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5th Grade Teacher – Chapter 1

I was 34 years old and my mom had passed away 4 months ago. Many of her high school friends came for the funeral but I didn’t know any of them except for Victoria Greve who visited us every spring when I was growing up. Victoria still lived in Abbott Springs where she grew up with my mom. And I had applied for and was granted a teaching position there.

“Kenneth!” a plump woman happily called when she opened the front door of her house. “Hi. How was the drive?”

I returned the hug she gave while answering, “It was good. I got to see the sunset when leaving Calgary. So this is the hamlet my mom grew up in.”

“Yes,” Victoria said. “Welcome to Abbott Springs. See much in town?”

I laughed and said, “No. Abbott doesn’t even have street names. My phone barely has 2 bars.”

“You’ll get used to it,” Victoria said and tucked some silver hair behind her ear. “Let me show you your new home.”

“Abbott doesn’t look like it has a population of 500,” I said and followed Victoria into the tiny house.

Victoria told me that she lived across the street so I could give her the rent money directly if i didn’t do email transfers. It wasn’t much of a tour considering the house was a 30×30. I liked the open concept, very modern, and the basement was very bright.

After I removed the plastic film from the furniture that The Brick in Lethbridge delivered I ventured off to the Coop store, Abbott’s only grocery store. Victoria told me it was fully stocked and was happy to see so. I got many stares from the patrons but none were displeasing. They were just curious. A few gave me a nod in greeting eventually.

While I was in the dairy section a woman passed by followed by a cart pushed by a teen girl. Standing on the front of the cart was this gorgeous brunet boy maybe 10 years of age. His bright brown eyes stayed in me as his mother selected başakşehir escort things in the aisle.

I smiled. The boy smiled back. I nodded in greeting. The boy nodded back. His curiosity and bright eyes were doing nothing but exciting me. I could feel blood engorging my dick. It was filling quickly.

I looked to the other side of the aisle to make sure no one else was around. All clear. Seeing that the mother and sister were not paying attention I slid my hand up my shorts and under my briefs, and quickly pulled my half hard dick out. The boy’s brown eyes bugged out almost out of his head. I smiled and gripped my circumcised dick. In no time at all I was rock fucking hard and a pearl of precum seeped out.

I quickly tucked my 7 inches back in and smiled at the boy. I brought my finger to my lips and licked the precum. And then I shushed the boy with a smile.

2 weeks later was the first day of school, my first official day as Erin McCulloch School’s 5th grade teacher and volunteer coach. I said a good morning to my class at 8:30. Most of the 9 year old boys were so goddamn sexy, including Dustin the sexy boy from the grocery store. Fuck was I happy to see him sitting in the 3rd row.

The first subject after doing roll call was social studies where I read review on what they’d learned last year. The next subject was english, telling the class what we’d be working on throughout the school year to better their use of language and writing.

While I explained what adjectives were and slowly walking backward down an aisle back to the blackboard a boy by the name of Micah was paying very close attention to the bulge in my tight slacks. Seeing his blue eyes transfixed on my nethers was such a turn on.

The next subject to be reviewed was math but I told the class that we’d go for a 5 minute washroom and water break. Micah was next to last halkalı escort in the line for the washroom so I went to the urinals with him. I didn’t need to empty my bladder. At the urinal I stood with my body angled toward Micah a bit and opened my slacks. Micah got a full look at my soft 3.5 inches of cut meat, and then I pulled my sac out to let my egg sized balls hang out.

“Whoa,” Micah whispered.

“Touch it,” I said.

Micah slowly reached over. So slowly it was painful. But finally his fingertips touched my cock, sliding to my helmet head.

I quickly tucked my member away and left the washroom with a wicked smile on my face. 2 of my students were definitely interested when I flashed them.

At 2pm during the last lesson for the day I noticed an iPod sticking out of a pocket on Micah’s school bag so I discretely snagged it. I droned on and on about the importance of sunlight until the bell rang at 2:30. My students packed their bags and filled out.

When the last student made it out I grabbed my cell phone and Micah’s iPod out of my desk and went into my classroom supply closet. I played a video from my phone, set it up on a shelf and pulled my pants down to my ankles. I spit in my hand and started working my growing dick.

“Mr Schaeffer?” Micah’s voice said from behind me.

I turned and standing in the doorway was the beautiful little boy. His mop of black hair was messy from running and his blue eyes were intrigued.

“I lost my iPod,” the boy said. “What are you doing?”

“I’m- I’m jacking off.”

“What are you watching?”

I invited Micah to watch with me. He was really surprised to see a boy his age sucking the 8 inch cock of a muscular and hairy man.

I spit in my hand and resumed pleasuring myself. Micah paid equal attention to my cock and the pedo porn, the bulge in his jeans just a tad bit bigger.

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“You have a big willy,” Micah said.

“You think so?” I asked. “It’s okay I guess. Want to feel it?”

Micah looked unsure. Intrigued, but too shy. So I turned my body and whacked his arm with my long dick. He giggled and grabbed it loosely.

“Tighter. Oh yeah. Now jack it, baby boy. Slide your hand up and down. Oh fuck.”

Micah’s eyes were now stuck on my cock and his hand working it. Fuck it looked so hot! His tan hand, so tiny on my man meat.

“Fuck. Use your other hand to play with my balls. Oh yeah that’s it, baby boy. That’s it.”

The boy in the video was on his back and the man had his 8 inches buried all the way down the boy’s throat. My favorite when fucking a boy’s throat, the power you have.

I said, “Fuck get down on your knees. I want to cum on your face.”

“What?” Micah said.

“I want to cum on your face, baby boy. On your knees.”

Micah obeyed slowly. I jacked my cock furiously and was about to cum in no time at all. My big balls churned and my whole body tensed. A huge shot of cum flew out and landed on Micah’s tan cheek. His eyes squeezed shut as 5 more spurts painted his sexy face.

“Oh,” Micah said weakly and laughed. His hands moved around but didn’t know what to do with them.

I knelt down and grabbed the boy’s neck gently. I licked my cum off his face which made him laugh.

“Go wash your face,” I said.

I closed the Mega app on my phone and pulled my pants up. After Micah washed his face I made sure there was no more evidence on him.

“How did you like that, baby boy?” I asked.

Micah shrugged and said, “I don’t know. It was cool. But I think I missed the bus.”

“Let’s go to the office and call your parents. You tell them you dropped your iPod okay? If you keep this secret between us we can play all you want.”

“Okay I promise,” Micah said with some excitement.

“Good now kiss me.”

I kissed Micah. He was good at basic kissing but was unsure when I tried frenching. I reached around and gripped his firm little ass cheeks in my ail

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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