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Finding a Lesbian Slave Pt. 02

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Big Tits

Disclaimer: This story is not meant to be realistic, and is based purely on my fantasies. The first part of this story was my first submission to this website, and I am open to suggestions for how to make your reading experience better. If you have suggestions, feel free to contact me. Hope you enjoy!


Laney spent the night at Karlee’s house, and was promised that her punishment would be delivered the next day. Under Karlee’s orders, she slept naked, and was given a prompt wake-up call at 8:00AM.

“Laney,” Karlee said, running a hand along Laney’s large chest and stopping to roll one of Laney’s soft nipples between her fingers. “It’s time to wake up.”

Laney moaned, rolling over, and Karlee proceeded to squeeze her nipples a little harder this time. Laney yelped. “Alright, alright, I’m awake.”

“Good,” Karlee replied. “If you recall from yesterday, your little pussy came without my permission, and I haven’t forgotten about it.” She got up from the bed, opening a small boy and removing a little pink vibrator. “Spread your legs,” she said.

Laney obeyed, spreading her legs as wide as she could and watching as Karlee licked a finger and pushed it inside her. She then turned the vibrator on to the lowest setting, and slide it inside Laney’s pussy. Laney moaned as it slid inside of her. It was quiet and slow, but it felt good. Karlee watched back to the boy and took out a small butt plug.

“Have you ever had anything inside of your asshole before?” she asked. Laney shook her head. “Open your mouth,” Karlee said. Laney opened her mouth, and Karlee pushed the butt plug inside, coating in with Laney’s saliva before sliding inside Laney’s tight asshole. Laney gasped. Even though neither toy was particularly big, the feeling of both the vibrator and the butt plug inside her made her feel very full.

“Now,” Karlee said, propping herself on top of Laney so that she was facing Laney’s body, “I want you to lick my pussy until I cum all over that pretty face of yours.” She lowered herself onto Laney’s mouth, and Laney began to lick rapidly with the vibrator and butt plug still inside her.

“Tell me how much your like my pussy,” said Karlee, grinding her clit back and force on Laney’s tongue.

“Your pussy tastes amazing, mistress,” Laney said between licking and sucking. Karlee used a free hand to lightly slap Laney’s clit. She then pulled the vibrator out a little and pushed it back in, getting faster and faster as Laney moaned. The stimulation wasn’t enough for Laney to built up to an orgasm, but it was just enough to be a tease.

Karlee began to feel herself nearing orgasm, and she moaned louder and louder, grinding on Laney’s face before cumming hard and gushing all over Laney’s mouth. Laney licked Karlee’s pussy clean without Karlee even asking her to.

“How do the vibrator and butt plug feel?” Karlee asked.

“Good mistress,” Laney moaned, still lying on the bed enjoying the feeling of the vibrator buzzing inside her, “But I would like something a little bigger in my pussy.”

“Well that’s too bad,” Karlee said, reaching into Laney’s pussy and removing the vibrator so that only the butt plug remained. “I told you you were going to be punished for cumming without my permission, and I don’t intend to break that promise. You’re going to put on clothes and we’ll continue the rest of the day normally, and keep the butt plug in. And maybe, just maybe, if you’re a good girl you’ll get to cum tonight.”

Laney pouted for a second, and then, realizing it would do her no good, proceeded to get off the bed and open Karlee’s closet.

“What are you doing?” asked Karlee, slapping Laney’s hands and shutting the closet door. “I’m in charge here, and I’ll be one who decides what my little slut is going to put on today.” Laney backed away from the closet and Karlee proceeded to flip through some of the outfits in there. She picked a tiny crop top, holding it up to Laney’s naked chest, and ordered her to put it on. Laney took the article of clothing and slipped it over her head. Her breasts were significantly bigger than Karlee’s, and the top didn’t quite fit right.

“How big are these anyways?” asked Karlee, grabbing Laney’s tits with both hands and bouncing them a bit.

“34DD mistress,” Laney replied. Karlee stared at Laney’s tits in the crop top; there was a significant amount of cleavage and the top didn’t even cover the entire sides of Laney’s tits. “It’s a bit small.” She gestured to the top.

“It’s fine,” Karlee replied. She pulled the top down slightly with both hands until the tops of Laney’s nipples were visible. She pinched them between her fingers until they were hard, and then pulled the top up again so it just barely covered both nipples. Then she looked Laney up and down. At this point, Laney was just wearing the top but no bottoms, and she instructed Laney to turn around so she could see her ass.

Laney did as instructed, and Karlee ordered her to bend over the bed. Laney bent over so her ass was poker oyna held up in the air and her pussy lips were visible to Karlee. “You’re still so wet,” said Karlee, giving Laney’s ass a light slap, and pushing the butt plug in just a little bit deeper. “You won’t be putting any underwear on today, that is for sure. I don’t care how wet you are.” Laney grimaced, remembering when she had put on underwear the day before against Karlee’s orders. Karlee held up another skirt, this one even shorter than the one Laney had put on yesterday, and handed it to Laney. Laney slipped into the skirt, which didn’t even cover her entire ass. The bottoms of her ass cheeks hung out slightly, even with the skirt sitting fairly low on her hips, and she looked at Karlee embarrassed. Her nipples were still hard, and if she bent over to pick anything up her entire ass including the butt plug and pussy lips would be on display. Clearly, Karlee was aware of this.

“Alright, you’re all dressed for a day out,” Karlee said.

Laney blushed, “But mistress-“

“No buts,” said Karlee. “I want everyone to see what a good little slut you are, showing off your huge tits and ass to everyone.” She pulled a choker necklace out of her closet and smiled. “This will complete the look.” She wrapped the choker around Laney’s neck and did it up in the back. “Now you look like you’re my property.” She said. Karlee herself decided to put on a fairly modest outfit, a loose, sleeveless dress that went down to almost her knees. She also put on underwear and a bra.

“Yesterday at the mall was fun,” Karlee said. “But today we’re going to walk through a college instead.”

Laney was about to object, but she kept her mouth shut. She followed Karlee outside of the house, and together they walked the 15 minutes to the college. Along the way, they passed a few people on the sidewalk, and everyone stared at Laney like she was some sort of alien. She was almost completely exposed, the crop top was much too small for her large tits and her nipples nearly poked out of the top. And no matter how much she pulled down her skirt, the bottom of her ass cheeks were almost visible. She noticed a few people staring at her ass cheeks while she walked along. Fortunately, the street wasn’t too busy.

And then they got to the college. There were students everywhere, and everyone stopped to watch Laney as she walked by. Karlee even smacked Laney’s ass a couple times when a bunch of people were looking.

“Karlee!” A woman greeted her as they walked by. “I haven’t seen you in so long!” Karlee stopped to give the woman a hug.

“Cara! You’re right, it has been a while. This is Laney, by the way. Laney, this is Cara. She’s the head of the sorority I used to be in.”

“Laney, hey?” Cara said, looking her up and down and admiring her hard nipples that clung to the fabric of her crop top. “We’re having a party tonight.” She turned back to Karlee. “You guys should totally come around.”

Karlee smiled. “Maybe we will. You know, I’m sure my little slut here would love to go to a party, isn’t that right?” She grabbed Laney’s right ass cheek and squeezed it hard.

Cara seemed to be amused by this. She could tell that Laney was uncomfortable, and she decided to take advantage of it. She pretended to drop her backpack on the ground in front of her, and she looked smugly up at Laney. “Laney, could you please pick that up for me?”

Laney squirmed uncomfortably. She knew if she bent down that she would expose her pussy lips to anyone who was standing behind her, and the college was quite full. She looked at Karlee, and Karlee nodded. “What are you waiting for?” she asked. “Cara asked you to pick up the backpack.”

Laney nodded, turning away from the group of college kids that were behind her so that her ass was facing towards Cara. She bent down quickly, and Cara would see her moist pussy lips and the butt plug that remained in Laney’s asshole as she bent down to pickup the backpack. She got up quickly, pulled the skirt down even though that did essentially nothing, and handed the backpack back to Cara.

“I do hope you’ll come around tonight,” said Cara, slinging the backpack over one shoulder and walking away.


That night, Karlee and Laney made their way to the sorority party they had been invited to. Upon arriving, they were greeted by Cara, who told them to get comfortable and introduced them to some of the other girls at the party. Karlee had made Laney stay in the same outfit, and the butt plug had remained in.

As soon as they sat down, Karlee was pouring herself and Laney a drink. She mixed a fairly strong drink, with a red solo cup about half full of vodka and half full of Coke. She drank it fairly quickly, and moved on to another fairly strong mixed drink before Laney could even finish her first. About 45 minutes later she was fairly drunk, and she was talking to some of the other sorority girls at the party.

“Hi, I’m Karlee,” she said sloppily to a girl who sat beside them on the couch. canlı poker oyna The room was fairly empty, as a lot of the other sorority girls were in the basement, but Karlee had come up with Laney to get another drink.

“Hi, I’m Andrea,” another woman said, taking a sip of the beer she held in her hand and shaking hands with Karlee. “I just joined this year, but I’ve heard so much about you from Cara.”

“Oh, is that so?” asked Karlee. “And what did Cara say about me?”

“Well just that you were a lot of fun, and really wild.”

Karlee nodded. “Yeah, Cara and I go way back. Cara was always more on the cautious side, and I was always trying to get her out of her bubble.” She laughed. “I was pretty open about having a wild side, as you can probably tell from my friend over here.”

It was Andrea’s turn to nod. She looked at Laney, “I was wondering who this was.”

“Yeah, this is Laney.” Karlee leaned in, motioning for Andrea to move in closer. “And between you and me, she’s my little slut. She does whatever I tell her to.”

“She has amazing tits.” Andrea blushed, acting as though Laney wasn’t siting right in between them. “I think the top is a bit small, but man, I wish my boobs were half that size.”

“Thanks.” Laney interrupted, a little uncomfortable with the conversation and where it was going.

Karlee didn’t seem to notice. She grabbed Laney’s top and pulled it down a little bit so that Andrea could see both of her nipples. “You can touch them if you want. She’s just my little slut, she does whatever I tell her too.”

Andrea, who was also fairly tipsy at that point, reached out and grabbed both of Laney’s nipples between her fingers, rolling them gently. She then reached further down and cupped both of Laney’s boobs with her hands, bouncing them up a little bit and getting a feel for them. Laney let her play with them for a few seconds, and then Andrea let them go, not bothering to tuck them back into the crop top.

“Let’s go downstairs,” Karlee said. “I think everyone is down there.” Laney reached to put her boobs back into her top, but Karlee stopped her. “Keep them like that,” she said.

They headed down the stairs, and the rest of the sorority girls gave a loud “Woooo” when they saw Laney coming. By this point, most of them had gauged or had been told by Cara that Laney was a special guest at the party, and they were all very thrilled by it. Normally, the only time of year that they had girls to do their bidding was during rush, but rush was long over and most of the new integrated members had stopped letting the older girls boss them around. Andrea was a clear example of this. She was still trying hard to fit in but she also wasn’t going to put up with whatever the other girls wanted anymore.

“Alright,” said one of the girls Laney didn’t know. “Now that everyone is here, we should play a game.”

“What kind of game?” asked Cara, glancing over at Laney. All the other girls seemed to be thinking the same thing. They could see Laney’s partially exposed body and they saw the way Karlee had groped and slapped Laney’s ass as the night had gone by. Some of them also wanted a turn.

“I think we should play truth or dare,” said Karlee. Everyone else quickly agreed.

“Cara, truth or dare?” Karlee asked.


“Of course you’re picking truth,” Karlee rolled her eyes. “What colour of underwear do have have on right now?”

Without missing a beat, Cara replied, “Red.” A few of the other girls oohed after she said it, and then they quickly moved on.

“Alright,” Cara began. “Shaylee. Truth or dare.”

“Dare, Shaylee replied.

“I dare you to finish your drink.” Shaylee laughed at the suggestion, as she didn’t have much alcohol left in her cup to begin with, and chugged the rest of her drink.

“Andrea. Truth or dare?”


“Oh, c’mon you guys. You’re no fun. Alright, what’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?”

Andrea thought about it for a moment. “In the locker room at Hudson’s Gym.”

“When was that??” asked Shaylee.

“Nuh-uh, you only get one question,” Andrea said. “Alright, Karlee, truth or dare.”


“That’s more like it. Alright, I dare you to show us exactly what Laney has been hiding tonight.”

Karlee laughed. “I guess Cara must have told you, hey?” She motioned for Laney to stand up and turn around, so that her ass was facing the circle. Then she pulled Laney’s skirt up and pulled her arms forward so that she bent over, exposing her ass and her shiny butt plug to the group. “This is what Laney has been hiding tonight,” she said, grabbing the butt plug and twisting it in Laney’s ass. Laney let out a loud moan.

“What a little slut,” Andrea said, reaching over to get a feel of Laney’s ass cheeks. She had already felt Laney’s amazing breasts, but she squeezed Laney’s right ass cheek and then watched as Karlee pulled Laney’s skirt back over her ass, even though the skirt didn’t nearly cover Laney’s ass. internet casino

It was now Laney’s turn to ask someone for truth or dare. “I don’t know your name, but-” she pointed to one of the girl’s who hadn’t been called on yet.

“It’s Michelle. I pick truth.”

Laney blushed. “What’s your biggest fantasy?”

“Honestly, I have lots,” replied Michelle. “Right now, I’m thinking about how much I want to bend you over and spank that tight little ass.”

“Michelle!” exclaimed Cara.

“What?” asked Michelle. “You can’t tell me you haven’t thought about it. I mean this slut just waltzes into our party acting like she owns the place and wearing the most revealing outfit and I can’t say I’d like to smack her ass a few times? I mean we just saw that she had a butt plug in for fuck’s sake. I don’t think I’m the only one thinking it.”

Karlee laughed and spoke up before Cara could. “I brought Laney to the college today in this outfit because she needed to be punished for something she did yesterday. When Cara invited me to this party I knew people might want to use Laney, and that’s what we’re here for. You’re welcome to touch her and spank her if you’d like.”

Laney blushed as the girls discussed her body as if she wasn’t even there, but she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as the night wore on. She loved the fact that Karlee had complete control over her body, and was offering her up to anyone who asked.

“I want to spank her too,” said Andrea.

Laney felt her pussy pulse a couple times, and she let out a small moan.

“What was that, Laney?” Karlee said. “You want the girls to take turns spanking you as the rest of the group watches?”

Laney blushed. “Yes mistress.”

Michelle let out a big laugh of delight. “She calls you mistress, huh? Wow, you have her very well trained.” She looked at Laney, and motioned to her lap. “Come here. Now.”

Laney did as she was told. She walked over to Michelle and bent down so she could lay across Michelle’s lap. The other girls were engrossed in the process, except Cara, who pretended to look away as Michelle slid Laney’s skirt back up, once again revealing the butt plug to the group. Cara looked away, but Karlee could tell she was just as horny as the rest of the girls and eager to see Laney’s ass getting abused.

“That’s a good little slut,” said Michelle, rubbing Laney’s ass cheeks. “You follow orders very well.”

She lifted her hand and gave Laney’s ass a small slap, much to the delight of the rest of the circle. SMACK. Then she lifted her hand a little higher and slapped Laney’s ass a bit harder. SMACK. Laney could feel that her pussy was dripping wet and she couldn’t help but moan after each spank. She was so turned on. After eight spankings, each of increasing power, Michelle stopped and rubbed Laney’s ass again. “My goodness,” Michelle said, “I can feel the heat between your legs. You really do love this, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Laney managed between moans.

“Yes, what?” Michelle asked.

“Yes, mistress.” This response got another round of laughter from the group.

“Once again,” Michelle said, “You’ve trained this one well.”

After being spanked by Michelle, it was Andrea’s turn to play with Laney in front of the group. She spanked her a few times, as Michelle had, and then she drew her attention to the butt plug still tucked in Laney’s asshole. “Do we have anything bigger than this that we could replace this plug with?” she asked the group.

By this point, Cara had grown increasingly curious and had stopped looking away. “There’s a larger butt plug in the initiation box.” She spoke up. “We never got to use it during rush but it’s there.” She got up immediately to go get it.

She returned, holding a butt plug that was definitely bigger than the one that was currently in Laney’s asshole. She also had brought a small tube of lube, and Andrea proceeded to remove the smaller butt plug from Laney’s asshole as the group watched intently. Laney moaned loudly as the butt plug was removed from her asshole. It had been sitting her all day and she felt her pussy throb as the group stared at what must of been her visibly gaping asshole after having the butt plug inside of her all throughout the day. Before she could get too used to the feeling of her asshole being exposed though, Andrea was sliding a larger one into her asshole.

“Oh fuck,” Laney couldn’t help herself from gasping as the butt plug filled her up more than the other one had.

“She seems to like it,” Andrea said. She ordered Laney to stand up and strip completely for the group, even though by that point everyone had already seen her nipples and pussy and asshole. Laney took off her clothes in a slow manner, trying to be as sexy as she could for the sorority girls, and she did a little spin around.

“Look at this little exhibitionist slut,” said Karlee. “I knew that she was submissive when we first met, but I never realized that she would add her own spin to it.”

“Is there a vibrator from where that butt plug came from, Cara?” asked Andrea. Laney had decided to sit in the middle of the circle with her legs spread and Andrea could see that her pussy was sopping wet.

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