Mar 31

Fear of Storms

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It was a dark and stormy night.

Well, not really. It was still early in the evening and while the sky was overcast it was still quite light. There was a definite threat of rain in the air, but it didn’t look as though it would be too bad. I’d been out for a run, just getting some exercise in after being housebound all day, doing some research on the ‘net.

I was on my way home, just trotting past the unit next to mine, when I heard this scream from the unit. It was a real scream, too. Not just someone mucking around. Someone had just been hurt.

Now the unit next door was currently being rented by a single mother with two small daughters. Lovely little kids they are, images of their mother. I know them and their mother, albeit only on a friendly chat basis. There was no man in the picture as far as I knew but Debra’s sister, Janelle, was currently staying with them.

I had seen Janelle driving away as I left on my run, and her car wasn’t back. There were no strange cars around, either. In my opinion, something was wrong and it wouldn’t hurt to check up. The worst that could happen was that I’d embarrass myself.

So I switched direction and jogged up to the door. The wire door was closed but the main door was open and I could see inside. See well enough to notice that Debra was lying on the floor up towards the end of the hallway. She didn’t answer so I went in. (She really should keep the wire door locked if the main door is open.)

Debra was out cold. Fainted, I think, with the reason being a leg that had a bend where it shouldn’t have a bend. A chair on its side suggested what had happened. Still, not wanting any nasty surprises I did a quick check of the house even while I was calling the ambulance.

I found the two kids asleep in their beds, but apart from them and Debra the place was empty, so it seemed it was just a simple accident. Since my first aid is pathetic and there was no obvious bleeding, I just left Debra where she was and waited for the ambulance.

Debra was just starting to come to when the ambulance rolled up. The ambo’s pounced on her, diagnosed a broken leg, tossed her on a stretcher and carted her away. Debra, protesting strongly, pointing out she had two little girls in the house.

“You also have a broken leg,” I pointed out in return, “and I don’t see any doctors around. Do you? Don’t worry about the kids. I’ll watch them until your sister gets back. Give me her number and I’ll give her a call and tell her to shift her butt back here.”

The ambulance departed with its trophy and I rang Janelle’s number. I could hear it ringing. Unfortunately, I could really hear it ringing. I traced the sound and found a mobile shrieking its little lungs out in the spare bedroom. I sighed and hung up and the mobile went silent. Tried again and sure enough, the mobile started laughing at me. Janelle had forgotten her damned phone.

I hung around, watching TV, hoping that Janelle would come home at a reasonable hour. I should be so lucky. Come eleven o’clock I said the hell with it, took off my shoes and tracksuit top and went to bed in Debra’s bed, after leaving a note prominently placed asking Janelle to wake me when she got home.

I was awakened about two hours later. Not by Janelle, but by a bloody great crack of thunder. It was absolutely pissing down outside, and I could swear the house was shaking slightly from the thunder. I also thought I heard something making a noise in the house and I listened hard, hoping Janelle was back.

What I heard was another crack of thunder, screams and the pitter-patter of rapidly moving feet. The next moment the bedroom door burst open and two wailing little girls were hurtling through the air and into the bed, clinging like limpets and shrieking.

I reached over and switched on the lights, and had a very interesting half hour calming down two scared little girls, who didn’t like the storm, wanted to know where mummy was and why was I in mummy’s bed.

I persuaded them the storm wouldn’t hurt them because I was there to look after them. Mummy had hurt her leg and had to go and see the doctor. I was in mummy’s bed because I wanted to go to sleep. Wouldn’t going to sleep be a good idea?

No, apparently.

I assured them that I wasn’t going anywhere until Auntie Janelle got home to take care of them. It was late, I explained, and they were tired and they really wanted to go back to their beds so they could sleep.

I almost convinced them. I know it would have convinced me. I was just preparing to gather them up and carry them back to bed when there was another peal of thunder. Thank you, Mother Nature. That was brilliantly timed. It was limpet time again, and those two kids weren’t going anywhere, thank you very much.

I know when I’m on a loser. I turned off the lights and lay back down with a moppet curled in a ball on either side of me. They dropped off to sleep quite happily and I tried to. It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep when you’re the ball between two football players. I’d be dozing off when a foot would land şişli üniversiteli escort in my ribs. I’d sleepily edge away from it and be greeted by another foot kicking at my teeth from the other side. Those blasted kids didn’t lie in the bed and sleep. They rotated in the bed, fast asleep.

I woke a couple of hours later in considerable pain. There was a hand entangled in my hair, pulling hard, and a voice shrieking in my ear. Not a little hand and a little voice, unfortunately, but the much stronger hand and much louder voice of Janelle.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing with my nieces, you pervert?”

Don’t expect thanks for a good deed. You won’t get them. I batted her hand away from my hair and politely replied.

“If you wake those kids I’ll damn-well strangle you. But not until you calm them down and get them back to sleep. What the hell does it look like I’m doing with a couple of three year olds? Keeping them safe until Auntie comes waltzing home to look after them. What the hell time is this to be arriving home?”

“What business is it of yours when I get home,” she snapped. “Why are you in Debbie’s bed, why are the kids in Debbie’s bed, and where is Debbie?”

“In sequence, because I was tired and had to sleep somewhere, they’re scared of thunder and needed company, in hospital. Any other questions?”

She was smart. She glommed onto the hospital right away.

“What do you mean, she’s in the hospital?”

“Do you want to play twenty questions or would you prefer for me to explain in a calm and rational manner, simply enough so that even you can understand it? And don’t yell. You’ll wake the girls.”

“Oh, explain, please,” she said, ever so sweetly. “I can’t wait to hear your story.”

“Debra fell off a chair and broke her leg. I think she was trying to change a light bulb. I heard her call out and came to her assistance. I called an ambulance and promised I’d stay with the kids until you got home. Which would have been hours ago if you’d remembered to take your phone. Then the storm broke and the next thing I know I’m up to my neck in screaming little girls who don’t like thunder. Big and mean though I am, I didn’t have the heart to drag them back to their beds and leave them there, scared and crying. Maybe you can do it.”

Janelle stood quietly for a moment while she digested that

“I guess I should thank you,” she finally said. “Anyway, the main storm has passed over and I don’t think there’ll be any more thunder. I’ll see if I can transfer the girls back to their own beds now.”

She very carefully picked up one little moppet who promptly snuggled happily against her and carried her out. A few minutes later she returned for the other, and that transaction went off quietly as well.

The next time she came back was to kick me out into the cold wet night, which wasn’t unexpected.

I was out of the bed and peering out the window when she returned.

“Ah, the main thunderstorm has gone past hasn’t it,” I asked a little nervously.

“Yes. Is poor little diddums afraid of thunderstorms,” she cooed.

“That’s typical,” I said, sounding a little irritated. “So what if I don’t like thunderstorms.”

“It’s not like it’s going to hurt you,” she scoffed. “And what’s typical?”

“Women,” I said derisively. “You’re always on at men to show their feelings but as soon as one admits to the slightest weakness you’re all scornful and assume he’s less of a man. Show your feelings, but make sure that they’re all big strong ones or I won’t respect you. So what if I don’t like thunderstorms.”

Janelle flushed.

“Um, look, I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to put you down,” she said. “No really, I wasn’t,” she repeated, seeing my sceptical look. Then she sighed. “OK. Maybe I was and I shouldn’t have. It was just that I was a bit surprised that a man would actually admit to being scared of a thunderstorm.”

“I didn’t say scared,” I pointed out. “Just that I don’t like them. Ah, you don’t mind if I stay here for the night?”

“No, no. That’ll be fine,” she said hastily. “I didn’t mean to say you were scared of them. Just that you don’t like them.”

I nodded graciously to acknowledge her back-down.

“Um, fine. I must admit I find them a lot easier to take if I have company.”

“Well,” said Janelle, “I’ll be here. My rooms just along the hall.”

“I know.” I sighed. “The bed’s closer,” I muttered, trying to sound forlorn.

“I know,” she started off, “but you can’t really expect me to hop in bed with you because of a storm.” She paused, looking stunned as realisation dawned. “Oh, you rotten bastard. You really had me feeling sorry for hurting your feelings. You couldn’t give a damn about the storm.”

“True,” I said with a grin. “But if it’s all the same with you I will spend the rest of the night here. It’s absolutely pouring down and I’d drown just walking down the path.”

Janelle nodded, even if it was a trifle reluctantly.

“Well, before I say good-night, taksim anal yapan escort and my apologies if I seem to be rushing things, but if I know little girls those two little fiends will be awake bright and early, long before we’re ready for them. And if that happens, I’m not going to have a chance to seduce you in the morning, what with them bouncing on the bed and running amok.

So what I want to suggest is that you spend the rest of the night here with me. That way I can protect you if you get scared by the storm.”

I had no idea what her reaction would be. Anything from rolling around the floor laughing to just punching me on the nose. Janelle seemed slightly stunned by the whole thing.

“Let me get this straight. You, a total stranger to me, are inviting me to spend the night in your bed so that you can protect me from thunderstorms. Is that right?”

“It’s actually your sister’s bed, but you seem to have the gist of it.”

“I see. And who will protect me from you once I’m in the bed being protected from thunderstorms?”

“Ah, no-one, but my gentlemanly manners and solemn word should suffice. Are you willing to accept them?”

“My,” she said, sounding impressed. “And how much reliance can I place on your solemn word.”

“Ah, yes, there is that. Not much, I’m afraid. None at all, now that I think of it. I mean to ravish you immediately I get your clothes off and I’d be working on that as soon as you hit the bed.”

“That’s what I thought. And if I happened to tell you no, at any stage?”

“Oh, you’re quite at liberty to say no whenever you wish. I won’t mind. It’s not as though I’d be paying it any attention.”

She did a face palm. What’d I say? I was trying to be truthful.

“So in effect, you’re asking me to hop in bed and be brutally ravished by a total stranger.”

I shrugged. “Sounds good to me. So what’s your answer?”

“What would you expect my bloody answer to be,” she flared at me.

“Well, I don’t know. If I knew one way or the other I’d have already acted on it. You’ll have to give me a hint. My name’s Peter, by the way. That might help as it means I’m no longer a complete stranger.”

“Do you treat Debbie like this?”

“Ah, no, but then I’ve never really wanted to sleep with Debra. For some reason we just don’t seem to click in that way. You might say she’s a casual friend and that’s all. You on the other hand, I wanted to strip and ravish the first time I saw you.”

“Why do you keep referring to ravishment?” Janelle asked, seeming puzzled.

“You mentioned ravishment first,” I pointed out. “I just want to live up to your expectations. Besides, as you say, you barely know me, and I don’t really have time to get to know you and gently seduce you. I want you now, so I’ll just wait until you’re on the bed and then I can happily tear of your clothes and have my wicked way, totally ignoring your feeble struggles and piteous cries for mercy.”

She did another face palm. It seemed she had trouble believing me or something. She peeked at me through her fingers.

“I think you’re mad,” she said, speaking with great sincerity.

“Possibly, possibly. A question. Is your heart beating faster, thinking of me pinning you to the bed and tearing your clothes off, knowing what’s going to happen next? Are you getting all hot and bothered, wondering what it’s going to be like?”

“No,” was the simple sharp reply.

“Oh. Do you often lie when you’re sexually excited and trying to hide it?”

“What makes you think I’m lying?”

She was within reach, so I reached. I lightly pressed a finger against her dress where a peaked nipple had raised a noticeable bump.

She glared at me and slapped my hand away.

“That doesn’t mean a thing,” she snapped.

“I know. Neither does the flush or the heavy breathing,” I assured her. “Um, have you had enough time to think it over and decide to capitulate to my charms? It’s just that if you have it might be a good idea to take that dress off before you hit the bed. You look lovely in it and I wouldn’t want to tear it.”

Janelle gave a frustrated little sigh.

“Look, all joking aside,” she said firmly. “You don’t really think I’d sleep with you on our first meeting, surely.”

“All joking aside, I don’t know. I never try to second guess a woman’s decision where sex is concerned. I do know you won’t agree unless I let you know that I want you.”

Janelle closed her eyes and shook her head.

“Why am I even discussing this with you? I’m going to bed – alone. Goodnight.”

She turned to leave and Mother Nature struck again. The room lit up as there was a flash outside and thunder seemed to be rolling through the house. This time it was Janelle’s turn to scream. She gave a shriek and latched onto me. As far as she was concerned the world was collapsing and I was the nearest safe harbour.

I grabbed her and held her, feeling her tremble. I could also feel the resolve stealing back into her as the thunder died away. taksim bdsm escort Before she could push me away I took an unfair advantage.

“Quiet,” I said briskly. “Listen. Are the girls awake and sounding off?”

Janelle froze, listening hard. I was listening hard as well, but I wasn’t frozen still. The only sound that either of us heard was the zizz sound of Janelle’s zipper unzipping.

Now Janelle had been out partying, or something, and the dress she wore was a party dress. A sleeveless party dress. One of those dresses that men feel are held up more by luck than anything else. This one was help up by a tight zipper, apparently.

Hearing, and probably feeling, her zipper going down Janelle pushed me away. This was fine by me as I had a perfect view of her dress slithering down, showing that it was not a dress you wore with a bra.

Janelle gasped and slapped her arms across her chest, hiding the goodies. She should have grabbed the dress and pulled it back up. It had stalled at her hips but when she jerked her arms to cover her breasts the jolt was enough to shake it loose. It did a little more slithering, winding up pooled around her feet, revealing a very nice lacy thong.

Janelle looked horrified, and I figured I had about one second in which to act.

“Allow me,” I said, bending down.

I suspect Janelle thought I was going to bend down and lift her dress back up. Silly Janelle. I bent down, hooked my fingers over that thong and drew them down to where her dress lay.

Janelle looked at me, her mouth open, but nothing coming out. She started to splutter, her face red, her hands not sure what they wanted to cover.

“It was fate,” I said. “We’d be insulting nature if we don’t just go along with it.”

“Fate, hell,” she hissed, even now remembering to keep her voice down so as not to wake the girls. “It was indecent assault, is what it was. Why are you so insistent I go to bed with you, anyway?”

I laughed.

“Have you ever looked in a mirror?” I asked. “How about I give you a valid reason? Then you can stop fighting and enjoy the night.”

“This I’ve gotta hear,” she said, sounding rather disbelieving.

“It’s for the kids,” I told her. “If they wake up and want an adult it will be better if you’re here. They’ll come here looking for comfort and you’ll be the one they want. So you have to sleep here.”

Reaching over I caught her fluttering hands and pulled them away from her body. Holding them wide I looked her over, letting her see my appreciation. Still holding her hands I backed up to the bed, Janelle reluctantly moving with me.

“Listen, will you please see reason? I’m not sleeping with you,” Janelle reiterated.

In reply I released her hands and cupped her breasts. I pressed gently against them, moving around and turning so that Janelle found herself between me and the bed. A little more pressure and Janelle found herself sitting on the bed.

At that stage, I stripped. It didn’t take long, I assure you. I could see Janelle’s eyes widen as she looked at me, noting my readiness.

“Look, I keep saying no. Aren’t you listening?” she demanded.

“You’re also sitting on my bed, naked. You might say I’m listening to my eyes.”

I reached for and started caressing her breast, gently stoking it and teasing her nipple. She watched my hand on her breath, and she was breathing harder. Suddenly she shook her head and pushed my hand away.

“Why aren’t you listening?”

“Because you don’t seriously expect me to,” I shot back at her. And she didn’t, I was quite sure. She could have turned and walked away at any stage. Still could if she really wanted to.

I took hold of her hand and jerked it against me. She started slightly, and closed her hand around me. My hands moved back to her breasts, taking them and pressing against them, forcing Janelle to lie back on the bed. She turned as she lay back. She had to. It was the only way she could keep hold of my cock.

I eased onto the bed beside her, my hands now running all over her body. She gave a little jump when my hand first closed over her mound, but she didn’t say anything. Hypocritical if she did, seeing the way she was still clutching my manly parts.

From that point on things started to get a little heated. My hands roamed freely, with my mouth doing its share of touching and tasting. Janelle was breathing harshly, writhing slowly under me as I slowly built on her excitement. Her hand had finally left my cock as she ran her hands over me, although she did return to it quite often, checking that it was maintaining a state of readiness.

Her attitude changed from acquiescent to cooperative to demanding. She was ready to take things to the next step and wasn’t backwards about telling me so. I was the one who’d wanted sex, so why wasn’t I performing already?

What could I do? I rolled over on top of her, cock poised just above her mound. Then I was pushing into her, driving into her wet, slippery passage, thrusting home hard. Janelle just gasped and her legs came up and smoothly locked around me, holding me tight.

For a moment we just stayed like that, holding tight to each other and relishing the contact. But it wasn’t enough. We both wanted more and proceeded to take more. I pulled back and then drove back in firmly, feeling Janelle pushing up to meet me, her legs clenching as they helped her pull me in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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