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Subject: FINDING MY TRIBE, Chapter 2 (Adult-Youth) This is a work of fiction. No resemblance to any person, living or dead, is intended. Copyright reserved by author, 2018. 2. Before I had too much time to think about what I was getting myself into, we entered a small brick apartment building on Grove Street in the West Village, not too far from the old, mostly unused, piers that still lined the Hudson River. We climbed two flights of stairs, and Bob let us in the front door. I looked around the small white living room and saw an antique sofa, some African masks, a large plant of some kind, and an assortment of other objects. A small air conditioner hummed in a window. Rick disappeared into the kitchen and returned with beers for them and a gin and tonic for me. My anxiety level had begun to rise when we entered the building and I eagerly grabbed my drink and got to work on it. Rick picked up a box from somewhere, headed toward the sofa and motioned me to sit between him and Bob. He opened the box and began to take out an album of Polaroid snapshots for me to look at. He started to explain how they found these guys, but I was too raptly focused on those shots, and too horned up, to hear him. The faces that looked back at me from those pages belonged to guys of different ages. Most were adults around Rick and Bob’s age, but some were guys my own age or maybe a year or two older. These were the ones that most especially held my attention. Except that I didn’t recognize their faces, they were the guys whose bodies I’d been carefully checking out and hungering for in my high school gym shower room. Some were skinny, some pretty well built. Some had shit eating grins. (How serious can you look when you’re young, naked, and somebody’s pointing a camera at you?) A few were smirking, and some just looked at the camera as though they somehow didn’t know that they were naked. Some had erections, others didn’t. One or two had foreskins, the first I’d ever seen. All of those guys my age looked at ease. All of them faced the camera without shame; a little awkwardness maybe, but no shame. I wanted to be that comfortable with my body and to have men look at me that way. My rapidly stiffening penis told me so, even if my brain told me that I’d never do that. How did these two ever get a bunch of guys like me to do it? Then I began to put the first pieces of the puzzle together. When I was fourteen and at summer camp with a friend, we bunked with a kid from Long Island who taught us about izmit rus escort group jerk offs, like the ones Bob and Rick mentioned, which the new kid had been doing with his friends for some time already. So, at least some other boys were willing to openly explore their newly developing sexuality in ways that my friends and I never dared to. I hadn’t thought about those circle jerks for a long time because that had been my only experience of masturbating with other boys. After I got home, everything went back to the way it had been. As I hungrily studied each picture, I began to be aware that Bob and Rick had slowly and gently begun to touch me. An arm went over my shoulder and pulled me in a little closer. A hand rested up against my thigh. I didn’t resist. Until that moment, I’d had no idea how amazing, how soothing and arousing at once, someone else’s touch could feel. My muscles began to turn to rubber as they softly moved their hands, a little this way, a little that, and I began to relax — melt, really — into Rick’s body. The touching turned into a very gentle massage and continued like that for a while, with no overtly sexual moves. I had never felt so relaxed, so comfortable and at peace, in my life. The voice of fear inside my head grew quiet. I put down the pictures and closed my eyes. I couldn’t move and didn’t want to. “Are you okay?” one of the guys asked. “Mmmmm….,” “Do you want us to keep doing this?” “Yes, please,” I whispered. Soon, one hand slowly drifted from my arms and shoulders to my chest and began to softly stroke the area around my nipples through the fabric of my shirt. I moaned. Another hand began making circular motions over my belly. I moaned some more. Someone went for the hem of my polo shirt and tentatively began to push it up. Instinctively, I leaned forward a bit on the sofa so that he could. While one of them continued to massage my now-bare torso, the other began to work on my leg, from the calf muscle to my thighs, as far as he could reach under my shorts. As they stroked me, I continued to let them know how fantastically good it felt, especially when fingertips grazed my inner thigh. Hearing that encouragement, Bob asked if it’d be okay if he slipped my shorts off. An hour earlier, I wouldn’t have done that for anything. For a fleeting moment I thought of what my parents would say, but I was too far gone now to refuse, and besides, I didn’t want to. Not only was I getting desperately horny, I liked these izmit escort men and felt really comfortable with them. I kicked my sneakers off as Bob opened the button of the shorts and lowered the zipper. I raised my ass and down they came, leaving me in only my slim-cut white boxers, the ones with red seam binding above the side vents, and socks. I hadn’t ever imagined how sexy it is when somebody else undresses you, but now my hard, dripping dick making a wet mess of the front of my boxers, left me in no doubt. That was when Bob and Rick stripped down to their boxers, too, so “you won’t feel self-conscious about being the only one with no pants on here.” If being undressed by them could drive me crazy, watching them undress for me was almost as hot. As their shirts came off and then their chinos, I was transfixed by their sleekly muscled arms and chests, and flat stomachs with just a suggestion of six packs. I envied the nonchalance with which they showed their nearly naked bodies to me. I wondered if their boxers would come off too. Rick was furry, with light brown hair on his chest, belly, forearms and legs; Bob was less so, having a patch of hair between his pecs and a treasure trail down his belly that disappeared tantalizingly into the waistband of his underpants. I wanted to bury my face in both their chests and keep it there for a long time. They rejoined me on the sofa and now Rick put my hand on his chest and guided it slowly through his fur and over his nipples. I had never touched another man like that before and couldn’t believe what I was experiencing; not just the intense pleasure of feeling Rick’s skin, hair and nipples beneath my finger tips, but maybe even more the fact that here, now, I was allowed to do this. Touching another male body this way wasn’t perverted. Or maybe it still was. I was so confused, but not nearly enough to stop. The smile on Rick’s face told me that he wanted my touch as much as I wanted him to have it. As I moved my fingers over Rick’s chest and belly, Bob leaned over and began to work on me again, this time more sexually than before. He gently played with my nipples for a while before slowly moving his hand down my belly, rubbing the area just above my underwear, and sometimes reaching under the waistband. Slowly and gently, his hand moved over my boxers and rubbed my pubic area and groin through the thin fabric, “accidentally” grazing my hard dick and balls a few times before moving down to tease the insides of my thighs. My heart was beating kocaeli escort faster and my breathing becoming heavier. I had given up trying to do with Rick what Bob had been doing with me. Bob moved his hand away from my thigh, back over my underwear and around to my tailbone. Then his hand burrowed under the waistband, dropped down a bit, and eased its way into the cleft between my ass cheeks. I couldn’t believe this was happening! Did people really touch other people’s asses?! That was so gross! And yet …… it felt so good. So stupefyingly good. This was really turning out to be the most amazing day of my life. As Bob pushed to make a space for his hand between my ass and the sofa cushion, I leaned forward to help him, and soon his fingers were teasing my inner cheeks and the outside of my hole. I breathed slowly and deeply as Bob gently pushed a finger into my ass and played with my prostate. “Fuck,” I said slowly in a low voice, on a long exhale. I didn’t last long after that. With Bob’s finger rubbing my prostate, my breathing became more rapid and my body grew tense. I squirmed, grimaced and bit my lip. My cock ached and throbbed. It found its way through the fly of my boxers and pointed straight up. Then, almost without warning, it happened. I opened my mouth in a silent scream and ropes of cum flew all over Rick and me. It felt like they’d never stop, and after the last blobs had dribbled out, a few dry spasms still convulsed my dick. I was not just spent, I thought I might pass out. I collapsed into Rick and let my head flop backward and rest on his shoulder where it stayed for a bit while my breathing slowly returned to normal and I became able to move and speak again. As I returned to full consciousness the guys grinned broadly at me. Rick licked up a blob of cum that had caught on the hairs of his forearm and said slowly and emphatically, “ALRIGHT, …… now that THAT’S out of the way…,” leaving the sentence dangling. “Kids!” Bob added, “Can’t take `em anywhere! Do your parents know that you cum all over respectable gentlemen, young man?” he demanded. “They will when we send them the dry cleaning bill for the sofa,” Rick said thoughtfully. I couldn’t help grinning at them despite my embarrassment. These guys were fun! ________________________________ AUTHOR’S NOTES: Please join me in supporting Nifty in recognition of the unique role they play in bringing readers and writers together. Even a small donation helps. I again want to acknowledge and thank you, P., for all of your editorial help with this story. I couldn’t have written this without you. I welcome readers’ comments, for better or for worse. Please send them ail. Once again, happy holidays everybody! See you again soon. Wilde

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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