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Anal Fucking

FantasyBut it’s only a fantasy’, Wendy said. ‘I wouldn’t really want it to happen.”Maybe I should tie you down and blindfold you one day and force myself on you. It would give you an idea what it might be like.”Could we do that? Could we really do that? Would you make it like it’s real so that I wouldn’t have any feelings of guilt about completely enjoying it? You wouldn’t have to speak to me so that I wouldn’t know it’s you. That would spoil the effect of it. You’d have to tie me up, go out of the room, and then when you came back in, you’d have to be completely quiet and not let me think it’s you.’*****I found some old ties in my wardrobe that I would be able to use to restrain Wendy’s wrists and ankles to the corners of the bed. I found one of those blindfolds they sell to people who want to sleep on overnight flights but it seemed too likely to slip off, so I found an old scarf that I could tie round her head. It would also help to cover her ears and limit what she could hear.*****Sam proved quite easy to find. He had to be forceful, of course, and ready to do what needed to be done regardless of any growing reluctance on Wendy’s part. But on the other hand, he wasn’t to hurt her. There was purpose in what I was seeking to achieve.I found the right man, I mentioned it to my son in law Sam who I knew always wanted to fuck Wendy so I was happy that he would be able and willing to do what was needed. *****I fastened the old ties to Wendy’s wrists and ankles and then proceeded to fasten them to the corner posts of the bed. It wasn’t quite as easy as I’d expected and I had to adjust them a couple of times before she was totally spread-eagled and unable to move, let alone get free. One hand, though, had to be free enough so that it could reach down to her waist but not be able to reach and undo her other bonds. Then came the scarf for the blindfold. After a few more adjustments I was satisfied that she would be unable to see anything in the room.I ran my hand over her exposed body. I crushed her breasts in my hands kırklareli escort and pulled hard on the nipples. It was as well that she understood something of what she was about to undergo. My hand continued down to between her legs. I parted her little lips and found that she was already wet with anticipation. Two of my fingers entered her with ease and brought a groan of pleasure from her lips. That was good; it would make things easier for her.I left the room. Sam was waiting at the bathroom door, wearing only a bathrobe. He had showered using the gel I normally used so that his scent would be as alike mine as possible. He walked through into the bedroom, shrugging off the bathrobe as he did so. It fell to the floor. I only half closed the door after him, I wanted to watch what happened and I especially wanted to see another man’s cock penetrating Wendy and wanted to hear her reactions and to know if she came under his onslaught.*****He took her semi-free hand in his and dragged it down to the slit between her legs so that her fingertips were forced to open herself up. He made them touch her clit and her wet inner lips. When he lessened the pressure of his hand, she tried to stop what he’d been making her do. He simply returned her hand to where he wanted it to be and made it plain that she was to continue. Within a few moments she was moaning as the fire between her legs began to burn and she realised that there was no turning back. Her fingers delved into folds and explored secrets that she had never before touched in passion.As her fingers continued to work their magic, Sam picked up the vibrator and pushed it hard up inside her. Wendy gave a sudden gasp at the unexpected intrusion but within seconds he had turned the device on and it was buzzing deep inside her. With the stimulation of her fingers on her clit, it took only moments for her to reach her first climax, marked by a strangled cry as her body tensed.That wasn’t enough for Sam, though. He withdrew the vibrator, kırşehir escort got down between her legs and soon had the mound of her sex engulfed in his mouth, the hot tip of his tongue probing and seeking, his lips attaching to the nub of her clit, drawing it out and hardening it once more. She let out a loud gasp, following by a long groan, a reaction of which I was all too familiar with. It would take her only moments of this treatment to cum again and I imagined Sam’s mouth filling with her juices as my own had done on so many past occasions. With her one free hand she pushed Sam’s head harder into her sex and, sucking hard, he brought her to her climax.He shifted up the bed and lay with his cock beside her mouth and then, taking it in his hand, he began rubbing it across her lips. The mouth opened, a little reluctantly at first. It was not that she disdained the idea of a cock in her mouth – far from it – but she knew that this penetration was going to take her beyond what she’d previously been able to accept. She knew now, though, that she had to accept it. Would she begin to realise that the cock in her mouth was unlike the one she was used to? It would not have surprised me but maybe the deprivation of sight and hearing and the novelty of the situation had confused her. Her lips and tongue worked hard at the head as it swelled and filled her mouth. Sam was more than sufficiently aroused from his exploration of her body and he was ready and anxious to spill himself into her mouth, pumping out his sticky seed for her to taste. She swallowed without a second thought and then proudly opened her mouth wide to show Sam that she had taken it all. She gave his cock a final suck to clean off the remnants and took those inside her too.Sam lay beside her, looking at her body. His hands round down over it, just as mine had done earlier, taking her heavy breasts in his hands, crushing them and squeezing them and twisting her nipples cruelly. She let out a cry of pain, followed by a long escort bayan moan as he teased them more tenderly.Then his hand descended and she knew what was going to follow. Two fingers penetrated her more abruptly than she’d expected and she groaned. Then a third and a fourth joined them.’Oh my god, that’s stretching me so much. I’ve never felt so wide open.’She let out a scream as his whole hand slid inside her. Her body writhed as the hand moved inside her, filling her, her tight cunt widened beyond belief. The hand slipped out, but only to release the thumb which immediately began to flick across her clit. She knew, and he knew, and I knew that she would very quickly cum again under such attentions but he kept her below the peak of absolute ecstasy, wanting to reserve that for the moment when she received his cock in her cunt. He withdrew his hand from inside her and watched as she started to close up. He used his fingers to keep her labia apart as she contracted in the afterglow of yet another climax. She moaned lightly as she sought to recover her breath and prepare herself for what was to come next. Sam climbed between her legs and poised his cock ready to thrust straight into her. She was aware of the impending penetration and he waited to allow the anticipation to build.’Now,’ she cried out, ‘I need it now. force me. Do whatever you want with me. I know it’s going to make me cum so hard.’When it came, it was sudden and brutal. He sank all the way into her in one swift move, taking her up to the hilt. It knocked the breath out of her. He was no sooner inside her than he began to fuck her relentlessly in long strokes that brought him to the very edge of the opening of her body and back into the depths of her womb. She had to have known by now that the penis that was plundering her was not the one on which she usually took her pleasure. She screamed and moaned in delight as it took her and brought her to a crescendo, all guilt assuaged. As she reached her final climax, Sam emptied himself into the very depths of her and collapsed on top of her, exhausted.I left the two of them to recover for a few minutes and then indicated to Sam to go. I got onto the bed beside Wendy and stroked her violated body before leaning over and whispering in her ear.’And now I’m going to take you in the arse.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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