Oca 22

Fate, an unexpected ally

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I was devastated. After months of legal wrangling and hope…well, hope anyway, it was finally over. Jocelyn had been adamant that the marriage was over and her lawyers had finally won the day. The papers lay scattered at my feet as sobs wracked my body. I stumbled through to my bedroom and collapsed on my bed and cried the pent up tears of the last three years. I was about to fall asleep when my telephone rang. I took a deep breath to steady myself a little and answered. “Hello.”“Hi Mark, It’s me, Pam.”“Hey Sis, I suppose you heard?”“Yeah, she called me earlier. She wanted us to go out and celebrate…”“Damn, she’s cold!”“You got that right Markie. Anyway, do you think you could stand some company?”“I’m not sure, I’m pretty messed up. I wouldn’t be very good company…”“Hey…hey, let me come over, I guarantee to raise a smile or two. I’ll bring lots of wine too.”“Okay, since you put it that way. How will you get here?”“Joanne’s mom is coming to town for a meeting or something and she offered when I told her about you.”“That’s pretty nice of her but please promise me that you won’t istanbul travesti bring her up to the flat. I’m pretty fragile.”“I promise. Is there anything in particular I can get you?”“Nah, just you.”“Okay then bro’, but if you need anything when I’m there, just ask.”“Thanks Sis, I appreciate that.”“No problem. Listen,” she said quickly, “it’s late so I guess I should spend the night. Is that okay with you?”“Yup, it sure is,” I answered, “We’ll flip a coin for the couch.”“Yeah, okay. So, I’ll be there in an hour or so.”“I’ll be here Pam. I love you, Sis.”“I love you too Markie.” She hung up and I held the receiver to my chest for a second before setting it back in the cradle. I managed a weak smile at the thought of the imminent visit from my youngest sister. We had grown closer over the years and were really best friends, confiding in each other over everything. She had supported me throughout the ordeal with my ex and her call was no real surprise. She still lived at home with our parents but was saving like mad for a place of her own. All during istanbul travestileri the divorce, she often spent time at my pad, sometimes overnight. Our parent’s were happy that she was keeping an eye on me and I was certainly glad for her uplifting demeanour. Smiling ever more, I took a shower to freshen up and then waited for her arrival. On the appointed hour, a knock at my door announced her arrival. I flung it open and she immediately hugged me fiercely.“Oh Markie, I’m so sorry. I know how much you wanted it to work but it’s for the best.”“I know,” I said, returning the hug, “I just hate the finality of it.”“I understand. Why do you think I haven’t dated again?” She pushed the door shut and locked it. “I’m well rid of that prick and his family.”She had been unceremoniously labeled a slut by her last boyfriend and his family when she’d fallen pregnant. The sheer stress had caused her to miscarry and she swore off guys for good and so far, she’d been true to her word. We were both content to socialize with each other, occasionally going travesti to a club, sometimes to dinner but generally, just hanging out together, either at my place or at her home. Let it be said that we gave no cause for suspicion, either by action or thought. We really just had a lot of fun together.“Yeah, I agree. By the look of things, I should be glad she’s gone.” I picked up her bag and said, “I’ll put this in the bedroom. Won’t you open the wine? I’ll be right back.” She smiled and kissed me on the cheek. “Now there’s the Markie I like to see. Hurry back.” I dropped her bag in the bedroom and returned a few seconds later. She was pouring us each a glass of dry red from the bottle I’d opened before she arrived.“I thought you were saving this for a special occasion,” she commented as she looked over her shoulder at me.“Well, I was and this is it. I guess I’m celebrating two things; my new freedom and your fine company.” I sat on the couch as she handed me my glass.“Flattery, hmm, I could get used to that.” She giggled and sat facing me. “Cheers Bro’, here’s to freedom…and fine company!” We touched glasses and drank to the toast. “You’re looking better than you sounded an hour ago.”“I am indeed. You have a way of making me happy. If you weren’t my sister, I’d date you in a heartbeat.” She raised her eyebrows at my statement and grinned.“Uh-huh, I thought so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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