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Female Housemate Wanted

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I wasn’t really sure why we decided to take Phillip as a housemate. After Elle said she was moving out, me and Marie had agreed that we wanted to live with another female. Just for little stuff – so that we could walk around in our underwear without having to worry about some guy perving on us, that kind of thing. I’ve never lived with a guy before, but I can tell you from experience – living with girls is easy. Why mess with a good thing?

Phillip worked with Elle at the video store. When he found out that we were looking for someone, he rocked up at the interviews. He was cool about it – we told him that we were looking for another girl, and he said that was fine. We didn’t have another interview for half an hour, so we just hung out for the rest of the time, talking about movies. (he’s really into film)

The rest of the interviews went well, and we’d pretty much decided on this girl called Abby. Elle came home the next day, and turns out that Phillip had lent us this movie that we’d been talking about – Primer. You can’t find it anywhere, but he had a copy, so the three of us sat down and watched it.

It’s the most confusing film I’ve ever seen, but that’s sort of meant to be the appeal of it. You watch it and you’ve got no idea what’s happening, not until you go online and read up about what actually happened. I think I get it now, but it’s complex as hell, I’ll tell you that.

Anyway, the next morning me and Marie were chatting about how nice it was for Phillip to lend us his own personal copy of the film, and we agreed to give him a try as a housemate. Sorry Abby! He just seemed like a cool guy, and Marie and I both wanted him – we actually came to tell each other at the exact same time, believe it or not.

Elle passed on the invite, and he moved in about a week later.

I should tell you a bit about us, I guess. Marie and I have known each other since high school – we were never “best friends” or anything like that, but when we discovered we were both moving to the same city, we decided to stick together. We’ve gotten a lot closer over the last two years, living together. Elle was a friend of Marie’s cousin or something like that – she’s fun. A bit on the heavy side, but that’s fine – having her around made me feel thin!

My name’s Trish – I’m 20 years old, and I moved here to study architecture. I’m a bigger girl – not overweight or anything like that, just curvy. Marie is like the exact opposite of me in every way – she’s five foot, thin as a rake, and so full of energy it’s crazy. I’ll come home, maybe have a beer and watch some TV; she comes home and bounces around the apartment cleaning, then goes for an hour-long bike-ride. Yeah. Every day.

We get along pretty well, and so on the day that Phillip moved in, I started to get a bit worried about him changing up the house dynamic. It’s always like that with a new housemate though, and as he was moving in, he joked that there was no need to change anything, that we could still walk around in our underwear if we liked. (I guess Elle must have mentioned that was a concern, haha.)

Coolest thing about Phillip moving in is his massive TV. It’s 50 inches – it’s almost too big for the room! He doesn’t have many DVDs, just a hard-drive that he’s connected to the back. He said that we were welcome to use it whenever we wanted – he’s got literally every single movie you could want on it. He showed me like 1% of the list, and I already made a mental note of stuff I wanted to check out. It’s crazy. I think he borrows DVDs from work and then copies them onto the hard-drive. A little bit naughty, but hey – you won’t hear any complaints from me!

The first night he got there, he insisted that we all sit down and watch a film together. It was nice! He let us choose, so I picked 27 Dresses – I’d been wanting to see it for years.

(Huge disappointment.)

The next night, he was at school – he’s studying film on the other side of town, so he leaves early and gets home late, if at all – so me and Marie sat down to watch a film. Normally she’s too full of energy to sit down and concentrate on a flick, but I guess she enjoyed it enough last night to settle down and do it again. I could get used to this!

It pretty quickly became part of the routine. Me and Marie would get home from work, have some food, and then watch a film together each night. We alternated who got to choose, which on one hand meant that I had to sit through some real crap, but I also got to see some great stuff that I never would have watched otherwise. We barely saw Phillip at all – maybe for a few hours on the weekend. We figured he must have a girlfriend whose place he stayed at, or something like that – I kept on forgetting to ask him.

He brought this big chair with him – he called it his “throne”. Me and Marie laughed, but he didn’t really join in, which was a bit weird. It’s comfortable as hell, and for the first few movie nights I sat in it, but after a while it just felt wrong. I didn’t poker oyna want to sit in Phillip’s throne. Phillip’s throne should be empty.

I dunno, I guess it was just a politeness thing. He was letting us watch his massive TV, after all. So after that, we just left it, and just sat on the couch.

It must have been two weeks after he moved in that Marie and I just spontaneously had this chat – we’d wanted a female housemate so that we could walk around in our underwear. I mean, we never really did, but we didn’t want to give up that freedom by getting a man in.

Phillip, though…he was cool. He’d said that he didn’t mind, and besides – he was never home. So one day, in the kitchen, Marie and I were making breakfast and chatting about stuff when I brought it up. She agreed, and so to really cement the idea, we both stripped off then and there, and made the rest of our breakfast just in bra and panties.

Like I said, it wasn’t really something that we normally did, so this was actually the first time that I’d seen Marie in her knickers. Or maybe I’d seen her before, but never really noticed. She’s super thin, like I said, but not in a gross way (like when you see models in their underpants) – just slender. It was interesting.

No boobs, but she had the ass to make up for it. Normally I’d be super self-conscious, especially in front of someone as slim as Marie, but on that first day I just felt super comfortable in my body. It just felt…right.

The differences between Marie and myself was interesting, from an aesthetic point of view. We were both really attractive and sexy in our own ways. The fullness of my bust compared to her athletic chest, my curves compared to her flat stomach…we both had great asses, but even they were completely different. Mine was generous and matched really well with the rest of my body, whereas hers was hot because it contrasted so beautifully to the rest of her body.

We stood there for ages, just staring at each other, and when I finally made my way up to her face – which was also gorgeous, I should add – I could tell by the expression on her face that she was thinking the same as me. She was just appreciating my body, like I was appreciating hers. Appreciating the female form. Appreciating the contrast between the two of us.

It was really beautiful.

We stood there and stared into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, when suddenly I noticed that Phillip was in the kitchen as well, smiling and staring at us. I jumped, startled, and it was weird – it was like it took Marie a few seconds to notice him, but when she did, she jumped in shock as well.

Phillip got this weird, embarrassed…almost annoyed…look on his face, and left the room. Me and Marie looked at each other, and when she laughed, it really broke the tension. Suddenly I was laughing as well, at what Phillip must have thought, finding us staring at each other like that.

We talked briefly about getting dressed again, but it never ended up happening. I just felt so comfortable in front of Marie, there was really no need for it. And the fact that I lived in a house where I could wear nothing but underpants if I wanted, it just really made me feel free. Free and sexy.

That night, during the film (Shutter Island, with Leo – not something I would normally have watched, but I’m glad I did) I kept glancing over at Phillip’s throne. It seemed…I dunno, empty, somehow. I mean, it’s normally empty, but I’m just not normally so aware of it. But it was definitely empty. There was no one there. Phillip’s throne was empty.

After that, it became pretty standard for me and Marie to hang out around the house in our underwear. It was never quite like that first time, but I continued to appreciate her body, and I know that she appreciated mine. If Phillip was around, we’d generally put on a T-shirt or something, just for modesty’s sake, but he was hardly ever there, so we didn’t bother very often.

We kept watching a movie every night – aside from Phillip’s throne, there was just the couch, and Marie would sit up one end with me at the other. The weeks went on, and it started to get colder, and it just felt a little ridiculous, that the two of us were sitting so far away from each other when we could have been sharing body warmth. The thought popped into my head while we were watching How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (dreadful) and for the next few nights, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I was just about to suggest that we snuggle up for the film…just for the warmth, of course, when Marie got to it first. It’s almost weird how often we think the same thing – I guess that’s just what happens when you live with someone for so long.

That first night we were cuddled up together, we were watching a horror film. I can’t even remember which one, but I remember every time Marie jumped, I’d just hold onto her a little bit tighter. It was really nice – her tiny body fit into mine so comfortably, and I really enjoyed canlı poker oyna the feeling of her skin on my skin. It was so smooth, and so warm.

So if you came into our house, most nights that’s how you’d find us. Sitting there, mostly-naked, cuddled up tightly, watching a film. Not, of course, that anyone would come in. We were alone in the room. There was no one else in the room while we watched films.

Everything was nice and comfortable, super normal…until one night, when I had this dream about Marie. I don’t know what it was – it wasn’t even a particularly sexual dream, it was just…nice. It was almost embarrassingly sappy, to be honest: I dreamt that we were sitting on the couch, cuddled up, watching a romantic comedy, and after the film ended, I leaned in and gave her a kiss.

That’s it. Like I said, not even super sexual. If I’m remembering correctly, after the dream we even went to our separate beds, but it was just like we were a couple. It didn’t turn me on, I didn’t wake up all sweaty and wet, it was just a simple moment in a dream.

But somehow, it changed everything.

The next day, when I got up and saw Marie in the kitchen, I checked her out as normal (she even did a little spin, so I could properly appreciate the sexy panties she was wearing) but for some reason, I couldn’t stop thinking about her in a sexual light.

Like, Marie has these lovely full, plump lips. She has for as long as I’ve known them – the girl never needs lipstick. And the second I saw them, I remembered the dream – I remembered kissing her, and wondered what it would be like to feel those lips against mine.

Obviously I didn’t want to be thinking about my housemate like that, so I tore my eyes away from her lips, and checked out her boobs instead. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but girls with smaller breasts have almost constantly-hard nipples. I don’t know why it is, but it’s something that I’ve noticed before. So Marie’s nipples being hard – nothing weird about that, right?

But immediately my brain was like “That means she’s turned on,” which got me thinking about whether she liked having her nipples sucked on (like I do…I go crazy for it. Ask any of my ex-boyfriends!) and what they would feel like in my mouth, and then I started imagining touching them while I made out with her and…

Well, I tried to distract myself by checking out her legs. But my eyes were just automatically drawn to between her legs, and I noticed just the tiniest, smallest amount of…wetness.


My mind went into overdrive. Was she turned on? Was she turned on by me? Was it because I was checking her out? Maybe she was attracted to me! Maybe she’d just been waiting for me to make a move, maybe that was why she liked hanging out in her underpants, maybe that was why she liked me hanging out in my underpants, maybe that’s even why she suggested cuddling…

For like a second, I went nuts. I don’t know where Marie was looking, but I feel like no matter what part of me she was looking at, my thought process would have been obvious: my knees went week, my eyes practically boggled out of my head, and, embarrassingly, my nipples got hard, and my pussy got a little bit wet.

I squeaked an “Excuse me!” and fled the room.

Back in my bedroom, I was breathing super heavily. For a second I thought I saw my bedroom door open, and wondered if Marie had followed me, but there was no one there. Phillip wasn’t there. Phillip wasn’t in my room.

My brain was buzzing, I had all these thoughts, and I had just embarrassed myself in front of my best friend. No, worse than that – I’d just been turned on by my best friend.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but I am not a lesbian. I’ve never even been curious about it. I like boys – I’ve always liked boys, and you know what? I like liking boys. It’s simple. I mean, yay gay rights, but if I meet someone I like I can hold hands with them in public, no questions asked.

Marie’s the same way – straight as an arrow, always has been. There’s even a running joke about the fact that she goes through boys faster than most people go through toilet paper. So why had I suddenly started imagining that she was into me? And why had the thought turned me on?

It was the dream. That’s all it was, I told myself. I had a weird half-sex dream, and when I woke up I was still sort of in that state.

That was it. That was all it was. Just the dream.

I told myself that for the next ten minutes, breathing deeply the whole while. At one point I thought I heard a disappointed sigh, but perhaps I was just projecting – perhaps a small part of me wanted to…but no, that’s not a thought process I wanted to go down.

Finally, I left the room, and tried to act as normal as possible. Marie didn’t bring it up, and neither did I. We just ate our breakfasts and gave each other a long hug, as per usual, before getting dressed and leaving for the day.

That internet casino night, we sat down to watch a movie. As always, I sat down first, and Marie sat between my legs, resting her beautiful head on my chest. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Phillip’s throne had been rotated to face the couch, but as the movie started, I realized what a stupid thought that was. Phillip’s throne has always faced the couch. Phillip’s throne is empty. There is no one sitting there.

I’d hoped that by acting normally, the feelings would go away, but all day long I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about Marie – her perfect little body, how much I liked the touch of her skin against mine, how much I enjoyed the underwear she wore around the house, how much I looked forward to our hug each morning, when I could run my hands up and down her body, feeling every inch of her exposed skin…

And so feeling so much of her body against mine was paramount to torture. I couldn’t do anything – I was trying to act as normally as possible, after all – and so we just sat there in silence while the movie played.

I honestly couldn’t tell you what movie we watched. All I was aware of, the entire film, was Marie. Marie’s breathing, her leg casually draped upon my leg, her ass snuggled in between my legs, her cheek resting on my arm, which was wrapped around her, holding her…

Though it was most likely my imagination, I wanted it so desperately to be true – as the movie went on, although it wasn’t a horror film, I felt as though Marie’s rate of breathing was increasing. It was like she was as excited to be held by me as I was to hold her, and I wanted nothing more than to run my hands up and down her body, to stroke her white skin, and see if she’d tremble or shiver or cry out in pleasure…or push me away.

Of course, I didn’t do any of that. I just sat and stared at the screen, as George Clooney and whoever he was with got up to adventures – none of it sunk into my brain. Even as my eyes stared at the screen, my mind was with Marie.

When the film ended, we each went to our own rooms, and I did two things that I’m embarrassed about. First I masturbated, and then I cried.


The next morning, I dragged my feet as I got out of bed. I’d had a series of increasingly erotic dreams; weirdly enough, none of them were specifically about Marie, but she was there for each of them. I was with men – strangers, at first, and then ex-boyfriends. I lay there, motionless, as they fucked me, one after another. Like a starfish, I just lay there as the men took me, one at a time – I didn’t get any pleasure out of it, but there was no pain, either.

Standing next to the bed was Marie – too far away to touch, but close enough that I could see her beautiful green eyes. I just lay there, making eye contact with her as the men came in me, one after another. After the strangers and the ex’s, a stream of men from my life came and had their turn – boys from high-school, men from my course, even Phillip. I stared at Marie, and then I noticed that she wasn’t just watching, she was playing with herself. She thought I was sexy.

That was all I needed – suddenly I wasn’t just having sex with men, I was putting on a show for Marie. I got more and more turned on by the men fucking me – I still didn’t move, just lay there completely still, but as each man filled me up and let the next take his place, I got more and more turned on. I felt like I was about to cum, when suddenly there weren’t any men left. The line had dried up…and so instead, I started having sex with women.

The cum of the dozens of men disappeared, and instead I was being eaten out by girls I’d never seen before, or women I’d seen at the bus-stop. I’ve never been with a woman, so I don’t really know what it would be like, but in the dream it was amazing…but incredibly, incredibly frustrating. For some reason I just couldn’t cum – no matter how talented the women were, they’d eat me out, finger me, play with my nipples – I’d just lie there, so close to an orgasm, but unable to actually get there.

Instead of strangers, it started being women that I knew – lecturers, other students, girls I’d worked with…but regardless of who they were or what they did, I couldn’t cum, despite being more turned on than I’d ever been before.

Finally, the line ended, and Marie stood up. She pulled her fingers from her cunt, and I could see how wet and sticky they were. She was wearing a dress, so I couldn’t actually see her pussy, but I knew that she wasn’t wearing panties.

She stood up, and started walking toward me. I knew that the second her fingers touched my pussy, I’d finally be able to cum. I wanted it so much, but just as she reached forward…

I woke up.

Looking at the clock, I didn’t have time for the masturbation session I would have ideally liked, so I reluctantly got up, and went into the kitchen.

As usual, Marie did a little spin for me, and I sat up on the kitchen bench and pulled a pose so she could check me out. Unusually, she gave me a wink once she had, and it wasn’t until we’d finished breakfast and I’d gone back into my room to get dressed that I realized why she’d winked:

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