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Filthy Talking Friend

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Travis had wanted Lisa for as long as he could remember. She had been best friends with Tanya for years and he saw her frequently when he had been dating the latter. His girlfriend was always telling him bits and pieces about her friend’s numerous romantic and sexual escapades, and from what he could gather she had put together quite a long and varied list of bedroom experiences. Finding out a little something about her latest exploit always got him extremely aroused and he often could not help imagining what it would be like to get her in bed. On more than one occasion he even fantasized that he was fucking her while in the throes of passion with his girlfriend.

When he split up with Tanya, his sadness was not just over the end of the relationship, but also for the fact that, in all likelihood, his interactions with her best friend would be reduced to a minimum at best. Not to mention that the days of overhearing tidbits about her wild sex life were now at an end. Disappointed, he resolved himself to the fact that at least he would have some good memories – of both his former girlfriend, as well as tales of her promiscuous best friend.

Months after the split Travis had not really found much success on the dating front. It was not that he was unattractive in any way, quite the opposite in fact, but he had just not met any women that he felt he really connected with. He certainly did not have any difficulties in attracting the fairer sex. At 31 years of age he was still in pretty decent shape, the result of a dedicated five day a week gym regimen and healthy diet. His physique was fairly athletic and his broad shoulders and well toned arms gave him a strong presence. His messy brown hair and stubbly face showed virtually no signs of greying, and his strong jaw and deep chocolate eyes gave him a rugged, yet friendly charisma.

Part of his problem with connecting with women was his specific sexual preferences – in particular, his overwhelming enjoyment of dirty talking during both foreplay and sex. Tanya had always seemed to take pleasure in their dialogue, or at the very least have no objection to it as a means of pleasing him. But after their relationship ended, he soon found that not all potential lovers were as keen to participate in such conversations.

Disheartened by his inability to find very many likeminded ladies, Travis regularly found himself more than a bit frustrated sexually and oftentimes was left with no recourse but to take matters into his own hands so to speak. It was during those occasions that he would call upon his fond memories of either his ex-girlfriend or stories of her wanton best friend. Many a time he pleasured himself as he imagined what it would have been like to be one Lisa’s seemingly numerous sexual conquests. He was quite certain that she would have had no problem with a bit of dirty talk.

One night, he found himself yet again alone and decided to pop into a small pub on his way home from the gym. There was always the off chance that he might meet a woman there, but held little optimism for that. He would just be content to grab a quick drink and head home. Taking a seat at the bar, he exchanged pleasantries with the bartender and ordered a double scotch on the rocks. He had barely gotten the first sip into his mouth when a surprising, yet familiar voice startled him.

“Howdy stranger, fancy meeting you here.”

Travis nearly dropped his drink at the sound of her voice. He quickly turned to his left as Lisa sidled up to the bar beside him.

“Lisa… hi.” He managed to stumble as he attempted to compose himself.

She looked as good as he remembered. Her slim 27-year-old body was as firm and toned as ever, her long legs and taut ass accentuated masterfully by her tight blue jeans. The snug fitting charcoal coloured blouse she wore did a wonderful job at embellishing her rather modest sized breasts, helped out immensely by the fact that she was clearly escort bayan not wearing a bra and she apparently found it fairly chilly in the bar. Her long brown hair shimmered with golden highlights and her long, luxurious spiral curls fell halfway down her back in a provocative tousle.

“Long time, no see.” She replied with a friendly smile as she leaned back against the bar. “Whatcha drinkin?” She asked as she playfully seized his glass and took a sip.

“Lisa… wow, good to see you.” He stammered, still amazed at running into her. “You look good.”

“Thanks,” She replied as she impishly curled up her nose at the taste of the scotch and returned the glass to the bar in front of him. “Here by yourself?” she added.

“Um, yeah…” He answered, shifting on the bar stool as he felt his cock hardening just from talking to her. “Just popped in for a quick drink. How about you?”

“Same. I actually just moved in across the street, in the apartments on the corner.” She said, gesturing in the general direction. “So, mind if I join you for a drink?” She asked with a mischievous grin.

“Course not.” He replied, perhaps a bit too quickly and enthusiastically. Her smile widened and her eyes shot him a bit of a knowing look as she pulled up the stool beside him.

The two of them small talked over a drink for the next several minutes, catching up on the usual mundane topics of work and friends. All the while, Travis could feel the bulge in his pants growing as thoughts of his ex-girlfriends numerous stories about this girl constantly popped into his head as the conversed. He had to shift uncomfortably numerous times to relieve the pressure.

Lisa was keenly aware of the effect she was having on her friend’s ex-boyfriend. It was the same effect she had on most men. She was a very sexual young woman, and a master at the art of flirtation, so much so that most of the time she was almost unaware that she was doing it. In this case however, she most definitely knew what she was doing. She had always found him attractive, and had always suspected that he found her the same. As well, she knew full well that Tanya had told him various tidbits of information about her sex life while they were dating. She had no doubt that he would have enjoyed what he heard.

As the pair finished their drinks, she was beginning to entertain the idea of fucking her friend’s ex. Fairly confident that he would be willing, she tried to remember any nuggets of information that Tanya may have told her about sex with him. She remembered her friend definitely enjoyed it, and seemed to recall that he had a penchant for dirty talking. Smiling to herself, she quickly concluded that the two of them could most definitely have some fun together.

“Shall we have another drink?” Travis asked, snapping her back into the present and out of her plotting mind.

“Why don’t we have it at my place instead?” She replied, leaning in close to him and whispering into his ear.

He smiled somewhat nervously as Lisa’s hand slid onto his thigh and stroked it lightly, coming ever so close to the stiff package in between his legs. She returned the look with a devilish grin of her own. Not waiting for a reply, she abruptly got up and started walking to the door. Travis had no idea how much of a tip he left the bartender as he threw some bills down and rushed to catch up to her.

The two of them barely spoke as they crossed the street and made their way up to her sixth floor apartment. Not that they really needed to. It was pretty obvious to both of them what they were heading there for. It was a good thing for him that they were not talking anyways, as his mind was racing with all of the stories he had heard about her sexual exploits, as well as of the numerous fantasies he had conjured up himself about her. Once they got to her place, they immediately situation themselves on the sofa in the living room.

“So…” he tuzla genç escort began, trying to act nonchalant and casual about the imminent likelihood of sleeping with a woman he had wanted for ages.

“So,” she interrupted moving in close beside him as she spoke in a husky whisper. “How long have you wanted to fuck me Travis?”

Taken aback by her frankness, his surprise was almost immediately overtaken by excitement. This one was a dirty talker just like him. He quickly turned to her and leaned in for a kiss, but she pulled back and put a finger on his lips.

“Not so fast.” She said with a smile. “How long have you wanted to fuck me?”

He could barely contain his own smile at her attitude. She was a dirty talker who liked to take charge.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you from the moment I met you.” He answered truthfully.

“Good boy.” She replied and quickly moved in for their postponed kiss.

Their lips connected and their tongues immediately began wrestling with each other. Lisa moved a hand down to his crotch and gave a firm squeeze to his stiff manhood, affirming that her flirtations had indeed had the desired effect on him. His left hand took hold of her firm ass while his right slid behind her neck and under her mess of curls, pulling her into their passion filled lip-lock even more.

After several minutes of heated kissing and groping, she slowly pulled away, much to his dismay.

“Now then,” she began, “what ever shall we do with you?”

Travis had several ideas of what he would like her to do with him and quickly moved back towards her to show here exactly what some of them were. She stopped him immediately.

“Take your cock out.” She told him, almost commanding.

“Yes ma’am.” He replied, swiftly undoing his belt and unzipping. The thought of her sucking on his dick made him get even harder.

Her eyes widened as he slid his pants and boxers down to his knees, unleashing his thick beef stick. She could tell by the look in his eyes that he was desperate for her to touch it, but she had other ideas.

Rising from the sofa, Lisa sauntered over to her purse and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He watched as she took one out and strolled back towards him, but instead of joining him on the sofa, she sat in the chair to his right.

“Stroke it for me.” She ordered him.

Travis did not need to be told twice. His right hand quickly wrapped itself around his eight inch long tool and began to move up and down as he watched her soft lips caress the tan coloured filter of her cigarette. Sparking the lighter, her eyes guided the yellow flame towards the end of her cigarette as he pleasured himself before her. She took a long drag as she lit it, then tilted her head upwards and blew a long stream of smoke into the air.

Taking another deep drag, she French inhaled as her eyes returned to the sight of him masturbating in front of her. She smiled seductively, clearly enjoying the show.

“How bad do you want to fuck me right now?” She asked him in between pulls on her cigarette.

“You have no idea.” He replied. “I want you so fucking bad right now.”

“And why do you want me so bad Travis?” She questioned, her gaze alternating in between his face and his crotch.

“Cause you are one of the sexiest women I have ever met.” He answered. “I have fantasized about fucking you forever.”

“I know you have baby,” Lisa whispered, smoke seductively dancing out of her mouth with each word. “Is it because you think I’m a slut?”

He could hardly believe how much she was into dirty talking. The pace of his stroking immediately increased.

“Yes.” He replied. “I think you’re a slut, and I want to fuck you like one.”

“And why do you think I’m a slut?” She continued. “Did Tanya tell you some naughty little secrets about me?”

“Yes.” He groaned, his cock throbbing in his grip. “She told me how slutty tuzla kendi evi olan escort you were.”

She took one final long drag from her cigarette and then crushed it out in the ashtray on the coffee table, before rising from the chair and sitting down on the sofa beside him.

“Is that what you want?” She whispered, the warm smoke tickling his ear. “You want me to be slutty for you?”

“Fuck yes.” Travis grunted out.

“Yeah? It turns you on to think of me doing slutty things, doesn’t it?” Lisa breathed into his ear, her lips grazing his skin ever so slightly.

“Yeah,” He replied, his breathing becoming rapid. “I fucking love picturing you being a slut.”

“That’s very naughty.” She cooed. “Do you want me to tell you some of the slutty things I’ve done?”

“Fuck yes!” He answered immediately.

“I fucked one my professors in college.” She whispered. “He was married, almost twice my age. I fucked him in his office one night. Is that slutty?”

Travis groaned approvingly in response, turning to look at her as his hand continued to pump up and down on his aching bone. He smiled as he watched her move one of her hands to her chest and begin to slowly rub her nipple through her shirt.

“I cheated on one of my boyfriends with his best friend.” She continued. “I fucked them both in the same day once.”

“Oh Lisa…” he moaned in enjoyment.

“I fucked another girl once.” She whispered, her hand vigorously massaging her breasts now. “Her boyfriend watched as we ate each other out. Would you like to watch me fuck another girl?”

“Fuck yeah.” He grunted, the thought of seeing her fucking a girl almost enough to make him explode right then and there.

“Mmmm…” She moaned in pleasure, her free hand now moving in between her legs and rubbing her crotch as she spoke. “I’ve had threesomes. I’ve fucked two guys at the same time.”

Travis groaned in reply, unsure of how long he could actually last at this rate.

“It’s so slutty,” She continued. “Letting two guys fuck the shit out of me. Can you picture that? Can you imagine two guys fucking me at the same time?”

“Uh huh.” Was the only response he could muster.

“Yeah…” She moaned. “I would suck one guys cock while the other one fucked me from behind like a little bitch. I fucking loved it. It feels so fucking good to be a little slut for two men at once.”

“Fuck Lisa…” He growled, trying desperately not to come.

“Yeah, they did fuck me.” She went on, almost lost in her own memories as she spoke. “They’d take turns fucking me. I’d ride their big cocks like a slut while the other one watched. I’d do whatever slutty thing they wanted. Sometimes they’d both jerk off all over me and watch me rub their hot come all over my body.”

By now Lisa had her hand inside of her jeans, two fingers pumping in and out of her cunt as she spoke. Both she and Travis were breathing hard and she leaned against him, her lips touching his ear as she continued talking.

“Is that slutty enough for you?” She whispered in his ear.

“God yes,” he moaned, on the verge of exploding from her words. “So slutty.”

“Show me how much you like it baby.” She continued. “Come for me.”

Desperate for both his own release and to please his dirty talking fantasy girl, he furiously pumped his prick. He squeezed his eyes shut as he felt the rumble building in his balls. A low groan began to escape his lips.

“That’s it baby, jerk off for me.” Lisa encouraged. “Jerk off picturing all those slutty things I’ve done… and all the slutty things I’m gonna do for you.”

Travis could not take it any more. With a final few strokes, he let out a monstrous howl as his dick erupted. Strings of his hot white come shot up into the air as he continued to slide his hand up and down his convulsing cock. She placed her hands on either side of his face and turned him to face her. Her tongue slipped deep into his mouth and a long, slow, lustful kiss.

Breaking the fiery lip-lock, Lisa looked down at the sticky mess in his lap.

“We better get you cleaned up and recharged.” She commented. “You’ve got a long night ahead of you…”

…to be continued.

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