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FANTASY Son-in-Law Part 2 FANTASYThe first few lines are the ending of part 1He stops me a looks me in the eye, I SAID SUCK MY COCK and with that forces me to the floor with his cock in my mouth. He starts pumping his hips and face fucking me like I’ve never been face fucked before. I could feel his cock growing bigger and harder … Then finally fully erect, ten he moves us to the 69 position but he has rolled me on top. He pushes my body so he can eat my ass-pussy while I suck his cock. My god I’m in absolute heaven I actually stop sucking him a few time a sit up so he can really drive his tongue up in me.. He spreads my ass cheeks wide with his hands even working his thumbs up inside me to REALLY open me up. Believe me I know I’m going to need some loosening up to be able to properly take his fat headed cock. He pushes me back down toward his cock and yelled no fucking free rides bitch get your mouth on my cock, and don’t you dare forget my balls!! I of course immediately obey and swallow his sweet cock almost all the way he seems to be bigger now then he was before he unloaded his cum down my throat. I’m not sure how long we stayed like this neither of us wanted to move. But on the other hand we both wanted his cock balls deep in maltepe escort my ass-pussy. Finally I think I was the one to break our embrace of absolute hot steamy sex. I told I need his cock deep in my ass-pussy and I need it now. (* For fantasy purposes he bareback and breeds me, I ONLY play safe in real life*) He ask for a condom and I tell I now I’m cleans just tested last week. Then I ask him if fucks my daughter with a condom, he says well no and I see your point. With that I stick my ass in the air and face in the pillow, he lubes up his bare cock and then slides a couple of lubed fingers up me. He positions himself behind me I feel his cock pressing against my ass-pussy, I relax arch my back and feel him starting to spread me more and more when his head pops in. He just leaves it there for few seconds the he eases a bit more in, MY GOD he cock is thick. He senses I need to adjust to the girth of his cock and lets it rest about half way in so almost 4 inches.. At this I’m seriously wondering if I can actually take ALL of his cock. Just about this time he removes any doubt of me taking all of his cock, he grabs my shoulders and pulls me back on his cock as he is pushing it balls deep in me. He did just let it sit fully planted escort maltepe in my ass-pussy, holy shit it fucking hurt but DAMN it also felt so good. I’ve never felt this full before, I start moving my hips working his cock when he grabs my hips and starts long slow stroking me at first pulling his cock almost all the out the sliding all 8 inches down my ass. The he started taking his cock all the way out of my before sliding his whole cock back in. If you ever had it done properly it is the most sensual experience, he must have been able to tell I was extremely turned on (might have been my screaming “FUCK ME OH GOD YES!!”). He started really pumping me still long steady strokes but faster and harder. I stated feeling his balls slapping my ass, I knew he was about to cum so I pulled away because I did not want him cumming yet. I rolled over on my back and looked him in the eyes and whispered not yet. With that he shocked me and kissed me so very passionately, I wasn’t excepting him kiss me, I mean heel I really didn’t think he would be fucking me either. I kisses down my chest and takes my cock into his mouth gives me very good blow job he edges me then slides a couple of fingers in my ass. I offer up my ass to him by grabbing maltepe escort bayan my knees and pulling my legs up and wide. He drives his cock deep in me with one thrust, I gasp in surprise and pleasure. He hooks my legs with his arms and opens my legs up wide and drives his cock even deeper in me. Holy shit my daughter is so lucky to have him fuck her all the time, fuck I’m the lucky one at this moment I look down at watch as his thick strong cock disappears into my ass-pussy. With every stroke I’m grunting and telling him to fuck me harder, actually I realize I’m practically yelling at him to fuck me like the cum slut bitch I want to be!!! BREED ME, FUCK ME, I WANTTO BE YOUR BITCH, SHOOT YOUR CUM DEEP IN ME, just some of things I’m telling him. When I feel his back arch then he yells I”M CUMMING, OH FUCK I’M GOING FILL YOU FULL. Then I feel his hot sperm filling my ass-pussy. Damn he cums so damn much its actually running out of me before he even pulls his cock out. He roils over on his back and tells me clean his cock off, of course I use my mouth. MMMMMM he taste soo good, I lick, kiss , and suck him completely clean. We laid in bed for a while just exhausted when he said we should shower before he goes. We showered together just some heavy petting and cleaned his cock with my mouth a few more times but he was spent. After we got out of the shower we decided this would NOT be the last time he fucked me.I hope you have enjoyed my fantasy story about my son-in-law!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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