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Fender bender #12

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Fender bender #12When I was rock hard again He reached over to push Curt’s face into my crotch. He made curt lick the front of my panties. After a few minutes Mark told me to take off my panties.As I slipped them down and off I looked over to see Susan and my Mom on the couch. Susan had pulled down the top of her corset and Mom was going back and forth sucking on her nipples. Susan was pushing her fingers in and out of Moms pussy.Mark got my attention again as he ordered Curt to suck my cock. Curt refused and Mark hit him across the ass with the riding crop a couple of times before Curt quickly sucked my cock into his mouth.Mark grabbed Curt by the hair and was forcing him to bob his head up and down slowly while he called him names like queer and a fag cock sucker. I swear I seen tears running down Curt’s face as he was forced to give me a blow job. When Mark seen I was close to cumming he made Curt pull off.Curt was gasping for air as Susan brought Mom to stand beside me. She took Mom’s hand and put it on my cock telling her to work her hand up and down.Knowing it was Mom who was stroking my cock sent me over the edge and I shot several strands of cum onto Curt’s face. When the flow of cum had slowed Mark forced Curt’s mouth back onto my cock and he was ordered to clean it for me.My knees were getting weak and I had to set down. My mind was still trying to comprehend what all was going on as I watched Susan forced Curt to stand up and bend over the arm of a chair.Susan whipped Curt’s ass a couple of more times then took the handle of the whip and force it into Curt’s ass. Mark had pushed Mom onto her knees and she was licking his cock and balls.Susan left Curt bent over with the whip still in his abused ass as she went out of the room. Mark was in total control when he made Mom lay on the floor and spread her pussy with her fingers.Mark pulled me off the couch to join my Mom on the floor. He ordered me to eat Mom’s pussy for her as he went behind me and pushed my dress up to my waist.Susan had come back and she was wearing her strap on. It was 10 inches long and thick. Curt screamed in pain bahis firmaları as she thrust her hips forward and entered his ass. I watched her go in and out a couple of times before I lowered my face to Mom’s cunt.I started lapping at her pussy as Mark pushed his fingers into my ass. I was licking the folds of her pussy and had started to nibble on Mom’s clit when Mark replaced his fingers with his cock.Mark is over 6′ tall and in decent shape, he has black hair but it had started to turn gray around the temples. His cock had to be over 8 inches long.I felt every inch as he started to fuck me deep and hard. Mom’s body was shaking as I sucked on her clit. Wave after wave washed over her body as she came several times before Mark thrust deep into me and held his cock there as he emptied a huge load of cum in my ass.When mark pulled out I collapsed and rolled out from between my Mom’s thighs. Susan had finally pulled her strap on out of Curt’s ass. Mark walked in front of Curt and forced his semi hard cock into his mouth forcing him to clean Mark’s cock.No one had given me an order so I decided to start kissing my way up my Mom’s body. Licking my way to her nipples I went from one to the other, kissing, licking, sucking and lightly biting them.I felt Mom’s hand go back to my limp cock and she started squeezing and messaging it as we watched Mark pull his cock from Curt’s mouth and sink it deep into Susan’s cunt.We watched Mark and Susan fuck for several minutes as we fondled and kissed each other. I slapped Mom’s ass and she seemed to understand what I wanted as she got onto all fours.I positioned myself behind her and pushed my small cock into her pussy. I know I could not fuck her as deep as Mark could but I did not care if she felt anything or not. I was fucking my Mom and it was driving me crazy. I was so hard that it hurt. It did not take me long until I came a second time, this time inside my Mom’s hot wet pussy.Mark was still fucking Susan as Curt stood in front of my Mom and she started sucking his average size cock. I watched as Mark and Curt both worked their way to another orgasm.Curt kaçak iddaa came first filling my Moms mouth. When he pulled out I quickly kissed her deep, forcing my tongue deep and licking the residue of cum from her mouth.We heard Mark grunt and fill his wife’s pussy with his seed. The action died down as everyone rested and tried to regain their strength. Mark had finally untied Curt’s hands.Susan and Mom went to get everyone something to drink and while thy were gone Mark made Curt kiss my cock and thank me for fucking his wife. Mark really enjoyed humiliating Curt. He made him put on my mom’s blue bra and panties.When Susan and Mom came back they found Mark sitting in the middle between Curt and myself. I was kissing Mark and working my hand up and down the shaft of his cock as Curt was leaning down licking Mark’s balls.Mark stopped us and while the other sipped their drinks, Curt and I were forced to stand in the middle of the room and make out. Curt was kissing me and he had his hands under my dress caressing my ass.I stepped back and slid my dress off of my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. We started dancing and grinding our cocks against each other as mom slid to her knees and started sucking Mark.Everything was so erotic and I was so turned on that before I could stop myself I came all over Curt’s panties. I broke the kiss and instead of apologizing I kneeled in front of Curt and started licking my cum from the front of the panties he was wearing.I pulled just the waistband of the panties down exposing the head of his cock. Taking the head into my mouth was as far as I got before Curt came again. Curt must have been drained because there was very little fluid for me to swallow.Mark was groaning as Mom continued to suck his cock, Susan ordered Curt to kneel before her and to start licking her pussy.All four of them were caught up in the moment as I took the opportunity to make my exit. I picked up my dress and made my way upstairs. I started to change but instead I just shoved my male clothes and the mask into my back pack and put my dress back on. I slipped down the back stairs kaçak bahis and out the back door.I guess I should have thought my plan through as I realized just how uncomfortable my heels were as I walked home. I sat on my bed for what seemed like hours and thought about what had happened tonight.I had my doubts if I would be able to face my Mom or Curt without giving away the secret that I was the sexy young girl that they had sex with tonight.I finally washed off the little makeup I had on and removed the lipstick. I removed and packed away my breast enhancements.I had changed into a T-shirt and a pair of jean shorts and was playing on the Internet when I heard Mom and Curt coming in. It was 2:30 in the morning.Mom must have seen my light on because after a couple of minutes she came in to say good night. She asked me what I had done tonight. I stuttered as I told her that all I did was hang out at the house.Mom told me to give her a good nights kiss and when I did she turned her head and gave me a deep passionate kiss. She broke the kiss and whispered in my ear that I make a very sexy redhead.I was in shock but I had to know, so I asked if Curt realize it was me? She said she did not think so but that Curt was kind of shell shocked at the moment because he was not prepared for what Mark and Susan had made him do tonight.I asked her if she was going to tell him and she said no, that would be our little secret for now. She kissed me again on the lips and I could not resist feeling her ass as we kissed.As we parted she placed the blue pair of panties into my hand. They were coated in her juices and Curt and my own cum. Mom told me I could keep them.Making out with Mom had made me hard again so I climbed in bed and used the blue panties to jack off with. When I came I made sure to shoot my cum in the crotch of the panties. I then licked the panties clean tasting all three of us. I was exhausted and quickly fell into a deep and relaxing sleep.It had been a couple of weeks since the night of the orgy at Mark and Susan’s. Mom made it clear that nothing could ever happen between us again. She also said that she felt it was best that Curt never found out that I was the girl dressed in black and wearing a feathered mask.THE END …… I hope this history like you all . Thanks for visit My page . Kisses Jazmine

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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