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My best friend Doyle and I were half drunk at the bar we usually visit after work, when an attractive young woman walked by.

“Man, look at that tight little ass. I’d give my left nut to fuck that ass,” he said.

“Shut up–you’ve got Francine,” I said.

I sort of have a thing for Doyle’s fiancee, Francine, and it always rubbed me the wrong way when Doyle got like this. Francine wasn’t what you’d call beautiful, but for a slim little woman, she had the most incredible butt. From the first time I saw her in jeans, I was in love. I regularly awaken from sleep to remember a dream I’d just been having about her ass. It was that good.

“Yeah sure.”

“I don’t get you, man. Francine has a way better ass than that woman.”

“You think so?” He looked at me.

“For sure. Ten times better,” I said, in a strange rush to defend her. As soon as the words left my mouth I felt as if I’d let my secret slip. He didn’t seem to notice though.

“Maybe, but it’s not like I get to do her back there,” he said, still staring off in the direction of the woman who’d just walked by again.

It was a surprise to hear him discuss their sex life like that. For some reason I was happy to hear that she was denying him full access to her behind. Our conversation moved on and I tried not to daydream of his fiancee’s ass.


Two days later I was sitting at home alone in the evening, watching television when my doorbell rang. It was Francine, alone. Wondering what she was doing at my door and trying to not stare all at the same time, I invited her in.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but I need to talk to someone. I’m having problems with Doyle,” she said.

My heart thrilled to hear those words, and I worked at maintaining a comforting appearance. “Oh. I didn’t know.”

“He wants me to do something, something I don’t want to do. Something sexual.”

I raised my eyebrows and she continued.

“He . . . he’s fixated on having anal sex. He has been since we got together. It’s not something I want to do. And it’s gotten worse. Now he’s threatening to call off the wedding if I won’t let him.”

What could I say? I didn’t know where to start. I wanted to comfort her, but not as much as I wanted to steal her away from him. My mouth opened, and then closed again without making a sound. She started to cry.

“I love him, but he’s such an asshole. You should hear the things he says. He said that when he leaves me, I’ll have you if I want. He, well . . . he claims you’re in love with my butt.”

However true that sentiment was, an urge to steer the conversation elsewhere seized me.

“If he’s such an asshole, why do you stay with him?”

“I don’t know. It’s hard to explain. He’s so forceful, so demanding, that it makes me crazy. But I like it too, you know? I’m drawn to it.”

She had this faraway look then, and hearing her talk about him that way didn’t make me happy.

“So why don’t you do it, then? Let him have what he wants?”

She stifled a little sob.

“I did try. But it just didn’t work. No matter how slow he tried to go, it just wouldn’t fit. It hurt so much,” she said, her tears getting stronger again.

“I don’t know what to tell you.”

She took a deep breath and her tears slowed. She took another deep breath, and lifted the bag she’d brought. When she looked me in the eye then, there was a determination there that hadn’t been when she’d arrived.

“Is it true what Doyle said? About you liking my . . . my ass?”

Too flabbergasted and confused by the moment to speak, I just nodded. Hope filled me like it never had before.

“Then I want you to help me. If Doyle needs me to have anal sex, then I will. With you,” she said, and then she spilled out the contents of her bag onto my coffee table. There was a tube of lubricant and three strangely shaped black rubber cones, each larger than the last.

“What are those?”

“Butt plugs. Doyle would eat his heart out if he knew the things you’re going to do to my ass,” Francine said, and then she began to pull off her jeans!

Before I knew it she had all of her clothes off, and I was down to just my jeans. She brought her toys and pulled me into my bedroom. She leaned over the side of my bed and looked back at me. I just stared at her magnificent curves, overcome with wonder. Seeing her ass presented to me that way was like a religious experience for me. My mouth fell open and I just froze there.

“Don’t just stare. You can touch it, I want you to. Go on, feel it.”

I moved closer and dropped my hands to her round buttocks. I couldn’t believe I was actually touching her, it was like one of my dreams come true.

“Maybe you could give it a kiss.”

I didn’t need any more invitation to worship her beautiful flesh than that. I knelt behind her and pressed my lips to the grand curve of her right cheek. Her skin felt impossibly soft and warm to the touch, almost creamy smooth. I softly kissed and licked my way around her rear, and I loved güvenilir bahis it. It was the ass of my dreams, literally, and I was in heaven. I began to slip a finger between her cheeks when she clenched them, stopping me.

“Wet it first.”

I withdrew my finger and sucked it into my mouth. Looking back over her shoulder she laughed at me.

“Not you, me. I’d really like it if you wet it . . . with your tongue,” she said. She looked embarrassed at what she was suggesting.

I wasn’t offended by her request, though. When I moved my mouth into that divine crevice between her buttocks, the faint smell of her sweat mixed with the fragrance of her arousal and it made me so hard that there wasn’t enough blood left in my head for rational thought.

I dragged my tongue through her crack and found the tight little rosebud of her rear opening. She gasped as I dragged my tongue across it. My cock strained in my pants as I buried my face between her cheeks, licking her there in earnest. She moaned softly as I worshiped her, and after only a few moments in that pose I felt a spasm seizing my balls. I grunted into her butt as I came, my mouth pausing momentarily as I froze there in climax.

“Ted?” she said, as she turned to look at me. Her eyes opened wide as she took in my quaking hips and the dark stain spreading at my crotch.

“Wow, you really do love my ass,” she said, giggling at the sight of me.

It was really embarrassing, so much so that I felt my face flushing. Her expression changed as she seemed to realize how embarrassed I was feeling.

“Don’t worry, I understand. Your tongue felt great. Why don’t you get the lube, and try starting with a finger?”

I greased up my index finger and slipped it between her cheek. I pressed it against her hold and I could feel her growing tense.

“Just relax, it will go easier if you relax,” I urged her.

I pushed harder still and was amazed at how tight she was. Only after quite a bit of pressure and wiggling was I able to push my finger into her. She moaned at the intrusion, and it didn’t sound like she was moaning because it felt good.

“Oh, go slow. Go slow.”

I managed to get my finger in up to the second knuckle, and then I looked over at the smallest of the butt plugs. If she was ever going to get that thing inside her I was going to have to get more than a finger in her first. I slid my finger back out of the tight heat of her, and then greased up my middle finger as well. I tried to work them both inside her as gently as I could, but the moment I started to feel them press inside her she cried out in pain.

“Stop stop stop stop!”

I pulled away and she collapsed forward onto the bed. She buried her face in the blankets for a moment and I thought she might be crying.

“This is impossible. It’s never going to work,” she sobbed, turning to face me.

“Don’t get down on yourself, it’s probably just going to take some time,” I told her as she lifted the greased up rubber toy and looked at it. She looked from the toy back up to me and gave me a little grin.

“I guess so. Maybe it would work better if I visualized it happening. I have an idea. Turn around.”

I stared at her. Did she really mean what I thought she meant?

“I don’t think so.”

“Come on, don’t be a prude now. You’ve already enjoyed this a lot more than I have,” she said, gesturing to my stained pants. “Turn around.”

She gave me a playful push and then I found myself turning around. I felt her nipples dragging on my back as she leaned against me, reaching around to undo my pants.


“Shhh.” She had my pants down, and my underwear too. She pushed me down with a soft touch, and then I was bent over the side of the bed. I felt her touching my rear, and then something cool and wet against my crack.

“Just relax, it will go easier if you relax,” she repeated my words with a teasing tone. She began to push against me, and I felt the tip of the thing pressing into me. She pushed harder, and I grunted as the entire nob of the thing invaded my ass.

“So that’s how it looks. How does it feel?”

It felt enormous, and I wondered for a second if she’d switched to one of the bigger ones without my noticing. The sensation of her standing over me, holding my hips combined with the weird feeling of being filled did something to me. I felt myself getting turned on again. I willed it not to, but my traitorous cock began to stiffen.

“Huge,” I answered, hoping she wouldn’t see how much it was turning me on.

“Ooh, somebody likes it,” she said with a laugh, and then I felt her hand close around my penis.

She tugged at me and in moments I felt my balls tightening. Climax hit me hard, and my cum spurted onto my bed as she continued to work me with her hand.

“Somebody *really* likes it.” She laughed again.

I didn’t know what to say, I felt so humiliated by the experience but at the same time I couldn’t deny how wonderful I felt. She lifted herself off of me and türkçe bahis began to gather her clothing up. I stood up, and had to pause at the sensation of the plug shifting inside me. Francine started to get dressed and I reached back to pull the thing out, but stopped out of embarrassment when she looked up at me and smiled.

“I have to go. Can we try again tomorrow night?”

Standing there naked in my own bedroom, with a butt-plug in my ass and spunk still dribbling from my cock, I nodded. She smiled again and gave me a quick kiss before leaving me there like that.

“I’ll let myself out.”


The next night I could still only fit one finger inside her. She was so tight. Francine was standing up, and kneeling behind those beautiful cheeks again had me hard as a rock for her. She suggested that maybe I should lick her again to help relax her. Actually, she didn’t suggest so much as pull my face into her ass and order me to do it. Not that she had to. The result of having my tongue in her ass was the same as the previous night–I got so into it that I came. My lack of control seemed to disappoint her.

“Ted, how are you ever going to fuck me if you keep cumming before we even get started? I wish Doyle was that fast, sometimes he fucks me for so long that I can barely take it. You licking me has me so turned on right now that I could use a regular old-fashioned screwing,” she told me, and then she turned around and fingered her slit with a moan.

As if hearing about Doyle’s prowess wasn’t humiliating enough for me, Francine got that wicked glint in her eyes again and picked up the middle-sized plug.

“I know what will get you going again,” she said.

I protested, but again I couldn’t find the will to resist her as she turned me around and bent me over. This time she pushed much harder against me, and it hurt. I grunted with pain as she pushed harder still and forced the larger plug to slide inside me.

“Wow, that one’s almost as big around as Doyle and you took it with no problem,” she told me as she took hold of my dick.

I thought about what she said as my cock grew hard in her fist. She had to be exaggerating, the thing in my butt was huge. It was much bigger around than my dick was, Doyle couldn’t be bigger than that. She leaned over me, pumping my cock and whispering in my ear.

“He’s huge, you know. Huge.”

I spurted all over my bed again, and when she let go of me I lay there exhausted by the intensity of my climax. Again, she got dressed and made to leave me there.

“We can’t meet like this tomorrow night–you and Doyle will be out to the bar. Why don’t you come over to our place at lunch time instead? It’s only ten minutes from the office, and Doyle never comes home for lunch. Bring the toys.”

I looked at her uncertainly. “At lunch?”

“Yes, at lunch. And this time we’ll start with something other than my ass. It’s obvious you can’t control yourself when you get back there, so this time we’ll start with you satisfying my pussy first. Maybe that will help me relax my butt before you start poking at it.”


It was getting closer and closer to time for me to go to her, when Doyle stopped by my desk. I looked up at him, smiling down at me, and I couldn’t meet his eyes. I pretended to busy myself with some papers instead.

“Hey buddy, want to go out to lunch today?”

It got hard to breathe then. I fiddled with the papers as I answered him, “no, not today. I’m going to try to catch up on some work.”

“Suite yourself. We still on for tonight?”

“Definitely,” I answered, and my sense of relief was incredible when he left. I wondered what he would say if he knew I was about to go fuck his wife?


Francine and I were naked in their bedroom. She sat in the center of their bed with her legs stretched out and dangling off the side. She stroked herself as I approached, and she smiled at me.

“Now let’s see if you enjoy the taste of what’s in front as much as what’s in back,” she said with a laugh. She lay back and I moved between her legs.

She was positioned too close to the edge of the bed for me to crawl onto it with her, so when I started to lick her I was left leaning over the bed. Her pussy was delicious, and as I kissed and licked and sucked at her she began to moan. It wasn’t the same though, I found myself wishing it was her ass my face was buried in. I worked at her clit until she was moaning louder and louder, and then she cried out as she came.

“That was a nice warm-up. Now fuck me, Ted,” she told me, still breathing heavily. Then she saw that I wasn’t hard, and she sighed.

“Don’t worry, I know what will get you going.” She sighed as she rolled over and lifted herself onto all fours. I stared at her gorgeous rear cheeks for a second as she presented herself, and then I plunged my mouth between them. With my hands I pressed those soft pillows of flesh together around me, and I could feel the blood flowing to my tool immediately. I felt her güvenilir bahis siteleri pulling my wrists to take hold of her hips as I began to tongue her.

“That’s it, eat my ass,” she demanded, and I felt her hands tighten on my wrists.

My cock was throbbing hard, and I tried to back away from her rear, but she wouldn’t let me. Instead, she pulled my hands forward and pushed her hips back so that my face remained planted deep in her rear. Her forceful maneuver turned me on even more, and combined with the deliriously wonderful taste, smell and feel of her ass in my face I knew I was going to cum soon.

That’s when I felt someone behind me. Hands grasped my ass and spread my cheeks. I recoiled at the touch, but Francine just held her grip on my wrists even tighter. She had my arms pulled so far in front of her, that with her laying forward onto them, I couldn’t free myself. Her beautiful ass, for its part, seemed to have no intention of releasing my face, either. It felt like it was actually pulling me in deeper somehow, its soft, pillowy curves perfect for smothering.

“You see, I told you he loved your ass enough to do it,” I heard Doyle’s voice from behind me.

I struggled to pull away as I felt something hard pressing between my cheeks, but her ass kept me from moving forward as his cock pressed into me from behind. I screamed and shouted, but her smothering rear stifled my cries. The pressure was intense, and then I felt a searing pain as my rear passage stretched to accommodate the head of him. His hand pulled at my hips and I felt him slowly forcing himself deeper inside me.

Just relax, Ted. You can do it,” Francine said with a laugh, as she stopped pushing her ass back at me and let me have enough room to turn my head sideways and lay my gasping cheek against her buttocks.

She still held my wrists as I gasped in the fresh air, and groaned helplessly as Doyle’s assault on my butt continued. It was horrible, but somehow my cock was bobbing hard below me as he speared me deeper still. He grunted and I moaned as he pushed further and further, until I felt his body touching mine. I felt so filled that it was like he wasn’t fucking me so much as wearing me–as if I was just a sheath for his huge sword.

“Fuck, he’s so tight,” Doyle said as he began to slowly pump himself in and out of my ass.

Somehow, despite all the pain and humiliating shame of being violated, I was turned on more than I’d ever been before. My cock felt hard as steel. I had just started to regain my breath when Francine looked back over her shoulder at me with a stern gaze.

“Break time’s over, you little ass-licking bitch, get back to work,” she told me, smirking, and then she pushed her ass back against my face again.

Doyle’s rhythm built speed as I began to lick Francine’s ass again, and my body rocked between them. Every time he thrust into me it jammed my face back into her heavenly behind. I felt so helpless, so degraded, but it was only a few moments before I felt my balls tensing and then my cock unloaded below me without having been so much as touched by either of them. Their moans grew louder as Doyle fucked me harder still, and I just shivered and twitched there between them as they used me. It was wonderful.

“Oh fuck, you win, Francine. Your ass, oh fuck . . . your ass is safe. Oh fuck,” he grunted, and then they both came at nearly the same time.

We all lay there for quite a while afterwards, and I couldn’t look at either of them. I just wanted to curl up and die, but it was time for Doyle and I to go back to work. Before we got dressed, Francine had the idea to stick the butt plug up inside my tortured, burning ass. Doyle did it, while I knelt behind Francine and kissed her rear.

She told me I was to keep it inside me for the rest of the day, to “keep me limber” for the evening’s festivities, which they planned as if I wasn’t there. I stared at them in shock, until Doyle smirked at me and I had to look away. It was impossible to walk normally, and driving my car with that thing in my ass was excruciating.


The rest of that day, my ass hurt like hell. The plug just made it worse. Every time I thought of Doyle’s grinning face I nearly broke down and cried. But none of that stopped me from going to their house after work that night, and every night since. I live with them now, serving them as my mistress and master.

Every time I think about leaving them I remember how soft and perfectly smooth Francine’s round behind is. I think about how it tastes and smells and feels and I keep going back there. My fascination with her rear is so strong that even now, after licking it for months on end, I still have dreams about it.

Despite the fact that nothing larger than my tongue is ever near her ass, now Francine doesn’t to worry about Doyle leaving her to get anal sex any more. They’re getting married next month, and Doyle says I get to be the best man at the wedding. When we’re in private he calls me ass-boy, so now he jokes about me being their “best boy” at the wedding. I even get to go on the honeymoon with them, in case Doyle gets the urge to pound my ass in the Caribbean. Besides, I think Francine has come to really like the way my tongue feels in her butt.

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