubbed them between her pussy lips and licked them again. She grinned and then asked if I needed to pee, and if I did, to try and pee between her legs. Well, I really needed to go so I stepped up close to her knees, took aim and let it go. Before the flow started she spread open her pussy lips and scooted bolu escort forward just enough that there was no way my piss was going into the toilet without first splashing onto her. Nope – hit her right on her clit! I was shocked at first, but when she started moaning like it felt wonderful, I kind of got into it. So much into it that I pissed on her like that every chance I got. After a while she started asking me when I was going to piss in her. IN HER! What the fuck, Brent?”

“Listen, Bill. In my defense…” Bill cut me off again.

“Yeah, yeah… I know. You were just doing what I asked. But seriously, what the fuck did you do to my wife? Before you, she was open minded about trying things. After you, now she’s practically begging for kinky shit! And you know what else? I think she knows I planned her abduction. She knows how much we talked about it right before and that I pretended to rape her about a week before it happened. Every time she mentions having her wonderful captor join us, I get the distinct feeling she knows I know who snatched her away and wants to have another after dark trip to the old printing plant. At the minimum, she wants a threesome so she can show me the kinds of things she now expects on a regular basis. You know, now that I’ve told you all this, that might not be a bad idea. What do you think, Brent?”

I waited, fully expecting Bill to keep talking. After a moment of silence I replied, “She said a few things to me while we were in that abandoned building that pretty much summed up that she’d turned the corner from open minded housewife to wanton slut. I think if you don’t step up and give her the kinds of things she wants, she’s going to look for it elsewhere. If including me in your sex lives is something she wants, well, I guess you’d better start seriously considering it. I’m not just saying that so I can fuck Jen again. Since she was looking for dildos on the Internet, I’d say she definitely wants to go for at least a double penetration from now on. While a dildo is a handy substitute, it’s not the same thing as having a big cock that’s connected to creative, perverted man. Now, if Jen wants more of the kinky kinds of things that went on during her captivity, I’d be more than happy to help with that. We could either team up on her or I could do it by myself, whatever you two decide. In the mean time, don’t you think we ought to get out of the parking lot and get our lunch?”

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