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Finally got dicked down

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Finally got dicked downSo for years I’ve always had a fantasy of being fucked by guy, not just any guy but a well endowed man. I’ve always been nervous about it since I live in a small area. When I had a chance to travel to different city for work I toled myself I would see what’s out there and possibly give it a try. When I arrived to my hotel I was already horny thinking about what could happen if I was brave enough. I got out my 8in dildo and proceeded to fuck myself with it until I blew a nice load all over my chest and face. As I was licking my cum off of my lips and fingers I decided right then and there I needed a real man’s cum in me not just my pathetic amount I managed to shoot out. I got online and looked up local gay bars and found one not to far away, within walking distance. I quickly showered and shaved my ass and all the hair around my dick and balls. I felt like the true sissy I am. I brought a pair of sexy red lace thongs I like to wear around the house from time to time. As I put them on and tucked my lil clit dick in them I knew tonight was the night. When I arrived at the bar I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t a lot of men there but there was a few. I sat at the bar and ordered a vodka and red bull. I wanted to be drunk but also stay up a awhile. After about three of them I had to piss so I made my way to the bathroom. The urinals didn’t have dividers so you could easily see the man next to you if you chose to look. I had just started to go when a guy about 6’3 came in and stood next to me. With out realizing it I was already looking down to try and take a peek. And ol boy did I get an eye full! Even soft his cock had to of been 7 inches and very thick. I finished pissing and tucked my now hardening clit back into my thong and left. I went back to halkalı escort the bar and ordered another drink. Soon after the man from the bathroom came out and sat next to. We struck up small talk his name is Brian and he was a local who would check out the bar from time to time. He asked if I had ever been with a man before so I tiled him no but I was truly curious. He said he could tell by how much I was staring at his cock in the bathroom. I apologized and told him I’d never seen a cock that big in real life only in porn. He laughed and said he could I was excited by it since I was getting hard while looking at it. By this time the alcohol was taking full effect and I wanted his dick in my hand my mouth and my lil boi pussy. I asked him he’d like to come to my hotel and make me his bitch for the night? He quickly said yes. A soon as we got to my room we started kissing and touching all over. I felt so small in his arms and vulnerable. After making out for a couple minutes I could feel his dick pressing against my stomach straining to get free. I got down in my knees and undid his pants pulling them and his underwear down. I was in absolute shock by the size of his dick. It was 10 and a half inches long and three inches thick. I know because I asked him. I thought my dildo was big but holy fuck this was a monster. I was kinda nervous that I wouldn’t be able to get it in later. I took a couple seconds to just admire the pure beauty of it. After my shock subsided I took the head in my mouth and licked all around it starting from the tip and working my way down the thick veiny shaft until I came to his sexy hairy balls that were literally the size of a baseball. I sucked on them while stroking his shaft taksim escort until he pulled my head back to the tip and told me to start sucking. To say it was difficult is an understatement. I could barely fit my mouth around his dick but damn it I tried. After about ten minutes of only getting about three inches in my mouth he picked me and stripped me down to just my thong. He commented on how smooth I was and his much he lived fucking little sissies. As I lay back on the bed and reached for my lube I used on my dildo earlier he stripped completely naked. Tall muscular and hairy just like a big dick daddy should be. I asked him to be gentle since he was so big, he assured me he would be but not for long. He lubed up his dick and put some on my asshole I still had my thing on and my dick was rock hard sticking out the top of them. He toled me I wasn’t allowed to stroke it while he fucked me. I like how dominant he was. He started to slow work his dick in and even though I fucked my self earlier with my dildo it was a very tight fit. It took a couple of minutes to get the first inch in and it hurt so bad but onc the pain went away and I got used to the girth it was pure pleasure. He slowly kept pushing more and more of his dick in and literally felt like I was going to cum already and he hadn’t even started fucking me really. I felt like the sluttiest girl with my legs up on his shoulders and he kept pushing deeper into me. Finally I felt his pubic hair and balls on my ass and I knew at that moment I had ten and a half inches of fat daddy dick in me. He stayed there for a few moments as I accommodated his cock. He slowly withdrew to the tip and pushed back in several times never hard or picking up speed just nice long slow thrust. I was going şişli escort crazy with list and knew I was gonna cum soon. I told him this and he picked up speed when he would threat into me after about ten minutes of this I came on my stomach. He made me wipe it up with my hand and eat it. At this point he was thrusting harder and harder while holding onto my legs. Watching that huge dick fucking me along the feeling of him hitting my prostate with every thrust I couldn’t help but cum again. After fuckimg me for about twenty minutes he pulled out and layed on his back instructing me to sit on his fat dick. I quickly got on top of him and slid all the way down to the hilt. Slowly grinding back and fourth last a sissy would I swear you could see his dick in my stomach area it was crazy.I started to bounce on it going all the way to top and coming down as hard as I could he told me if I wanted to be fucked that I should bend over. I was hesitant but couldn’t help but want it. I bent over and put my ass in the air waiting to be violated some more. I heard him put more lube on and take position behind me. I expected him to slide it in slowly and then pick up speed. I was wrong. He slammed his dick all the way in so hard I thought I was gonna black out from pain and pleasure. He held nothing back while he long dicked me down his balls smacking mine to the point it hurt. I was in serial bliss I couldn’t believe it was happening and was so glad it was. He only lasted about five minutes before I felt him tighten up and get even bigger in me it wasn’t long after that he shot his cum deep in my ass. After a good solid three spurts of cum he pulled out I turned around as fast as I could to catch the rest in my mouth and on my face. I was covered in his cum and I could feel his load leaking out of me with out thinking I scooped it out and ate all that I could. Fuck it was hot. I cleaned his now softening dick making sure to get every bit of his cum. We fell asleep soon after best sleep I ever had I swear. The next morning was a repeat of the night before I’ve never came so much or so hard in my life. Best trip ever!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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