May 19


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So we just need to pick a night for three orgasms.

First you need to decide the order of one and two.

Regardless we need to start with me licking and sucking your pussy, tasting your sweet juices. Starting just below its beginning I will drag my tongue up though your passage. Pushing my tongue deep into you and swallowing your wetness. You will need to pull apart your lips exposing your entrance and clit. I will flick my tongue over your harden little clit and then suck it into my mouth like a cock while wishing it would erupt in my mouth.

Then you will need to decide which is to be first, mouth or pussy.

I would think that your first orgasm should take place with my cock in your pussy. You will finger yourself to the first orgasm as I watch my cock slide in and out of your folds.

I will fuck you deep spreading your wetness all over my cock and balls. I will fuck you so you can feel my balls against your ass. I will fuck you to make my cock feel good.

That way, you could taste yourself on my cock.

You should start with licking that spot at where my balls and my cock meet. With a broad tongue slowly lick the crease where your juices accumulate after we fuck and you come. Up the shaft, cleaning your taste from my cock, until the tip of your tongue is at that place where the drop of sweet precum awaits to be applied like lipstick. Then you can place your mouth down on my cock…sucking it. Again you will finger your clit to orgasm while we switch off in your mouth. You… sucking my cock and me… fucking your mouth. Again your breast will harden, turn red, and you will buck away into oblivion.

Once your quakes subside then it will be my time to come…as I place the head of my cock against your tight…to be continued…

You know it and I know it. The time has come. We both want it. I will pull you to the side of the bed. Place my hands to the inside of your knees and push pendik escort them back towards your chest. Your hands will replace mine. You will be in an extreme happy baby position. Your fucked wet pussy will be exposed as will your tight little ass. It will be damp with pussy come. I will stroke my cock, pulling hard to get to that sweet clear lube. I rub my finger across the head of my cock and place my wet finger against your sweet wet ass. Again pushing your hands back I open you up further and drop to my knees. I start my tongue as far back as I can, slowly dragging it towards the glistening prize. The closer I get the sweeter the taste of mixed cums. Slowly I circle the rim of your ass, flicking its center. You shutter as you always do, maybe even come a little, as you usually do.

Still in your exposed position I stand reaching for the lube. I spread it on my middle finger and place it against your ass and feel it tighten from the cold lube. I push just the tip of my finger in. Your ass clenches it. I stop, wait a second, and you relax. Slowly I continue to slide my finger in and you moan just a little. With my finger buried in your ass another finger reaches into your pussy. With your eyes closed, the slow double finger fucking makes your slightly parted lips wish for a cock against them.

I push a second finger along side my middle finger and start to push it into your welcoming ass. No need. You loosen your grip on your legs lowering your ass on to my hand forcing my fingers deep inside you. You gasp and sigh at the same time and a faint “fuck me” slips from your lips. I begin working my hand in and out. Slowly at first, picking up the rhythm as your tightness allows until you grab my hand. You open your eyes and with that slight sultry smile you whisper “Fuck me with your cock”.

I reply, “I will fuck you after you bury my cock as deep as you can”. I pull you back to the edge of the bed and push your knees back escort pendik towards your chest rotating your ass up higher. I place the head of my cock against that tight little ass and lube it with more of my clear juice. You drop your knees towards me which in turns drops your ass onto my cock. Very slowly my cock begins its entrance but at your pace. So very slowly you loosen to accept the thicken head. Just as the head pops in past the tightening rim you shutter a little wave of orgasm. You pull your hands away from your knees and hold yourself above my rod. You have that little devil look in your eyes. You drop your knees and impale yourself onto another couple of inches of cock.

“More”, you say. I grab your hips pulling you closer to the edge of the bed as you pull back your legs, together we do not allow any of my shaft to retreat. You look me in the eyes and release your legs, another couple of inches side in. The look on your face is pure lust.

“How much more?” you ask.

“Just one more inch.” I reply.

“Finish it!” you say.

. I thrust the last remaining cock hard into your ass and you sigh “Fuck yes.”

We pause. I can feel you tightening around my cock. The sensation is all too much. “Come in my ass. Fuck me and come in me. I want to feel your cock shoot its load up my ass”

. I slowly pull my cock out and slowly slide it back in. With every fuck my speed quickens until I am finally slamming my engorged cock into you. You begin to arch your back. Your breasts thicken and turn red. The veins everywhere on your body are visible as you reach orgasm. Your hips start to bucks with wave after wave of uncontrollable spasms. It almost seems too much. Your legs have locked me in place and I dare not move or I am sure my cock will slip out. And then the climax begins.

A rush of hot fluid leaves your body and drenches the two of us in come. It pools in the “V” created by your tighten legs and pendik escort bayan my torso. After what seems like forever you begin to relax and the dam created is broken. Your come is released drenching my cock and balls. Finally you speak,

“Did you come?” You ask.

“No, not yet.” I reply.

“You are going to finish up my ass aren’t you?… you must.”

“I know… I will. Do you know how much you like my balls slapping your ass when I hard fuck your pussy? How would you like the sensation of them bouncing off your pussy?”

Before you answer I pull my cock from your ass and roll you over to your stomach. I re-lube my cock and place it between your cheeks. I spread your legs giving me deep access. I pull apart your ass with my thumbs and push towards your well fucked asshole just as you push back and it slides deep into you with a single motion. As I slam into you my balls start to swing. As I drive deeper they slap your pussy.

“Fuck me fuck me fuck me” is all I hear besides the slapping of my balls against your pussy. I cannot take it anymore. My come begins to surge up my cock. I can feel it move along my shaft. I doubt that it will get past your tight ring. Until finally the first loads leaves my cock coating your passage. Load after load shoot deep inside you. I am afraid that my grasp on your hips might hurt you but I must hold them tight in order to plow deeper.

“I can feel you. I can feel your hot come in my ass. Fuck me more.” you beg.

And I do until I can move no longer. My legs are weak and are ready to buckle. I drape myself over you as my limp cock drops away. My arms wrapped around you, hands on your breast. As we lay there in a peaceful bear hug embrace, I jokingly ask “So you like it in the ass?”

You turn your head, look me in the eyes, and smile with that certain something. Turning away you ask,” How about I answer that after tomorrow night. That way we can share our answers.” You nuzzled close to me and fall asleep. I begin to wonder what your answer meant.

Then I remembered the Amazon delivery that you rushed away to our bedroom and slid under the lower side of your bed! Hummm?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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