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Fantasy for Two

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The strong, tanned arm was sliding up her thigh, massaging every inch of her leg, as he was kissing her thin, cream colored neck. Nibbling ever so gently up to her ear, his stubble tickling her as he went on, she strained to hear what he was whispering. She felt his thick fingers, no not thick anymore, now soft thin fingers rubbing her clean shaven slit through her cotton panties. The man’s stubble that seconds ago tickled her face was now replaced with a soft ever so smooth cheek. The confusion was clouding her mind and she felt herself being pulled away and the man that had been caressing her was vanishing before her.

Amber was just shy of 21 but had done very well for herself with her receptionist job at a high class law firm and had got an apartment which she now lived in along with her new roommate Becca. Amber just grazed 5’3 and had black hair that curled just a little and ended at her shoulders. Her beautiful cream colored skin complimented her light green eyes perfectly. She was a bit shy but was confident of her looks and was aware of the approving looks she got for her perky “b” cup tits and petite figure. She wore fitting clothes not revealing enough to be the office slut but tight enough to show off her features.

Amber began to stir from another of her latest sex dreams. She had been having a lot of them lately but never seemed to finish any of them but was very wet when she awoke and very frustrated. Like this one her dreams started out with a muscular man caressing and kissing her and then the man began morphing into a woman. Amber had never been with a woman or had thoughts like that except for recently. She began to wonder if it was because of her roommate Becca.

Becca was the complete opposite of Amber. Becca, 23, was on the taller side 5’9 with small “a” cup breasts. She was also muscular not manly but toned and well sculpted. She had short spiky bright red hair and sported two full sleeve tattoos. One was a back and grey female dragon what was complete with full breasts and the other was a mixture of pride and female empowerment symbols. She worked for an equal rights group making quite a good salary, but buster her ass poker oyna for her cause. She was a lesbian up and down and was proud of it. She was not shy at all but rather quite cocky and outspoken. You could say Becca and Amber were like yin and yang. They balanced one another as to not cause chaos and were great friends.

It was early in the morning and Amber heard Becca up as usual making breakfast. Amber composed herself and came out to the dining room in her short nightgown which barely covered her voluptuous tight ass and clean pair of panties as the others were quite soaked. The two girls smiled at one another and Becca glanced over Amber taking in the view as she quite often did. This went unnoticed to Amber as she was preoccupied still thinking about the dream. Becca noticed the spaced out look and inquired as to what had her friend so zoned out. Amber hesitated but finally came clean with her dreams of late. Becca’s eyes glistened with interest and sat two plates of food on the table and sat down to give Amber her full attention. Amber elaborated on her dreams and how she always woke up before anything happened. Becca told her she was probably just super stressed at work and because she couldn’t let out the stress she also couldn’t get off in her dream. Amber felt better after getting everything off her chest and went to hop in the shower.

Unknown to Amber Becca was the only one to know exactly why Amber’s dreams were turning out that way. After waking up in the middle of the night once she had crept into Amber’s room to watch her sleep. To her surprise Amber was in the middle of fondling herself which made Becca very hot. Becca immediately replaced Ambers hand with her own and began sliding her fingers up and down the younger girls shaven slit. Amber immediately started to grind into Becca’s hand and moan softly but started to wake and Becca lost her nerve and snuck back to her own room before Amber fully woke up. This had gone on ever since.

Now that Amber had finally admitted her dream to Becca and she didn’t seem mortified about the man morphing into a woman, Becca was ready to take her fantasy with Amber to something more. Becca canlı poker oyna heard the water from the shower running and thought about all the nights she had dreamed of fucking Amber and the nights she had to stop short for fear of Amber’s reaction to finding Becca fondling her when she woke.

Amber had stripped and was letting the hot water run down her neck over and between her tits down her flat abs. Some of the water droplets found refuge in her belly button while others sought the sweet serenity of her cunt. Amber began daydreaming about her sex dreams and felt herself getting wetter and knew it wasn’t because of the water. She began circling her large, pink, nipples making them instantly stand at attention. She put one hand against the wall for leverage and ran her fingers down her torso and over her cunt lips. Teasing herself at first a light moan escaped her lips. She was so caught up in herself she didn’t hear the bathroom door open.

Becca couldn’t wait any longer; the consequences didn’t matter, not as much as the burning in her center. It’s what drover her, what coaxed her into the bathroom. She was in a daze not fully aware of what she was doing as she stripped fully naked and slide into the shower somehow unnoticed by her gorgeous roommate. Becca knew if she had a chance at all her movements had to be quick and right on point or Amber would surely stop her. After the act was not something she could comprehend at this point there was only here and now. Here and now she was in a shower with a beautiful dark haired, wet, woman she had fantasized about many nights. In a flash Becca threw her hands around Amber’s thin waist and spun her around and kissed her hard with an ever so soft passion about it. Amber didn’t have time to think about what was happening but felt Becca’s lips against hers and all she could do was kiss her back. Becca felt this and pushed Amber back against the shower wall and slipped her tongue in Amber’s mouth seeking out her tongue to dance with, and dance they did. For a few seconds they were all that was. Two tongues, two mouths, two bodies intertwined in passion and lust.

Becca regained her self enough to internet casino move her hand to Amber’s soft tit and take her nipple and roll it between her thumb and forefinger. Amber gave a light gasp into Becca’s mouth. Becca took her time with one nipple and then the other. She finally broke their kiss to close in on one of her nipples. Taking it in her mouth softly between her teeth she teased it back and forth with her tongue flicking rhythmically back and forth. Amber arched her back push her tit into her lover’s mouths further. Becca moved onto the second nipple repeating the same movements taking her time. One hand began exploring lower caressing her stomach then her left thigh, massaging it and moving on to the other. Becca then slowly started tracing a path up and over her cunt lips. Amber wanted this hot dyke to fuck her. Her mind was racing but nowhere in her thoughts was the word no accept accompanied by don’t stop. Becca knew Amber was putty in her hands now and took pleasure in teasing her by running her fingers slowly along her slit, back and forth. She gently pulled her cunt lips one and then the other. Becca was beginning to loose control and slide one finger in her roommates hot slit automatically finding her clit and rubbing it. Amber started to grind into Becca’s hand but she wouldn’t let her have it that easy.

All of a sudden Becca lunged a finger in Ambers soaking wet cunt. Amber threw back her head and screamed to God. The pleasure was almost enough to make her pass out. Her knees went weak and Becca held her between herself and the wall as she slipped another finger in her tight hole and began finger fucking her lover, while rubbing her clit with her thumb. All the while she was sucking Amber’s hard nipple and nibbling it sending pangs of pleasure throughout her body. Amber’s pleasure was building inside her like never before. She felt a heightened sense of awareness for a second before her body gave way to a massive explosion and her body shook with the deepest orgasm she had felt. Amber embraced Becca in another passionate kiss as her body went limp as the last of her orgasm subsided and she lost consciousness. Becca took her new lover into her bed and lay naked with Amber sleeping soundly on her chest. She ran her fingers through Amber’s hair and let the memories of the morning play through her mind and dozed off wondering what would happen when they awoke.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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