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Fatima’s Escapades Pt. 04

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Fatima swayed her hips seductively to sexy music playing in the Presidential Suite of Zain’s Guest House. She wore 6 inch thigh high red leather boots with a black leather hot shorts and a matching leather push up bra. She felt like a goddess in this outfit, and danced like a professional dancer. She slowly stripped for Irfaans best friend who was the owner of the guest house. Irfaan was lying down on the bed behind Fatima and he was already naked. He also watched Fatima as she danced for his friend.

First her push up bra came off and her voluptuous breasts bounced beautifully as she danced. Her nipples were already hard and Zain shifted in the armchair he occupied. His bulge was clearly visible and this excited Fatima even further.

Fatima wore a Zorros mask and her long hair cascaded in waves down to the middle of her back. Her bangs framed her face, covering the top of the mask, and she had applied a deep red lipstick with clear lip gloss for shine. She was an absolute vision in her sexy leather outfit. Irfaan whistled approvingly on the bed behind her. Fatima felt bold, beautiful, and confident. It showed by the way she danced for Zain who couldn’t seem to take his eyes off her. She did a lapdance, her body moving perfectly to the beat, her hips swaying seductively and her leather hot shorts emphasizing her curves perfectly. Finally, after ten minutes of teasing, she unzipped her shorts, removing them slowly and bent down infront of Zain, giving him a full view of her perfectly shaped ass. She turned once again to face him, and spread her legs, giving him a perfect view of her smooth, hairless triangle. She slid two fingers up and down her already soaking wet pussy, moaning with pleasure. Her fingers were wet as she sucked on them, enjoying the taste of her wet pussy. This highly excited Zain, who seemed eager to undo his belt and unzip his pants to free his already throbbing, rock hard cock. His cock was more or less the same size as Irfaans, but just a little bit thicker. Fatima thought it was just as beautiful, and sighed with pleasure when she noticed the tip of his cock already glistening with pre-cum. She got down onto her knees infront of Zain and smiled at him as she slowly stroked his rock hard shaft.

Zain sucked in his breath, his throbbing cock needing release. He closed his eyes and tried to regain some control, but pre-cum kept dripping from his tip, and Fatima used her thumb to coat his head with his wetness. He groaned, opening his eyes to look at her. She enjoyed the feel of his cock, and bent down to take him into her mouth. She sucked on his head, moaning with delight as she looked up at him. She was absolutely gorgeous, and Zain caressed her face before sliding his hand through her hair and slowly started to fuck her mouth.

He had been given strict instructions from Irfaan not to manhandle her in anyway. He’d readily agreed to this and didn’t want to be dominating. He preferred being controlled, both by Fatima and Irfaan and this voluntary submission made him realize that he secretly fantasized about being the man who watched. He was a sort of cuckold and he liked it.

Fatima took all of him into her mouth, and allowed him to fuck her. She moaned, spreading her knees so she could pleasure herself at the same time. Zain started to lose it. Her mouth was warm and she sucked him like a professional. She managed to take his entire length into her mouth but didn’t allow him to touch the back of her throat. Zain was in complete ecstasy when he suddenly jerked hard and tried to move away from her mouth.

“Fuck! Fatima, I’m cumming!” He shouted, but she continued to suck, and Zain erupted, filling her mouth with his hot, salty cum. Fatima swallowed all of it, making sure that not even a little escaped. She liked the taste of him, and his cum only made her more horny. She was intoxicated with the smell and taste of his cum and she suddenly needed more. She felt like an uncontrollable bitch in heat, needing only release, wanting to find relief to the burning hot throb deep inside of her.

She looked up at Zain and smiled, her mask emphasizing the lust, and raw need in her beautiful eyes! She stood up and bent down to kiss him passionately on the lips. He could taste his cum and kocaeli escort this excited him. Fatima whispered sexily, “I hope you’ll still be in the mood for me after this because I’m dying to feel that gorgeous cock deep inside my pussy!”

Zain nodded enthusiastically, realising it wasn’t going to take much to get him hard again. Fatima was one sexy vixen, and he found himself easily responding to her sexually. She went to the bed and got onto all fours to face Irfaan. Irfaans cock was already rock hard, and Fatima spread her legs as she bent down to take his cock into her mouth. Zain had a perfect view of her gorgeous round ass. Just below the crack of her ass, her pussy glistened with her wetness and Zain realised just how turned on she was. This gave him an instant hard on.

Zain noticed that Irfaan was so much more forceful with Fatima. He grabbed her head with both hands and began to fuck her mouth fast and hard. Zain could hear Fatima choking and gagging on Irfaans cock. She kept coming up for air every so often, gasping and whimpering. Irfaan would immediately shove his cock back into her mouth, pulling her hair and fucking her mouth until her throat burned and her eyes watered. He talked dirty to Fatima, telling her what a good little slut she was and she sucked his cock like a dirty whore.

Zain noted that Fatima loved being treated this way, because she wasn’t even touching herself and he could see her pussy lips pulsate. She moaned loudly and started to shake as she orgasmed hard. Her pussy was soaking wet, and cum dripped down the sides of her thighs, forming a wet stain on the sheets between her legs. Zain sucked in his breath, and started to stroke his already hard cock.

Irfaan seemed to know that Fatima had just had an orgasm because he ordered her to turn around on the bed and to face Zain. Fatima eagerly did as she was told and Zain noticed the Zorro mask had come off and all her eye make up was smudged. She looked so vulnerable and so sexy this way. She looked at Zain stroking his cock and smiled seductively. Her eyes were glazed over with pure lust and she seemed to be somewhere else entirely.

Irfaan mounted Fatima from behind and she moaned appreciatively, closing her eyes as she savored the feel of Irfaans cock deep inside of her. Irfaan grabbed her hair with one hand pulling her head back sharply, and began to fuck her hard and deep. Each thrust brought her a step closer to ecstasy, and Zain was mesmerized by the scene infront of him. Fatima seemed to be in some sort of drunken haze because she kept on sobbing the word ‘yes’ over and over again. She never took her eyes off Zain either, as if challenging him to look away first, but Zain was transfixed and couldn’t look away if his life depended on it.

Suddenly Fatima sobbed harder, begging Irfaan to make her cum. Irfaan slammed his cock hard and deep one final time into her and groaned loudly as he convulsed behind her, spilling his hot cum deep inside her pussy. Fatima screamed as her entire body shuddered violently. She came just as hard as Irfaan and as soon as she went limp, Irfaan let go of her hair and she collapsed onto the bed like a rag doll. Her legs were shaking from her orgasm and Irfaan gently rolled her onto her back and kissed her. He asked her something quietly, and she simply nodded her head.

Irfaan looked up and motioned for Zain to come to the bed. “She’s all yours.” He said quietly. “I hope you’ll be turned on by the fact that my cum is seeping out of her pussy. This is to remind you that she belongs to me!” Irfaan said this with complete authority and Zain nodded vigorously. He was so hard, he could hardly contain himself. The notion of Fatima’s pussy being filled with another man’s cum really turned Zain on. Irfaan looked at Zain and told him that he was going to take a shower, and that Zain was free to be with Fatima only if she was willing to have him. Zain readily agreed, immediately undressed and got onto the bed to caress Fatima’s cheek. He asked her softly if she was ok.

Fatima opened her eyes and smiled at him. He bent down to kiss her passionately. Her body glistened with droplets of sweat and the sight highly aroused Zain. He kissed and sucked on her nipples and she moaned with pure kocaeli escort bayan delight. He then kissed his way down past her stomach until his mouth found her clit. He could smell sex and he inhaled deeply, loving the intoxicating aroma. He licked her clit and tasted her sweet nectar mixed with the saltiness of Irfaans cum. Fuck! The taste was intoxicating and he needed her now like he never needed anything else in his life. He placed his rock hard cock at her entrance and she looked up at him, lifting her hips upwards as he slowly entered her. She was still tight, and she gasped as she realized that Zain was much thicker, and her pussy stretched a little to accommodate him. When he had gone in all the way, he paused for a second and she sighed with pleasure, savoring the feel of him inside of her. It was easy slipping in because she was already wet with hers and Irfaans cum.

Her eye make up was smudged and so was her red lipstick. Her bangs clung damply onto her forehead and her hair sprawled out behind her on the bed. Zain still thought she was an absolute vision and she looked vulnerable and innocent. He couldn’t take his eyes off her as he began to fuck her slow and deep. Her hips moved upwards to meet each thrust and her legs wrapped around his waist. Her hands slid into his hair at the nape of his neck and she watched him as he slowly fucked her gorgeous pussy. The mixture of her and Irfaans cum easily lubricated his cock and he slid in and out of her pussy effortlessly, making a slapping sound. He was going absolutely crazy and had to consciously remind himself to be gentle and slow because he felt as if he was going to explode at any moment.

Fatima started to whimper and moaned to Zain to fuck her faster. “Fuck me Zain, make me cum again baby!” Zain didn’t need anymore encouraging and picked up the pace, fucking her faster and deeper. “Oh my God Fatima! You’re so beautiful!” He groaned, looking deep into her eyes. Fatima had a look of total ecstacy as she looked at him and whispered, “Please don’t stop! Please make me cum Zain! Make me cum all over your amazing cock!” Her plea was too much for Zain and it drove him over the edge. He fucked her hard and fast, and Fatima whimpered with delight when suddenly she cried out, “Yes Zain I’m cumming!” Her eyes rolled back and she shuddered, her legs shaking around his waist and her pussy lips contracting hard around his cock. He felt her hot cum seeping out at the sides and coating his balls. This was complete heaven for Zain and he jerked violently, cumming hard and croaking out her name between spasms of his hot cum exploding deep inside her pussy, filling her up completely. She held him tightly against her, until both of their orgasms subsided, leaving them both breathing hard.

She finally looked up at him and smiled, completely exhausted yet feeling more satisfied than she ever had in her entire life. She whispered, “You were amazing Zain!” Zain kissed her and replied, “No Fatima, you were phenomenal, and thank you for this privilege!” He then got up, got dressed, kissed her one last time and left the room. Fatima was too tired to move and she lay there, with her eyes closed, replaying the events of the day.

Irfaan and Fatima had been using Zains guest house for over two months now and Fatima couldn’t believe how different she had become in such a short time. Fatima had been introduced to Zain a week after she began coming to his guest house and he greeted her as if he knew her well. This puzzled her and she mentioned it to Irfaan a few days later. Irfaan finally admitted to her that Zain had watched them on more than one occasion because he could see them through the blinds. Fatima had been shocked but not upset. In a weird way, she felt aroused by this and asked Irfaan if he had minded. Irfaan had said that it actually turned him on to know another man masturbated to him fucking her. He also told Fatima that Zain still didn’t know he was aware that he had seen him.

Over the next few days, Irfaan tested the waters by asking Fatima how she’d feel if he allowed Zain to come into the room and watch them together. She had been unsure at first, and needed to know how Irfaan felt more than anything. Irfaan kept reassuring her that he wouldn’t have asked izmit escort if he wasn’t completely ok with it. He wanted to explore uncharted waters with this sexy vixen, because something about Fatima made him want to try new things.

The next week, Irfaan had invited Zain to come and watch them having sex. The first time for Fatima had felt a little weird and she’d been shy and uncomfortable. But Zain seemed to be so taken by her, his obvious adoration of her quickly put her at ease and she began to enjoy being watched by him. Zain would get hard really quickly and it turned her on knowing she was the reason for his arousal. He would watch them, frantically stroking himself to orgasm after orgasm, which completely excited her. This would make her so horny, she’d sometimes cum without being touched.

Zain was having problems at home with his wife, who had totally become oblivious to sex, and to him. She’d picked up alot of weight too and seemed to have no sex drive at all. Zain attempted to spice things up in the bedroom, but was only met with contempt and total refusal to even try. His wife accused him of being a pervert and one night they had such a big fight, she’d packed her bags and had gone to her parents home taking his kids with her. The next day she’d called, and had told him she believed they’d grown apart and she no longer loved him the way she was supposed to. He’d agreed and asked her if she wanted a divorce. She’d readily agreed and he had given her the Islamic divorce by saying the word ‘divorce’ (Talaaq) three times, making it immediately official.

He still wanted to be part of his kids lives and she’d told him he was always welcome to see them. He’d told her he’d compensate her by selling their house and getting a smaller place for himself and he also promised to look after his kids to the best of his ability.

Zain had told Irfaan about his divorce and he had said that it was for the best. He seemed to be spending more time at the guesthouse however, because he avoided going home to an empty house.

Now, two months in, Irfaan had asked Fatima to marry him and she was completely smitten. They had gotten engaged a week ago and were planning to get married in three months time. They still however met at the guest house on a daily basis.

Now that Zain was divorced, Irfaan had another idea. He asked Fatima if she would ever allow another man to be with her. She’d been surprised, and asked Irfaan what he thought. Irfaan told her that he loved her and this would only be with someone they trusted, someone like Zain. Zain had already watched them and they’d been so comfortable having him around that the next logical step would be this. Irfaan said he’d always fantasized about another man being with her, but only after he could fill her pussy with his cum. This type of ownership would ensure that she undoubtedly belonged to him.

They were already engaged so Fatima knew without a doubt that Irfaan was going to marry her and that this wasn’t some ploy and once it was done, he’d leave her. She trusted him and had fallen in love with him in such a short period. She truly believed he was the one and the fact that they lived this wicked, secret life, excited her tremendously.

Finally, she had agreed to being with Zain and today had been the first time. He’d been sweet, gentle, and had treated her like a lady the entire time. She loved it. It made her feel irresistible, being desired by two men and being doted on by both so fully. A girl couldn’t ask for more than this.

She was still replaying everything that had happened when Irfaan emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in a towel, his gorgeous body glistening with droplets of water. He sat down beside her and kissed her long and deep. “God, I love you Fatima!” He whispered softly against her lips and she opened her eyes to smile at him. “Did you enjoy having another man cum deep inside of you and filling your gorgeous pussy with both mine and his cum?” Fatima nodded and said, “He was gentle and slow, just like you instructed. It totally turned him on when he sucked me and tasted your cum on my pussy.”

Irfaan smiled and said, “Well, my cock is getting hard knowing that he liked that. Let me run you a hot bath, and while I soap you down my sweet, you can tell me exactly what he did to you.”

He got up to run the bath and then came back, scooped Fatima up in his arms and carried her to the bathroom, closing the door behind him…more

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